Confronting Mother Ch. 4

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Kelly was just about ready for her date. She had on a tight black T-shirt that she ended inches above her navel. Her black jeans were practically painted on. She looked hot and she knew it. Tori was going to love it. Kelly was a little nervous about going to a lesbian club. This was still all so new to her. This was her first date with another girl. As she thought of it, it sounded so kinky. She was dating a girl. Just months ago she was getting fucked by her then boyfriend Bobby. Now she had a girlfriend. She couldn’t help but smile at the thought.

Cathy was in the kitchen mopping the floor. Her mind was on the incredible afternoon with Monica. She laughed at the thought that she was fucking her daughter’s best friend. It occurred to her that maybe this wasn’t a good revenge strategy. Sure she got to eat a fresh young girl’s twat, but how was this going to get Kelly to stop dating Tori? She didn’t know.

The doorbell rang and out from her room ran Kelly. Opening the door she saw Tori dressed in a gorgeous red dress. Kelly eyed her ample cleavage and tight long legs. Tori was a knockout. So pretty and cool. Kelly couldn’t hold back. She hugged her and planted a wet kiss on Tori’s red lips.

“Kelly, you look great. I love the jeans. They are so tight. I’m going to have a hard time getting you out of those later tonight.”

“Thank, you’re looking hot yourself. Red was always my favorite color.”

The two women tossed flirtatious comments back and forth to each other. Before they left, Kelly had to get her purse so she left Tori in the living room. Standing in the kitchen doorway was Cathy.

“So, what do you have planned for my daughter tonight?”

Tori quickly answered, “That is none of your concern. We are two grown women and we will do whatever we like.”

“I don’t want to see my daughter hurt like I was. Kelly really likes you. You better not be using her.”

“Your just jealous!” yelled Tori. Kelly walked in at that moment.

“Mom, please! This is my life!”

Holding hands they walked out the door. Tori opened the car door to let Kelly in. Rounding the car, Tori stared at Cathy’s silhouette in the doorway. She sighed and they took off to their destination.

Cathy was filled with emotion. The girl she fell in love with was using her daughter. She knew it. How could Tori do this to Kelly? There was no love in that relationship, only lust. Cathy couldn’t think of what to do. This whole situation belonged on the Jerry Springer show.


Kelly’s stomach was a mess. Tori and her pulled up to the lesbian bar and Kelly could see all the lesbian couples holding hands and kissing as they went inside. Holding hands, Kelly and Tori entered the bar. It was weird; it was exactly like a regular bar except that there were no men in sight. Some women were very feminine and hot, others were dykes. Kelly was fascinated. They sat down at an open table and each ordered strawberry daiquiris.

“So Kelly, this is a lesbian bar. What do you think?”

Kelly was still looking around like a curious child. “I can’t believe I’m here. It’s kinda weird, but cool at the same time. Does that make sense?”

Tori chuckled as she responded, “It took me a while before I got used to the fact that I was a lesbian. Now a place like this is home. These are my people.”

Their drinks came and they Tori continued to carry most of the conversation. Kelly was obviously overwhelmed. It was understandable of course, but Tori wanted to have fun tonight.

A tall Latina girl walked up to the table. She must have been in her mid 20’s. She had a killer body and a tight stomach, which she of course showed off. She interrupted their conversation, “Tori! How are you? I haven’t seen you in so long.”

“I’ve been great. I’d like to introduce you to my date Kelly. This is her first time at a lesbo bar.”

“Well hello Kelly, I’m Erin. This place is great isn’t it? Nice people and the hottest girls. But you’re here with Tori. Let me ask you something, have you had the pleasure of this girls tongue?”

Kelly couldn’t believe the bold question. All she could do was blush and nod yes.

“Unbelievable isn’t it. Anyway, I gotta go and scope the place. Tori give me a call soon.” Erin winked and walked away.


The phone rang and Cathy picked it up. An angry voice filled the other end of the line. It was Gayle, Monica’s mom.

“What did you do to my daughter? She now tells me that she is sure she is a lesbian. What did you tell her? I want to know, I am her mother, and I have a right to know!”

Cathy was taken aback. She couldn’t think of what to say.

“I told her that you didn’t approve of her dress and her thinking of girls.”

“Bull shit”, Gayle screamed, “you are a lesbian aren’t you? You never have any boyfriends or anything around your house. And you let your daughter run around town like a skank.”

“My life is my business, and you will not talk to my daughter like that!”

Gayle was livid. “I trusted you and you led me to believe you were going to help me casino oyna and all you did was promote your lesbian agenda. You bitch!”

