College Days Ch. 07

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Brady knew he was getting looks and he really wished he’d had time to change into his civilian clothes. He settled into his seat on the plane and waited for things to get going. Unconsciously, his hand reached up and touched his hair. He wondered if he would ever get used to how bristly short it was.

Brady patted his front pocket just to feel the reassuring bulk of folded letters from Ezra. He couldn’t wait to see his boyfriend again. Letters were great, so were phone calls. Skype chat was a miracle. But none of that compared to actually holding Ezra in his arms, kissing those soft lips. He had to stop his train of thought there. As tempting as it was to mentally go over all the things he wanted to do to Ezra, he knew it would only make the plane ride feel even longer.

A man settled in the seat beside Brady. He was older, Brady guessed in his seventies. He was grinning at Brady and held up his cap, which said he was an Army veteran. “Thanks for your service,” the old man said. He held up a shaking hand and Brady shook it.

“And thanks for yours,” he replied.

The man’s name was Barney and the conversation flowed easily and before Brady knew it, half the flight had passed. He once again thought about Ezra and touched the letters in his pocket. He’d missed part of what Barney had been saying and was forced to ask the old man to repeat himself.

Barney chuckled. “Oh, I know that look. Got a girl waiting back home?”

Brady cleared his throat. He didn’t really know how to respond. He didn’t want to spend the rest of the flight in awkwardness. “Uh…actually,” Brady said. He cleared his throat again. “His name is Ezra.”

Barney did a slightly comical double take and Brady braced himself. Barney laughed a bit. “Don’t look so scared, son, I’m not one of those people.” He patted Brady on the shoulder. “I’m too old to be prejudiced. Hell, my memory’s bad enough as it is without having to remember who I hate and who I don’t.”

Brady let out a sigh of relief. “Thanks,” he said.

“Besides, I’d be a hypocrite if I judged you.” Barney reached into his wallet and held out a photo. Brady took it from Barney’s shaking, liver spotted hand.

The photograph was in black and white and the corners were worn out. It showed a younger Barney standing next to a stunning African American woman in a wedding dress. They were smiling and it was obvious they were completely in love.

Brady handed the picture back. “Her name is Rebecca. We’ve been married nearly fifty years. I’m actually on my way to meet her. We just had a grandson and a granddaughter born a thousand miles apart in the same week!”

Brady casino oyna smiled. “Congratulations.”

Barney beamed with pride, but then took on a serious tone. “Look, son. There was a time when people told me and Rebecca that our love was wrong and unnatural. People told us we were an abomination and that we were sick. But you know what? They have no right to do that. When you see some of the things I’ve seen…well, you learn what’s important in life. You love this boy?”

Brady nodded. “Yes, sir,” he said confidently.

Barney nodded. “Then you don’t let anyone tell you that your love is wrong. They don’t know shit.”


Ezra groaned at his alarm clock. He’d been having the nicest dream about Brady and he didn’t want to wake up. He went through his waking up ritual. He yawned, stretched, and pulled at the hem of the T-shirt he was sleeping in.

He’d started wearing Brady’s shirts to sleep in, even though they always got bunched up at some point in the middle of the night. It was just one of the small things that had helped him make it through the separation. Initially, he’d found that it didn’t take much for him to start crying, but over time, he’d gotten stronger. He kept himself distracted and sure enough the days got easier, but it was still hard. He looked forward to letters and phone calls, those helped too, but he desperately missed Brady’s touch.

As his drowsiness wore off, he remembered what day it was and why he was waking up so early on his Saturday off work.

Brady was coming home.

He jumped out of bed and took a quick shower. He didn’t know why he was rushing. He had plenty of time, but for some reason he felt like it would go faster if he rushed. He took a long time deciding what to wear. He knew that it didn’t really matter. Brady had never cared about how he dressed, but he wanted to look nice. He pulled out his best pair of jeans and a simple black T-shirt. He spent a few minutes messing with his hair but he was still ready to leave an hour before he had planned to.

He tried to distract himself with breakfast, but he was too excited to waste time. Even though he knew he’d still end up waiting at the airport, he grabbed his wallet and keys. As he left and was locking the apartment, Ezra heard Myles’ door opening. “Good morning,” his neighbor said.

“Hey,” Ezra replied. He turned to see that Myles was dressed in a loose T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. “Are you and Derek still training for the marathon?”

Myles nodded. “Yeah, it’s three weeks away. Wait, isn’t Brady getting home today?”

Ezra grinned. “I’m going to pick him up!”

“Awesome,” canlı casino Myles said. “Well, I’ll let you go. Derek’s probably waiting.

Ezra waved and headed down the stairs. Once his feet were on the ground, he ran full speed to his car. It had been too long and he was more than ready to see Brady again.


