Cole Meets Nikki Ch. 02

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First off I need to thank kjplotts for editing my story. Second sorry about any possible confusion in regards to there being two copies of this same story on here. I boo-booed and that is all there is to it. I hope everyone read only this one as it is the copy where I thanked my editor!

Also this is a work of fiction only, not real people and I have never done this!

Thanks to all for taking the time to read this!


Over the next two weeks, Cole and Nikki kept in touch over the phone, talking for a couple of hours each day. Cole loved the way she didn’t shy away from giving her opinion on any tough topics. He also loved that she was into sports and said she liked fishing; this was a big bonus in his books as he was an avid fisherman.

He had been looking forward to their next date, which, because of her work schedule, had to be a Monday night. He decided to take her fishing. He picked her up at her apartment at four in the afternoon. He had to work that day but managed to get off early enough to get everything set up for their date. He had gassed the boat, loaded the equipment and hooked it up to his truck. He had packed some other things too, provided he wasn’t misreading signals. She walked out and climbed into the passenger’s seat.

“Hey babe, looking forward to a little fishing tonight?” he asked, leaning in for a kiss, which she gave willingly.

“Sure am. Where are we heading?” she asked. She lit a smoke as he pulled out.

“A little spot not far from Lockport! Big cats and lots of privacy,” Cole said as he pulled onto the highway leading out of the city. On the way he regaled her with tales of his fishing exploits and she told him about her time in Mexico deep-sea fishing with her boyfriend. They had broken up a few months ago. When they got there, it was just after five. Luckily, it was a nice fall day, though still cool. They had both dressed for the occasion and Cole, having planned on this being a night of sex, had also put a lot of blankets and cushions on his boat.

Nikki, it turned out, was good at backing up a trailer, so while Cole sat in the boat and took it to the dock, Nikki parked the truck and joined him soon after.

The launch was only a little ways from the locks and a twenty-minute ride up the river to his secret spot. Only real die-hard fishermen went out that late during the week, so Cole was pretty sure they wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone. He had planned on an hour or two of fishing and then when it was too dark to fish effectively, they would hopefully move on to more physical activities.

Cole owned a nineteen foot Mirror Craft Deep V fishing boat. It had all the bells and whistles: high-end Garmin GPS and fishfinder combo, a live well, stereo and a 115hp Evinrude outboard. He had one seat on the bow and one on the stern, and then he had two for the passenger and captain. This left a lot of room for them behind the seats.

They had a great time fishing with moderate success, each catching a couple of fish though no monsters. She had no problems handling her catch or baiting her hooks. They had laughed and joked around and though he didn’t smoke, it didn’t bother him that she did. He was a firm supporter of never drinking and driving so he stuck to water and pop. She on the other hand enjoyed a few beers he had brought along.

She had done all her fishing from the bow where he did all of it from the stern. When it was too dark to fish effectively, Cole threw over his anchor and got out the blankets from a trunk he had stored aboard the boat earlier, setting them up nicely.

“Oh, what have we got here?” Nikki said as she stored bursa escort the rods in the rod locker. “I like the way you think Mr. Bryant!” she said, flicking her smoke into the water and joining him near the back.

“Well thank you, my dear; I think this should be enough to keep us warm!” he said, kicking off his hikers and getting comfy, leaning against the back platform of the boat.

“Well I think you might be right,” she said. Nikki kicked off her boots, but she didn’t stop there; she also removed her jacket and sweatshirt. She was wearing a sports bra under it. Nikki grabbed her breasts and gave them a squeeze, seductively biting her lower lip and then asked, “This was your plan all along, wasn’t it?” She licked her upper lip and sat down with him, pulling the warm blanket over them.

