Couple’s Vacation in the Caribbean Ch. 01

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This is based mostly on a true story. Be sure to rate this story, or leave comments (even for improvement), as that will be my only motivation to write more stories.

My wife and I had been friends with another couple our same age (late 20’s) for almost 10 years. This couple had always lived close to us but in the last year they had moved about 3 hours away. So, we had gone from seeing them a hand full of times a month, to now only perhaps once a month or so.

John and Erin were married the year before us, but the wife and I had been engaged since shortly after they were engaged. John was about 5’7″, with a somewhat athletic build, short black hair, and a good tan, as he played soccer in the summer months.

Erin was about 5’9″, with long straight dirty blond hair, a thin body type, blue eyes, and probably a B cup breast size. At least I think that bra I found ages ago was a B cup, more on that later.

My wife has an average body type, long brown hair, brown eyes, and DD size breasts with nipples the size of a half-dollar. She loves to wear revealing shirts with plunging necklines, and jewelry that draws your eyes to her cleavage.

Myself, I’m your average Joe, average body type with a small beer belly, brown eyes, and short brown hair.

We had previously gone on a cruise with this couple, staying in separate rooms. The cruise was fun, but, we also had our extended families with us, as it was kind of a group vacation.

In March, we had planned a new vacation, but with just us and them. We had booked a cottage in the caribbean for that coming July. It would be a great vacation, with our daily decision having to be choosing between whether we go to the beach, or the pool.

We had all been looking forward to the vacation for some time and discussing what we would do on the resort, as the wife and I had been there before, but this would be John and Erin’s first time there. We talked about the different restaurants to go to and the activities available, including sailing, snorkling, the off-resort beaches, and the other goings on.

Because we had an early morning flight, they decided to travel to our house the night before, and then we would all leave together for the airport in the morning. They arrived by 8pm, and we had some pasta for dinner, then we all went to bed pretty early, as we had to get up by 4am, to get to the airport.

I thought at one point during the night I heard their voices, or some noises, through the wall, as they were staying in the guest room next door. This room shares the wall that our headboard is against. Soon enough the damn alarm rang, and we sleepily rose and were on our way.

The plane ride had been uneventful, so we were able to get some sleep. Upon arrival, we picked up our car, and made off for the resort. We stopped on the way at the store to pick up some supplies, including food & drinks, beer, and some rum and vodka.

The cottage was setup with an opening to a kitchen/living area, and bedrooms off each end of the living area. We all went to the pool that afternoon, and decided to eat dinner on the resort, as we were all still somewhat tired.

The next day, we decided to head out to the beach. We got there before many other people had arrived, so we had our pick of the chairs and umbrellas setup. There were only a dozen or so groups of chairs and umbrellas, so we made sure we had two chairs on each side of the umbrellas, then headed for the water to cool off. We came out of the water and found that another ankara escort couple had arrived and settled into the chair to our left, on the side where Erin and John were sitting.

When we left for lunch, there was only one group of chairs empty to our front right. We had a good lunch and headed back to the beach. It was at this point that we first noticed the two girls far out in the water, they were trying to get positioned on one of those floating beds, but they kept falling off.

We took our chairs and were chatting, when Erin suddenly said “Is that someone’s top?” It was orange, with almost a mesh look to it, and was hanging off of one of the chairs that had been empty when we left for lunch. I said “It certainly looks like it”.

We didn’t have to wait long for the girl without the orange top to show up, as she was one of the girls from the water. Her and her friend headed into shore, after never succeeding in getting positioned on that raft. The girl in the orange bottoms was topless, with nice tanned C size breasts, long curly brown hair, and brown eyes. She spoke some foreign language which could have been French. Her friend had a red and white bikini on.

Erin and my wife were watching these girls intently, as was Erin’s husband John and I. I could tell Erin was jealous that her husband was watching these girls, as she asked “do you need a plate to catch that drool” under her breath. Of course John was not going to admit that he had been checking these girls out. So, he responded that he was “looking at the parasailing out there”. The only problem with this, was the fact that the parasailing was at least a quarter head turn to the left.

The topless girl with the orange bottoms had already sat down in her chair. As her friend sat down, she put her hands behind her back and pulled on the red & white bikini’s string. It untied fairly easily, and in one quick pull the bikini top was now over her head. She then turned to hang it on the back of her chair. She was wearing sunglasses, but I could easily tell that she just caught all four of us staring at her pert B size breasts. She gave a smirking smile to acknowledge our stares. Her just unveiled breasts still had a noticeable tan line, so I was sure she had only recently started tanning topless. She had a ways to catch up, so that the existing tan lines disappeared.

Later when we went into the water, we noticed a few other women who were topless, and sitting or laying on towels along the front of the beach. Only a few of these women were single, most were with other guys. As we were floating in the water, Erin asked “Are there always topless girls here?”. I was about to answer, but my wife beat me to it, and responded that “on our past trips, we had only seen one other girl topless, so it must be more popular now.”

I knew that not to be the whole truth, as we had been here for three years straight, and had seen multiple topless women. We had just not mentioned it to Erin and John, as it was not something different to us, as we had vacationed in South Beach many times. South Beach was where my wife had first gone topless, after seeing other women around her go topless.

When we returned to our chairs, the wife of the couple next to John and Erin had taken off her top as well. She was lying flat, so it was hard to tell what size her breasts were, but her nipples were very hard, either from the excitement of being topless, or from the light breeze blowing across the beach. The couple appeared to be in their escort ankara early 30’s, and from the dark tanlines across her chest, and her milky white breasts, you could tell those tits had never ever seen the sun. This prompted her husband to have to apply frequent sunblock to her breasts. He took his time doing this, and put on a show, by caressing her breasts and nipples, kneading them and making sure every inch around them was covered with sunblock, while paying special attention to her nipples.

