Classmate Crush

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There had always been a thread of tension between us, the natural result of two people with similar personalities and interests, two people that would have been a couple by now if she wasn’t already dating someone else. All throughout class we held a whispered commentary under the lecture, laughing quietly at our professor’s odd mannerisms. After class ended, we went to the library to try and get some work done before the weekend. It was nearly exams, and the library was packed with over stressed students raggedly rereading the same pages over and over again. It was not an environment conducive towards studying.

She looked over the crowded tables, scanning for an opening. “I don’t see an open table.”

I looked around myself, feeling the uncomfortable stuffiness of the crowded library. “Even if there was a space, I don’t think it would be easy to get anything done here.”

“Where else could we go?”

I thought for a second. I knew where I wanted to go. I didn’t think I could get work done with her in my room, but I wanted to be alone with her, working or not. I felt hungry for her time, possessive of the possibility of being alone with her. “My place isn’t too far, and it’d be more comfortable.”

Her eyes flitted to mine. Was it a trick, or did she understand what I wanted? Did she feel the same need?

“Are you sure? I don’t want to inconvenience you.”

“It’s no trouble I’ve got a desk and a couple of chairs we can crowd around.”


It took me a minute to realize her affirmation of the plan, the words slipping into my brain slowly. I realized we were actually going, would soon be alone together. I wondered if she guessed what I was thinking, what I wanted. “Okay. It’s about two blocks away.”

I had never met her boyfriend and don’t know anything about how their relationship was. I imagined it couldn’t be great, considering the connection she had with me, but what if I had imagined our connection?

My place was a studio apartment, a bed, bathroom, closet, not much else. The walls were lined with all the stuff that didn’t fit in my closet or needed to be used regularly enough to merit easy access. An ironing board, microwave, hot plate, desk, chairs. There was scarcely any space not taken by some necessary appliance or piece of furniture. We went inside and she placed her bag on the desk, then turned to face me. “Particular about which side of the desk you get?”

She was wearing jeans and a short T-shirt. It barely cleared the high waist of her jeans, and whenever she moved a hint of her skin would show through the gap. My eyes couldn’t help but be pulled down to that gap everytime the flash of her pale skin showed through.

“Or is there something else on your mind?” She grinned and looked at my groin. My jeans were stretched with canlı bahis an erection. Was she laughing at me or was she interested? I didn’t want to get in the way of her relationship if it was making her happy, but I wanted to be with her. If she didn’t bring him up, I wasn’t going to.

Her eyes invited me in; I stepped closer to her. I felt breathless. “Well…” I began, not sure where exactly I was going. I wanted to touch her. We were just a foot or so away from each other now, close enough that there was no denying what was making our hearts beat faster.

She stepped forward, closing the gap between us, placing her body alongside mine. My hands hung at my side, unsure of how to participate as she moved her lips toward mine, her eyes closed. It was a soft kiss, her lips barely brushing up against mine, a bare suggestion of the wetness of her mouth, the warmth of her breath against my face. She pulled her face back, her body still aligned with mine, opening her eyes to look into mine. “I want you to jerk off for me,” she said, and I felt her hands undoing the button of my blue jeans. My erection was pushing free of my briefs as my pants opened loosely around my hips.

I wanted her to touch me, to take my erection and release me. Instead she backed away from me, smiling sardonically. “Well,” she said. “Don’t say you need me to tell you how to masturbate.”

I ran my finger along the shape of my erection through my briefs. It was alive to the slightest touch. She twirled a finger in her hair. “That’s a start. I guess I’ll have to give you a hint.” She came behind me, and placed her hand over mine, still hovering over my briefs. She guided my hand up and under the waistband of my underwear, settling it over my erection. She removed her hand from my underwear, leaving mine there. “Now jerk it,” she whispered in my ear. I began, slowly moving my hand up and down my shaft.

“Wonderful,” she whispered, her breath tickling my ear. I was overly tuned to every touch from her. Her slightest movement made me shiver, made it hard for to stand. As I jerked, she unbuttoned my shirt, reaching around from my back, careful to keep her arms from getting in the way of of my self-pleasure. She started with the top buttons. When she reaching the bottom I was aware of every brush of her fingers against the bottom of my abs, her fingers wandering lower than they needed to perform their task. She caught my arm in its movement and stopped me. She placed her hand on my shaft, lightly wrapping her fingers around my erection but not stroking it.

“You’re not far off,” she said. “Don’t finish quite yet.” She pulled my shirt off my shoulders, then pressed her body against mine, the softness of her cotton tee feeling rough against my bare skin. There was a thin line between her shirt and the top of her bahis siteleri jeans where I could feel a stripe of her skin, sticking slightly to mine. “Keep going,” she said.

