Choices: Revisited

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Choices revisited is a series that follows “Choices” which tells the story of a relationship that is build between three people. Brother, Brandon Jenson. Sister, Monica Jenson and Kimberly Chambers a long time friend of Monica. Choices followed the three of them building their relationship and all the hardships they faced.

Choices Revisited will tell the story of their lives directly after they all claim one another in greater detail. We hope you enjoy.

~{Part 1}~
The Aftermath


We woke up the following morning to a silent house. Part of me expected to wake up to the sounds of sirens and police with guns drawn, but it seems my father had taken Brandon’s threat seriously. Brandon was asleep on his back with one arm around Kim and one arm around me. I had fallen asleep on my back with my head laid back in the crook of Brandon’s shoulder. Kim was still on her side facing Brandon with her arm around him and her fingertips touching my side. They looked so peaceful.

I was just considering going back to sleep until the sound of my cell phone got me out of bed. Still naked from the night before I crossed his room to where all of our clothes laid and fishes my cell phone out of my pocket. The Caller ID just made me sigh and leave the room. I had never until this moment walked naked through the house before, but something felt different now.

“Hey Dad.” I did my best to keep the annoyance and anger out of my tone. “Look, I am not sure if I can talk to you anymore. You almost killed Kim…and how you treated Brandon all because of a mistake Mom made. It was horrible.”

“Monica, I have had a lot of time to think since….HE….held a gun on me last night.” Tom said.

“Who held a gun on you?” I wasn’t stupid, I wasn’t about to play along.

“Fine, whatever. Look….” Tom sounded a little aggravated and that only made me more angry.

“No you look.” I snapped. “I love Brandon and I love Kim and we are going to build a life together. You can either accept it or lose your daughter.”

“B…ut baby.” Tom stammered.

“You already lost your son, no matter how little you cared for him and your wife. Is your pride really worth losing me too?” I asked and slammed the phone closed.

For a time I stood there staring at the stairs and I wanted to cry. It wasn’t fair for him to make me chose like this. It didn’t matter the reasons or why he felt the way he did. I shouldn’t have to chose between my father and the people I love. After I had pulled myself from these rather depressing thoughts I turned to return to bed and found Kim leaning on the door frame with a small throw blanket wrapped around her to guard her from the cold.

Her Gothic makeup had come off in the night’s passions and her brown hair hung down loosely over her face. I never truly appreciated how beautiful Kim was until that moment. Kim was the kind of girl who got lost in the pack unless you took her out of the make up and fancy clothes. She was pretty with the make up, she was breath taking without it.

“Hi.” I said softly and smiled.

“You woke me up.” She whined. “Everything alright?”

“No.” I admitted. “My father called and tried to talk to me.”

“Awe baby.” She grabbed the edges of the blanket and opened it. She was as naked as I was. Her small breasts stood out proudly and her tiny nipples were poking out from the cold. Her pussy was completely hairless and I noticed a bit swollen. “Come.” She commanded.

It was such a strange feeling as I walked to her and she wrapped me I the blanket with her. This girl who had been my best friend as long as I could remember was now so much more. I didn’t care what anyone else thought or said, I knew how I felt about her and thats all that mattered to me. As I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist I felt like I could stand here forever.

“We have to leave.” I told her.

“What, the house?” She asked, grazing softly at my neck and making happy mewing sounds. “Is he coming?”

“No, not….” I whimpered with pleasure as her lips passed over the pulse line of my throat. “Do you know how difficult you make it to talk when you do that?”

“Mmhmm.” She purred. “And I will continue to make it difficult to talk…until you give me a good morning kiss.”

I blinked and looked down into those big brown eyes and smiled. So much had changed in such a short time. Two months ago there was no way Kim and I would be sharing a good morning kiss, but now I suddenly felt stupid not to mention neglectful for not doing it sooner. I leaned down and pressed my full lips to her own.

The kiss didn’t turn into a make out session, as it had last night in the Van, but it was nice none the less. After we broke the kiss she smiled and nodded. “Now, continue.”

I laughed gently and kissed her temple. She was so adorable, how could I have missed that all these years? “We will have to leave town. Soon.”

“But Monnie my family is here.” She said suddenly. “And I have sent in Resumes to canlı bahis three hospitals in the area.”

