Country Life Ch. 02

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When Inga and I came to the house from our first encounter we met my mother. She looked at me searchingly, smiled but said nothing.

Did she know already? Did she know that her friend Inga had turned me into a man? I became beet red in my face and fled to my room.

Dinner was trying. I thought that everyone was looking suspiciously at me. When I happened to meet Inga’s eyes she smiled at me and I thought that everybody wondered why. Remarks from my sisters suddenly had an underlying meaning. Of course it was nothing, only my bad conscience.

After dinner I overheard Inga and my mother.

“You were right of course. I could tell right away that you had introduced him,” mother said. “How was it, did he behave himself?”

“Oh, yes he really did. A little scared to begin with but only shortly. Then he did what he should. He came fast of course but that we will take care of. But actually I got two orgasms. He is good at licking, a natural I would say. It’s so good with these young men; they do what you tell them to do.”

“So he will be all right then. No problems? Does he want to do it again?” Mother asked.

“Oh yes, he will, no doubt. He took me twice this afternoon. He recovered fast. And he has an impressive cock. Not overly long perhaps, but fat. He stretched me real nice. And he is not fully grown yet, remember. He will be grand. I would think twice before taking him up my ass then.”

“Well, you are not thinking about that, are you?” Mother giggled.

“Well, you never know,” Inga broke into laughter. “But no, that’s too early.”

Well, this time I at least partly understood what they were talking about. Me. And that I hadn’t made a fool of myself filled my chest with joy. I felt that urge in my loins again.

We spent the evening us usual, talking and reading. Now and then I felt that Inga looked at me and when I looked up she smiled at me.

I went out in the garden and walked around in the warm summer night feeling happy.

“Are you feeling well? You seem to be so restless to night,” I suddenly heard Inga behind me.

I turned and there she was, alone. I smiled broadly.

“Oh, I feel so great. I love you. I am so happy,” I blurted out, blushing.

“Well, it makes me happy too. Everything is all right then?” she said and smiled sweetly when she turned and left.

The next day went on as usual. At the bathe I watched all the naked females with great interest and of course especially Inga. But also my mother and my sisters. The urge in my loins was very demanding.

Before dinner I met Inga walking on her own in the garden. I looked at her with what she must have interpreted as begging in my eyes.

“Aren’t you feeling well? Or is it just that you would like to have me again but don’t know how to ask? I told you just to let me know. Well, there is no time before dinner. Why don’t you come to my bedroom when it’s quiet in the house? I’ll be waiting for you. But be careful,” she said and patted my cheek.

The evening dragged by. But eventually I heard her saying good night to my parents. I went to my bedroom when my sisters went to theirs. I sat on my bed waiting. It felt like an eternity until I heard my parents go upstairs.

I waited another fifteen minutes before I sneaked out of my room and went to the other side of the house where Inga stayed in the blue guest room.

Her door wasn’t closed shut and I could push it open without making any noise.

Inga was waiting for me. She had put on a thin bathrobe. When she rose to meet me she got the light behind her. The robe became see-through and revealed her curvy body.

I soon forgot the robe when she hugged me and kissed me on the mouth. She forced her tongue inside and played with my tongue. Suddenly she left me but only to shut and lock the door. She turned around and let her robe slide down to the floor.

She looked marvelous in the dim light that created shadows on her body. She stood still for a while before she came close to me again. She helped me undress. She caressed my upper body but touched my cock only lightly. It stood at full attention anyhow.

She went over to the bed and lay down.

“Come, caress me, kiss me, lick me,” she said hoarsely. “I have longed for this the whole evening. I want to have your tongue in my pussy. Make me come.”

I instantly knew what to do. I stood on the side of the bed and started to kiss her body. Soon her nipple was in my mouth and I sucked it. She moaned instantly. I went down on her and kissed her pussy. When I started to lick along her slit she grabbed my cock and balls and held them in a firm grip. It was arousing until she squeezed a little too hard but she quickly loosened her grip.

She got an orgasm quickly. I wasn’t fully aware of it because she muffled her moans and cries with a pillow. But I noticed how she bucked at my tongue and my nose got a blow. She pushed me away and that was how I understood that she was through.

