Coach’s Favorite

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Nicole had been a cheerleader for as long as she could remember. Cheerleading was her whole life. Her older sister had been a cheerleader, and so was her mother. It was practically in her blood. She didn’t just love cheerleading, she was good at it. She was a national champion, and she had a very promising future. She was taking a full ride scholarship at a university.

One of the people that she attributed her success to was her coach, Mr. Newman. Raymond Newman, to be exact. He had been her coach for all four years of high school, and now that she was off to college, it would be a bittersweet farewell. He’d been one of the people to see her potential, and suggest she take the scholarship.

Nicole found herself in Mr. Newman’s office more than she realized. They’d formed such a close bond over the past four years that she felt more comfortable talking with him than any other adult, besides her parents of course.

In fact, once she’d made up her mind about school, his office was exactly where she’d ended up. He’d greeted the petite blonde with a smile, not even curious about what she was doing in his office when she had a class to be in.

“I made up my mind,” she informed him, a big smile on her face as she sat down. “I’m gonna take it.”

“That’s amazing, Nicole. I’m so proud of you. They’re not gonna know what hit them,” he replied with an equally as large smile.

“I’m so nervous,” she confessed, leaning against the desk. “What if I’m not as good as they think?”

“You are as good, if not better,” he assured her, before he leaned back in his desk. “Tell you what. How about tonight we go out to celebrate? I know you love Mario’s; we could go there and celebrate your success. You deserve it.”

Mario’s was an Italian restaurant in the city. Nicole did love it; so much so that her parents had taken her there for her birthday with the team, including Mr. Newman. Although it wasn’t exactly the norm, Mr. Newman had taken her and the girls to places before to eat so she didn’t think too much about it.

“Sure,” she agreed. “It is a Friday night. Why not?”

“Alright. I’ll be around by seven,” he told her and she smiled, standing up from the chair.

“Deal. See you later, Mr. Newman!”

She waved to him before she walked out of his office, leaving the man staring after her. She was his favorite, there was no denying that, but he told himself it wasn’t anything more than that.

He was starting to rethink that, though, when seven rolled around and he saw her walk out of her house. Her blonde hair was in soft curls and she had on a short black dress that showed off her long legs and hugged her petite figure well. She had a purse on her shoulder and she was wearing heels.

In short, he was treading on dangerous ground. He tried to push that thought out of his mind as he greeted her when she got into his car.

“Do your parents know you canlı bahis own that dress?” He teased her and she laughed.

“Do they know we’re going to dinner?” She countered and he held his hand up in defense.

“Hey, I thought you would’ve told them yourself,” he said quickly as he began to drive. “Though judging from the lack of cars in the driveway, I’d say no one’s home.”

“You’d say correct,” she said smoothly before offering him a smile. “My parents went to go see my aunt.”

“Fun,” he replied before she giggled.

“We’ll have more fun,” she assured him and he shook his head.

“You saying that makes me worried,” he said pointedly and she laughed.

“Don’t be. I’m not.”

The two shared a look before she turned the radio up, singing along to it while he drove. Though Raymond knew that the ground they were on was rocky, he willed himself to relax. A thirty year old, shook by a nineteen year old girl? Ridiculous, but it seemed to be his life lately.

It wasn’t until they’d gotten a table together and the waitress had offered them a bottle of wine that things were setting in.

“Just one,” Nicole urged him and he laughed.

“Underage drinking is generally frowned upon, but I suppose one glass would be fine,” he decided, and when the waitress came back, he gave her his decision.

The pair each had a glass of wine with their pasta dinners, talking and laughing together, until it was time to go. Time passed so easily together, they hadn’t even noticed.

“I guess I should be taking you home, then,” he said reluctantly and she nodded.

“Yeah. My parents will probably be home soon.” She was disappointed, but she couldn’t think of an excuse to stay out longer. She admired Mr. Newman for more than just his coaching skills.

They drove in silence before she glanced at her phone, then at him. “My parents won’t be home for a while, is it okay if we stop at your place? I don’t want to be alone.”


“Just for a little while,” she insisted, before he sighed.

They ended up at his house before they knew it and, unsurprisingly, it wasn’t the first time she’d been there. It was the first time she’d been there, however, alone and at night. Somehow, things just seemed different.

“I haven’t had a chance to clean up yet, sorry for the mess,” he murmured as he unlocked the door.

Walking in, she looked around. “It’s not even messy in here. You should see my room.”

He rolled his eyes as she laughed before she sat down on the couch. “Can I get you anything? I’ve got some soda in the fridge.”

“No, I’m okay.”

He sat with her on the couch, turning on the tv. Once they agreed on a movie, he put it on. Of course, it was some romantic comedy. They didn’t talk much, but little by little, she found herself moving closer to him.

He put his arm around her shoulders, but they still said nothing. bahis siteleri The tension between them was more than they could bear, and she found herself looking at him. He really was something; he still kept in shape, and he had nice eyes.