I went back to stroking, moving slower and softer now. I could feel how close I was. Her hands roamed over my chest and she kissed my shoulders and neck from behind me. Her touch extended my arousal from my erection to my entire body, till all of me felt stretched, on edge, ready to break free. My heart felt caught, as if it was trying to beat through a box slightly too small. There didn’t seem to be enough air for my lungs to expand.

She took her hands off of me and moved away till she wasn’t touching me at all. I paused in my stroking, unsure what was about to happen next, my hand still poised over my erection. I felt her move closer again, not yet touching, but close enough I could feel her presence. She leaned forward, touching her lips to my ear. “I think it’s time you finished,” she breathed into me. I started moving my hand again, stroking at the same measured pace I had been. “Faster.” She pressed her body against mine and I felt the bare skin of her front. She had taken her shirt off.

My breath exploded, my hair stood on end, my hand involuntarily sped to a finishing pace. All along my back I could feel nothing but her skin, her breasts, her stomach. I was groaning, my breath ragged. She wrapped her hands up under my arms, across my chest, placing her hands on my shoulders and held herself tight against me as I came, my whole body spasming as my cum fell onto the floor of my room. My knees were weak and I could feel her naked body supporting mine. My thoughts blanked as I absorbed the ultimate release of my body; my mind breaking free of a limit that hadn’t been felt or understood except in that moment.

I found my legs and stood on my own weight, amazed that her slight body had managed to hold me through my throes of passion. My pants had fallen to my ankles at some point, and instead of pulling them up I simply kicked them off. I turned around to face her and found that she hadn’t just removed her shirt, she had removed everything, was standing naked in front of me. I felt a tremor in my groin and wished I already had more to give.

She seemed to realize what I was thinking. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m sure there are other ways you can help me out, now you’ve taken care of yourself.”

She sat on the bed and lay back, positioning her sex just off the mattress. I knelt before the bed. She handed my pillow to me, protection for my knees from the hard floor. I inhaled the smell of her, already wet from watching me masturbate. She opened up her legs and I slid my head in, kissing the inside of her legs as I settled towards her. Starting at her knees I ran my hands up her thighs, my thumbs barely bahis şirketleri grazing her lips as I passed her sex. I settled them just below her breasts, where I could feel her breath and her heartbeat. It wasn’t beating fast but I could feel each beat heavy against her ribcage. I kissed her right above the clitoris, and her body flexed from the tension. Then I licked her, spreading her flower with my tongue. I started slowly, making each move deliberate and enjoying how her body reacted to the rhythm of my tongue. Every exhalation came out of her in a sigh, almost a groan. “Faster, please faster,” She murmured.

I sped my rhythm, feeling her body writhe beneath my touch. Her sighs were undoubtedly groans now. Her hips were grinding against my tongue as she pressed herself deeper onto me. I could feel my own organ begin to rise again, stretching back against my briefs, still wet from my cum. She pulled one of my hands up over her breast, her other hand already grasping the other side of her chest. Her lips were moving as if to form words, but nothing came out except her groans, rising in urgency as she approached the brink.

She cried out, biting on her hand as she stifled the sound coming from her. Her shoulders and hips rose up off the bed as she caved to a wave of passion, then she went slack and lay on the bed, her breath slowing to its normal pace.

I felt the need to be close to her, a desire for deeper intimacy, and I lay down on the bed, and, wrapping an arm around her, I tucked my body in next to hers.

“Danny and I broke up,” she said.

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

She laughed. “No you’re not.”

“You’re right, I’m not. Are you okay though?”

She didn’t answer. We spooned for a few minutes, not speaking, both recovering from the demanding release. I was fully hard again, but didn’t feel the need for her like I had before. I wanted to be near her above all else, to stay close with her as long as I could.

She must have been able to feel my shaft against her ass with how we were lying; it’s unsubtle suggestion impossible to miss, but she ignored it. We continued to lie there, heartbeats aligned.

After a few minutes she said, “I want you inside me.”

I began to move, to position myself over her, but she stopped me. “No, from where you are, spooning.”

I pulled off my briefs, and she opened her legs slightly, allowing me to slide my shaft in between, fitting our bodies as close as possible. She pulled my hand into hers and held it as we made love, a slow sensual act, our breathing in rhythm together as I moved my body against hers. We didn’t say anything, there was no groaning, just the intimacy of our breath and touch. When I came it wasn’t a release but a fulfillment of the act we had started. I pulled out, and she turned over to face me, embracing me as we kissed without need or longing, but with the same intimacy. Nothing had been lost or broken between the end of our sexual action and now, as we lay together, our naked bodies warm against each other, content.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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