Cathy knew Gayle was somewhat right. She had no excuse for her actions.

“So, are you going to tell me the truth about what happened. Monica won’t talk to me, but she sure didn’t want me talking to you. Are you a lesbian and did you encourage my daughter?”

At that Gayle began to sob. Cathy felt horrible. Ok she messed up her own life, but messing up Monica and her mom’s life was wrong.

“Gayle I’m sorry”

Gayle choking back tears, “So you are a lesbian then?”


“And you encouraged my daughter to that lifestyle.”

“Yes. Gayle there is nothing wrong with two women loving each other.”

“Fuck you!” Gayle slammed the phone down.


“It seems as if you know a lot of girls in this place,” Kelly stated.

“Yeah, before I met your mom I kinda played around.”

Kelly felt uncomfortable hearing that answer. She’d heard it a million times by guys she’s dated. They swore they stopped their “playing” ways. They didn’t.

Tori sipped her drink and took Kelly’s hand and swept her to the dance floor. A fast song with a good beat was playing and the two women danced suggestively, hands on each other’s hips. Their eyes were locked on each other as their faces moved together. Tori planted small kisses on Kelly’s lips as their sexy bodies moved to the groove of the dance beat. The song ended and the two hugged.

“That was so fun Tori,” exclaimed Kelly.

“Isn’t it?” a strange voice offered. It was Erin.

Erin continued, “Kelly I hope you won’t mind me having a dance with your date tonight. I promise to bring her back all hot and ready for you.”

“Well, we actually want…”

“Kelly lighten up, go find some nice hottie and have fun. You know I’m only going home with you.”

Kelly smiled uncomfortably. Tori and Erin danced away leaving Kelly alone on the dance floor. Kelly walked back to her table when she met eyes with a tall, slender Asian girl leaning all by herself against the bar.

“Hi I’m Kelly.”

She had a gorgeous exotic look about her. She had long black hair, beautiful eyes behind her dark rimmed glasses, and the cutest little nose.

“Oh hi, I’m Hannah. I can’t believe I’m in here. Can I have a seat with you?”


Cathy was feeling horrible. It was still early, but she had to go to bed. She slipped out of her clothes and stood before a mirror looking at her naked body. She was 38 year old and her body was worth looking at. As she peered in the mirror she fondled her breast with her hand. Her nipples got instantly hard.

This body and her lustful desires brought her to this messed up place in her life. Cathy reflected on her time with Tori. She remembered the hurt of that night she walked in on Tori and that Latina girl. Tori wasn’t ashamed when she got caught. All she did was ask if Cathy wanted to join in. She didn’t though and for once she was proud of something she had done. Cathy was so upset that she didn’t even mark the occasion in her diary. She remembered wanting to forget the incident. For the most part she did.

Cathy’s hands traveled down her taut stomach and towards her mound as she continued to reflect. She should of known better. Now her former lover was playing the same game with her daughter. She thought of Kelly and while teasing herself sexually she realized that her daughter was the only woman she ever loved physically and emotionally. Cathy’s heart ached for her as well as her moistening pussy.

Cathy’s long fingers entered her wet pussy and she felt the pleasure. Her one hand caressing her hard nipples and the other fingering her clit. Cathy backed on to her bed and began to finger fuck her self. Thoughts of Kelly’s tight sexy body danced in her mind. She loved her daughter and had to get her back. Cathy continued to play with herself as she began to realize that orgasm was close at hand. Moaning and grunting her daughters name, Cathy spasmed and came. Juices gushed out of her pussy as she was transported to another world. A world where her problems didn’t exist. The ecstasy soon subsided and Cathy slipped her naked body under the covers and fell fast asleep.


“I live around here and I see this place everyday on my way to work and I’m always so curious about what goes on in a club like this and well, I got up enough courage and here I am.”

“This is my first time here too. I’m here with my girlfriend,” Kelly pointed over toward Tori and Erin.

Both girls watch as Tori’s hands were cupping the hot Latina’s ass. They were talking, faces real close to each other. Kelly felt a bit jealous over the situation.

“She’s beautiful. You must have a strong relationship, because I could never do let my girl do that.”

“To tell you the truth,” Kelly said softly, “I’m not comfortable with it.”

“My girlfriend moved away to college and we’re being realistic. We’ve agreed to see other people. This is my first shot at it,” Hannah giggled canlı casino sheepishly while admiring Kelly’s lovely face.

“Tell me about her.”

“Well, you promise you won’t think bad of me?”

Kelly was intrigued, “Yeah, of course.”