“Oh, my dear boy, did I hurt you? Let me see,” she whispered and took my face in her canlı bahis hands and kissed my nose. “I didn’t mean to hurt you but you licked me so good that I lost control when I came.”

“Oh it’s nothing,” I said being the strong man. But my nose hurt.

But the pain was soon forgotten.

“Come, lie down on the bed. I want to show you another way to fuck,” she said in her direct manner.

She moved over and had me lie down beside her. She started to kiss my body but soon she straddled me standing on her knees.

She took my cock in her hand behind her ass and lifted herself slightly so she could stroke the cock through her slit. She did that a number of times and started to moan again. Suddenly she held the cock still and lowered herself onto it. Little by little she impaled herself on my cock until she sat down on me. I was inside her pussy to the hilt.

I looked up at her amazing body hovering over me. Her breasts looked marvelous seen from underneath. Her broad hips and her thighs spread wide. At the top of the upturned V were her dark triangle and her pussy that so nicely accommodated my cock. It felt great.

She sat still for a while looking at me and stroking my face and upper body with her hands. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts. She wanted to be fondled. Then she slowly raised herself until I nearly slid out of her. She reversed and sat down again smilingly looking in my eyes. She did that a few times then rested. I felt the pussy contract around my cock. It felt fantastic.

“I want to come with you inside me. I have to make sure you don’t get there too quickly,” she giggled. “Watch me.”

She kept on for quite a while thrusting up and down a few times then rest, squeezing my cock. She panted heavily.

Suddenly she didn’t stop. She kept on thrusting and increased the tempo and shortened the strokes. I felt my loins tingle and let go of her breasts and held her hips instead. She immediately stopped and sat down but she didn’t squeeze this time. She was motionless until I had calmed as well.

“How do you like that,” she whispered. “Want to come?”

She resumed her thrusts and this time she used a slow steady rhythm sitting down deep every time. Her moaning started again and got heavier for each thrust. I felt something rush out through my cock and into her. After the first spasm she sat down hard and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. I spurt a few more times. But she wasn’t finished yet. She fucked with quick hard thrusts until she cried out and sat down on me.

She collapsed on top of me and rolled us over on the side.

She watched me and smiled when she saw that I had recovered.

“Well, how was that? I liked riding your cock. Are you satisfied? I certainly am.”

“Yes, oh yes, thank you,” was all I could say.

The next morning I woke up late. My nose was a little sore and swollen but I felt great.

At breakfast Inga smiled.

“What has happen to your nose? It’s a bit swollen. Does it hurt?” She giggled.

After breakfast she sneaked up behind me.

“Are you horny again? I am. Do you want to enter my pussy? Meet me after lunch at the little meadow behind the birch-tree grove. I will teach you how to do it standing up.” She laughed throatily and was gone.

Time went slowly that day. Lunch seemed to be an eternity away. I drifted around thinking of Inga and my cock was half erect most of the time.

Over lunch Inga ignored me. At the end she winked at me and whispered “thirty minutes” when she passed me.

I came to the meadow just in time. I didn’t see Inga so I walked around until I heard her call on me. I found her behind some bushes sitting with crossed legs on a fallen tree-trunk. She was already naked.

“Take your clothes off. I want to see you walk with that stiff cock dangling in front of you” she yelled and laughed.

I had to do as she said although I felt uncomfortable. But the sight of her made me willing to do anything.

When I came close she parted her thighs and sat on the trunk with spread legs, feet supporting her on the ground.

“Kneel and lick me,” she commanded.

I knelt in front of her and licked up along her inner thighs to her open pussy. When she felt my tongue in her slit she lifted her pelvis and bucked. I found out that she moaned higher when I licked at the top of her slit and when I buried my tongue in her pussy so I concentrated my efforts to these two activities. She liked it. She bucked wildly with short movements and started to whine. That was a new sound and I startled and stopped licking.

“No, don’t stop. Lick me. I am going to come. Lick me,” she cried out. I resumed licking and her whining got higher until she cried out, shuddered and clasped her thighs around my head.

Her thighs held my head in a firm grip until she had calmed down. Then she released me, pulled my head up to her level and kissed my lips.

She searched for my cock with her hand and jacked it a few times to test its hardness.

“Now, let’s fuck,” she said. “Today bahis siteleri you are going to take me from behind and we will stand up, well partly anyway. Stand back, will you.”

