Coming to Terms Ch. 03

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The following story is about a man coming to terms with his sexual orientation, as well as his feelings for his best friend. Characters are 18+ and any similarity to other characters or people is purely coincidental and not intended. Please feel free to leave any questions, comments, or concerns, as they will be greatly appreciated.


“That was nice.” Amber said when Oliver walked her up to her front door after their date.” I had a really good time.”

“Me too.” Oliver told her, then was greeted by a kiss.

Oliver and Amber had been on a couple dates, but it always felt more casual, like it was two friends hanging out after work. They usually went to the movies or for dinner, nothing real intimate, but still fun.

“So, feel like coming in for a drink?” Amber asked, in a very suggestive voice.

“Sure.” Oliver said, then followed her in.

Amber had a decent apartment, one bedroom and one bathroom, and cleaner than Oliver’s. Oliver had never been invited inside, usually because they spent the night at his place, so he thought that Amber was really opening up to him.

“Here you go.” Amber said, handing him a beer before she sat down next to him on the couch.

“Your place is nice.” Oliver told her.

“Thanks, I just moved in a couple weeks ago, which is also when we met at the bar.” Amber said, playing with Oliver’s dark brown hair. “You should come by my salon tomorrow and get a quick trim.”

“Alright, I think I have time tomorrow afternoon, since school’s out now.” Oliver told her.

“Oh wait, not tomorrow afternoon, I have my appointment at 1:30.” She said before taking a drink of her wine.

“What appointment?” Oliver asked, hoping it wasn’t something she told him and he forgot about.

“I’m seeing a psychiatrist.” Amber said, before quickly adding. “Not for anything serious, I’ve just been anxious a lot lately and have no idea why.”

“A, um, psychiatrist?” Oliver asked, thinking about Noah, who had a clinic in town.

“Yeah, it’s with a new guy, Dr. Larson” Amber said. “Wait, isn’t that the name of your friend I met a couple weeks ago?”

“Crap!” Oliver wanted to yell. It felt no matter how hard he tried to forget about Noah, he just kept coming up in Oliver’s life. “Yeah I think it is him.” Oliver told her.

The rest of the evening was ruined at that point, for Oliver at least. He felt angry, and quickly made an excuse to leave so Amber didn’t ask why he was so upset all of a sudden.

When he got home, he immediately went to the phone and scrolled through his contacts until he found Noah’s number, even though Oliver knew it by heart, since he stared at it for days, contemplating calling it. Oliver had kept it when Noah called a couple weeks ago when he and Amber first met, hoping one day he’d be able to call and have a civil conversation. Today was NOT that day.

“What the fuck Noah?!” Oliver yelled once Noah answered.

“Well, good evening to you too Noah.” Noah said sarcastically.

“Why did you agree to take Amber as a patient?!” Oliver asked.

“Because I want to use her to get close to you ” Noah said, then scoffed, which let Oliver know that he was being facetious. “Or that’s what you think I guess.”

Oliver didn’t know why Noah was treating the situation as a joke. He was really upset that Noah would agree to meet with his girlfriend without asking Oliver if he was okay with the situation.

“Listen Oliver, I have to go, but before I do, I should let you know something.” Noah said in a very serious voice before yelling really loudly into the phone. “STOP ACTING LIKE AN ASS AND THINKING EVERYTHING I DO IS TO GET YOU!”

Oliver set down the phone when Noah hung up. Oliver thought about what Noah told him, and began to wonder if that’s why he was upset, that he thought Noah would try to undermine his relationship with Amber. Oliver began to chuckle when he heard it out loud, it did sound ridiculous. Oliver knew that he needed to get his feelings under control.

The next day Oliver practically stalked his phone, hoping to hear from either Noah or Amber, but never did. He felt worried for some reason, casino siteleri even though he doubted they would even talk about the night of the reunion.

When the phone rang, Oliver practically pounced, answering the phone on the first ring.

“Hey.” Oliver answered.

“Hey Oliver, we need to talk. Can we meet at my work tomorrow?” Amber asked in a weak voice.

“Sure, is noon fine?” Oliver asked, feeling nervous.

“Yeah, sounds good, bye.” Amber said before hanging up.

Oliver felt sick to his stomach, Amber sounded like she had been crying on the phone, which was never a good sign. He layed awake wondering what Amber wanted to talk about, and why they couldn’t do it over the phone.

Oliver got to the salon early, about an hour early, and waited. Amber had one of her friends trim his hair while he waited. Eventually, Oliver’s hair looked amazing, and Amber took her lunch. They walked next door to the little sandwich shop and got something to eat before they sat down.

“What’s going on Amber, you sounded serious on the phone.” Oliver asked.

“Well, I guess there’s no beating around the bush.” Amber sighed. “I’ve been seeing someone else, a couple people actually.”

Oliver just sat there, not knowing what to say. He and Amber had dated a few weeks, but were never exclusive, although they never specified that they were free to date other people either.

“Okay.” Oliver said, letting Amber finish talking.

