Creamy Mother and Daughter – Vacation

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My apologizes for taking so long to write this one. Life happens, I also had trouble getting it to my liking. Please enjoy the third story of this series. Thank you.


The three of us stood, stunned and dumbfounded with our arms around each other, staring at Athena on the computer screen. Not because our sexual romp had been seen, but because she dropped a revelation of truth that we three were now absorbing. We are a polyamorous relationship.

“Yes, that’s how we feel about each other,” said Clarissa as we traded smiles.

Christina and Clarissa brought their free hands together, caressed my stomach and looked up at me. I brought my head down to kiss Christina, then Clarissa and then watched them kiss each other. I could feel a sudden arrhythmia start to coalesce into a single pleasant tone. The girls felt it as well, their eyes widened at the delicate building sensation.

The thought was blown away by Athena speaking, “I know of other people whom are in similar relationships. Though I’m not sure they’re poly, but they are family.”

This caught Christina’s interest, “You mean brother and sister?”

“To start, but I’m talking about entire family, whom love each other and have a sexual relationship.” While speaking Athena had moved her desk chair back and appeared to be cleaning below her waist.

“So, they’re in a relation…,” Christina found herself distracted by Athena. Athena was licking her milky, creamy vaginal juices from her fingers, her eyes closed and quivered as she savored her own flavor.

Clarissa licked her lips at the sight.

Centering herself, Christina continued, “They’re in a relationship with each other? Like we are?”

Athena slowly pulled her finger out of her mouth before she answered, “No, they’re more of a really open family. You three seem more like marriage material.” She paused looking up into the air at an idea. “You know, you should meet them some day. I think you’ll find it comforting being able to be open about yourselves with other open, if not, like-minded people. Interested?”

“Yes,” answered Christina, “I think we’d like that.”

“I really think you’ll all get along. They manage a shoe store and an adult store for me. I’ll contact them and let you guys know. Sound good?”

“Sounds great,” shouted Clarissa!

Athena waved bye to us with glistening fingers, “Take care of each. Oh, and hit the showers huh,” she said the last part with a wink and a smile, then closed her end of the connection.

We stood together, trying to absorb the meaning of Athena’s words through the last echoes or our orgasms.

I tried to slide my hands over the backs of Christina and Clarissa’s sticky skin. I said, “She’s right. We’re all sticky. I’m thinking a shower is in order.”

Like children we playfully took turns poking and prodding one another. We marveled and joked at how messy we had gotten one another.

Clarissa was amused at the sticky sounds her hands made when she pulled the palms of her hands off our skin, “We really did make a mess of each other.”

Christina tried to caress her cheek only to find her hand catch onto her daughter’s skin. Her hand pulled her cheek and head unexpectedly. She laughed in apology, “Sorry, yeah, it’s shower time. Honey, go ahead and get the water running and we’ll be in shortly.”

Doing my part, I said, “I’ll get the mop and some water.”

As mother and daughter moved to go about their business, I held them both by the wrists before they got out of my reach. I pulled Christina close to me and gave her a small kiss on the lips and did the same to Clarissa. Blushing a bit, they then kissed each other.

“Okay, let’s get this done.”

Freshly showered and with a clean livingroom, the three of us laid in bed thinking and talking about the day’s events. Clarissa lay on her back in between Christina and myself. I was slightly on my left, left arm under our pillows with my right arm draped over her body caressing her mother’s stomach.

Christina lay on Clarissa’s left. Her right arm around her daughter’s neck and her left hand was resting on my forearm.

In between us, Clarissa’s little horny hands found their favorite spots. Her left hand was wrapped around her mother, with her index finger softly swirling around Christina’s small brown areola. Her right hand cupped my sagging scrotum, with her index finger soothingly moving back and forth.

Our contact was erogenous, but most of all it was comforting. Perhaps in other relationships this could be foreplay, but with us, it was the equivalent to hugging.

“Do you think Athena was talking about Melinda from the adult store,” asked Christina?

“I was thinking that, considering how close she was to her son. She also said she was really close to the rest of her family, I kind of made that connection, but I’d hate to be wrong,” I said.

“I hope so,” said Clarissa. “They were really nice and kind to us. I don’t think we’ll meet too many people whom are as…open as they are.”