“Everyone knows us here baby.” I pointed out. “Do you think Brandon and I can have a normal life here?” And then something hit me that made my lip begin to quiver. “Y…you do want me and Brandon to have as happy a life as you right?”

“Of course sweetheart.” Kim assured me and then after stealing another quick kiss she turned, left me with the blanket and climbed back into bed with my brother. I took the hint and returned to bed with him as well. We took turns kissing his neck, gently licking his throat to wake him up. When he finally woke up he stretched like a animal would do when woken up from a good sleep and smiled at us.

“What can I do for you girls?” He asked with a faint little twinkle in his eyes.

“Not that.” I said playfully but began to nibble on his ear anyway.

He let out a little groan and began to shift back and forth across the bed. Kim has also began to nip at his throat with the tips of her teeth. “Girls…if you don’t stop we are never going to be able to talk about whatever you woke me up for.”

“But….i wanted to play.” Kim whispered and I gasped when I felt her fingers suddenly running up and down my already wet pussy. I moaned hotly into Brandon’s ear when she slid two of her fingers quickly into me until they were knuckle deep on a single thrust.

“Play.” She repeated stubbornly as she began to finger fuck me very gently.

“Oh god!” I groaned in Brandon’s ear. “That….is so not fair!”

I felt Brandon shift beneath the blanket and then it was Kim’s turn to gasp. She bit her lip and began to push those fingers in and out of me harder. “Monnie….m…m….make him stop!”

“Oh god!” I moaned and realized that Brandon’s entire body was slid over to Kim and his hips were moving. “Is he not playing fair baby?”

“Ut uh!” Kim groaned and then that quickly turned to moans. “Monnie tell him to play fair!…..oh god….i was only using my hands….”

“And he’s using his big cock isn’t he baby?” I purred and began to kiss my brothers throat.

“Uh huh….” She moaned as Brandon slid his cock in and out of her tight pussy. “Oh fuck….who am I kidding, fuck me baby.” She whined.

Brandon wasn’t about to let her request go unanswered but all I saw was his movement beneath the blankets. I could however hear the lewd slapping of his hips meeting her ass and the wet suction sounds of her tight pussy trying to suck in his big cock. I wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass me by. I grabbed Kim’s hand and removed it from my wet slit and then climbed on Brandon’s head facing kim.

Kim had a happy, no, content look on her face as she let Brandon fuck her from beneath her. I felt Brandon’s tongue touch my swollen clit and my whole body shuttered. Kim saw that shutter and grinned. “He just lick your clit?”

“Oh god, did he!” I moaned as his tongue now began to snake it’s way into me. “How does he feel honey?”

“Like heaven!” Kim screamed as she came all over his cock and I too soon felt the stirring in the pit of my stomach. As I heard Kim scream out a second orgasm my own body was rocked by one of my own. I felt my juices explode out and coat Brandon’s chin and mouth. “Oh god!” Kim said looking at me. “He’s swelling! Baby can I have it? Please Monnie!?”

“Take it!” I told her heatedly and then slid off Brandon’s face. “Blast her insides baby. Coat her with your cum.”

That was all Brandon needed. His shoulders tensed and he growled that sexy growl I loved so much. I watched Kim go perfectly still and knew my brother was unloading his seed deep inside her and shivered. God, I wanted that soon.

Kim climbed off Brandon and my brother’s shoulders fell back to the bed as he panted trying to catch his breath. “Now….what did you wake me up for?” He asked with a chuckle.

Kim and I both laughed happily. “My father called.” I barely got the words out before I saw his jaw set and him pull Kim a little tighter to him. For a moment I felt a little pang of jealousy, but it soon passed. Kim had been hurt after all. “It got me thinking is all.”

“That you two should have let me kill him?” Brandon hissed.

“No!” I shouted. “He is still my dad Brandon.”

“….i know….i know.” He leaned over and gave me a little kiss by way of apology and I smiled. “And what did it get you thinking beloved?”

“I know that Kim’s mom is here….and all of that but….” I looked down at my hands and sighed. I hadn’t really thought about that side of it. Kim and her mom would have to become distant, she would know who Brandon and I were. “…But we could never have a life here. Not you and me….”

“And Monnie deserves happiness as much as I do.” Kim said defiantly.

