Church Girl: 1 Perfect Turn

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Big Boobs

Summary: Sweet 18-year old virgin is seduced by lesbian MILF seductress.

Note 1: Thanks to HFernandez for suggesting this idea.

Note 2: Thanks to TexBeethoven, Robert, Scott and Wayne for editing.

Note 3: This is a NUDE DAY 2017 Contest Story.

Warning: This story manipulates religion… if that offends you please quit reading now.

Church Girl: 1 Perfect Turn

Mary was getting tired and slightly frustrated. It was a stifling hot day, and she was going door to door selling raffle tickets for the school in Africa her church was sponsoring.

She understood that the economy had slowed down, but to her, even in tough times, by giving of yourself to others you prospered.

This philosophy came from her strong Christian upbringing, and the fact her father was the entire church ministry of their small town… although the number of parishioners had fallen short of every reasonable benchmark since her family had moved to town and she had become part of the church.

Plus, Mary had done a lot of visiting in the African community before her senior year and seen the positive impact the church had there. Yet, it also broke her heart to see the excessive suffering in third world countries while her peers back home whined about nonessentials like cell phones, cars and so forth. The term ‘first world problems’ never being more true than now.

So after an hour of rejections sandwiched between recurring bouts of wading through heat waves shimmering on the sidewalk, she was relieved to see the smiling face of Mrs. Taylor greeting her when the door opened.

“Hi, Mrs. Taylor,” Mary smiled warmly like she had at every open door.

“Well, hi, Mary, come in from the heat for a minute,” Gloria offered, gesturing the cute teen into her home, “it must be a hundred degrees out there.”

“Ninety-seven,” Mary clarified. Thrilled to be standing in an air-conditioned home, the sudden change from hot to comfortable feeling really nice.

“What are you selling?” Gloria asked, astonished that the teen was wearing nylons in such heat.

Gloria wore nylons often herself, usually thigh highs, but at the moment she was in a dressing gown, having been interrupted from the orgasm she’d been in the middle of self-stimulating while she watched lesbian porn. She often got herself off on hot Saturday afternoons like today while the hubby was out golfing and the kids were at the lake with friends.

But Gloria suddenly found herself reconsidering her afternoon plans. Gloria was a bisexual woman, like many of the women in the community, and she had a wicked idea… could she turn the minister’s daughter?

Gloria loved seducing young girls, having already corralled not one, not two, but three of her daughter’s friends… the last one while her daughter was downstairs with two other friends during a sleepover. She loved the rush, the risk, and the challenge.

And this would be the ultimate conquest: the minister’s daughter.

“Raffle tickets,” Mary answered.

“For what?”

“The African mission.”

“Ohhhh,” Gloria said, escorting the cute teen into her living room, “Come on in.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Mary thanked, happy for a moment’s relief from the heat and hopefully the chance of selling some raffle tickets.

“Take a seat,” Gloria offered, waving towards the easy chair. “I’m going to get you some lemonade.”

“You don’t need to do that,” Mary objected politely, although she was indeed thirsty.

“Don’t be silly,” Gloria objected back, waving her hand. “It’s a sauna out there and you must be dying of thirst.

“I guess I could use some; thank you,” Mary nodded.

Gloria went to the kitchen and poured two glasses, including the one she planned to spill all over her ripe, young prey.

Giddy with anticipation at the likelihood of this virginal teen being turned into her newest pussy munching sex slave, she returned to the living room, went to hand Mary a glass, and ‘accidentally’ tripped, spilling not one, but two full glasses of cold lemonade all over the shocked teen.

“Aaaah!!” Mary screamed, as the ice cold lemonade soaked through her sundress and onto her skin.

“I’m so sorry,” Gloria apologised, in Oscar winning performance mode, as she acted completely mortified by her clumsiness.

“It’s okay,” Mary said, standing up. She joked, “I was so hot and sweaty, that kind of felt nice.”

Gloria smiled at just how sweet and innocent the young brunette was. So ripe for the licking.

As Mary was plucking the wet, clinging dress away from her body, Gloria ordered, “Arms up.”

“What?” Mary asked, complying, but before she knew what was happening, Mrs. Taylor had swept her wet dress over her head and completely off of her.

“I’ll just throw this in the wash quickly, we don’t want it to stain,” Gloria explained, slyly.

“It’s… it’s… okay,” Mary stammered, casino siteleri shocked to be suddenly standing in front of a church acquaintance wearing only her underwear and pantyhose.