Hannah leaned closer to Kelly and whispered in her ear, “She’s my sister.”

Kelly gasped in amazement.

“She’s two years older than me. She is so wonderful. We’ve been lovers since I was 14, I’m 18 now.”

Kelly was feeling uncomfortable again. She thought of her mother and their incestuous relationship. Could she tell Hannah about it?

“Let’s dance!” chirped Hannah.


Gayle was crying while holding her daughter Monica. They had made a breakthrough. Monica tried to explain to her mom that she’s had these feeling for a while now and couldn’t pretend anymore. Gayle calmed down and began to empathized with her daughter. She even went as far as telling her that she too had those feeling when she was a teen.

Gayle asked her daughter, “Do you have feelings for anyone right now?” Monica, wiping away her tears looked into her mothers eyes and responded, “I’ve had a crush on Kelly.”

They hugged again and they cried some more. In the end, they agreed to be a supportive of each other as possible. Gayle wasn’t comfortable with all this and so they agreed that Monica would not flaunt her newfound sexuality. That meant the way she dressed as well. Mother and daughter cleared the air and each apologized. After a long and emotional night, both women would need their sleep.


Kelly and Hannah were on the dance floor in no time. A slow song was playing and Hannah’s hands were caressing Kelly’s bottom. Kelly giggled. She liked this new girl. She was cute and fun to talk to.

“So, what do you think of me. Am I a pervert for sleeping with my sister?”

“No not at all. I think it is kinda hot.”

“Really, do you have a sister?”

Kelly laughed. If only she knew what she had. “No, no sister. I’ve done some pretty kinky things before in my life.”

Hannah’s eyes twinkled and she excitedly responded, “Really, like what?”

“Hold on, I just met you. If you’re a good girl maybe I’ll tell you later.”

The two girls laughed and continued to dace close together. Kelly was enjoying her time with Hannah, but she still would have rather been with her girlfriend Tori. She watched as they were still dancing close and sensually. Erin was kissing and licking Tori’s neck while looking at Kelly.

The music finally stopped and Kelly politely told Hannah that she would be heading over to her girlfriend. Then Kelly couldn’t believe it. Hand in hand Tori and Erin giggled and strolled into the ladies room. Kelly was visibly upset.

“Kelly, are you ok? I wouldn’t jump to conclusions about them going into the bathroom together.”

Kelly quietly agreed, “Yeah, I know. It is probably nothing.”

Another song came on, this time it was a little faster and Hannah swayed her hips and her tight short skirt was a sight to see. This girl had legs on her. Halfway through the song Kelly couldn’t resist herself. She had to know what they were doing in the bathroom. It had been 5 minutes.

Kelly excused herself and walked into the ladies room. Inside the bright lights and perfume smell hit her hard. Then she heard what she hoped she wouldn’t. Moaning. Two women moaning. She crept slowly over to the stall and before she got there she heard her lovers name.

“Oh yes Tori, that tongue, oh yessss, ahhh Tori.”

Kelly could hardly stand any longer. What a fool she was. She was being played by some lesbian slut. Kelly took a step closer and saw her girlfriend’s head deep in between Erin’s legs. Slurping sounds and moaning were still audible.

“I can’t believe you Tori!” cried Kelly.

Tori looked around and saw her shocked and upset lover and said, “Ah Kelly, you gotta taste this pussy it is fantastic.”

Erin sexily growled, “Come on Kelly, I want you to sit on my face while I eat you out. Lets have some fun. Don’t get all upset.”

Kelly ran out of the restroom and towards Hannah.

“Do you got a car? I need to get home. They were fucking in there.”

“Sure honey.”

Hannah hugged Kelly and they slowly walked toward the car. Hannah was trying to tell Kelly it would be ok. They took off towards Kelly’s house.

Parked in front of her house, Kelly and Hannah sat talking. Hannah’s arm around Kelly and tears flowed from her face.

“Mom was right, Tori was just using me as some fresh meat.”

“Your mom knows about you?”

Kelly looked up at Hannah’s cute face. Her wire rimmed glasses made her face so adorable. It occurred to her that Hannah didn’t know a thing about her secret. Now was the time.

“Well yeah she knows. I gotta tell you something. It is kinda weird, but if anyone will understand it will be you.”

Hannah was curious to what this secret was, “Of course I’ll understand honey.”

“My mom is uh… she is a lesbian too.”


“There is more. kaçak casino She used to date Tori,” after Kelly finished saying this she realized how strange her life had become.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe this. You were dating your mom’s girlfriend?”

Kelly nodded.

