CMNF Track Meet

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This is a fictional account of a track meet that never happened.

Don’t bother reading this story if you’re looking for a factual story.

Don’t bother telling me you don’t like the story as I don’t care.

Tell me if you have Ideas how I can write better stories.


Life was getting to Lois, she lost her job as a medical tech at the women’s imaging center. Her husband although still working as a supervisor, his employer cut his pay by 10 percent, and his staff of twelve people to eight, although the group still had to do the same amount of work. When Lois was feeling stressed she ran, this always calmed her down, doing at least 3 miles every day, which made her feel better.

Lois a tall woman about 5’10”, with a trim athletic body. Being 58 years old, her black hair has turned mostly grey, she thought it made her look distinguished, so she did not color it. Her hair was cut just off the shoulders and she usually put it in a ponytail when she ran. Lois thought her long legs are her best asset, along with her nice peach shaped bottom. She did not like her breasts, as she thought they were too small. She always wore a padded bra whenever she went out, even though her husband said he loves her small breasts with the large nipples and wanted her to be more outgoing. She being shy and very conservative in her makeup and dress did not agree with him.

She was running on the streets near her house when two young men about 25 and 30 stopped her to ask directions to a building down the street. She gave them directions to the mall where the building was located and they were on their way.

Four days later Lois went to the mall, the two young men noticed her and walked up to her. They thanked her for the directions, and then asked her if she would be interested in running in a private track meet as they have noticed her jogging, when they drove by going to the mall the last few days. She said she might be, so they introduced themselves as John and Dave giving her a card with CMNF Productions, their names and phone numbers. The young men told Lois, if she decided to enter the competition, she would receive 10 thousand dollars for five days of races, with a chance to win up to 100,000 dollars if she won all the races she ran. The only thing concerning her, she could not tell anyone about the meet, as it was a private competition by invitation only. They told her she had a week to decide, because she would need to train for the meet, as the meet will be in a month or so.

It took Lois until some bills came in they could not pay, to decide to enter the track competition. She called and left a message with CMNF Productions, John got back to her the next day. He asked her to come into the office to sign some papers to allow them to be her trainers. Lois arrived at their office about a half hour later.

Entering the office she found both sitting at desks in a large room. They greeted her and then started to tell her about the training, all the races are only 100 yard dashes or 240 meter races. There are some other specialty events she could enter, if she wants more money, but she could decide on the days of the competition whether to enter or not. They explained to her it will be 5 days and she will have to stay at the event for four nights coming back on the 5th day late at night.

Her first concern was “what will she tell her husband”. John took care of the concern by giving her a sign-up sheet for a free course called activities for life, it stated after she attended the seminar she could work with this organization to make money. He told Lois she should let her husband see the flyer tonight and be signed by both of them as a way for her to go to the track meet without him being suspicious.

They brought out the contract for her to sign in big letters in the front of the page it said Contract for CMNF Track Meet. It stated she gives them permission to train her for the meet and in big letters it said she will receive 2000 dollars a day just to compete and bonuses for any event she wins, or extra competitions she decides to compete in. There were about 50 pages of small print she had to initial, when she tried to read each page John told her basically it was all boiler plate the lawyers put together for the Track Meet.

After she signed all the documents, they told her she would get a copy of the contract on the day they picked her up, as this was a private meet and the sponsors did not want a lot of publicity about this kind of sports event. Finally they told her she had 3 days to back out of the contract with no hard feelings, after which she would be required to compete or she would have to pay them back Twenty Thousand Dollars, this last item should have sent up a red flag for her, but she was so excited she would be getting at least 10,000.00 dollars she did not hear the last statement.

Lois showed her husband Jack the free program she wanted to take to make money when he arrived güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri home after work. He looked it over asked if she thinks she will be able to make some money going to the seminar. She told him she definitely would be able to make at least $10,000 Dollars with this program. He said great and signed it.

The next day Dave called her and asked if she had the paperwork signed by her husband, she said “yes” he told her to put on her track suit and come to their office with the paperwork. She was at their office ready to start training in a half an hour, John took the paperwork, and Dave told her they were going to a gym. She worked out and also did some hundred yard dashes along with a 240 meter run.

Every day for the next 3 days, they had her come into the office and asked her if she wanted to get out of the contract. Each day she said” no” and they had her sign a paper to that effect. She practiced each day for the full month, the younger men told her she had a very good chance of making a lot of money in her class if she did some of the extra sports events.

Chapter 2

The first Monday of June very early in the morning Lois said good-by to her husband put a suit case in the trunk of her car and left for a week seminar. She drove to the mall where she met John and Dave. They told her she could take her car to the hotel they were staying in, but would not be able to leave unless she decided not to finish the competition. She drove and Dave went with her as a guide.

They made small talk all the way to their destination. She was so excited she would be making a lot of money this week; it seemed they arrived in no time. It was way off the main road, in the woods, but a beautiful gated resort.