“No, no,” Gloria feigned caring urgency, as she admired the teen’s very impressive body hid well in her usually conservative attire and voiced further crocodile concern, saying, “Oh no, your bra is soaked too.”

Gloria then quickly reached around the girl, unclasped the bra and removed it.

Mary’s eyes went big; she was suddenly topless.

Before the teen could protest, Gloria quickly left the room and put the dress and bra in the washing machine, her pussy already tingling at what she hoped would happen next.

Mary stood paralyzed with shock, trying to process how she’d gone from fully dressed to almost naked in less than fifteen seconds. And what should she do now?

She looked around and was thankful to see the front curtains were closed against anyone passing by, as she felt a chill go up her spine from the cold lemonade and the air-conditioning. She was embarrassed to notice that her nipples were hard. Perhaps Mrs. Taylor wouldn’t notice if she covered them with her hands. In any case, that would be the modest thing to do.

She considered sitting back down, but the seat of the chair was wet with lemonade.

She considered going to the washroom for a towel, but she didn’t know where it was, having never been inside the Taylors’ before, and didn’t want to intrude where she wasn’t invited.

So she stood there… feeling completely vulnerable and awkward.

Gloria returned and smiled internally when she saw the cute, teen standing in her living room covering her perky breasts. She reassured connivingly, “It’s okay, Mary. I’ve seen breasts before.”

“I’ve never been naked in front of anyone before,” Mary admitted, now shivering from the cold.

“Not even in gym?” Gloria asked.

“I haven’t taken gym since my freshman year, the last year we had to,” Mary explained. “I’ve taken an all-academic work load every year since.”

“That’s admirable,” Gloria nodded, as she walked up to the nervous teen. “Then how do you keep your body in such great shape? I mean, you don’t have an inch of fat on you.”

Mary was surprised when Mrs. Taylor’s hands moved to her waist. She was also surprised by how warm her hands were.

Gloria grabbed the teen’s wrists and moved them to the sides of her breasts as she crooned, “Oh my, your nipples are rock hard.”

Mary looked down at her breasts and saw Mrs. Taylor was indeed right; they were even harder than she’d thought. Shyness and guilt coursed through her. She justified defensively, “It’s chilly in here.”

“Yes, we should get you some clothing,” Gloria nodded, as she took the dazed teen by the hand and led her to her bedroom.

Once inside, Gloria offered, “Can you give me a moment? You caught me in the middle of something.”

On the bed was her laptop with a porn video playing that her prey couldn’t see, but could definitely hear, and her magic wand was lying on the bed, as was her vibrator… she often used both to get the most intense orgasms.

Mary nodded, “Sure, Mrs. Taylor.”

“You’re a sweetheart,” Gloria smiled, as she dropped the robe, suddenly completely naked, except for a pair of wet panties which she quickly tugged down and tossed into the laundry hamper.

Mary was stunned. Mrs. Taylor was naked in front of her! Adding to her confusion was the audio coming from her computer… it sounded unmistakably like sex.

Mary wasn’t a complete prude… she knew that some people had sex… had even heard her parents ‘doing it’ once… and had experienced the misfortune on occasion of hearing boys and girls talking crudely about sex.

But she was a virgin and planned to stay that way until she met the man she was going to marry… most likely in the distant future after she finished college.

Physical love was a union between a man and a woman and was described in the Bible only as ‘knowing’ each other. Or sometimes as ‘lying together’. But she thought that was probably fair enough; it wasn’t intended to be an instruction manual.

Gloria went to her dresser drawer, pulled out a thong, thigh highs and a garter belt, her seduction going exactly as planned.

She put the garter on, and then sat on the bed and rolled a stocking up her leg.

Mary was confused about what kind of pantyhose those were. She wore the regular kind every day, as both her parents told her they were what proper classy ladies wore, pointing to Princess Kate.

Mary also could hear what sounded like two women on the computer. One was moaning, “Oh yes, you little slut, eat my cunt.”Mary’s eyes went big at the inappropriate talk, especially the use of the forbidden ‘c’ word.

Gloria donned the second stocking and then stood up. She feigned having problems hooking the garter to the stockings and sighed, “Darn it, stupid arthritis. Mary, could you be canlı casino a dear and hook this up for me?”

“Um, sure,” Mary nodded, feeling completely uncomfortable, but always unable to say no to someone, especially an adult, even as the audio from the computer continued, “Yes, yes, get that tongue in my box, you eager beaver!”

