Clothes Shopping

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My Mom had dragged me to the shopping mall to help her find new clothes. My Dad was always away on business so he was never around for these type of things. There I was, standing outside the changing booths as my Mom was trying on a new outfit. I looked back to where my Mom was changing and I could see that the door did not close properly. My mother had her back to me at first. She was stripped down to only her panties. She had her bra off and as she turned around I got a good look at her big breasts.

Those tits were huge and my Mom’s nipples were the size of a large silver dollars. She quickly realized the door was open and then shut it. I think my tongue was hanging out. Mom came out from the dressing room and asked my what I thought of the outfit she had tried on.

“You look beautiful, Mom” I told her.

She smiled and went back to change into her normal clothes. Later that evening, I was on my bed naked. I was stroking my cock think of what I saw earlier in the day. I slid my hand up and down my long cock. Here I was eighteen years old and I had not been in bed with anyone yet. As I was stroking I heard a noise coming from my Mom’s bedroom, which was next to mine.

I couldn’t quite make out what was going on, so I got up and walked out into the hallway. The door was closed to my Mom’s bedroom so I put my ear up to the door. I could clearly hear my mother moaning. I had to know what was going on. I slowly turned the doorknob and looked into the room. My mom was naked on her bed rubbing her pussy with her fingers. My cock did a double take. I was naked also, standing canlı bahis there watching my Mom’s damp pussy. I finally stepped into her room and she saw me.

“Kevin, what are you doing in here?” My Mom asked me.

“I heard noises and I came to investigate,” I told her.

I walked right up to the bed. I had my eyes on her slick pussy and I could see my Mom eyeing my stiff cock. It was deathly silent for a minute. This was my moment of truth. I got up on the bed and knelt close to my mother. My cock was jutting straight out, just inches from my Mom’s face.

“Mom, please suck it for me,” I was almost pleading with her.

My mother reached out and took my stiffness in her hand and started to stroke it. I moved even closer, my cock head right at her lips. My Mom opened her mouth and took me whole. It was if she just lost it and was going wild on my cock. I pushed my hips into her face. My stiff dick was all the way down her throat now. I was face fucking my Mom.

This didn’t go on very long as I pulled away after a few minutes. I moved over between my Mom’s thighs. My mother knew what was on my mind.

“We can’t do this Kevin, we shouldn’t,” She told me.

There was no stopping me now. I pushed my Mom’s legs far apart and I pushed my cock head right to her opening. I slowly rubbed my mushroom across her folds. That was all it took. My Mom threw her head back and I slid my hard pecker into her. My Mom just seemed to lose it. She started to moan and thrash around beneath me. I pushed deeper and buried my entire length in her warm quim.

Mom wrapped bahis siteleri her legs around my back and we started to really go at it. I was pounding into her pussy with the hardest strokes I could manage. I couldn’t believe how warm and tight my Mom’s pussy was. She was really gripping my rod hard with her pussy muscles. I lost track of how long we were fucking. My mother let out this scream and said she was cumming.

The next thing I felt was a gusher of my Mom’s love juices hitting my mid-section. Mom’s body was shaking as I kept feeding her my thick erection. I just stroked her until it looked like she had passed out. I hadn’t cum yet but I pulled out anyway. Mom looked spent lying there beneath me. I lowered my mouth and found one of her hard nipples. I sucked each of her dollar shaped nips into my mouth.

This is what I had been dreaming about since that afternoon in the clothing store. The next thing I remember was waking up with my naked mother next to me in her bed.

“You can never say a word of this to your father, Kevin,” Mom told me.

I had no intention of telling a soul what we had done last night. I wanted to keep enjoying my Mom’s body. My Dad did finally show up from one of his numerous business trips. Mom and I had to cool it for awhile. One night though, I was asleep in my bed when my Mom woke me. She was standing there with her bathrobe on. She motioned for me to be quiet. I got up and followed her down to the den.

My Mom produced a towel and put it down on the edge of the pool table. She slowly let her bathrobe fall to the floor. bahis şirketleri Her body was magnificent. She ran a finger across her slit and then sat on the towel at the edge of the pool table. Her legs were spread wide for me. Needless to say, my dick was hard as could be. I went over and worked my cock right into her wet opening.

My ass was working like a piston, feeding my Mom’s hot pussy with long dick. I hoped that my Dad didn’t wake and stumble upon us fucking like that. But he never saw us that night. My Mom wrapped her legs around my waist and placed her arms around my neck. I lifted her up from the table and we fucked out in the middle of the floor.

I was thrusting my cock into my Mom and she was holding on for dear life. Her tits were pressed into my chest as we went at it there in the den. After a few minutes my Mom said she was getting close. I was determined to join her. Mom’s breathing got heavier. She was almost there. I felt my nuts pinching at the same time. Mom practically screamed.

“Oh fuck, I am cumming Kevin!”

I just lost it. I blew a giant load of my man seed into my Mom’s belly. Her pussy just went into convulsions. She was milking me dry of every drop of my cum. I just continued to stroke her pussy and there was cum all over the place. I had never cum like that before. It felt like I shot a quart of my load deep in my Mom’s belly.

Eventually I lowered my Mom back onto the floor. Her legs were all wobbling. Somehow we cleaned up and went back to our proper bedrooms. My Dad continued to go on his trips and Mom and I shared each other for the rest of the summer. I was going to college at the beginning of fall. Mom wanted me to stay home but I just couldn’t. I try to get home every few weekends. When I do, I am in my Mom’s bed fucking her every available moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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