Though the floor of the boat was hard, she was rather comfy due to the sheer amount of thick blankets he had put down. The two made out like a couple of school kids for a little under an hour before he started to push for more. That was exactly what he got. Nikki was ready, willing to have public, outdoor fun. During the making out both of them had removed their tops. Nikki had straddled Cole and with his hands on her ass, she grinded on his cock. Cole busied himself with licking and kissing her luscious tits. Nikki ran her long fingers through his messy mop of hair as he pleasured her. The cool night air was making her already hard nipples more like under ripe cherries. Cole flicked his tongue against her flesh and Nikki gasped as the temperature changed from cold to hot on her nipples. The effect it was very desirable. “I think it’s time we freed this monster, don’t you?” Nikki said, motioning to his cock, which was almost hurting as it pressed against his pants. Cole wasn’t about to say anything to the contrary.

This was only their second date and he was eager to see just what she was into. On the phone, when they talked about sex, she didn’t shy away from expressing her opinions nor did she lie to him about her sexual past. Though a lot of men would be appalled to hear that a woman they were courting had been with over fifty men by the time they were twenty five, Cole seemed only more interested in her. He liked that she had been with a lot of men, and that she was into trying new things and he liked that she didn’t hide the truth from him.

Nikki climbed off him and knelt beside him. Though she was naked from the waist up, she still had her pants on. Still locked in a passionate kiss, the two fumbled with each other’s belts and buttons. Only after they broke their kiss were they able to get anywhere with the pants. She slipped hers off as he did the same. She was wearing a sexy little thong and he was in his boxers. He freed his cock and began to stroke it in front of Nikki, who bit her lip seductively, watching as he pleasured himself. Nikki got off on voyeuristic acts and displays of sexuality. She, in her past, would often mutually masturbate with her lovers getting off on the show almost as much as the act!

“You want this, don’t you? You want to taste me, suck me, make love to my cock with your mouth, don’t you?” Cole asked. He got up onto his knees and grabbing the back of her head, he guided her to his cock. Nikki opened wide and received her gift with zest. She instantly started to throat his cock, making very loud slurping sounds. The cool air and the heat of her wet mouth made him shudder.

He covered her with one of the many blankets, keeping her warm. He stayed out of them, enjoying the feeling of the night air on his skin. Soon, he was fucking her mouth rather roughly and Nikki was taking it all. She bursa escort bayan seemed to really relish in rough sex. With her hair in his fist, Cole held her head still and began to really pump her mouth. With his balls slapping her chin and her saliva now dripping freely off of them, Nikki put her hands on his thighs, slowing the facial assault.

She pulled off him and went in for a kiss, though she wasn’t sure where he stood on the grounds of kissing a woman who just had a cock in her mouth. Cole took her face in his hands kissed her deeply, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouth.

Nikki lay back on the blankets, and Cole, grabbing a condom from his pant’s pocket, slid it on and got between her legs. Nikki took his tool in her hand and guided it to its destination; she gasped as he entered her. Not because he was a monster, nor because he was the best lover she had ever had, but it was because she felt something for him. Her desire for him heightened her senses and made the penetration different this time. They fucked two weeks ago, now they were making love, and Nikki had never really cared about the man she was with on an emotional level, making this a real first for her. Cole pulled a blanket over them and with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist he began to pump his cock in and out of her, all the while looking her deep in the eyes. Their bodies were locked together, and she was feeling an orgasm building within her… one that she had never had before. He wasn’t fucking her fast, nor rough; he was keeping up a steady pace, a rhythm he knew he could keep going for awhile.

She cried out as the first climax hit. Cole didn’t stop or change up in anyway. Two minutes later; she cried out again as a stronger one overtook her. Again, Cole kept up his speed and power. Nikki was now thrashing beneath him, her pussy convulsing as she came over and over. Still he would not stop; not until he himself could no longer take it anymore. He remained in her, still having yet to come, but he had stopped and allowed her to catch her breath. Her eyes were teary, and her makeup had all but run off her face, yet she was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eye on. He kissed her lovingly on the lips before pulling out of her. She was a sopping, wet mess and his blanket bed had a massive wet spot. Cole took pride in knowing he had brought her to this stage of arousal. Without waiting or saying a word, Cole dove in and began to eat her out. She was so sopping wet that within a couple short seconds, his face was covered in her wetness. Cole lapped at her juices and flicked the tip of his strong tongue on her hard clit. Nikki grabbed his head and held it in place as she came a sixth time.

