Cloying and Anxious Ch. 03

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He’d gotten off of work at 4 and Mandy had called back at 4:30. By now it was leaning closer to 8. They had been enjoying their conversation and Mandy had even read to him from her novel when he asked about her progress again, wanting something a little less technical than a word count.

Mandy was listening to Amaray tell her about one of his favorite authors when she got an email from her editor. ‘Mandy, the publishing house wants to push the manuscript up by a week. Can you manage?’ Mandy huffed and began typing the email response. Yes, she could make the new deadline though she would have to spend a good bit of tomorrow hammering out the last of the ending and some inconsistencies. Amaray listened to Mandy huff and type he stopped talking and thought belatedly about how fast Mandy typed.

“You stopped talking,” Mandy had noticed that Amaray had been silent for a moment. “I was just thinking about your fingers,” Amaray had meant to say something about her typing but instead had veered off his mental course and been thinking about her jacking his dick with those pretty hands of hers. “Really?” Mandy sounded a little anxious like she wanted to hear more but couldn’t manage to ask. “Yea. Though my first thought was that we could definitely use your deft fingers in my department. I think that’s why things change so slowly, government workers don’t type fast as we talk.” “Mandy laughed, “Years of chat rooms and tiered tech support are to thank for that.” Mandy laughed and let her voice drop a bit, “Though I have found some better uses for my digits.” Amaray laughed it was a deep rumble and made Mandy think of when she had been between his legs feeling his moans, “I can attest to the validity and quality of that statement.”

“Oh? Well, I can’t wait to demonstrate my skill set for such a delighted participant.”

Amaray really liked they way Mandy’s voice sounded, flitting into the deep alto she had when moaning low in her throat at his tongue’s ministrations. He could feel himself get hard as his face flushed. “I can’t wait for Saturday.”

Mandy was teasing him, “Is that an invitation? ” In all honesty, Mandy couldn’t wait for Thursday to be over so she could sleep through Friday and look cute and tease a warm flush out of Amaray on Saturday.

He swallowed and was sure Mandy had heard because she laughed. “I wish I could see you sooner. I want to take my time and really enjoy every bit of you.” Mandy’s laugh caught in her throat and she could barely swallow the lump of lust that had risen to sit on the back of her tongue. “You’re the best thing I’ve tasted in a long time,” Amaray was still talking and Mandy had her hand sliding between her legs. She made a noise and Amaray liked the sound, “When I woke up this morning I almost didn’t want to brush my teeth because I could still taste you on the back of my tongue. If I could have gone into work today smelling like your perfume and sweat, ” Mandy made a gentle huffing sound like a laugh that was swallowed by a keen. “I would have stayed and fucked you so good in the morning. Wake you up with my fingers pressed into your pussy. Have you moaning into my mouth and begging me to fuck you.”

Mandy whispered a soft exclamation to the Alpha and Omega before pressing needy fingers against her clit. “I would press my dick between the lips of your pussy and just rock back and forth feeling you get so fucking wet and hot for it.”

Mandy almost wanted to scream, she could feel the phantom heat of him pressed against her opening. She dipped fingers into her wet pussy and moaned low and deep. Amaray had a hand on his cock stroking it while he spoke. “I would slide into you and let you feel every inch of me. I wanna feel you clench and tremble around me as you get used to me stretching you out. ” Mandy made a soft noise of want and pressed against her g-spot and it reminded her of how it felt to have his fingers pressed deep inside her and dragging her orgasm forward with deft fingers. “I’d make you come with my fingers playing with your clit before I even started to pump into you. ” Mandy was trying her best not to melt into a puddle and drop her phone. “I’d fuck you just how I know you like. Slow deep thrusts at first and feel you pull me back into you with your walls. Feel you get wet around me and cum every time I stroke against your g spot. ” Mandy’s pussy was currently wet enough that she could feel her slickness run down to her ass.

“Then I’d lay you on your stomach and spread your ass and fuck you hard and fast. I’d want you to feel it in your fucking chest.” Mandy could think about Amaray behind her fucking her fast and deep. What it would be like for Amaray to arch her back and grope at her giving flesh. Have his breath in her ear as he leaned forward and put his head on her shoulder and lay kisses against her back. “I would have you sit on my dick just so I could fuck up into you and leave hickeys on your chest. I would play with your clit while you grind down on me so you can cum using my cock like my fingers and tongue. ” Amaray was moving quickly the wet slap of his hand on his cock had Mandy wetter and so close to coming. “If you canlı bahis let me I would cum inside you and fill you to the brim. I would eat my nut out of you and make you cum again with my tongue fucking into your pussy.” Mandy was over the edge thinking about Amaray filling her up and pulling out leaving a trail of cum to drip out of her. Amaray was still moaning and the slap of his skin was becoming more intense. “I’d pull you up by your ears and swallow the cum in your mouth.” Mandy heard the startled yelp as Amaray came thinking about Mandy’s tongue in his mouth swallowing the come he had lapped from her pussy.

