Coronavirus Diary – Day 02

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The next few days dragged by. His first care-home encounter had not quite matched his expectations, to put it mildly! Nevertheless, Mrs Hendry had certainly made her presence felt and he was excited about her return visit.

So, after a disturbed night’s sleep, he carefully showered and shaved, then waited by the window for her arrival.

Only a few minutes late, she pulled up in her Mercedes, and carrying two shopping bags, sashayed to the front door. Tim rushed to open it and quickly offered to relieve her of the heavy bags.

‘I managed to get most of the things on your list, Mr Symonds, but they had run out of your favourite gin, I’m afraid.’

She walked behind him into the kitchen. ‘I’ll just pop upstairs then, to get changed. Would you mind if I used some of the hanging space and drawers in you wife’s dressing room?’

‘Oh, well, yes I suppose that will be alright. You might find it a bit cramped. I never really got round to sorting through her things after she passed away. Best of luck!’

‘When you’ve put the groceries away, Mr Symonds, could you prepare yourself please? I’ll need to take your temperature again when I come downstairs and it will save time if you are in position.’

He was somewhat taken aback, but managed to mutter his agreement.

As he stored away his provisions, he could feel a stirring in his loins. The prospect of exposing himself to this lovely woman was certainly a humiliating, but undeniably, an arousing prospect. He hoped that his penis would not betray his perverted thoughts!

He could hear the sound casino siteleri of hangers upstairs and hurried to remove his lower garments, before kneeling on the sofa, as instructed. He waited like this for another ten minutes before he heard her enter the drawing room. Wanting to appear cooperative, he immediately reached behind to pull his bottom cheeks wide apart.

‘What a good boy! We’ll soon have this done and I can start on the chores.’

Once again he felt the thin cold thermometer invade his sphincter. Thankfully, the shock temporarily took his mind from his arousal, and Mrs Hendry sat down and waited for his temperature to register.

‘Your wife certainly had good taste in clothes, Mr Symonds. Some of those dresses upstairs could be collectors items.’

Looking over his shoulder, he could see that she was wearing the long latex apron again. ‘Oh, well yes. She always liked to look fashionable, right up to the end. She was keen on ballroom dancing you know.’

Mrs Hendry stood and began to slowly ease the thermometer from his rectum; steadying him by placing her gloved left hand under his stomach. As she did so, she grazed his genitals.

‘Yes, I noticed all those lovely frocks, and so many shoes!’

He could feel himself erecting as she held him in place.

‘I think your wife might have been a similar size to me. Was she Mr Symonds?’

‘I’m not sure. Possibly.’ he squeaked.

The back of her hand brushed against his penis as she finally withdrew the thermometer.

‘Don’t worry Mr Symonds. Lots of gentlemen canlı casino respond like that to anal penetration. Now, why don’t you get dressed and I’ll make us some coffee?’

He quickly got up, just in time to glimpse her shapely legs and tightly skirted bottom as she left for the kitchen.

He had tucked in his shirt and was adjusting his erection when Mrs X appeared at the door.

‘Are you decent?’ she giggled.

For the first time in many years, he blushed. ‘Oh, err, yes, thank you.’

She arranged the coffee and some biscuits on a small table next to the sofa. He was again aware of her sensuous perfume.

‘Now, if we sit at either end of the sofa, we can keep a safe distance!’

She took off her apron and gloves, poured the coffee and sat at right angles to Tim.

His eyes were immediately drawn to her legs, as her skirt rode up slightly, revealing several inches of delightfully sheer smokey-grey nyloned thigh.

‘You know, I’m a big fan of ‘Strictly come dancing’. Perhaps you can teach me some dance moves, Mr Symonds?’

‘Oh, no, I wasn’t a dancer. I tried, of course, in the early days, but I wasn’t up to Fiona’s standard. I didn’t want to hold her back you see. She had several dance partners over the years. She was quite competitive, I think.’

‘You must have been very proud to see her, strutting her stuff in the ballroom?’

‘Well, of course I was very proud, but I didn’t get to see her very often. She said that I made her feel self conscious. That’s why we had separate bedrooms; so that she wouldn’t kaçak casino disturb me when she came home. Some of those competitions went on into the early hours you see.’

‘Ah, I was wondering about that. I noticed that your room has a single bed.’

She carefully adjusted her position, re-crossing her legs. Noticing his gaze, she purposely tugged down the hem of her skirt, then gently smoothed the clingy material on her thighs. Poor Tim was mesmerised!

‘Now then, I think its time to give that bedroom of yours a deep clean!’ You relax and I’ll get started.’

Tim panicked. There were things in his room that he certainly wouldn’t want Mrs Hendry to find!

‘Oh, there’s no need for that. Perhaps you could clean the kitchen instead,’ he protested.

‘Don’t be silly, Mr Symonds, from what I’ve seen, that bedroom hasn’t been tidied for months! I’ll get some fresh air in there as well. I insist.’

Without further discussion, she stood and went to fetch the cleaning materials from the kitchen.

Tim was left alone, hoping beyond hope that his hiding places would not be discovered.

Of course, being a very thorough, experienced and inquisitive professional, Mrs Hendry unearthed Tim’s stash of pornography with ease. She always found that a careful perusal gave her a more ‘intimate’ understanding of her gentlemen clients. However, coming downstairs, 90 minutes later, she said nothing of her discoveries to Tim.

Tim was mightily relieved to find that Mrs Hendry had carried out her chores, without apparently finding any ‘incriminating’ evidence. He must be more careful in future, he thought.

Mrs Hendry bade him a light-hearted farewell and Tim was left alone to recall her delicious legs, with cock in hand, and the prospect of a very long three days before her next visit.

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