Pushing her legs up to her chest, Cole began probing the spot he was most interested in: her tight little asshole. He had jerked off thinking of her ass at least ten times waiting for this date to come to be.

Now here it was again. A hairless gem, a target for all ass men. The woman’s asshole. Cole had been an ass man for as long as he could remember and now he was about to try his luck at entering one of the prettiest assholes he had ever laid eyes on, this time with more than just a finger. With long, slow drags of his flat tongue, he drew along her butt hole. Nikki moaned enjoying the change of sensation. Cole took his time with her; he wanted to savor the position he had her in, enjoy the view and the act of rimming her ass itself. He then changed up tact and began using only the tip of his tongue, first drawing circles around the hole then working inward to the very center he began to push his tongue into her ass. Nikki escort bursa moaned and grabbed her ass cheeks to give him better access to it. “Deeper!” she whispered. Cole heard her but barely. “That’s it baby! Mmmmmm… Don’t stop…” she said, again barely over a whisper. “Fuck my ass with your hot tongue!”

Cole did as he was told, soon he incorporated a finger, slowly he fucked her ass with his index finger, licking all around it as he pushed it in and out of her. He eventually graduated to two fingers. Her ass was accepting of them and she responded well to it. When he felt she was ready, he pulled his fingers out and slipped on a condom. Then, after spitting on his hand a few times, he got his cock all wet. Getting into position he lined up the head of his cock at her back door. Nikki was still holding her cheeks apart as he pushed into her ass. Nikki gave a loud moan as the head of his cock opened her ass up and it swallowed it.

“Yessss… FUCK. Yes, Cole, push it into me! Fuck my ass!” Nikki almost screamed. Cole pushed until he was all the way in her. He pulled out almost all the way and pushed in again, over and over until he was really giving it to her. Nikki abandoned any lady-like attitude she might have had left that night and went straight into seasoned porn star. She gritted her teeth and squeezed her big tits together, bringing her nipples up close to her mouth so she could lick them as Cole fucked her ever harder. Looking down at his cock being buried in her tight ass almost brought him to climax. He managed to hold out a little longer, and when it was time, her pulled out and ripped the condom off. Cole quickly climbed up until his cock was right at her face.

“Ready for this?” he asked, looking down at his lover. Nikki opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out and that was all he needed to see. With three violent jerks, he was coming all over her pretty face. He did manage to get a lot into her mouth but also on her cheeks and nose, and one big dollop on her right eye, which was thankfully closed. When he was done, he looked down at his handy work. Nikki was licking all she could from around her mouth. Cole handed her a towel for the rest of her face. She cleaned up all she could and then the two sat back down, and covered themselves with the blankets that weren’t covered in wetness.

Nikki lit a post fuck smoke and the two just sat there looking up at the stars as they grew brighter. Cole held her close and felt her warmth against her skin. He always marveled how he liked to just hold a woman after they had dirty sex. He had always been like that: he would fuck a woman call her names, slap her, spank her and in some very rare occasions when the girl was up for it, basically humiliate her, and then all he would want to do is cuddle. Same was true when it was him that was treated like an animal.

When her smoke was done, the two got dressed. The night air was now very cool and no longer as romantic as he would have liked. Having left their clothes just lying to the side had made them very cold to the skin. He sped the boat back to the launch and there, in record time, he had trailered it and secured it. On the way back to her place, they talked about his work and his friends. She was eager to meet Mark and Jeff, his two closest friends. Their relationship up to that point had been only two dates and a lot of talking on the phone. He was glad though; her wanting to meet his friends had to hold some merit towards her liking him.

Back at her place he leaned in for a kiss. She accepted and the two made out for another half hour before she finally pulled away and went into her house. Cole drove home knowing he still had to store the boat and clean it all up; he was a little glad she didn’t invite him in. He would have said yes of course. Now at least he left himself time without cutting into too much of his sleep time.

The End!

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