Coming Home Ch. 01

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The perspiration almost immediately soaked through my shirt as I stepped onto the heated tarmac. The heat wave had been unrelenting over the last couple of days. The flight was bumpy and the constant drone of the engines caused me to feel a little fatigued. It was a last minute decision to go home this summer-break, and I mean, last minute. I did not even have a chance to pack a toothbrush. All I had on me was my wallet and drivers license. Dad suddenly called this morning to ask if I can look after Ingrid because, together with Samantha, our stepmother, he had to take care of urgent family-business over the coming two days. In one way, I was reluctant to agree, however, I had not seen Ingrid for almost a year now.

Since our mother passed away, I avoided going home, busying myself with my studies, and whatever other excuse I brewed up. Whenever the guilt got hold of me, I would phone home and spent hours talking to Ingrid. Ingrid found her own solace by indulging in bad eating habits, hence her somewhat plumb body, accentuated by her short posture. Well, that was about a year ago.

I was completely stunned as I entered the arrival lounge. The familiar jubilant cries of a petite and slender looking beauty met me, her hair cut into a neat shoulder-length bob.

“Shaun!” she shouted as she ran towards me, “God, I missed you so much!” The tears ran freely down her face as she flung herself unashamedly into my arms, almost toppling us over.

“How’s my Chubby-cheeks,” I greeted, calling her by the name I had given her the last time I saw her.

Clicking her tongue with indignation, she pulled away and punched my shoulder playfully, “Hey, cheeky, I am not fat anymore!”

“I can definitely see that,” I stepped away and scanned her slowly from top to bottom, “you sure have turned into a sexy little crumpet. Did you go on a hunger-strike?”

“Yeah, something like that…where’s your luggage?” she asked quickly as her face turned crimson.

“I don’t have any, no time to pack. I will have to use your toothbrush,” I said and headed for the exit with my arm around her shoulders.

Stabbing my stomach with her finger, she said teasingly, “Don’t worry, I am sure I can find some of my stuff that’ll fit you just fine.”

During our fifteen-minute drive home, we spoke mainly of school, studies, and our future. On arrival, Ingrid fetched a couple of cold Bud’s and sat down next to me with her shapely legs stretching languidly out of a pair of yellow, tight-fitting shorts. ‘How she has shaped up,’ I thought silently. Her small, yet rounded breasts pushed angrily at the tight fitting shirt. I tried to ignore the heated pressure stirring somewhere in my nether regions. ‘If you weren’t my sister…’

“So,” she drew me back to reality, “how is your social life?”

“Ha,” I croaked, “absolutely non-existent. I am too busy studying, I’m afraid. What about you?”

“Nothing much, just fighting to maintain my maiden-hood. Too much testosterone floating around school,” she said with a wink, “Since I’ve lost weight, every prick-carrying pimpled-face idiot has been chasing after me. I wasn’t good enough when I was overweight. Samantha warned me this will happen.

“So the two of you get along?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure we do. Obviously, I was jealous in the beginning and acted like a real bitch. She was patient and finally we clicked and became very good friend.

Ingrid started to fill me in on how Samantha supported her, how she helped her cope with her weight problem, and most importantly, how to overcome it. She made her look inside herself, helping her to discover her inner beauty. For Ingrid it was great. She could share her thoughts and feeling with Samantha and get advice on just about anything.

As far as Dad was concerned, he was ecstatic. No longer did he have to carry the burden of playing ‘mother’. Ingrid explained how lonely and scared she felt in the beginning. She lacked concentration in her schoolwork; she couldn’t sleep with the lights off and mostly cried herself to sleep. Dad tried to comfort her, even allowing her to sleep next to him in bed. Often Ingrid will wake-up and find herself clinging to him, having her arms and legs wrapped so tightly around him, that she could feel herself covered with sweat, plagued by this strange feeling of dark desires flowing through her young awakening body.

Once, during a very hot and humid summer night, she decided to sleep in just a pair of panties and a half cropped t-shirt. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary as it didn’t really matter whether dad saw her naked or not. She never thought anything sinister about seeing dad in only his boxer shorts. Later that night, she woke up and found herself with her arms across his chest and her one leg wrapped around his. The sensation brought forth of his muscular thigh pressing against her crotch, sent a tingling sensation through casino oyna her body. She sensed her nipples were achingly hard and sensitive, somehow connected to the glowing sensation between her legs.