“You’re staring,” he said, and she realized he was looking back at her.

“I am. So?”

“It’s rude,” he told her, leaning closer to her, and she smiled.

“It happens.”

“You need a lesson..”

“I do.”

Then, she felt his lips against hers. She immediately closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around his neck, as they shared a kiss. She’d thought about this for so long, she could hardly believe it was real.

He ran his hands up and down her sides while they kissed, feeling equally as blissful, though he reluctantly pulled away.

“Nicole, we can’t do this..”

“Why not?” She was looking into his eyes with a frown. “I’m leaving..and no one has to know..”

“Nicole it’s wrong..”

“Wrong? What could be wrong about this?”

She pressed her lips to his forcefully, leaning against him and he held her in his arms. They kissed deeply, passionately, and soon she was sliding off her dress.


Her perky breasts and soft pink nipples were on display for him, toned flat tummy that flared out into her hips. She was only wearing her lacy panties and he could smell her perfume. He tugged her against him once more, this time kissing from her lips to her neck.

He wanted to leave hickeys, to leave reminders of this time on her body, but it was just too risky. Instead, he kissed down to her breasts, rubbing them and licking her nipples. She cooed and moaned, blushing as he suckled on her nipples.

She pushed her legs together, feeling herself grow hot between them, before he pressed his palm against her.

“Mr. Newman,” she moaned and he smiled.

“Call me Raymond.”

He began to rub her pussy through her panties with his large hand, teasing her sex, and she felt her panties growing moist. She was soon rubbing against his hand, moaning as he touched her. He slid her panties down and laid her down on the couch, face to face with her sex.

He kissed her inner thighs softly before he began to lick at her clit. She gasped before letting out a moan, feeling his tongue trace her skin. Soon, she was moving back and forth against him, moaning as he licked between her folds.

She tasted as sweet as he imagined, and he went to town swirling his tongue against her delicate sex. He denied her no pleasure as he suckled on her clit, making her grip at his hair.

“Mr. Newman, ugh, more,” she moaned, her eyes squeezed shut as she bucked up against him. He licked at her core faster, his tongue prodding her little hole, before he slid a finger inside of her.

She moaned, spreading her legs wider, and she soon found herself getting her clit sucked on while his two bahis şirketleri fingers slid in and out of her.

“Mr. Newman!” Her moaning was incessant, her legs spread open as she shifted against him before she came, gasping.

He was rock hard, ready to ravish the girl, and he eagerly licked up her juices. “You taste delicious, Nicole.”

“Oh yeah?” She wrapped her arms around him, kissing him once more.

He tugged down his pants and his boxers while they kissed before pulling away, laying her down beneath him. Though he thought of suggesting she give him oral, he couldn’t stand to wait any longer.

He tugged off his shirt, tossing it aside, before she spread her legs open. He rubbed his cock against her entrance, teasing her clit while she moaned. He looked down at her, watching the young teen spread beneath him, before he pushed his cock into her.

She moaned and he grunted. She felt so good, her walls like honeyed silk wrapped around him. She wrapped her arms around him and they kissed while he slowly pumped in and out of her, preparing her for him.

She felt the pressure between her legs and she wrapped them around him, inviting him to work his cock in and out of her. He did exactly that; with his cock buried inside of her, he began to thrust, making her quiver beneath him.

“Mm, Mr. Newman, harder,” she moaned, and he began to rock her beneath him on the couch. Their wet skin slapped together and she tilted her head back, moaning. He sucked on her bouncing breasts, pounding her wet hole lustfully.

He moved one of her legs up, holding it up while he thrust in and out of her, watching her squeal in pleasure. He gently massaged her wet clit, feeling her arch into him.

“You feel so fucking good,” he murmured and she moaned his name. He held her hips, keeping her legs spread wide, as he thrust in and out of her rhythmically.

She hadn’t felt pleasure like this before ever and she craved it. She wanted him to ravish her, to take her, and she began to move her hips with him. He was grunting, working her tight body, and she massaged her breasts.

“You like that baby? Does that feel good?” He murmured and she smiled, nodding her head.

“Mhm, I love it.” They started kissing again and he began to pound her once more, pinning her legs back. Her pussy was dripping wet, squeezing his cock, and he felt her legs slightly shake.

“Mr. Newman, oh fuck,” she moaned as she came on his cock, making him groan. She was so tight he couldn’t stand it. He buried himself inside of her, giving her a few more deep thrusts, before he pulled out. Thick ropes of hot cum shot out onto her stomach and she moaned, slowly opening her eyes.

“Fuck,” he murmured, both breathing heavily as she slowly sat up.

“I’m gonna tell my parents I’m staying over at Mia’s house,” she told him quietly, standing up from the couch so she could clean up.

“Sounds good.” He watched her as she began to walk, admiring her naked body, before she called to him over her shoulder.

“You gonna join me?”

He smiled before he stood up, letting her lead the way to the bathroom.

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