She pushed me away a few paces, then turned and leaned over supporting herself on the trunk. Her full ass was exposed to me and her curvy body was at its best when she was slightly bent forward. The sun was behind me and shone directly into the crack of her ass. Her puffy lips glistened of moistness and there was a brown puckered hole. She wriggled her ass a few times.

I took the few paces forward and placed my hands on her hips. She looked over her shoulder and smiled broadly.

“Now, place your cock at my pussy. Make sure you take the right entrance. I don’t want that fat cock in my ass, at least not today. Let me help you.”

I felt her hand on my cock. It came from between her thighs and guided my cock to her pussy entrance. She held it there.

“Come on then, push. Don’t you want to come into my pussy? Push, boy, push,” she giggled.

I pushed and slid easily in. With a few thrusts I was buried in full in her, my balls pressed against her ass.

“Fuck me, long and steady strokes,” she instructed.

It was a new and incredible feeling to fuck her from behind. She moved under me to adjust height and angle and I held her hips and found a rhythm. She bucked back at me and met my thrusts with a little jerk that made me to bottom out in her. She moaned of pleasure every time.

I felt the tingling in my loins and remembered. I stopped deep in her holding her hips tight. She understood and took my hands and pulled them to her breasts. She wanted to be fondled.

After a while I resumed fucking her. She took my hand and put it over her pussy slit. She did circling motions with her hand over mine. I tried to caress her on my own and again found that she liked to be touched where her pussy lips met. I could feel a little knob at the place.

She moaned highly and soon her whining began. I understood that she was close and so was I. With one hand squeezing her hip and the other on her pussy my body quickened the pace and shortened the strokes. Her whine reached a high pitch tune and when I started to spurt into her she cried out several times and her body shook. Her pussy muscles flexed hard around my cock.

I stood buried deep in her pussy holding her hips. She raised her upper body and wrapped my arms around her waist. She turned her head and kissed my cheek.

“That was real good,” she said without mock. She looked truly happy. “I never thought you could control yourself like that. You gave me one hell of an orgasm.”

“It was so fantastic. I was so deep inside you. I really liked it. Can we do it again?” I said, meaning could we do it some other time.

“Oh, yes of course. I didn’t know you were able so soon. It makes me very happy,” she exclaimed. “But let’s try out a variation called doggie style. Come.”

She took my hand and led me a few paces to a spot with soft grass. She got down on all fours and spread her legs.

Her bottom was full with round cheeks. In between her puffy lips showed. She was invitingly open and I got hard just from looking at her great ass.

I knelt behind her and moved close. The tip of my cock touched her slippery crack. I felt a hole and placed my cock there and started to push.

“Oh, no. You are not allowed in my ass. Not now. I want you in my pussy. Push it down,” Inga cried out nearly bursting of laughter.

Her hand came out between her legs and guided my cock to the pussy entrance. I pushed and slipped all the way in with one thrust. She was open and slippery inside.

I fucked her the way she had taught me with long deep strokes. I felt no need to take a break. It felt like I could fuck for ever.

Inga really liked my stamina. She moaned and whined. She met my thrusts with enthusiasm. She bucked back at me with force and I felt that I hit her inner bottom now and then.

Suddenly she cried out and pressed back at me. Her body shook and shuddered. Her cry was a high pitch tune that slowly dropped until she got quiet. I grabbed her breasts and fondled them.

She pressed back at me preventing me to thrust into her. Suddenly she moved a little forward. I lost my grip on her breasts and instead grabbed her hips and moved a little inside her to test. She moved a little back. I thrust a little harder and she met me.

Soon I was banging her like before. But this time she didn’t meet me as hard. Instead she squeezed my cock with her inner muscles. I had to use more force to push inside and also to withdraw.

I searched for her pussy top and caressed her. She started to whine again and squeezed me real hard. I felt something build up inside me and soon the familiar tingling in my loins announced that I was about to come.

All I wanted now was to explode inside her. It was my own pleasure that took over. My thrusts got rapid and short and she squeezed me hard. When I came she cried out loud and collapsed forward with me on top of her bahis şirketleri back.

“Oh, you brute, are you going to crush me,” she giggled underneath me and I rolled off her.

“Well, I must say, that was really something,” she said lying on her back smiling at me. She looked so pleased and happy. “Come, kiss me.”