My casino siteleri hand slid across Christina’s body, my middle finger longed for the sensation of her vacant nipple. Our heads turned towards each other and our eyes locked, lost in thought. Together our minds mulled over whom the family might be, what would they be like. Will they be civil, polite and prudent as we are? Or are they flamboyant nearing dangerous? Only experience could answer such questions. Our minds accepted the idea that they were a family. Parents and children in a traditional marriage.

Timidly, we neared the idea of marriage for us. How could we three become married? Legally we three could never marry, something we subconsciously accepted. It was a ceremony we longed for, how do we proclaim, to ourselves and witnesses we are in love. Whom would even preside over a ceremony? Who would we invite? These questions brought mild displeasure to us. The dream of a marriage began to dim. Unable to face the diminishing dream of marriage, we moved onto a more pressing subject.

Clarissa spoke our thoughts, “So, no school tomorrow,” she said pinching her mother’s nipple into a rubbery hardness. “And no work either,” she followed the words by lifting my sagging balls away from my body and letting gravity carry them back. Tenderly, her smooth hand slid underneath my scrotum and her little fingers slowly closed around me. The act of sex brought pleasure to the flesh, but tender moments like these was comfort for the soul.

Christina and I kissed Clarissa on her cheek at the same time, fomenting an idea. An idea we both voiced at the same time.

“Let’s take a vacation,” which was followed by giggling from all of us.

“So where to,” asked Clarissa?

“Somewhere private and outdoors. Like the beach or a lake. Somewhere we can go swimming. I haven’t been swimming in a long time,” said Christina.

“You know me neither,” which I followed with a yawn. “How about we dream about it and the best dream is what we do.”

“Sounds good,” said Christina.

We kissed each other good night and went to sleep.

I was awakened by my dream that faded away from my vision as though projected on smoke, all that I could recall was seeing a lake. I slowly moved to see if the girls were awake.

Christina was, she had removed the blankets from her daughter’s body and was softly playing with her small nipple. When she saw that I was awake, she motioned for me to be quiet and smiled.

She whispered, “Let’s get her hot before she even wakes up.”

Clarissa was between us, legs and arms spread wide, with her chest slowly rising and falling in slumber. She looked so peaceful and petite. I took the time to admire her. The ruby red of her lips was a beautiful temptation that I could never resist. Softly, I brought my fingers to lightly touch and caress her them, savoring each little wrinkle. Lips that could melt my heart when they smiled and then set it on fire when they touched me.

I stared at her closed eyes reminiscing. Much as we enjoyed her body, it was her loving personality that gave her a glow. She is always encouraging and kind to both myself and her mother. Even when we’re both a bit down from work, she could always bring us back.

I softly let my finger drag down her body, in between her small breasts, across her light brown flat stomach, bump over her navel and stop right above her clitoris. She was still asleep.

Christina was looking directly at me. She whispered, “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

We both watched her fingers as she softly stroked her daughter’s nipple, bringing her to tiny hardness. With precision, she slightly pinched Clarissa’s nipple, almost imperceptibly pulling away from her body. Christina was satisfied when her daughter’s nipple was as hard and shaped as a small brown pencil eraser. She moved to Clarissa’s other nipple and began her tortuously slow technique of nipple arousal.

Softly my hands, contacted Clarissa’s smooth outer labia. Painfully slow, my fingers slowly pulled them out, parting her darker brown inner labia. As each millimeter lost contact, soft creamy popping sounds could be heard. Christina shuddered, sucked in a breath and held it, to enjoy the sounds of her daughter’s moist genitals.

Looking at Christina I said a silent, “Oh my God.” We were getting turned on playing with Clarissa’s sleeping body. Christina opened her mouth to show me her glistening tongue. Understanding what she wanted, I silently moistened my finger tips on her tongue. My fingertips found their way and paused above Clarissa’s clitoris. Slowly I made contact, resting my index finger on her.

My sticky finger began slowly stroking. In the same way that her mother teased her nipples to hardness, I massaged Clarissa’s clitoris to hardness. Hard enough that it raised and cleared from her labia.

Clarissa let out a small moan and her mother and I froze. We smiled at each other, nearly bursting with lustful hysteria. We wanted Clarissa to awake as horny and canlı casino wet as possible. Our dilemma is that arousing her had the added effect of arousing ourselves.