At first, she couldn’t understand it, even though she felt mixed emotions ranging from fear, excitement and guilt. Still she did not want to let go. She felt the sensation increased whenever she pushed her crotch against his thigh. She hesitantly slid her one hand into her shirt and touched her erect nipple with the tip of her finger, pushing it from side to side. The more she did that, the more the heat she felt growing in her crotch. She wanted more, she wanted to rub herself against her dad’s muscular thigh, and she wanted to feel the friction of his flesh against her flesh.

She felt him stir and heard a grumbling. Too nervous to continue, she turned onto her back, replacing dad’s thigh with her hand. First over her panty, she dipped her fingers between her legs, feeling the dampness, which she couldn’t understand where it came from. She slid her hand through her waistband and pried the silky cloth from her slit. At first, she hesitated, and then she started to explore herself, feeling her fluids spreading more and more around her lips. Her fingers worked by themselves, spreading her pussy lips apart, stroking herself gently. She started manipulating her stiff pebbles, rolling and squeezing them painfully. It wasn’t until her fingers found a tiny little nub, when she felt a thousand electrifying ripples shooting through her body. Her breathing was ragged; her hips were pushing upwards until her whole body shook uncontrollably. ‘Wow, this was her first ever orgasm!’ she thought proudly.

She knew she had come across something new, a new discovery that she just had to explore further. Sleeping next to dad became less frequent, allowing her to indulge in her newfound pleasure. She didn’t care whether it was bad or not. What mattered was that it was her little secret. Ingrid decided to educate herself by surfing the websites. God, and was she surprised and shocked. She had so many questions to ask, but to whom, dad? Never, she didn’t have the guts to ask such intimate questions! How can she ask why a woman would want a penis in her vagina, her mouth, and even her bottom?

Her solution came when dad introduced her to Samantha. Samantha had been divorced for five years. She was very beautiful with her long, wild red hair and green eyes. At the age of 30, her body was strong, firm, and as supple as that of a young teenager. She had a great laugh and very warm personality. It only took Ingrid a couple of weeks to confide in her, to feel that she could trust her as she would a mother. Samantha explained it all to her and kept on reminding her that there is nothing wrong having these feelings.

She made sure Ingrid understood that indulging in any form of sexual pleasure was accepted as long as it didn’t hurt anyone. She also told her that it would be better to wait for the right person of her choice, someone that she could trust and that that person will not use and abuse her later in life. The last thing that she would want, Ingrid, is getting a bad reputation by a bunch of idiots with little or no knowledge about sex or sexuality.

Samantha helped her to understand her body; she helped her to loose weight by following a sensible diet regime. Once, they even got naked in the bathroom where they examined each other from a distance. Ingrid never followed up on it, but Samantha offered to ‘help’ her out if she needed something more than just her own hand. Ingrid now knew where she could find a vibrator if ever the need for one was demanded.

“My goodness Ingrid, I never would have guessed that you became so…educated. This was far more details I expected, but thanks for trusting me. It really means a lot to me.” I caught Ingrid staring at my crotch and realized that I sat there with a huge hard-on. I quickly tried to cover it by resting my hands with the Bud on top of it.

Ingrid scuffled her feet uncomfortably, “Well, I only told you because I trust you. I’ll run your bath water for you. You are probably dead tired by now. I have some stuff that might fit you. All your old stuff had been donated to charity, I’m afraid.”

Before I could comment, she stood up and made her way to the bathroom. I stared in awe as she skipped across the room towards the hall.

“And don’t stare at my ass,” she shouted back.

I felt my own face flushing bright red. ‘God, you have turned into a damn pervert’, I scolded myself. I downed the beer and fetched another one. After a couple of minutes, Ingrid returned with a toothbrush and large terrycloth towel in her hands.

“These are for you. I will put your clothes in the washing machine later. I also found one of your old football shirts, which should still fit you. I know you don’t sleep naked, so I have left you a pair of my old pants. Unfortunately, dad doesn’t have any clean boxers in his drawers.”

I am canlı casino almost sure I saw a devilish glint in her eyes. I felt myself burning up all over again as a long-time-ago-incident flashed before my eyes. A couple of years ago, Ingrid caught me red-handed in the bathroom with one of her panties stuck to my face. As much as I pleaded with her not to tell anyone, she still ran her mouth off in the presence of both our parents. For that, I received a two-hour lecture about the birds and the bees as seen through the eyes of an adult. Ingrid taunted me about that for years to come and always tried to find out why we find the smell of a woman so appealing.

