Christie the Sorority Slave Ch.1

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this storie is not true,and by the way it’s my frist storie hope you like it

It was Christies 18th birthday and her and a few friend were talking about what collage they where going to attend. But Christie already knew where she was going since her dad was the dean at Michigan State so her collage plans had been made since she was a little girl. so she was trying to convince her best friend kelli to go to MSU since her other friends had there collages already pick out. she tryed her best to get kelli to go to MSU since she did’nt what to go to a new school not knowing anybody since she already knew that students would treat her diffrent cause of who her father was. but there was noway kelli was going to let her boyfriend go to Ohio State alone so for the frist time Christie was on her own. it was now the end of august she could not belive she was going to collage tomorrow so she made sure she had everything packed it would be the frist time she would live somewhere else and she was looking forward to it in away although MSU was only 100miles away it mite as well be another world.

so she woke up early to make the hour and a half drive to get to her new dormroom when she got there she was shocked to so many people walking around so when she finely found a parking place she pushed her way threw the crowds of people she finely found her dormroom. when she walked in she seen her roommate for the frist time she was around 5’ft blonde and looked like she was around 20yrs old and she was putting her stuff away and acted like Christie was’nt even there.

so Christie walked up behind her to let her know she was her new roommate as she was about to say hi her new roommate turned around and said my name is Ann and you must be Christie. so they made small talk as they put there stuff away Christie found out that Ann was from new york and was only going to MSU cause her boyfriend was the star linebacker on the football team Christie told Ann that she did’nt have a boyfriend and did’nt know anyone at this school. she did’nt tell Ann that her dad was the dean of the collage cause she thought Ann would treat her casino oyna diffrently if she found out. so when they got done Ann ask Christie if she would like to go to the bar to meet some of her friends Christie figured it would be a chance to make some friends. when they got there Ann’s boyfriend was there sitting at a table with a few big guys and a few girls as Christie thought the big guys were on the football team there names were john and mike and Ann’s boyfriend ted and the girl’s names were jenny and Sara.

jenny snd Sara were blonde like Ann was but jenny was the tallest at around 6ft looked around 19yrs and really skinny Sara was around 21yrs about 5’5 and kind of they all started talking Sara ask Christie if she planed on joining a sorority Christie said she was’nt sure witch one to join and then Ann said that her Sara and jenny belonged to a sorority and they would get her in if she passed hellweek. Christie ask what was hellweek and the girl’s said threw there laughter that the pledges would have to do some dumb stuff that the other sisters in the sorority wanted for a week and if you make it after a week they vote on if you stay or go. Christie agreed to give it a try an Sara said hellweek starts next week and that Ann will fill her in on the rest like what to wear and where to go.

after a couple of hours of talking to the guys and girls Ann and Christie left and on the way back to the dorm Ann told Christie that she would have to dye her hair blonde cause thats one of the sorority rules.Christie did’nt like the thought of dying her long black hair blond but she thought what the hell. so when they got back to the dormroom Ann dyed Christie’s hair frist Christie did’nt like it she thought it made her look funny since she had dark brown eyes and eye brows but if she wanted to join she would have to live with the change. as the week went on Ann told Christie more about hellweek and that the thing is she would have to live at the sorority house for the whole week and that it starts this friday afternoon and it ends the next sunday. so after class on friday Christie went to her canlı casino dorm and got her suitcase and walked over to the sorority house it was only a couple blocks away when she got there she saw a line of all blondes standing in order from tall to short since Christie was 5’9 she was one of the frist in line as they were all waiting Christie saw Ann Sara an jenny and a few other girls she did’nt know walk in the room and one of the girls Christie did’nt know started to yell at the pledges ‘ ok you little sluts who told you to line up by how tall you are get in line buy your bra size and if it’s not in the right order the ones that are out of place will get punished in front of everyone here and you little sluts got 2mins to get in line.

Christie found it humiliating to look at the other girls tits and to have her’s looked at all the girls in line were asking each other bra size Christie said she was a 36b so she was in the middle of the line of the 15 or so pledges.the girl that order them to line up said’ times up sluts take of your bras and then tell us your size the frist girl in line was a 38d she was the biggest one there she handed her bra to the sorority and stepped back in line as Christie watch the next ten girls take of there bra’s and standing there topless the girl in front of Christie was not in the right order and Sara yelled at the girl to go stand in the corner till the rest of the girl were done getting checked in as luck would have it the next five girls were wrong and made to stand in the corner Christie found this really humiliating standing in the corner topless then she heard the sorority sisters say turn around as we tell you the rule’s the girl said my name is mary i’m the head sister in this house mary was about 20yrs and of course blonde the next girl was Ann she said i’m the second sister in charge then there was Sara and jenny and tara.

tara was 18 blonde about 5’8 and very skinny. then mary started to tell the girls the rule’s rule number 1 although there is more than five sorority sisters in this sorority you sluts will only listen to us unless told other wise. rule2 while in this kaçak casino house you will all be nude unless told other wise. rule3 you sluts will address us as mistress and will not speak unless told to. rule4 you do as your told no matter what it is and if any of you dont want to go on your free to leave but if you stay you will find out why they call this hellweek. Christie looked around and she did’nt see anyone leave. mary said now with the punishment you five sluts get out of the corner and get in front of us on your knees and then Ann looked at all the girls and said what was rule2 sluts get nude NOW! then Sara looked at the five girls on there knees and said you sluts dont move yet as Christie watch the 10 girls get naked she wondered what was going to happen to her and the other 4girls then mary told the girls that were stripping to put there panties in a pile and there jeans in a pile and there tops in a pile and there bra’s in a pile.

when the girls had all there stuff in the right piles mary said now the punishment starts with a loud laugh ok sluts this is what you got to do since there is ten pairs of panties in the pile that means that each of you little skanks get two pairs mary order them to crawl over to the pile and pick up two pairs and then kneel in front of her Christie picked a pair of white cotten and red silk panties and crawled back in front of mary and waited for the other girls to get back when they were all there mary told them that they were going to match the panties to the girl by smell and that they would go one at a time and that the other four girls would not see if the other girls were right or wrong so when it wasnt there turn they had to stand in the corner and wait there turn.

Ann said ok here is what you dykes have to do smell the panties and then crawl over to the girls that know there tit size and then you have to smell there pussy’s all ten of them then you can smell the panties one more time then give the panties to the girl you think they belong to and if they dont you have to wear them all day and sleep in them then wear them on your head all day tomorrow. Ann looked at the girl next to Christie and said your frist slut the rest of you whores get in the corner. Christie waited in the corner listening to the laughs of the sorority sisters thinking how humiliating this is.

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