Clarissa’s breathing returned to its steady rhythm and I returned my attention back to her clitoris. Stroking its greasy texture, I watched her face looking for signs of her waking. Tracing my finger over her engorged love nodule. My finger traced down her slit.

We had succeeded. Clarissa had begun oozing thick and creamy grool. I brought my coated finger to her mother’s yearning mouth. Keeping quiet, she sucked her daughter’s cream off as though savoring the last taste of ice cream from a popsicle stick. Christina let the juices roll over her tongue and then wet her lips. Like her daughter, her glistening lips were a temptation. A temptation that Christina could no longer hold from.

Slowly, she positioned her head over her daughter’s face, while continuously licking her lips. Christina brought her lips to Clarissa’s and with a soft touch began to nibble and softly pull on her daughter’s lips. The sight was unbearable for the both of us. I could see Christina’s body shaking as she fought to hold back her lust. We both craved to feast ourselves on Clarissa, it was becoming unbearable. Watching the small strings of saliva and juices forming and break between their lips was causing me to lose my sanity. How much longer can we do this?

Slowly I dragged my finger from the bottom of Clarissa’s burning vagina, back up to her red clitoris, gathering more of her juices. This time I tasted her, swirling her sweet and sour essence around my tongue. My eyes closed in ecstasy as I savored one of my favorite flavors.

Clarissa stirred and began to move her legs. Her mother and I laid back down flat, suppressing mischievous teenage smiles. Christina held one hand over her mouth stifling laughter and her other raised above the bed and pointed towards my groin. Looking down I could see that my hard penis was sky high. Hastily, I threw the blankets over myself to hide my erection.

Clarissa’s legs stretched out as she brought herself out of sleep. Her eyes opened wide and her arms spread themselves as she stretched. Suppressing smiles, Christina and I pretended to wake as well.

Clarissa sat up in bed, “We should go to a lake house, or rent one or something.”

“Huh,” I said in mock drowsiness?

“I was dreaming that we were at a private lake house, we hiked and camped around the whole place naked. It was awesome. That’s what we should do.” Clarissa said staring into her distant dream.

“A lake house, a private lake house,” asked Christina pretending to wake?

“Yeah. A little wooden cabin, right on a lake.”

As I sat at the edge of the bed, my thoughts wondered on how to find such a place. It also gave me time to allow my erection to subside. Standing I stretched my nude body.

Christina moved her legs over her side of the bed and used the bed sheets to discretely dry her moist sex. She said, “You know. I like that. I’ve never been naked outdoors. I think we’d all like that. Oh my,” she said this last part looking back at Clarissa. “Someone woke up horny today.”

Clarissa lay propped up on our pillows. With both hands she spread her vagina wide open and was fingering herself with the index fingers of both hands. Her juices were overflowing and soaking into the bed sheets.

“I’m so sorry Mom. For some reason I just can’t help myself. I guess it was the dream.”

I leaned down on the bed and kissed her ruby, sticky lips. “There is no need to be ashamed or sorry.” I pinched her nipple affectionately and her beautiful smile lit up the room. “Let’s have breakfast and see if we can’t find a private lake house.”

“To the kitchen,” said Christina. She reached over the bed and removed her daughter’s hands from playing with herself. I reached underneath Clarissa lifted her small lithe body from the bed and carried her over my shoulder into the kitchen.

Christina sat down at the kitchen table and motioned that I put Clarissa on her lap. After doing so, I sat down as well. Christina’s legs were together at the knees and her daughter sat on her with her legs hanging at either side. One of Christina’s arms held both of Clarissa’s hands and her other hand tickled her daughter’s engorged clitoris, causing a steady slow flow of creamy juices to pool on her lap.

I sat back watching and wondering, where to find a lake house. I brought the lap top that was on the table over to me and began to search for such a place. Well, I tried to, I was also distracted by the girls. “This is going to be harder than I thought,” I said. “I can find some, but, it seems the area is shared by other cabins as well. I’ve found some in a nudist camp, but I’m not sure that a nudist camp would be very…sex friendly.”

Clarissa was shaking and shuddering on her mother’s lap. I could see her juices were running down the valley created by her mother’s closed legs and dripping on the floor. Christina still kaçak casino restrained her daughter’s hands, only now her free hand she slid two moist fingers in and out. Clarissa’s eager vagina made wet sucking sounds, craving more fingers. Her head rested back on her mother’s shoulder with her eyes staring at the ceiling.