I knelt beside her and kissed her mouth. She kissed back, a long soft kiss. I found her breasts and caressed them lightly and tweaked her nipples between my thumb and fingers. I stroked down her stomach and to her pussy. It felt steaming hot and a spasm went through her body when I stroked through her slit.

“Oh no, no more of that. We have had enough for now. I have had enough. It was fantastic. The best fuck I have had for a long time. Thank you,” she said softly and pushed my hands away.

She rose, looked at me and smiled. “You are a real man now. I think you have got the hang of it. Now you need training to be real good. We have to see to that, haven’t we?”

“Well, it’s time to go back home. Otherwise they will start a searching party for me,” she giggled. “You go first and I will follow in a while. See you at the afternoon bathe.”

I found my clothes and dressed. When I turned to thank Inga she was still naked and looked adorable. She turned around and leaned over the tree trunk and moved her feet and wriggled her hips. She teased me. I ran forward and put my hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed them.

She laughed throatily. “No, get going,” she said.

I was too late to bathe with Lena, the maid. Only my sisters were at the lake when I got there. They looked me over and asked where I had been. Their bodies certainly interested me but my cock was spent. I noticed how small their pussies looked compared with Inga’s.

My mother and Inga came to swim. They chatted and giggled when they came. My mother looked at me and smiled. Inga winked.

That evening I felt tired and spent. I didn’t try to talk to Inga and she didn’t make any suggestions to me. I went to bed early and dreamt about Inga.

I woke up early, very early, and felt horny. I remembered what Inga had said that she was available anytime I wanted to fuck her. I rose and sneaked away to her room.

Her door wasn’t locked and I quietly went inside. She was lying on her back with only a thin sheet for cover. Her curvy body was clearly outlined.

I tiptoed to her bed and very carefully lifted the sheet off her body. She squirmed but didn’t wake up. She slept in the nude.

I softly kissed her breasts and a nipple and then rested my chin on her soft belly. She suddenly woke up.

“Who is it . . .? Oh, it’s you, Anders. Well, I said anytime, didn’t I? But five o’clock in the morning? Isn’t that a bit early? Why don’t you go back to your bed and we will have a good fuck in the morning,” she murmured sleepily. “What are you doing? Stop that. Oh, no, don’t stop. Go on, yes, yes,” she said, her tone shifting from sleepiness to excitement.

I had moved south and started to lick her the way I now had learnt that she liked. I had easy access since she already was naked and on her back with parted legs. I knelt on the bed and she tugged at my pajama bottoms. I paused for a second to get rid of them.

She cried out when my tongue came back to her pussy. She searched for my cock and fondled it. Then she took my balls and held them in a steady soft grip.

She moaned already and soon her low whine started. I was fully erect from her grip on my balls.

“No, stop that and come into my pussy. I want this cock in me now, come on, hurry,” she suddenly demanded.

After all, to enter her pussy was what I had come for so I quickly got in position and was ready to enter.

“Wait, put this under my ass,” Inga ordered and gave me one of her cushions. She lifted her hips and helped me put the cushion under her.

“Yes, now enter me,” she sighed expectantly. “Let’s try this,” she added and lifted her spread legs high up in the air.

She was wide open. Her pussy was gaping at me and I easily found my way into her. She was easy to enter but not as wet as last time. It took me a few thrusts to be fully inside her. I started to thrust in my steady rhythm.

She surprised me again. She put her legs over my shoulders which slightly held back my movements. But her hips lifted at the same time and allowed me to penetrate her real deep. It felt very good. I thrust in her and could hear that she liked it. When she came I felt her inner muscles contract around my cock and that made me come as well.

She let her legs slide down and locked them around my waist. She held me close for a long time before she let me loose.

“That was good. I like to wake up like that, but rather a little later. Now be a good boy and go back to your own bed. I need my beauty sleep. But thanks for coming. I guess you dreamed about me. I like that,” she said and sounded sleepy.

I felt so happy when I went back to my room. I feel asleep and dreamt about Inga and her lovely body.

In the morning the weather was exceptionally warm. Inga and mother sat in the garden directly after breakfast chatting and laughing. I wandered around feeling happy. I felt no urge in my loins. I was satisfied for the time being.

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