“We don’t really have to wait for Saturday, do we?” Mandy laughed at Amaray and offered, “We just might my deadline’s been moved up and you, the heart of human resources can’t take a day off.”Amaray laughed and spoke, “You’re right. I actually requested to work Saturday morning. It wouldn’t look good coming in with hickeys smelling like morning sex and a beautiful thick woman. “Mandy laughed, “No it wouldn’t.” Mandy had relaxed and taken her hand from out of her panties. “My fingers are a little pruned from our activities,” Amaray had been laughing with Mandy but it was cut off when she talked about her fingers a low oh sound came from his end. “I just came Mandy. In my experience, my refractory period is about 10 minutes. ” Mandy hummed, “We’ll test that on Sunday morning.” Amaray felt his dick twitch in his hand, “With your enthusiasm, it might just be 5. ” Mandy made an appreciative sound in the back of her throat.

Amaray got a message and whispered a brief hold on to Mandy. It was an email telling him they would have a before work meeting on Friday. He would have to wake up earlier and could already feel that this meeting should be an email. “Mandy, I hate to dine and dash but my department really doesn’t know how to function without meetings.” Mandy made a noise of understanding, “I will say that I appreciated the time and service Amaray.” He laughed, “Goodnight Mandy. ”

“Goodnight Amaray.”

Mandy hadn’t gone to sleep. After getting off the phone with Amaray and tidying herself up she was on her laptop trying to get a feel for the ending. Grasping at straws and hopelessly rereading hoping to find ways to use the character development to push the story to a decent resolution. It wasn’t until about 2 in the morning she had a viable idea and ran with it. She was nearing five thousand words at six o’clock with the summer sun turning the inky sky peach. She stopped for a moment and closed her eyes. Felt her tiredness and pushed past it to dig deep and finish up the last few words. Her phone had been playing music but Mandy couldn’t hear it as she painted her Word document. Mandy had her favorite song as a ringtone and because of that she rarely listened to it except if she received calls and even then rarely still because her phone was always on vibrate. The tiny voice and violins began to play in her ears and she almost sang with it except her phone was moving away from her edging off her desk and Mandy barely caught it, “Hello?” her voice was rough and she yawned at the end of her greeting, her jaw clicked and Mandy smacked her lips.

Amaray found the voice endearing, “Good Morning Mandy,”

“Good Morning Love,” Amaray tried not to let his heart climb in his throat, Mandy was smart she knew what his name meant. Her tattoo had been part of the reason he reached out to Mandy. A woman with your name on her body without knowing it shouldn’t have had as much appeal as it did. “Did I wake you?” He tried to keep his tone neutral, but Mandy heard the disappointment edging in, he wanted to talk and Mandy didn’t mind listening. “I couldn’t sleep so I wrote. Tell me about your morning so far.” Mandy wanted him to talk, she liked hearing his voice over the receiver, whispery and a little thick from sleep. “Well I just woke up and you were on my mind. ” Mandy could hear his smile and laughed lowly it sounded like a hum. “What were you thinking about?” Amaray could feel his morning wood pressed against his stomach and bit his lip Mandy was tired it could wait, “Your books. I went ahead and bought one of the stand-alone’s you wrote. I read a bit on my break and I have to say, Davey, you have a way with words.” Mandy felt a warm rush in her chest, he bought and read one of her books. She couldn’t even ask which one. He really liked Mandy and she wanted to tell the whole world. “Thank you, Amaray.” Her voice was still raspy but the tone was so soft and pliant with joy from the praise.

“You’re welcome.”

“What are you going to make for breakfast?” Mandy’s question was easy to answer, “I just drink coffee and eat a protein bar.”

“No wonder you’re so skinny and jacked.”

“I am not skinny. I am lithe.”

“When you had your hand between my legs on the bus I thought I was going to break your arm.” It didn’t sound like Mandy was flirting just a blunt observation. Mandy was sleep deprived and Amaray was intrigued.

“But I didn’t. As I recall I took care of you. “

“That you did. Best orgasm ever.”