“When you said you’ve done some kinky things, you were right.”

Kelly’s hands gently touched Hannah’s face and looked deep in her eyes.

“There is more. My mom and I have been, uh… lovers.”

Hannah had that deer in the headlights look about her. This was a revelation. This hot new girls she met also was into incest. She was shocked, but also very excited.

“What are you thinking?” asked Kelly.

“Is it getting hot in here?”

At that comment both girls laughed. Kelly was starting to feel better.

“I don’t understand Kelly. Why were you dating your mom’s girl?”

“I was mad at my mom for dating her and she ended up being sexy and into me.”

“Do you love your mom, Kelly? You know, really love her?”

Without thinking Kelly nodded and said yes.

“Girl, go to her. What are you doing here? Make it up to your mom. Say you’re sorry. Do whatever it takes to get you guys back together. Having this love for someone in your family is special. Trust me, I know.”

Kelly lunged toward the lanky Asian girl and hugged her.

Crying Kelly said, “Your right! Your right! Thank you! I’m going to make it better.”

Kelly’s hand accidentally went in between Hannah’s legs. She noticed that her new friend was wet.

“I’m so sorry. I got you all excited.”

“It’s ok Kelly. Just give me a goodnights kiss and go to your mom.”

Hannah’s eyes closed as she felt the soft moist lips of her new friend. When they finally touched, Hannah could feel herself getting wet. How she wanted Kelly for herself.

The kiss ended and Kelly face was blushed. She clearly enjoyed the kiss too. The two teens just stared at each other.

Hannah giggled, “Kelly go before I do something I’m going to regret.”

Hearing that, Kelly flung open the car door and waved. She flew to the front door and opened it and went inside to confront her mother once more.

Hannah, now by herself was trying to catch her breath. She definitely felt something during that kiss and she was sure Kelly did also. Hannah was about to drive off when she saw Kelly run outside and toward the driver’s side door.

“I forgot to give you this.” Kelly handed Hannah her number and once again kissed her on the lips.

“Thank you.”

The door slowly opened and through the moonlight, Kelly could see her mom laying on her back with half the covers off her body. Her breast and left leg were exposed. It was obvious that her mom was naked. She walked in and instantly smelled sex. Her mom must have fingered herself to sleep.

Kelly walked over to the nightstand and flicked on the bedroom lamp. The room filled with light, as Cathy, Kelly’s mom, opened her eyes to see her baby girl sitting at the side of the bed.

Cathy instinctively covered her naked bosom from her daughter.

“Mommy, you were right,” Kelly began to cry, “Tori was using me.”

Cathy scooted towards her daughter and hugged her.

“I’m so sorry sweetie.”

“I should have listened to you, mom.” “Baby, don’t worry about it. Mommy loves you no matter what.”

Still in the midst of their hug, Kelly’s hand crept slowly down her mother’s naked back, caressing her skin.

“Mom?” Kelly spoke while looking into the deep eyes of her mother, “I love you.”

“I love you too hon…”

Kelly’s full lips drown out the words of her mother. Cathy’s tongue enters Kelly’s mouth as the two women begin to passionately kiss.

Kelly’s hand traces her mom’s breasts and goes immediately down to her awaiting snatch. A finger goes in and causes a moan from Cathy. Tongue dance and hands fly over each other’s bodies. Cathy takes initiative and takes off her daughter’s tight black midriff shirt. Her breasts exposed and her taut belly immediately is felt through Cathy’s pussy. They both lay on the bed side by side kissing and fondling each other.

In between breathes, Kelly moans, “You are so hot! I wanna make love to you.”

On her back, Cathy sees her daughter strip off her jeans sexily and watches as her soaked wet pink panties fly off on to her face. Cathy smells her daughter’s fruit and tongues the fabric.

Blinded by the luscious panties, Cathy is shocked by the tip of her daughters tongue on her pussy lips. Certainly more experience than the first time they made love, Kelly expertly kisses and licks her mom’s drooling pussy.

“Oh baby! Yes! Yes, ahhhh, eat me!” screamed an orgasmic Cathy.

Kelly’s long red tongue continued to tongue fuck her mom. She rode orgasm after orgasm, and juicy cum after juicy cum as Cathy exploded in a heavenly state.

Cathy laid back with her eyes closed, only to open them and see her baby sporting a double-sided dildo.

“No more baby,” explained a tired Cathy.

Kelly ignored her mother and slipped her half into her tight 18-year-old pussy and slowly guided the tip towards her mother’s hungry cunt. Entering made her mother cry in pleasure as she felt the fake cock fill her up.

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