Before we got to our chairs, Erin told John to switch with her, and she would be on the outside chair, and he would be on the inside chair. I knew this was to stop him from staring at the woman to his left, even though she tried to say she “needed more sun”. This was not a problem for John, as he told me later, this change gave him a better view to check out the two girls in front of us to the right, and the couple laying on the towel further in front. He said “lose one view, but gain two . . . no problem.”

Late afternoon soon rolled around and people started to leave the beach. The woman to the left of Erin soon sat up, at which time we could finally get a good idea of the size of her breasts. From my point of view, it appeared they were probably a mid-size C. Her nipples were still very hard, as you could still see them poking through the green T-shirt she had put on. She hadn’t bothered to put her bikini top back on.

We soon headed back to the cottage for dinner. We prepared some grilled chicken and cooked some vegetables on the stove top. We followed up dinner with a few drinks while watching the limited TV channels that the resort had. The room was equipped with a DVD player, but neither of us had thought to bring any DVD’s.

My wife wanted to head to bed early, as she knew that a good day at the beach, like we had today, would have her and I horny as hell.

As soon as we got into our room, she sat down on the bed, and leaned back. That’s when I was shocked to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties under her short skirt. I knew she had been bending over to get pots and pans out, and I know both Erin and John had been helping in the kitchen, as I was watching the news on TV. So, there was a good chance either one, or both of them, may have gotten a glance of the wife’s pussy and ass.

This only made me hotter and I quickly had a stiff dick just thinking of their reactions. She made me make sure the door was locked, and as I turned around, she stopped me from heading back to the bed. She had me lean back against the door and slowly pulled my shorts down. She pulled my dick out the opening in my boxers and started to give me a hand job by drooling on my dick. She then knelt down in front of me and started to lick just the tip of my dick, licking in small circles. After about a minute of this, I was going mad, and took my hands behind her head and shoved my dick in her mouth. This caused me to bang my ass back against the door, and for her to gag a little. She quickly recovered, and started taking my dick in and out of her mouth.

I loved the way she used her hands at the same time she was sucking me off. It was like a combination blow job and hand job. I could have probably come in five minutes if she kept it up. At the same time she was doing this, I was kneading her breasts through her tanktop, much as that husband on the beach had been kneading his wife’s breasts.

Now, I was naked, because she had pulled my shorts down, but she still had a tanktop on and her short ankara escort bayan skirt. I pulled her tanktop sides to the center to expose her DD size tits, taking her left nipple into my mouth. As I did this, I turned her around and pushed her against the door. She now had her back to the door, and it banged again. I sucked on her tits, and slowly moved my left hand up her leg till I had my fingers over her now dripping wet pussy. I had not felt her pussy this wet for some time. I continued just rubbing the outside of her pussy for a few minutes, with her still standing against the door, she whispered down to me “eat me on the bed”. This was all the direction I needed, but she wasn’t going anywhere.

So, I quickly slid up her short skirt, and while she was still leaning against the back of the door, I started to eat her out. God, her pussy was so wet, and her clit was so hard. I licked her clit with my tongue and it didn’t take her long to tell me she “needs to lay down” because “my legs are weak”. I mumbled back to her “you started me against the door, that’s where I’m going to finish you”. With this, she started to shake, so I let her start to slide down the door, as I continued my licking of her pussy and clit. My face and chin were now covered with pussy juice and saliva. I don’t know if it was because she was lost in the moment or she forgot where she was, or that we had guests, but she started to yell “oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming, don’t stop, don’t stop”, so I didn’t stop, and she quickly followed up with “fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop”, and “oh my god, don’t stop”. Not a few seconds later, she was moaning very loudly and pulled my face away from her sopping wet pussy, I’m sure left a spot on the floor. She had a smile a mile long, then quickly covered her mouth and asked “how loud was I”. I just told her “don’t worry about it, they’re probably already in their room, just as busy as we are”.

I quickly pulled myself up off the floor, and pulled her up as well, we jumped on the bed, where my wife once again started giving me a great combination blow job / hand job. She was going up and down my dick with her lips sucking as deeply as possible. The sight of her face sliding up and down my dick was so hot. I brushed her hair off to the side to get a better view. The “schlok” sound of her going up and down on my dick was getting loud, as she got more aggressive.

She looked up at me with this very serious look on her face, then took my dick out of her mouth and said “I want you to fuck me!” She turned around quickly and positioned herself on her back with her legs open. That’s when I noticed that she still had on her skirt. It was now hiked up around her waist. I don’t know when she took off her tank top, but her tits were laying there flat, like that lady at the beach. Except, in this instance, I knew my wife’s tits would very soon be swinging back and forth as I fucked her. Her pussy was still very wet, and my dick was coated with her saliva. It slid easily into her pussy, and I pulled her legs up to be vertical against my chest. I then began pumping her and watching her tits swing back and forth. I didn’t last more than five minutes, especially, when she told me “cum on my tits”

This was something she had never done, as she always had me just come outside her pussy or on her belly. Hearing those words, I gave a few more thrusts and then pulled out and moved over to her tits, spewing my load all over them.

After that workout, I collapsed on the bed, but then got up to get a towel. However, as I returned, my wife was rubbing the cum around her breasts, like the man at the beach had been rubbing the sunblock. I asked her if she needed the towel and she said ‘no, it’s almost all gone”.

Stay tuned for part 2

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