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“So, that’s where my panties are!” I spun my head and looked at my sister in law Tami. I expected to see anger in her eyes instead I saw amusement, “Do you like the way they feel on your cock Davey boy?” she asked.

I paused, for a second not knowing what to say, then I felt a sting on my shoulder.

“Do You Like Them!” she asked again. I answered immediately ” Yes I luv the way they feel on my cock.”

Now as embarrassing as this moment was, my dick actually got harder, I had been fantasizing about Tami for Years, she was black to my wife’s white.

Tami is 33 5’8 and 135 lbs., she has magnificent 38 c tits that stand at attention and nipples that would poke your eye out. She has a slim build and a nice round ass that I dream about.

My wife Lynn is the opposite, 35 5’4 155 lbs small tits and no ass but she sucks and fucks me for hours at a time.

Lynne is able to keep my cock hard for as long as she wants just by varying how she plays. She can make me shoot my load in five minutes or make me go for two or three hours, she is enthusiastic in bed and a very talented cock sucker.

I was wearing nothing but Tami’s soiled silky panties that I had taken earlier in the day while she was in the shower. And a butt plug that was 8 inches around, my cock was rock hard. I was writing a story about how I wanted to fuck her when she came in and caught me. “Lynn told me you had a fetish for panties, so, when I couldn’t find them I knew to look for you, and here they are.” My face reddened deeply as I searched my brain for some kind of plausible answer to an obvious question.

” Lynn told you?” “Yes I told her, and I told her of your love for cock!” Lynn had appeared in the doorway behind Tami, wearing only a strap-on cock. I simply looked at the floor wondering what was in store for me.

My fetish for panties started when I was in my teens. I had a girl friend that would make me wear her soiled panties or panty hose. She would ask me to wear them and then make me strut around casino oyna in them in front of the windows , while she stroked my cock through them, making me stain them with pre-cum and then licking and sucking it through the material, until I shot my load in them, then she would take them off of me and make me lick my cum out of them. Then and only then would she allow me to fuck her.

After a while she made me wear garters and stockings, so she could suck my cock and fuck my ass with a dildo at the same time.

The first time, she tied me up in a doorway, in front of an open window of her apartment. Which was at street level so anyone walking by could see me tied there in a garter and stockings with knee length boots with 6″ stiletto heels. She was completely naked she walked around me several times, touching me, stroking my cock and scooping precum with her fingers and feeding it to me.

Then she stood beside me grinding her hot cunt against my thigh while she stroked my cock, she left me for a moment and when she came back I felt her rub my asshole with some cold slippery lube, then she slipped a finger into my virgin ass as she pinched my nipple hard, then two fingers.

All the while grinding her steaming pussy against my leg.

She left me again for a second then she was behind me she reached between my legs and grabbed nuts and squeezed them hard, as she shoved a butt plug in my ass, I cried out in surprise.

Slowly she pulled it back out then slowly in again after a few times it didn’t hurt and I started to rock my hips back and forth on it.

“Oh you want more baby?” “Yess please more.” ” you want a big black cock to fuck your ass baby?” ” Yesss, big black hard fucking cock . Pleassse”. She shoved the plug back in and left me once again.

I looked out the window and there were two ladies in their forties looking at me in shock mouth’s wide open . Then she was back.

She stood in front of me stroking a strap-on cock that was 9″ long and about 6″ around canlı casino and very very black, “will this do?” ” I’m not sure”, she went behind me and pulled out my plug, smeared my ass again and pushed the tip against my opening then started stroking my cock, with one hand and pulling on my nipples with the other.

The two ladies now hand their hands under their shirts playing with their tits. The site of that pushed me over the edge and I thrust back onto that big hard cock and impaled myself up to the hilt, the feeling was so intense that I came and pissed at the same time. Every time I squirted my ass squeezed hard on that cock and I came even more.

I couldn’t believe the intensity of that orgasm. But I knew I wanted more.

I was snapped out of my daydream by Tami, she had clamped her teeth on my nipple and bit down hard, I yelped in surprise and then moaned ” more, please more” she held my nipple in her teeth and stood up making me rise to my feet. Then I came in her panties. This made her bite harder and then Lynn tore them off of me and stuffed them in my mouth, “clean her panties, you little slut!” I sucked on them tasting my cum and her pussy. It was too much and I came again, only this time on Tami’s tits.

Lynn was furious with me, she told Tami to lie on the floor and ordered me to stroke my cock hard then fuck her and lick my cum off her tits, “and don’t even think about cumminig til you’re told to you little slut, understand?” ” Yes Lynn, I understand.”

I got down on my knees and started stroking my cock, Tami was playing with her cunt and licking her lips. “I want you’re cock Davey, now! Fuck me”. That was it, I was stiff as a poker again I shoved my cock in Tami’s hot slippery cunt and she came hard, I lowered my face to her tits and started licking my cum off her tits, thrusting into her cunt sucking up cum, I was in heaven.

Lynn kneeled behind me and shoved her rubber cock up my ass, soon our rhythm’s matched and she pushed into me while I pulled out of kaçak casino Tami. “Oh god yess, fuck me Davey, you slut, fuck me hard make me cum again you dirty little whore, fuck my hot cunt, oh, OH, OH, OHHHHH, YESSSSSSSS! I’m CuMMMMMING. OOHHHHHH!”” Lynn suck on my clit pleassssse!”

Lynn pulled out of me with a pop and told me to move. I pulled out of Tami and watched my wife go down on her brother’s wife, ” Oh Tami you’re cunt tastes so goood!”

“Suck my cunt Davey, make me cum!” I lowered my face to my wife’s cunt and started sucking her juices, she tasted so different from Tami. I felt a hand pulling on my cock , I moved my body to accommodate the pull.

“Come here!” Tami said “I need to taste you.” I slid over to her and she sucked my cock into her mouth, as she did I plunged my tongue deep into Lynn’s cunt and sucked her clit into my mouth making her cum “oh OH OH OH YESSSSSS” she flooded my mouth with her cum, and I happily lapped up all her juice.

“Cum in my cunt now you slut!” Tami said. I looked at Lynn and she nodded permission.

I lowered myself to her and pushed inside her.

I started to cum in Tami’s hot cunt, shooting load after load of my hot sticky seed deep into her belly while Lynn came all over her face. I collapsed on top of Tami, ” Oh no, now you have to clean me up!”

I sucked on her cunt licking up all of my cum, while Lynn sat on her face and played with her nipples, I started to jerk my cock when all of a sudden I saw a cock in front of my eyes, a real live hard 9″ cock. Hard and dripping pre-cum, the head was purple, and the vein’s were standing up, it Twitched in rhythm to it’s owners heart beat. His sack was loose and his balls were loaded with cum. There was no hair at all, every bit had been shaved off. Who was this? I wondered.

I lifted my head to see my Brother in law, Mark kneeling over me ” I hear you like to suck cock, Davey. In fact Lynn says you’re a real cum slut. Is that true?” I just nodded my head. I looked at Lynn. She smiled and nodded at me “go ahead baby, suck that big piece of meat. Maybe if you’re good enough Mark will fuck you too!”

My cock jumped as I lowered my mouth to mark’s cock…

But that’s another story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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