“I could definitely say the same of you. Was that the first bahis siteleri time you’ve ever done something like that?”

“Yes. I don’t even know why. Probably because I’d seen you around the neighborhood and thought about riding you until you came.” Mandy’s filter had shut off and Amaray tried his hardest not to sound surprised, he’d hoped he was the only one. The idea of Mandy spread out in front of someone else riled him, he pushed the possessive jealousy down and asked, “How long have you lived in the neighborhood?”

“Somewhere close to 5 years. I moved in with my friends after college and worked mostly from home the whole time.”

“Wow. That sounds like a blessing and a curse.”

“It was. I normally would keep a vibrator inside me on a low setting to keep me awake during the mountains of e-mail I would have to climb between the lull in calls. ” Mandy may have been too tired to do anything but talk but Amaray began to stroke himself slowly beneath the covers. “Why low?”

“Enough to keep it interesting not enough to really enjoy because after I nut I sleep,” Mandy said it was an air of sureness. Amaray had to laugh, “I am the exception? You stayed up pretty late both times. ” Mandy laughed and it was a dreamy thing. Amaray thought of her head leaned back, her throat exposed and moving with her laughter. He swallowed thickly, “How did you get into working remotely?” Mandy thought for a moment and hummed as if remembering, “I used to make websites in college for sex workers.” Amaray sat up then.

“They were always really sweet and I would video chat with them and mirror the screen so that way they could see how to edit and make changes without fucking something else up.” Amaray made a noise of understanding, filled with curiosity. “One girl asked me if I would be interested in making a video. I said no to the video that time but yes to drinks.” Amaray had let go of his dick to sit up but now was rubbing a finger along his slit, dredging up pre-cum.

“How did drinks go?”

“Things went very well. She was super nice and asked me if it was my first time with a girl. I said no. I had a girlfriend in college who transferred to an art school and we broke up ’cause of the distance.” Amaray hummed in acknowledgment.

“You said no to the video that time?” Amaray was curious.

“Yea. We actually did wind up making a video way later. She told me it was for her personal collection. She even showed me her file of about 30 other videos at the time that were also a part of the collection. She had a thing for chubby girls.” Mandy laughed and it sounded like at one point in time talking about the video would have been embarrassing. Right now it was blasé.

Amaray licked his lips and began to stroke just beneath the tip. Massaging his head for the most sensation. “What did you do in the video?” Mandy sighed remembering and it sounded just like the one she made when she told Amaray she would kiss him after he ate her out. “A lot of heavy petting. If you don’t know by now I have an oral fixation and I really like to give head. ” Amaray keened, “Tell me about it?” Mandy laughed and continued on,”She had a really pretty pussy. Soft brown lips and her clit wasn’t shy. She would make the cutest noises when she was close to coming. She liked edge play and I would get her so wet she would beg me to let her cum.” Amaray thought of what that would be like to have Mandy playing with his cock for hours on end keeping him dripping and hard on the verge of tears begging to cum.

“She used to bite me all over. She had these gold bottom grills she would wear and she would put them on when she bit me. She liked the contrast of the top and bottom marks. I did too.” Way back when Amaray had a set of grills and he’d wondered if they were still in his old room at his mom’s house. He thought about being a teenager sinking his gold plated teeth into Mandy’s thick thighs. “What else did you two get up to?” Mandy hummed with contentment as she thought, “Strap-on’s.” Amaray tried very hard not to think of Mandy with a pretty blue cock and himself begging. “The vibe she would use had two separate sections that had motors. One time we switched and I wore the harness and she told me about the second vibe a bit too late. By the time we finished the harness was wet enough it slid right off after she helped my unbuckle it. ” Amaray was close to having an orgasm, his constant teasing, Mandy’s words and his thoughts bringing him to the edge.

“You’ve been jerking off the entire time I’ve been talking. I can hear the sheets shifting and those little noises you make when I say something that I am sure has your cock leaking.” Amaray could hear in her voice she was teasing him but he felt embarrassed. Before he could choke out an apology Mandy was talking, “Lick the palm of your hand. I know you’ve been swallowing plenty of spit. Get your palm nice and wet for me.” Amaray licked his palm and it felt so good to have Mandy direct him. “Grab the base of your cock, feels good right? Stroke for me base to tip. When you get to the tip rub your palm across the head and then stroke back down.” Amaray was leaking bahis şirketleri like a faucet, mouth open, gasping as he followed her instructions, the tip of his dick keeping things slick and smooth.