“Well, I was wondering what you wanted out of this relationship. My psychiatrist said I was anxious because I was afraid to ask where this was going.” Amber told him.

“You fucking bastard.” Oliver thought. He knew Noah would undermine his relationship, but not how Oliver had thought. He looked at Amber, wanting to tell her the truth, but something worse slipped out, something he tried to stop as he said it, but couldn’t. “Let’s be exclusive.”

“Okay Oliver.” Amber said, then kissed him. “I’m glad we had this talk, let’s plan something this weekend, but I have to get back to work.”

Oliver sat there in disbelief, wondering why he said what he said. He couldn’t belief that Amber wanted something serious, but what he couldn’t believe more was that Noah pushed her into talking about it, knowing that Oliver was confused about things with Noah.

Oliver headed to the bar, hoping the answer to his problem was at the bottom of a beer. When that failed, he looked for the answer at the bottom of a glass of Scotch. Oliver could feel the alcohol hot him after a having more alcohol in one sitting than he normally did in an entire week.

Oliver pulled out his keys and headed to the door, wanting to go home and yell at Noah for messing up his relationship, but the bartender stopped him. He was a handsome guy, probably 30 or so with dirty blond hair and brown eyes.

“Dude, you aren’t driving home like this.” He told Oliver, making him sit at the bar. “Did you wanna call someone to pick you up or did you want me to get you a cab?”

“I’ll call someone.” Oliver slurred.

Oliver called someone, he wasn’t sure who, but it was the only number he had memorized beside his own. He left a drunk message asking if he could ‘get a apartment back to his ride.’ The bartender had to translate a little for him on the message.

“Uh, yeah, I’m here to pick up Oliver Lovelace.” A voice asked the bartender. Oliver turned to find Noah at the other end of the bar.

“Hey!” Oliver shouted as Noah rolled up to Oliver. “I know you, you are the son of a bitch who wrecked things with Amber!”

“Come on, you can yell at me in the car.” Noah said.

The bouncer of the club helped Oliver to Noah’s BMW parked on the side of the bar. Oliver waited until Noah was situated in the car before he started yelling again.

“Why did you have to tell Amber that bullshit earlier?!” Oliver slurred.

“I was doing my job, I treated her like I would treat any other one of my patients.” Noah said as he started up the car.

“Yeah right! You knew that I am not into the relationship as much as she is!” Oliver yelled. “You couldn’t stand to see me with someone else. Oh wait, canlı casino I forgot, you can’t stand at all!”

Sober Oliver would’ve definitely punched drunk Oliver for saying that, so he wasn’t surprised when Noah stopped the car and decked him in the face. Oliver began to feel dizzy, like the world was spinning. He was half aware of what was going on around him, until he layed down on the couch and passed out.

Oliver woke up in a very unfamiliar looking house. It was very modern, like out of a magazine, and very open. From the couch in what appeared to be the living room, he could see the very nice kitchen, the dining room, and the glass back doors that lead out to a deck.

“And he lives.” Noah said. Oliver looked to find him getting a book from the bookshelves.

“Where am I?” Oliver asked. “What happened?”

“This is my house, and you’re here because you got drunk at the bar.” Noah said.

Oliver slowly began to remember what happened at the bar and in the car. He felt his eye, and it stung when he touched it.

“Don’t worry, it won’t show.” Noah smirked. “Too badly at least.”

“Please, I deserve it.” Oliver said, feeling ashamed. Noah nodded in agreement. “So, care to give me a quick tour while I sober up?”

Noah’s house was amazing. He had a master suite, two guest bedrooms, an office, home gym, and a pool and hot tub out back. Oliver felt a little twinge of jealousy, but he also felt happy that Noah had done well for himself.

“So, care to tell me what’s going on with you lately Oliver?” Noah asked once they settled back in the living room. “First you try to put the moves on me, then you start seeing a woman, and now you think I’m jealous.”

Oliver tried to think about how to explain it, but it was hard, since he knew there was no real logic regarding the events leading up to now.

“I don’t know Noah, I’ve just been confused lately.” Oliver admitted. “It’s hard to explain, sober at least.”

“Remember when you ask why I wasn’t drinking at the reunion?” Noah asked. Oliver nodded his head. “It’s because things were rough when you rejected me, but they got worse when my ex was thrown in.”

“What do you mean?” Oliver asked. He always knew Noah as the goddie goodie at school, so he couldn’t imagine Noah with some dark past.

“We. mainly me, would drink every day, a lot every day. It numbed me, which felt good at first, but when my ex started getting into harder stuff, I knew I needed to straighten up.” Noah admitted. “It was hard, but I still loved him, which was harder. I knew though that we’d never work, at least like that.”

“Oh, I didn’t even know that.” Oliver said, surprised to hear Noah talk about something so personal.

“Yeah, well I hide it pretty good.” Noah smiled. “The point is, you may care about a person, but it will never work if you both aren’t committed to making it work. It takes more than one person to run a relationship, which helped me get over you, or so I thought.”