Mary went to Mrs. Taylor and bent down to clasp the stockings, her cheeks burning red from the movie, being almost naked and now doing this.

Gloria suggested, “It’s easier to do that from your knees,” smiling at the naughtiness of the porn scene, creating the perfect scandalous setting for her seduction… happy she had left it playing when she headed downstairs to see who was at the door… never imagining she would be creating her own real-life porn scene instead.

Mary assumed Mrs. Taylor knew what she was talking about and lowered herself to her knees even as she realized she was suddenly staring directly at the woman’s vagina. A vagina that had no hair on it! How was that even possible? Did she shave it? Why would anyone shave down there? How did she possibly get all the little hairs out from all those crevices?

Gloria smiled at how obedient and easily suggestible the teen was, and at how absorbed she had instantly become in studying her waxed pussy. This would be her easiest seduction ever.

Mary, her hands trembling for some reason, fastened the clasps for Mrs. Taylor and then stood back up.

Gloria smiled, “Thanks, dear. Enjoy your fast metabolism while you’re young. Eventually you’ll have to work your ass off to keep that sexy figure.”

“You look beautiful,” Mary complimented, trying to be nice, but also sincerely thinking Mrs. Taylor was very pretty.

“Hardly! My tits sag, and I need to lose ten pounds,” Gloria complained, trying to draw her in, even though the truth was that her tits were still spectacular and firm, and she was fit as a fiddle and didn’t need to lose anything.

“No, you’re perfect,” Mary complimented, feeling bad for Mrs. Taylor and all females who succumbed to the trap of a male definition of beauty that no woman could live up to. This was one of the many reasons she concealed her body behind loose clothing most of the time.

“You’re a sweetheart,” Gloria smiled as she grabbed the teen’s wrists, moving her hands under her own breasts. “But feel these, don’t they sag?”

Mary couldn’t believe she was actually holding Mrs. Taylor’s breasts in her hands! They were so big and firm, twice the size of her 34B breasts. She stammered, “T-t-they don’t sag at all, ma’am.”

Gloria smiled, letting go of the teen’s wrists, “Like I said: you’re a sweetheart.”

“Thanks,” Mary replied nervously.

Gloria looked down at Mary’s pantyhose and asked, “Have you ever worn stockings like mine before?”

“No,” Mary shook her head. “Until a moment ago I didn’t really know they even existed.”

Gloria, continuing her aggressive, sly deduction, ordered, “Take your pantyhose off. You need to try on a pair. They will transform you.”

Mary couldn’t believe Mrs. Taylor was so comfortable in her body, still pretty much naked, but not at all shy that she might get stared at, as she said, “That’s okay, Mrs. Taylor. I’m fine.”

Gloria went back to her dresser, grabbed another garter and another pair of stockings and said, “No, I insist. It’s the least I can do after all the trouble I’ve put you through.”

As Mrs. Taylor grabbed the items from the dresser, Mary heard a girl scream, “Oh yes, yes, eat my cunt, finger fuck me, you cunt licking slut!”

What confused Mary almost as much as the reality that Mrs. Taylor was obviously playing lesbian porn and didn’t seem at all embarrassed that Mary could hear it, was the weird feelings suddenly emerging in her body. She felt weird tingles everywhere, and she felt her panties getting wet.

And even though she found it incredibly weird, Mary obediently moved to the edge of Mrs. Taylor’s bed and removed her pantyhose, her hands trembling as she did.

“Yes, you whore, ram that plastic cock right up my ass!”

Mary twitched, startled. People did that?! Why?!

Gloria smiled at how the teen was clearly uncomfortable, yet obeyed her every suggestion with very little resistance.

“Tell me what you want, you little bimbo slut.”

Gloria walked serenely over to her prey as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening and instructed, “Stand up, my dear.”

Mary obeyed, even as she still tried to process how she’d ended up in the current bewildering situation.

“I want it so bad, Principal Abbot, please fuck the hell out of your fuck slut.”

Mary couldn’t believe it was a student and a principal scene.

Gloria put the garter belt on Mary and slyly moved her hand across the back of the teen’s panty-clad ass… the only piece of original clothing still on her.

Mary felt a chill go up her spine kaçak casino as Mrs. Taylor’s hands accidentally touched her fanny… no one had ever touched her so intimately… Even if it was completely innocent.