“Then we leave.” Brandon said without so much as a hesitation. “We pack up and we leave.”

“You’re serious?” I asked him in shock. I didn’t expect it to be this easy.

“If I want to be with you then we bahis siteleri need to leave right?” First he looked at me and I nodded then he looked at Kim and to my surprise, she nodded as well. “Then we leave.”

“How can we afford it?” I asked, misery gripping my chest.

“I have a couple of thousand saved up.” Kim offered and that brought my spirits up and then Brandon said something that both broke my heart and made him love him all the more.

“I have about ten grand in the bank and I can sell my share of the shop to Brian.” He said.

My mouth fell open and I heard Kim gasp. “You would give all of that up, for us?” She asked him.

He didn’t look at her, but directly at me. I knew then that even though he loved Kim, and he probably loved her with a passion and strength I would never know, he loved me first. And I would always be his sister, his lover and someday his wife. “For you two, I would pull down the stars.”

“Then we better get dressed guys.” Kim said, but she gave Brandon one final longing look that made me giggle. “We have a lot to do today.”

The three of us got dressed then I kissed Brandon deeply goodbye and then kissed Kim the same way and left. Kim kissed Brandon and then followed me out. I saw Kim driving the other direction on the street as Brandon was pulling out of the driveway. I remember thinking to myself, it looks like dreams can come true.


While Kim and Brandon went to take care of their own business I had some of my own to handle. I couldn’t just up and disappear on my mom, but I knew I couldn’t explain to her where we were going and why. I could barely handle this situation at that point and I knew my mother had zero chance.

When I got to the street I grew up on I pulled up to a house three of four houses down from mine and parked. A quick check in the rear view mirror to make sure I had added the proper amount of extra make up to cover up the nasty bruise on my head and then I got out. My makeup was a little light today, other then the added make up to cover the bruise, with only a layer of black lipstick and black eyeliner. I had on a black skirt that hung down to my mid thigh on one side but all the way down to my ankle on the other and a satin top that hugged my sides and showed on what little breasts I had.

The black high heeled boots clicked as I walked up the driveway to my childhood home. Let me tell you, this was by far the hardest walk I have ever taken. I loved Monica and Brandon with all my heart and soul but since I was young I was taught the only constant in life is your mother. I was risking that constant on the belief that Brandon and Monica wouldn’t get so lost in their love for each other, they would forget about me.

When I walked into my childhood home I felt like I had as a little girl whenever I had gotten into trouble and my mother didn’t make it any easier. You see, I was the runt of my family. My mother and father’s side didn’t have a single family member who was under five foot ten and here I came in at a tiny five foot five. She towered over me as I walked into the house, but she looked angry.

“Young lady, you want to tell me why Marsha Collins told me that her husband responded to a head injury at the Jenson house with you listed as the injury?” She demanded.

“Uh….” I stammered. “Um….”

“Um? That is all you have to say for yourself?” My mother demanded and crossed her arms over a generous amount of cleavage. I got the short end of the stick all around in my family. “Explain Kimberly, NOW!”

Hearing that tone I panicked and did the stupidest thing I could possibly have done. I broke down and told my mother everything. Halloween, the costumes, Stella, Monica…all of it. My mother said something then that shocked me.

“Where is that Thomas Jenson!” She snarled. “I am going to rip his head off his tiny little body!”

“MOM!” I yelled. “Did you not hear me?”

“You and Brandon are in love….somehow Monica is mixed up in it and you’re all moving away.” She said softly and looked down at me. “That about cover it dear?”

“….And your…okay with that?” I asked suddenly unsure.

“Am I okay with that….NO!” She bellowed but then took a steadying breath and sighed. “Let me tell you a story.”

And suddenly my mind flashed to Jennifer Jenson and Randy Summers. “OH GOD…..not you too!”

As if my mother read my mind she laughed. I mean she laughed. She literally laughed so hard she fell onto the couch. Once her giggle fit had passed looked over at me and smiled. “No, this family is messed up baby, but not that badly. What I was going to tell you was that your father’s family had a view on what their family should be like and here I was, a little no good girl from the other side of the tracks whose only talents were basketball and getting things off the top shelves.”

Then her smile turned tender and she looked at my father’s picture on the mantle. My father had died of a heart attack four years before. “I guess what bahis şirketleri I am saying is that while…i think the Jenson children need to see a counselor and that this is all unhealthy….i know a thing or two about people falling in love with people they shouldn’t.”