Lois alighted the car and a parking attendant appeared out of the hotel lobby to park the cars. She said she had her suit case in the trunk, the young men told her everything she will need for the next five days will be supplied. The Three walked to the front desk and the young women at the desk gave Lois a funny look and asked her if she was one of the contestants? Lois answered in the affirmative and the woman behind that desk just said OH. The woman ‘blushed’ a little as she gave Lois her room key, but Lois did not notice the woman’s expression.

Almost as an afterthought John said “I almost forgot here is your contract, we will be going by this document during the weeks program, it is 8 am presently you need to be ready for 10 am, so we can bring you out to the contestant area.” They entered the elevator and went up to the 5th floor. The room was a suite with 3 bedrooms, as large as her house, each bedroom had its own shower, tub and toilet with a vanity and make up area. The suite had an eat in kitchen, along with a bar.

Lois picked the room she wanted and went into it, asking her coaches when they will deliver her clothes for the meet, as she did not see anything but a robe in the room, like the ones seen in the fancier hotels with their names on it and make up. She did not pay much mind to it as she reasoned the bell hop will bring her outfit to the room shortly,as it was 2 hours before she had to be in the contestant area, so they will probably bring up her outfits in a while.

Sitting down in the living area of the suite next to the big windows. Lois started to read her contract. The first page had what she was getting paid, she just glanced through the next page, she started reading the contract, there was nothing she was too worried about. On the next page it stated she would have to undergo a medical exam to make sure she was fit for the competition, she knew she could pass the medical exam.

She was almost through the document, when about half way down the page Lois found out what CMNF stood for. This was a Clothed Male Naked Female event! She would have to compete in the nude! Both John and Dave were watching her expression; she looked up at them with her eyes wide and her face ashen. Both smiled at her saying “guess you found out you are going to be naked for the next 5 days”.

Lois finally found he voice and said you never told me this was to be a nude competition, both young men said “you did not ask.” John laughed and said to her “why do you think you are going to get so much money for the track meet didn’t you think there had be something extraordinary about the games?” She had to admit she did wonder why they were willing to pay her so much, but she could not go through with it she told them. Well said David “it is OK you can leave then, you have your car here I will have the attendant bring it around.” “Really?” Lois said. “Sure right after you cut us a check for twenty thousand dollars as your contract says.” Said Dave.

She was heartbroken and scared looking at the clock she would have to get ready in about a half hour. Lois continued reading her contract and found out once she removes her clothes today, she will be nude for the rest güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of the week. There was also a clause saying she would have to perform any reasonable request issued to her by her coaches with Dave and John being listed as her coaches. Turning the page she was also confronted by a notation saying there will be rules given at the kickoff meeting for the contestants to adhere to during the competition.

She was roused from her reading by John who told her she needed to get ready for the meet. Lois was on the last page of the document and finished it without having any more bad news. She got up went into her room. She took off her top and folded it putting it in one of the draws. She removed her slacks and hung them up, she removed her panties and found she was very moist, this embarrassed her to think this exhibition was exciting her. The last garment she removed her bra, she slipped the straps off her shoulders and turned the bra around to unsnap it. Lois put everything in the drawers. Lois covered her body with the white bath robe provided, but did not secure the front of it, blushing she walked into the living area where John and Dave were waiting for her.

Both young men could see a flash of her pubic area and a wide area between her legs with large pussy lips hanging down. At her breast they could see almost to her nipples and realized she wore a padded bra, because they could see her large nipple with hardly and breast flesh. The young men wanted to get her used to being nude, so they asked her to let them see her body. She turned sideways covering her face with the robe and opened it to let them see her, in all her naked glory. The two young men came closer to her and told her how beautiful she looked. They handed her an envelope with 2000 dollars in it. She went back into her room and put the money in her purse. John said, ” you should bring the purse and her jewelry to the safe at the reception desk, as you will not need them for the rest of the week.”

Dave told her she could wear the robe down to the contestant area, if she wanted to, but the judges would deduct points for her not being exposed at all times. Lois dropped that robe on the bed, took off all her jewelry and put it in her purse. Steeling herself for what was coming, she walked with both young men to the door and out into the hall with only her purse in her hand and track shoes on. She met up with other nude women and their coaches in the hall waiting for the elevator; she felt a little better no one was looking at her. She glanced over and the three other women were looking down at the floor in embarrassment and humiliation, but she did not really feel any embarrassment, something inside of her was excited she was doing this. The doors opened and the group entered the elevator to descend to the lobby.

Chapter 3

Lois was watching the floor numbers go by, thinking of the coming public exposure. she could feel her nipples become erect and her pussy become humid. By the time the doors opened Lois was almost ready to orgasm, being extremely excited and embarrassed at the same time as the elevator was enveloped in female pheromones. She was the first out of the door with her coaches and over a hundred people in the lobby with cameras along with many naked ladies there. Too many for her to readily count, when she heard an announcement stating all the competitors and their coaches proceed out to the front of the building for pickup by a bus. Lois stopped at the check in counter and asked the woman at the counter to put her purse in the safe for her. The woman gave her a pick up number. Lois started laughing asking where can she keep the claim ticket. Dave took it from her and put it in his wallet for safe keeping.