Brady waved goodbye to Barney and slung his backpack over his shoulder. He could barely hold back the excitement as he scanned the crowd. His eyes met Ezra’s and suddenly the busy airport felt empty. He broke into a light jog and dropped his backpack as soon as he felt Ezra in his arms. He held his lover close. It was better than in his dreams. He tilted Ezra’s chin up and just stared for a moment, taking it all in. He kissed Ezra, not caring about the tears that Ezra had on his cheeks. It didn’t matter.

“Fucking faggots,” someone shouted.

Brady raised his middle finger, not bothering to break the kiss or even look at the person who had tried to ruin their moment. Whoever it was wasn’t worth it. He wasn’t going to let anything get in the way.


Ezra grinned the entire ride home. He was just so happy to have his Brady back. They kissed at every red light and hand holding progressed to more intimate touches. Ezra wasn’t sure how they managed to make it through the apartment door before tearing at each other’s clothes.

Brady was fast and demanding. Ezra’s shirt was gone as soon as the door was shut. His hands were all over Ezra’s back as their tongues danced. One of his hands roamed to Ezra’s nipple and a light pinch had Ezra arching his back and moaning with need. Brady bent down and left his mark on Ezra’s neck as they stumbled back to the bedroom. Brady grinned wickedly, gently shoved Ezra on to the bed, and attacked Ezra’s zipper. He pulled away Ezra’s pants and his cock jumped when he saw his boyfriend wasn’t wearing underwear.

Ezra turned slightly pink. “I wanted it to go faster…” he admitted.

Brady kissed Ezra. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you, t-too.” The last word trailed off into a gasp of pleasure as Brady’s mouth descended on his throbbing erection. Brady put a hand on Ezra’s stomach to steady his lover who was writhing with pleasure. He reached up, brushing his fingers against Ezra’s soft lips. His angel still knew what to do and sucked on Brady’s fingers with an obvious neediness.

Brady pressed his saliva slickened middle finger into Ezra’s tight opening. Ezra cried out and Brady had to pull his mouth away from Ezra’s cock. He wasn’t ready for his angel to cum just yet. Ezra whimpered at his denied orgasm, but his disappointment didn’t last long kaçak casino as Brady added a second finger.

“I missed you,” he whispered, his voice slightly strained from the effort of slamming himself on Brady’s fingers.

“You ready for me?” Brady asked.

“Not yet,” Ezra replied. “I miss your taste.” He scooted away from Brady’s fingers and dropped to his knees. He pulled at Brady’s zipper and Brady’s erection sprung out. He moaned as soon as the head touched his tongue. He took as much of Brady’s cock as he could, looking up at Brady the whole time.

Brady knew he couldn’t wait much longer. He reached for the drawer of the bedside table, glad to find the lube was in the same place as always. He returned Ezra to the bed and they kissed while Brady worked his belt lose. Once his pants dropped he poured a good amount of lube into his palm and worked it on to his cock. He closed the top and dropped the container to the floor, kissing Ezra again. He found Ezra’s entrance and pressed inside. He groaned a bit at the tightness and rested his forehead against Ezra’s. “You alright, baby?” he whispered.

“Yes. I missed you.”

“I missed you too.”



Ezra wrapped his arms around Brady’s neck and his legs around Brady’s hips. “Make love to me, please.”

Brady kissed Ezra’s forehead. “I’ve been looking forward to this, angel.”

Brady’s movements were slow at first, giving Ezra time to adjust. Brady rested his forehead against Ezra’s again and smiled when he heard the soft moan that meant he’d hit the spot. He felt the slight sting of Ezra’s nails digging into his shoulders and he loved it. He balanced on his palms, thrusting harder and faster.

Ezra’s tears of joy clung to his thick eyelashes like dew. Ezra’s moans were the most beautiful thing Brady had ever heard and hearing them again after being separated made every lonely moment worth it for Brady. He kissed Ezra once more and held his angel tight as Ezra’s moans got louder and his body writhed with his oncoming orgasm. Brady felt Ezra’s channel tighten around his cock and a spurt of warm cum coated their stomachs. Brady emptied his seed into Ezra’s spasming tunnel and collapsed on top of his lover.

After a moment, the settled in to a more comfortable position and held each other for a long time. Neither of them wanted to move. Brady kissed the top of Ezra’s head as his boyfriend caught his breath.

“Worth the wait?” Brady asked.

Ezra laughed. “Yeah, definitely.” He sighed and looked up at Brady. “I’m so glad we’re together again. I missed you so much. I saved all you letters. I even kept all the voicemails you left so I could listen to them when I missed you.” Ezra blushed a bit at the admission, but he knew that Brady would never laugh at him.

Brady held Ezra a little tighter. “I’m so lucky to have you.”

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