“So your going to let me go?” I asked suddenly hopeful. “And keep the secret?”

“Baby, your 23 years old…the days when I could threaten you with a spoon to get you to behave are behind us.” And then she smiled again, rose from the couch and crossed the room to hug me. “And yes I will keep the secret….as long as you promise me that you will know what your doing and you won’t get hurt.”

I looked up at my mother and appreciated her in a whole new way. “I won’t get hurt momma. They love me and I love them.”

“Well, I haven’t unpacked your box’s from college yet… your already packed.” My mom said but she still sounded unsure. “Now go before I change my mind.”

I hugged my mother and then ran out of the house to my car to find Monica and Brandon. I had only one more stop to make. The bank.


I left shortly after the girls did but I knew my errands would take less time. I visited the bank and closed my accounts. Personal and business. They were sad to see me go, but with interest and the business accounts I cleared almost twenty-five grand. The final stop on my tour was the Tattoo shop. Brian had opened it this morning and when I walked in he looked worse for wear. He yelled at me for a clean hour about the gun and making him think I was going to kill someone and end up in prison.

One I got him calmed down enough to talk I looked over at him and my expression turned serious. “So, does your dad still want to buy me out?”

“You know he does.” Brian said with a snort. “Thinks I shouldn’t be apprenticing to someone younger then I am. I tried to explain to him that your an artist, but he won’t listen.” I could still kind of understand it, Brian was five years older then me after all.

“Call him.” I told him with a straight face.

“Why?” Brian asked with a lifted brow.

“Tell him that I have been a royal pain in the ass today and I am offering to be bought out.” I told him and the series expression on my face told him I was serious. “Tell him that I may rethink the offer if he doesn’t get me a generous buy out payment now.”

“Oh my god!” Brian snapped. “You did shoot someone!”

“I didn’t!” I said with a laugh. “Me and Kim are running away together.”

“Kim….” He stopped for a second thinking and then his eyes lit up. “You mean that hot little Gothic chick who hangs around with your sister? Congrats man! You could definitely do worse!”

“I know, but we need to get out of town now before Monica’s dad finds out.” I saw the look on his face and chuckled. “Long story, just make the call.”

Brian walked away to call his dad. I don’t know if his father did ninety to the bank or what but the two of us could only talk for a half an hour before his dad showed up with another twenty-five grand in cash. I looked down at the bag of money and was tempted to take it and run, but I knew better.

“Do you understand this shop makes this is three months?” I asked with a lifted brow. “It’s not enough.”

“What in the hell do you mean it’s not enough!” His father bellowed and he was the kind of man whose face turned purple when he yelled. “As if it’s not bad enough you have my son, who is older and more talented then you working for you but now your trying to trick more money out of me.”

I just stood with a lifted brow and listened to his tirade but it was Brian who stopped it. He snatched the bag out of his father’s hands and shoved it into mine. “That and five percent a month.”

I always liked Brian so I smiled, nodded and added. “Three percent.”

We shook hands, I shoulder checked his father and walked out of the shop for the last time. Only one last thing to do and little did I realize, Monica had already done it.

I parked outside the motel where my dad was staying with his family and wasn’t surprised to find Mom’s car here. I was surprised to find Monica and Kim’s cars here though. I thought about locking the two bags in the trunk, but I wasn’t about to risk it. When I got to his door it was cracked so I left myself in.

Mom squealed when she saw me and rushed over to hug me. I had never seen her look happier. She kissed me on the cheek and smiled. “They told me all about it! Your really doing it? You and the girls?”

“Yes momma.” I said with a smile. “We are really doing it.”

Dad walked over and gave me a hug and whispered in my ear. “If you get there and need anything. New Start up. References. A little floating cash. Call me you hear me?”

All I could do was hug the man who had always had my back my whole life and hold him tight to me. “Thanks dad.” I whispered.

“Your father is in for a rough week.” I heard mom tell Monica. “You are leaving today and I am leaving with Randy and Catherine tomorrow.”

“Really?” Kim said suddenly excited. “When did you decide that?”

“Today?” Catherine said from a chair near the window. “Are are renting a truck, packing her up and moving her down with us.”

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