Gloria instructed her human Barbie doll, “Sit on the edge of the bed, sweetheart.”

Mary again obeyed, not saying anything… having no idea what to say.

“First you can get that fucking tongue deep in my cunt, you stupid little whore, just like you made that nerd do to you.”

Gloria dropped to her knees, rolled a stocking in her hands, lifted up the teen’s right foot and began to roll the stocking up her leg.

Shock kept compounding on shock for Mary as she watched Mrs. Taylor dressing her and listened to porn behind her. It was very weird and awkward, yet it was also causing feelings to grow inside her that she’d never felt before. The strangest tingling was happening in her vagina, and it caused a dampness in her panties.

Once Gloria had one stocking on the teen, the teen’s leg up in the air, she glanced at the teen’s panty-clad pussy and… yes… saw a quarter-sized wet spot that wasn’t from the spill… no, as expected, her seduction was getting Mary excited.

“Finger fuck me too, slut or you’ll be taking English again in summer fucking school.”

Mary was flushed and confused as the sounds, moans and dirty talk on the computer behind her, mixed with Mrs. Taylor’s hands roaming up and down her legs had another gush of wetness leak out of her.

Gloria burst out, “Oh my!”

“What?” asked a very self-conscious Mary; had she done something wrong?

Gloria, pretending she didn’t know that was pussy fluid soaking the panties, exclaimed, as she stroked her fingers across the teen’s pussy, “I spilt so much lemonade, I got them on your panties, too!”

Mary was once again so surprised by the sudden action that before she knew it, Mrs. Taylor had swept her panties down her legs and all the way off her feet.

Gloria examined the panties closely, pretending to assess the stain before moving them to her nose for a long sniff, as Mary stared, mortified. Gloria looked into the air for a few moments as if puzzled, then did her best Eureka act, saying, “Oh, that’s what it is!” Gloria acted all shocked, as she lifted the panties to her nose again, as if confirming the teen’s wetness.

“That’s it, find my g-spot,” the principal moaned loudly.

Mary didn’t say anything, completely humiliated at what she’d accidentally done.

Gloria placed the panties thoughtfully on the end of the bed and looked at Mary as if she were noticing the look of utter embarrassment in the teen for the first time, before reassuring her in a voice dripping with honey, “Mary, it’s okay. We all get excited sometimes.”

“Really?” Mary asked.

Gloria nodded, as she walked to a clothes hamper in the corner and grabbed the panties she’d been wearing a few minutes ago, which she knew were sopping wet. She returned and handed them to Mary, confiding in a low voice as if there were a danger of being overheard, “I was masturbating when you rang my doorbell.”

Mary took the panties and held them, having no idea what to do with them, even as she was shocked by Mrs. Taylor’s admission… although it seemed rather obvious, based on the toys present on the bed, which were still buzzing, and the movie still playing on the laptop.

But Mary had never masturbated… her mother and father had made it fearfully clear that sex of any kind was only to occur once she was married… and even then only when necessary (whatever that meant), and although she had felt a tingling in her vagina on rare occasions… nothing had come anywhere near close to this… nor had she ever soiled her underwear.

Gloria asked, “Feel how wet they are?”

Mary obediently pressed her fingers into the damp fabric, “Yes,” Mary nodded, the panties were indeed quite wet.

“What can I say? I get excited easily,” Gloria shrugged, as she stood right in front of Mary and pointed to her pussy. “See? Just dressing you, the movie playing, and not finishing what I started has me all wet right now.”

Mary looked down at Mrs. Taylor’s vagina and did detect a glistening on the naked lips.

“Oh yes you cunt craving slut, suck on my clit.”

Gloria grabbed the second stocking, smiling to see that Mary was still staring at her pussy and still holding her soiled panties.

Mary watched as Mrs. Taylor dropped back to the carpet near Mary’s feet, and couldn’t help but lift the panties up to her nose… curious what they smelled like.

The scent was strong, but intoxicating… not at all what she would have fathomed if she had ever put any thought into the scent of a woman.

Gloria rolled the second stocking up Mary’s leg, just catching Mary shyly moving her panties away from her face… and confident the church girl would succumb, she was now ready to go for the kill.

“Stand up, sweetheart,” Gloria ordered, just as a woman reached a long, noisy orgasm on the computer.

“Oh yes, yes, eat my cunt, suck my clit, yes, yes, I’m coming you fucking pussy pleasing princess!!!”

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