“Come on Shaun, your bath is ready,” she interrupted me.

“Thanks Sis, I’ve been looking forward to it,” I stood up and made my way to the bathroom. I quickly got undressed and sank into the steaming hot water. I noted there was enough foam to extinguish a house-fire. Nicely folded on the toilet seat, was an old college shirt. On top of it, laid what seemed to be a pair of red silk panties.

A knock on the door alerted me to Ingrid’s presence, “Cover up, Shaun- mind if I come in? I want your clothes.”

“Sure Ingrid, just remove my wallet. Thanks very much, I owe you.”

“Anything for my brother,” she said coyly and picked up my clothes. Her next action almost caused my eyes to pop out as she took hold of my bikini-type underwear and held them over her nose.

“Ah,” she said with a deep breath, “now we are even.” She started to laugh uncontrollably at my bemused expression, holding her stomach and sliding to the floor. “Your face…you should see your face! Shaun, you look so funny!”

“It’s okay, make fun of a man which is incapacitated,” I scowled and sunk sulkily deeper into the water.

“I’m…teasing you, she continued giggling.

“I know, and when I get out of here, it will be the end of you,” I warned and splashed her with water.

“Okay, stop it. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. Here, let me wash your back.”

I sat forward, ensuring that enough foam was covering my slow expanding member, “That’ll be great, Ingrid. Just maybe I will forgive you.”

She picked up a sponge and coated it with some shower gel. “Oh-no, please, I was almost looking forward to it,” she said teasingly as she started to scrub from the neck down to my butt, “I really missed you over the last year. I miss the fun we used to have.”

Ingrid washed gently across my back and under my arms and gently, sending a light shiver through my body. “I know, me too sis, I often used to think about it.”

She pushed lightly against my shoulder, motioning me to lay back. Applying more soapy liquid to the sponge, she carefully washed my face and neck. For some reason, it became quiet, only the gentle sound of dripping water was audible. I battled to keep my eyes opened because of the soap, but managed to peak towards my crotch. The amount of foam had dispersed quite rapidly and a faint hint of swollen flesh was visible. Before I could do anything, I felt Ingrid’s hand moving in light circles across my chest, eliciting further excited signals to my crotch. Was she deliberately playing with me?

Slowly and in light circles, she brushed the sponge across my nipples. I felt a familiar stirring between my legs. I prayed silently that there was enough foam to keep me covered.

“Even as your sister I must admit, you really have such a nice body,” her voice sounded unevenly while she continued to slide the sponge lower and lower.

“Thanks Ingrid, I try to work-out as much as possible,” I croaked. Her hand inched closer and closer towards my crotch, each time, stopping just short of a full-blown erection lying snugly against my stomach.

I sighed with relieve when she took hold of one of my arms, continuing her task. This never happened before. In the past, we might have caught a glimpse every so often, wearing either only our underwear or a flash of naked flesh when one of us were in the bathroom, but it never mattered that much. Never had we ever been so close, so intimate with each other.

Somehow, it felt so normal, although, I felt mixed feelings of guilt and perverted pleasure, enjoying every second of this situation. I managed to open my eyes slowly. Ingrid had to bend down quite low from where she was standing which caused her breasts to dangle freely. I caught a glimpse of her rounded, milky-white breasts, straining against the thin material. The unmistaken sign of two little peaks were fully visible through her shirt.

“Stop staring at my tits,” she scolded without stopping.

“There is nothing wrong in admiring you, Ingrid. You really have developed into a beautiful woman.”

“You are doing more than just ‘admiring’ me,” she said and motioned with her head towards my crotch.

“Oops, sorry, I didn’t realize,” I quickly covered my erection with both hands. Her flushed face was so close to mine. I could smell the shampoo in her hair as she busied herself with kaçak casino my other arm.

The tip of her pink tongue ran nervously across her dry lips, “No hassle ‘bro’, it is not the first time I’ve seen one. They all look the same anyway. Yours is just…,” she stood back slightly and removed my hands, “slightly bigger,” and continued washing.

“What!” I almost shouted, “Are you trying to tell me that you’ve had sex before?”