Clarissa was weakly saying, “More Mommy, more.”

Christina paused from kissing her daughter’s exposed neck and said, “What about a time share? Could we find someone with one? I might suggest buying one, but how often do you think we’ll use it?”

“I kind of agree. Once Clarissa’s back in college, we won’t have this kind of free time again for a while. But I get the idea.”

Christina parted her legs stretching strings of cream from her daughter. She spread them wide, forcing Clarissa’s legs wider. Christina cupped her hand over her daughter’s sex and began smearing her cream all over her thighs and abdomen.

Christina knew how much I adored Clarissa’s body when she is shiny wet. She was looking at me, while I, with my chin in my hand watched them both. My body shook in with sexual hunger.

As I stood to join, Christina jokingly blurted out something that stalled me. “If only we had a rich friend whose private cabin we can borrow.”

I do. “I do,” I said. “Only he’s not really a friend, just someone whom owes me a personal favor. He might be able to help us out.”

Dumbfounded, she stopped fondling her daughter, “Seriously?”

“Yeah, it’s a long story, but he’s like billionaire status. I helped him big not too long ago and as repayment, he said I can call on him for anything. Anything legal that is.”

Her mother’s pause allowed Clarissa to mildly recover. She raised her head from her mother’s shoulder. In doing so a steady stream of saliva spilled from her open mouth and onto her body and her mother’s arms.

“Yeah, I’m sure he’ll help,” I said. Knowing that our vacation was becoming possible, made me smile.

“Let’s lay her on the table,” I told Christina. With mild difficulty, we maneuvered Clarissa’s slippery body on the table. I slid her towards my end of the table so that her legs dangled over the edge. Sitting in my chair, I positioned my face perfectly over her quivering vagina. Her moist scent permeated my nostrils. Clarissa tried to sit up, but I eased her back down, “Lay back sweet heart. Relax and enjoy yourself.”

She did, but her hands were fondling her glistening vaginal opening. “Please,” she begged, “my whole body is on fire.” Clarissa brought her head up to look at me. Pleasure and pain was contorting her beautiful young face.

I enclosed her clitoris with my open mouth. Her flavor was intoxicating. With teasing slow strokes, I dragged my rough tongue up and down her clitoris. I could feel it pulse against my tongue. I restrained her hands by linking her fingers into mine. Above me I could see that Clarissa and Christina were swapping sloppy kisses.

“Sorry Mommy, I’m ruining breakfast. I just woke up really horny.”

“Don’t be sorry. With us, you’re always welcome to be as horny as you want. All you want. Understand? With us at your side you’ll never have to be ashamed for who you are,” replied Christina.

“Never say you’re sorry,” I replied while rasping my wet tongue on her pulsing clitoris between statements. “We’ll always love each other for who we are,” lick. “During the best of times and worst of times,” lick. “And no matter how horny you get, you are always encouraged to share with us.”

This last statement and a long rasp of my tongue brought Clarissa into full orgasm. Her body shook and shivered on the table. My mouth was clamped over her sex as she pumped overflowing amounts of orgasmic nectar into me. She was too much; her cream began pouring down my chin and onto my body.

Before her orgasm subsided, I pulled my head back and gasped for breath. Clarissa lay on the table before me trembling and heaving for breath. Her hands were weakly pinching her little nipples, milking her orgasm for all it was worth.

Cream ran down my body as I looked around wondering where Christina went. Then I felt her lips kiss the tip of my hard cock. She was under the table making out with my tip, smearing precum all over her lips. She forced saliva out of her pursed lips and moving up and down moistened the entire length of my cock. On all fours, satisfied with her work, she opened her mouth wide and took my hot, throbbing member into her mouth. My body shivered as the head of my cock made it past her tongue and deep into her broiling body. Her body heat on my cock made me delirious. Sensing I was on the edge of orgasm, she became perfectly still.

Like a maestro, Christina played our bodies with perfection. As her daughter had a moment ago, I let my head rest back against the chair as I stared past the ceiling and hovered at the edge of heavenly ecstasy.

When my pending orgasm subsided, she began undulating her throat around my cock. The sensation was as though it was constantly being sucked down by circular rings of flesh into her. Her lips tightened around the base of my cock and I could feel her nostrils breath in and out against on my skin. We made eye contact as I reached down to caress her face and brush her hair away.

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