“If I was with you watching you stroke yourself like I told you I’d be so wet. I am wet. But I want to hear you get off. I would tease you. Bite your neck and leave your chest covered in red splotches. How long did my teeth marks last?” Amaray had to hold his phone in the crook of his neck as he rubbed a hand across where Mandy’s teeth had dug into the flesh above his nipple. “I had marks when I woke up on Thursday. I got home and they were gone.” Mandy liked that needy wanting way that Amaray spoke and laughed softly, “I’ll have to fix that tomorrow.” Amaray was so close to coming, his moan at Mandy’s words was shameless. “Speed up. I want to hear the sound of your skin slapping.” Amaray obeyed and told Mandy, “I am going to cum.” His voice was breathless and Mandy could only push, “I would swallow all of your cum. You know I would. I have and I bet you look so fucking sexy coming into your palm right now.” Amaray felt like his brain had checked out and he was trying with all his might not to say something strange, his alarm went off in his ear. All Mandy heard was him yell and the phone fall to the floor. Mandy waited a moment and listened to Amaray curse and fumble again.

When he huffed into the mouthpiece finally getting the phone back to his ear Mandy asked, “Are you using the hand covered in cum to hold your phone?” Amaray groaned and Mandy laughed. “How did you know? You’re not even here to see.” Mandy still laughing really close to snorting said, “You always reach with your dominant hand after dropping something. Never with the hand, you dropped it with.” Amaray thought too hard on Mandy’s words, remembering all the times he’d drop something and picked it up with his dominant hand.

“What time is it Amaray?”


“It’s time for you to get ready for your meeting Love. ”

Amaray nodded and spoke, “Yea. I do have to get ready.” Mandy sighed, “Call me when you get off work sticky fingers.” Amaray snorted and said, “Rest well Mandy.” They said their goodbyes and Mandy lumbered to the bed and fell asleep. Amaray carried his phone to the bathroom and did a great job of cleaning as much semen as he could off the back and sides of the phone case with just tissue. He took off the case and found that he had to clean the back and side of the phone as well as the inside of the case. It was the best morning he had in a long time. Amaray smiled and finished getting ready.

He was right about the meeting being something that could have been an email. It was an update in a policy that had no bearing on his work or department. At the least, he was being paid for coming in an hour early. His supervisor asked too many questions about their job and Amaray thought nepotism and slow fingers are what really kept things from progressing. When Amaray was getting ready to leave and start in on his own pile of assignments they spoke up, “Will you be working tomorrow?” Amaray sighed through his nose, “Yes. I’ll be here tomorrow from 8 to 11:30.” Amaray could feel where this was going, “Then you should have enough time go through those files from Thursday on Saturday.” Amaray didn’t say anything as he left. He whispered, “Not today Satan,” as he sat down.

Mandy was awakened by a phone call. It was close to 1:30 in the afternoon and her voice scraped up her throat, “Hello?” the responding voice was Andre, “I swear you artists types sleep the day away and complain about lost time.” Mandy couldn’t help but laugh, “Fight me, illustrator.” Andre snorted in her ear, “We’re at the store right now and I called to ask if you wanted anything that wasn’t on the list?” The word was out of her mouth before she could consider the consequences, “Condoms.”

Andre clicked his tongue and Mandy could feel him about to start in on her, “Mandy. How did you run out of condoms? I know you haven’t had sex in almost a year and a half. So what did you do with all those condoms you got from the clinic?” Mandy felt her face warm and flush she had used some for the intended purpose, mostly she used them to make terrible balloon animals. “Snakes. I made snake balloon animals and worms.” Andre had been laughing when Mandy eked out the word, snake. She heard Andre gasp and choke a little bit. She couldn’t help but think, ‘Serves him right. My snakes looked really nice.’

“Mandy you mean to tell me you used all of your condoms for balloon animals.” Mandy felt like she had already had this conversation in her head. “Remember when you found me sitting at the table 6 months ago crying about Bob?” Andre still sounded amused with a bit of seriousness ready to talk about whatever caused Mandy to cry. “I named my vibe Bob. Bob died and so did the reason to use my stash of condoms.” Andre was giggling, “You broke it didn’t you?” Mandy’s face heated up, in the past, she had caused water damage and shorted out circuits from turning to the top speed but Bob’s death wasn’t her doing, “I checked to see if it was me. His motor shorted out.” Mandy was trying her best not to laugh with Andre, this was serious business being accused of homicide. “Alright, I believe you, Mandy.” Mandy doubted Andre accepted her truth but he was going to leave it for now.

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