“No, that’s not what I am saying,” she answered indignantly. “I have seen some in books and once in a video. Oh, and I have seen dad’s.”

“When…what?” I stuttered.

“Relax, just something that happened sometime ago. I’ll tell you later, but it might be too shocking for you. Anyway, I am finished now. You can do the rest.” Ingrid hurriedly scurried out of the bathroom.

‘Fuck! What’s been going on here while I’ve been gone?’ I quickly completed my bath and pulled the plug. Once I dried off, I pulled the shirt over my head and was glad it reached at least mid-thigh. Habitually, I sniffed Ingrid’s panty and pulled them on. ‘Mm, not a bad fit, she has lost a lot of weight.’ I found Ingrid in the kitchen busy to make a light meal. The washing machine hummed rhythmically in the background.

“Can you tell me now what happened, Ingrid?” I prodded.

Ingrid avoided eye contact at first, and then she started speaking softly, “Shaun, it’s not what you think it is. Dad doesn’t even know. I told you it was by pure accident only, so don’t worry. If you eat up, I will tell you the full story later. Come-on, sit down.”

“Why not now,” I kept prodding.

“I’m too shy and you might think I am a sick bitch.”

“Now that sounds interesting. Okay, I’ll let it go, but you promise to tell me later?”

I promise,” she made a cross on her chest.

I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. Ingrid was still busy in the bathroom when I made my way to my old room and flopped on the bed. It felt as if I have just dozed off when I heard my name called in the distant.

“Shaun, are you sleeping?” Ingrid asked softly.

I opened my eyes slightly, keeping them screwed to avoid the bright glow of the bedside lamp. “No, not yet,” I lied, “but almost.” My eyes adjusted to the light and I looked over towards Ingrid approaching the bed. I stared in wonder at her shapely figure, covered by a powder-blue night-slip. Two thin shoulder straps held the slip up, clinging sensuously against her body and hung halfway to her thighs. With each stride, I could see the outline of her panty and the prominent bulge of her mound. The gentle sway of her firm apple-sized breasts with their pee-sized nipples was not to be missed either.

“I’m sorry if I woke you up. I know you’re tired, but I am so happy you’re back. I couldn’t sleep.”

I shifted so that Ingrid could sit next to me. “I understand, sis, I am not that tired, besides, I still want to hear about your previous escapades.”

She laughed, “Oh yes, but how does my panty fit you?”

“Fine thanks,” I said.

“May I take a look?” A smile spread across her face.

“Sure, if you want to so badly,” I tried to sound nonchalantly.

She suddenly straddled my thighs and drew the hem of my shirt up to my waist. “Mm, it fits you better than me. You look a lot sexier in it.”

Absentmindedly, she touched the material stretched across my pelvis. Her eyes were fixated on the shape of my penis etched clearly underneath the shiny material. Still, she kept on stroking, licking her dry lips rapidly. A voice screamed loudly in my ears. She acted so differently since the last time I came home. One part of me said no, the other, yelled ‘excitement and danger’. Deep inside I knew everything that have happened so far, had been beyond normal. I knew it would be a waste of time to debate whether I should ride it out or not. I knew which alley I wanted to choose.

“So, are you going to tell me now?” I asked trying hard to ignore the effect her fingertips has on my body.

“Yeah,” she said distantly, “but, promise me you won’t think badly of me?”

“Hell no, I promise,” I crossed my chest.

Still she kept on stroking, dragging her nails lightly across the softness next to my pelvic bone. I felt a surge of electricity flowing through me. My heart pounded, as she got closer to my slow expanding cock, barely a hairbreadth away.

“Well, it was another one of those nights I found difficulty in sleeping. I needed to feel warm and safe. I felt scared and alone, so I crept into bed with dad again. Anyway, I wore almost exactly, what I have on now. Dad wore his normal boxers. He said he enjoyed the freedom they gave him…”

“Can I see what you’ve got on?” I asked softly.

Ingrid hesitated for a moment, but continued to lift the hem of her slip up to her waist. She resumed her feather-light stroking around my hardened cock. I stared with excitement across my bulging manhood at her matching powder-blue panties. As if it was the most natural thing to do, I reached out and touched her, feeling the smoothness of the material. Just how far we were prepared to go, I didn’t know. I saw her shiver slightly and noticed the goose bumps that formed on her thighs.

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