Oliver was speechless at this point, he was glad to hear that Noah still had feelings for him. It took all the muscles in his body not to reach over and take him then and there. He knew he stood a chance, but he had to end things with Amber first.

“Noah, I have to go home and do something, but after that, maybe we could talk.” Oliver told him.

“Sure, I’m free tomorrow after work, around 5 if you feel like talking ” Noah said, before quickly adding. “As ling as you aren’t drunk this time.”

“Great.” Oliver said as they headed for the front door. “Oh, and I’m sorry for what I said in the car, you have to know I didn’t mean it.”

“I know.” Noah said before punching Oliver in the balls, which hurt a lot. “And now I forgive you.”

The air blowing into the car, alongside the conversation he had with Noah quickly sobered Oliver up. He knew that he had a chance with Noah, but he had to tell Amber that things were off. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow when he could tell Noah that he was single and wanted to be serious with Noah, but he decided to keep his plan a secret until after Oliver completed the first part of the plan.

“See ya later Noah.” kaçak casino He said when Noah dropped him off at the bar to pick up his car.

“Tomorrow around five?” Noah asked.

“Yeah, at the diner across the street.” Oliver pointed to the small diner across the street.

When Oliver got back to his apartment, he was surprised to to find Amber there waiting for him. He thought it was a good time to end things, rather than wait and risk not doing it.

“Amber, we need to talk.” Oliver said.

“I know, but let’s do it inside.” Amber said, which threw Oliver for a loop. He thought she had told him everything over lunch.

“What’s going on?” Oliver asked once they sat down.

“Well, I was glad when you said you wanted to be in a serious relationship with me, I want you to know that above all else.” Amber said. Tears started forming in her eyes, which made Oliver wonder if she planned on dumping him, which he was hoping for.

“I know, now go on.” Oliver encouraged Amber, figuring he wouldn’t be the bad guy if she ended things.

“Well Oliver, I hope this doesn’t change how you see me.” Amber said. Oliver was sure that it was a break up. “I’m, I’m pregnant.”

“Crap!” Oliver thought. Amber started happy crying, then hugged Oliver. He felt like crying, but not happy crying like Amber was.

“You’re happy?” Oliver asked.

“Yes. Why, are you not?” Amber asked, looking almost heart broken. “I know it’s early in our relationship, but we just made a person!”

“Yeah.” Oliver said, although he knew it wasn’t true.

“So what did you want to tell me?” Amber asked.

Oliver felt on the spot, he didn’t know how to tell a woman he impregnated that he wanted to break up.

“I’m having lunch with a friend tomorrow after work.” Oliver told her.

The rest of the evening was spent with Amber, listening to tell her family that she was pregnant. They seemed happy, which both made things worse and seemed a little weird.

He dreaded meeting up with Noah, but since he didn’t answer his phone all day, Oliver knew he had to go. He waited until Noah showed up, and felt sick to his stomach.

“Hey Oliver, glad to see you.” Noah said as he rolled under the table Oliver was at.

“You too .” Oliver said.

“So what’s good here, I’m starving.” Noah joked.

Oliver managed to make decent chit chat while they ate, but couldn’t get excited about being with Noah. It felt nice, sitting with him, being with him, but now that Amber was pregnant, he didn’t see how it could be possible to be with Noah.

“What’s the matter, you’ve looked upset since I got here Oliver.” Noah mentioned.

“Well, I guess there’s no point hiding it, you’ll find out when you see Amber for her next appointment.” Oliver said, knowing once he said it, it could ruin things between him and Noah. “Amber is pregnant.”

“Wow, uh, okay.” Noah said, looking a little saddened. “Congrats man.”

“Hey, it’s the drunk from yesterday!” Said a voice from behind Oliver. It was the bartender from yesterday, Oliver vaguely remembered him, recognizing his dirty blond hair, brown eyes, and good looks.

“Yeah, and it’s Oliver by the way.” Oliver told him.

“I’m just kidding man, I’m Scott.” He said, shaking Oliver’s, then Noah’s hand. “Looks like you two are on a date so I’ll leave you two be.”

“Oh no, we aren’t on a date.” Noah told Scott. “He actually just got his girlfriend pregnant.”

“Congrats Oliver, now I see why you decided to go on a drinking binge yesterday.” Scott laughed, then turned to Noah. “So, he’s taken, how about you?”

Noah looked at Oliver, which made Oliver sad. He wanted Noah, he knew that now, but since Amber was pregnant, he knew that he didn’t stand a chance. He nodded at Noah, which made him look even more hurt.

“Guess I’m not.” Noah told Scott. “So would you like to have dinner sometime?”

Oliver got up and left after that and headed to Amber’s apartment. He knew no amount of alcohol would help, so instead, he decided to try something else. He decided to take Noah’s advice from yesterday. and readied himself, since he knew if he wanted to not end up dying alone, Amber was his best chance. Part of him didn’t want to go in, the part that wanted Noah, but he had no choice, he got Amber pregnant, and now he had to deal with the consequences.

To be continued…

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