Convince Me

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I was running late to my meeting with my English professor. He had told me he’d really liked my last short story- which happened to be about my first time- and wanted to discuss it further with me. The assignment had been to write about something personal and something sexual, a confession of sorts. And so, I wrote about my first time with George, the kid who lived next door. As can be expected, it left much to be desired. I had fooled around since then, but had never been as fulfilled as some of my friends had claimed to be.

I was running late, which was not unusual for me, because I couldn’t decide on what to wear. See, I had a bit of a crush on him. He was in his late 30s and had gorgeous brown hair and green eyes that you could get lost in. He was divorced, and it was a popular rumor his wife had cheated on him. Since then, he’d been single. Of course, we students didn’t know the ins and outs of his personal life, but we all assumed it had been a long time since he’d been laid judging from the harsh grades we constantly received.

When I finally arrived, he was standing impatiently behind the podium, leaning into it in a non-intentionally seductive way. I couldn’t help but think he looked adorable. He, however, was not as pleased with me.

“You are fifteen minutes late.”

“I know. I’m really sorry Prof-“

“Let’s begin. I have somewhere else in about twenty minutes. I wanted to tell you that I was really impressed by your paper. However, I think that you have some work to do to improve your overall performance.”

At this point, I was ready to turn back around and go back to sleep. He had given me an “A” on the assignment. What more did I possibly have to do?

“Tell me about this George. Do you still see him?”

This question really caught me off guard. I was expecting him to lecture me on the importance of prepositions or word choice. Here he was asking me about my goofy and disastrous first time.

“Um. I guess I see him sometimes when I go home on break but we rarely talk. It was awkward after…”

I bit my lip. George was not a favorite topic of mine and it was utterly mine blowing and disturbing to be having this conversation with my hot professor.

“Tell canlı bahis me, have you had a lot more experience after to improve your attitude towards sex? In your paper you call it ‘frivolous’.”

Now the conversation was taking an even more bizarre turn.

“I’ve had more experience but I wouldn’t say a lot more. I do think it’s frivolous, though.”

He smirked a little and, to my surprise, scanned my body with his lingering eyes. His bold move made me uncomfortable but, at the same time, enthralled me.

“My dear, that just means you haven’t had a good experience. Sex is anything but frivolous, though. I assure you of that.”

We stood in silence for a few minutes, examining each other. I was about to thank him for his criticism and leave when all of a sudden his arms were around me, pulling my body into his.

“I know this is wrong but I can’t stand it anymore. Say no and I’ll try to stop. I will stop. But say yes and I will show you just how great it can be.”

There I was, wetter than I’ve ever been in my entire life, in the arms of the professor I’d fantasized about from morning til night. There was no question in my mind I wanted to go through with this. I didn’t care about the consequences, I didn’t care about the fact we didn’t have a condom, and I really didn’t care that he was my professor.

I said nothing but I leant into his hard dick with my butt, making him groan with pleasure.

“Jesus,” he muttered into my ear.

We stood like this for a few minutes until he spun me around and pushed me against his desk.

“Prepare to be fucked like you never have been before and never will be again.”

Then he started undressing, his eyes never leaving mine. I made a motion to take off my top but he stopped me, saying he wanted to do it himself.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this. You have no idea. In class I’d forget what I was talking about whenever I stole a glimpse of you. So many times I’d have to sit down to hide my boner. You know how I go to the bathroom at least once a class? That’s so I can jerk off to the thought of you.”

My pussy got wetter and wetter just imagining him in the bathroom, pumping his own dick, thinking bahis siteleri of me. And I thought of how many times I would lay awake in my dorm room, pleasuring myself at the thought of him.

Once he was completely naked, he made his way over to my quivering body. At his touch, I shuddered with pleasure.

“Professor, please. Please, fuck me.”

He started fondling my breasts before taking off my sweater. I wasn’t wearing a bra since I didn’t have the time to throw one on in my hurry. He stared at my bare tits for a few minutes before yanking down my skirt. I was only wearing thong panties underneath, which he easily discarded. I stood before him in my nakedness, shaking with anticipation. I glanced down at his growing rod and felt myself get hot with pleasure.


“God, yes,” I said, panting.

He started to nibble at my nipples, making my body arch to his mouth. His hands roamed all over, finally lingering over my soaking cunt. His tongue was down my throat, his hand caressing my mound. Finally, he plunged a finger deep in my hole. He kept dabbing it in and out. His other hand found my ass. He was kneading the flesh there, causing a whole new sensation I’d never felt before. He stopped kissing me to suck on his finger. He looked at me and smiled, then went right back to kissing me. His hand found my ass again and this time he stuck his sucked finger into it deep and hard. I moaned and gasped but the sound was lost into his mouth. It hurt a little, but the general sensation was way too great. His other finger worked furiously into my pussy. He inserted two more fingers. I could feel the sensation coming that I was about to have an orgasm when he decided to stop.

“Not yet,” he moaned into my ear.

I brought my hand down to his prick and rubbed hard so he’d change his mind.

“Fuuuuuck,” he groaned, leaning into my body. “That feels amazing.”

We stood a few minutes like this, me getting him off.

Then, without warning, he let out an inhuman groan and leant his entire body into me.

“I can’t take it anymore!” he bellowed, knocking my hand away.

He grabbed both my wrists and pushed my arms down so that I was leaning against his desk.

With bahis şirketleri one quick movement, he thrusted his dick into me, grunting as he worked it deeper inside.

“Oh, yeah,” he whispered into my hair. “So good.”

I could only sigh back, feeling an orgasm coming closer and closer.

“Shit, yeah,” he screamed, thrusting himself in and out and in and out of my oozing pussy.

“Cum for me, baby,” I cried. “I’m gonna cum; I want us to cum together!”

“Oh, baby, I’m close, I’m close,” he sobbed, tearing into me even harder.

I rubbed his ass with my hands and even dared to stick a finger in.

“Oh, GOD!” he cried. “Oh yeah, baby, please! Harder!”

So I started fucking his tight ass with my finger as he fucked my tight pussy.

I began to feel like it couldn’t go on anymore or I’d pass out when I began to have the greatest orgasm of my life. I could feel the tightness in his balls and knew he was about to cum, too, which sent my orgasm over the hill.

“Fuck, I’m cummiiiiiiing!” he screamed, working his dick ferociously into my cunt.

“Me, too, baby!” I cried back.

His cum shot into me at full speed. I had never ever been so filled up before.

“Yeah, shoot your big load into me baby. Give me more!”

I clenched my pussy on his still hard dick and managed to extract even more of his precious goo.

“I can’t stop!” he moaned, still humping me like there was no tomorrow.

Another mind shattering orgasm rocked through my body.

Finally, he pumped his seed into me for the last time.

“Baby, that was… amazing…” he said as he started putting his clothes back on.

I smiled back at him as I worked my thong back on. “Yes, it sure was.”

“Has your opinion changed? Have I succeeded?”

I strutted over to him and put my arms around his waist. “Fuck yes, you have. But I do think I might need a little more convincing later on tonight…”

He smiled at me. “Yes, well you can meet me back here when I’m done with my meeting. I think you’ll be convinced after that. I’ll have a lot more time to convince you.”

I smiled at him as he left the classroom. I glanced around, realizing every time I came in here for class I’d be reminded of our amazing fuck session. I reached down to my pussy which was still wet from both of our juices. I thought that I might even have to convince myself… maybe sometimes even during class.

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