They walked out the front door and a large bus was waiting for them, they did not have room for them on this run, so Lois and her coaches had to wait for the bus to return. It took about 20 minutes for the bus to return, all this time she stood on the sidewalk nude in public and having a good time. She enjoyed the nudity, racializing she had no other alternative but to do as her coaches instructed her. The bus picked them up to transport them to the race area

They were dropped off at an area having a running track, with other cordoned off areas and a few tents set up. The one Lois noticed right away, a tent marked with the symbol for medical facility, an ambulance with medical personnel beside it. Many of the women in the competition were lining up in front of the tent, she realize why. An announcement came over the PA system stating, all contestants have to line up in front of the Medical tent for their physicals before they will be allowed to compete.

Lois walked over to the tent; got in the line she could not see anything, as the sunlight was just right to have the inside of the tent dark. While in line John came over to her and gave her some suntan lotion, so she would not güvenilir bahis şirketleri burn. He put it on her back and rubbed her bottom and between her legs with the lotion he put on his hands. Other coaches were helping their runners doing the same. She started to protest, but she could not do a good job of applying the sun protection, so she just let him help.

It did not occur to her, she would be given her exam in front of all the people gathered round the tent, until the woman in front of her walked into the tent and then Lois was shocked to see a woman having a GYN exam right in front of everyone assembled. The woman was spread open with a speculum and there were probably about 50 people mostly men watching her medical.

There was a call over the loud speaker for the next contestant to enter the tent to be examined. It took Lois a minute to realize they were talking to her. She walked into the tent as if she was going to the dentist office realizing, she would not have anything she could hide from the people who were watching. She would be spread out and displayed for their enjoyment. They did the ears and nose check, she got on the exam table and they checked her heart then the breast exam while everyone was watching. Lois was looking at the men watching her and became very excited her nipples became erect and her pussy produced more lubrication. This embarrassed her when the doctor told her to scoot down and put her feet in the stirrups, he remarked to her extreme humiliation, he did not need any lubricant for her internal exam.

By the time the doctor finished the exam. Lois did not have any modesty left to protect, and this gave her a sense of contentment, as she does not have to worry about anyone seeing her naked anymore during this competition. She has been totally exposed being examined in public as she was.

Chapter 4

She got off the exam table with her coach’s right next to her on the outside of the exam area waiting for her. She looked at them and said “I have nothing to hide from you guys anymore.” They all laughed as they started to walk toward the tracks. Going to the booth next to the track, they stopped beside it, to have a number written on her front and back of washable paint. they it used to number her.

The first competition for Lois the 100 meter dash. They called her number in the second group. Glad she did not have to crouch down to start the race as her vaginal area would be totally exposed, including her rectal area. She won her heat and the coaches took her to the meal tent to have a light lunch. After the 10 heats where complete she ran in the next heat for the winners of the previous heats and won it, this gave her an extra 1000 dollars in winnings. The last heat her and another woman competed, Lois won the heat also and this gave Lois another 1000 dollars, so today she made 4000 dollars including the money they gave her this morning.

It was about 3 PM Dave and John asked her if she was interested in making more money. Lois asked what she had to do they brought her over to a piece of equipment like a stationary bike, the seat had a large dildo protruding from it. There were 20 of these bikes in the area and many women riding them with a considerable amount of men watching the women. Lois was shocked when she realized as the bike was pumped the dildo went in and out of the women’s pussy. They offered her 500 dollars to ride the bike, another man came over and offered her 750 dollars to ride the bike. All the women riding the bikes were moaning this was turning on Lois.

When the price hit 1500 dollars and although greatly embarrassed Lois mounted the bike, as Dave and John positioned the dildo, to penetrate her as she rode the bike. Then to Lois’s surprise, John opened her pussy with his fingers and put some lubricant in her pussy and a prophylactic on the dildo. She started out real slow, giving a little grunt each time the prostatic pecker entered her. Lois was getting really excited in a short time and both coaches were standing on each side of her, so she would not get injured, if she had a massive orgasm. It only took about 4 minutes and she sat down on that 10 inch monster and had the most powerful orgasm of her life, as many of the other women riding did also.

The two coaches had to help her off the prostatic appendage, and to a bench place nearby for this purpose. She was happy with the winnings today and ready to go to her room. Looking around she saw many of the women with their vaginal areas opened and raw from the riding.

When Lois finally came down from her post orgasmic high she saw about 100 people gazing at her opened pussy. She looked down and could see it was open and she felt very sore. John and Dave helped the bow legged contestant to the room going by the front desk the women behind the desk could see Lois’s flower of life was really opened up and the woman wondered what Lois did to look that flushed.

In the room the coaches laid Lois on her bed and applied some medicated vaginal ointment to her sore pussy, left in the room for just this occasion. John and Dave took turns rubbing the ointment on her sore pussy. She has never been attended to in such grand fashion before. Lois was getting used to being pampered by these two young men.

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