Caught with a Wedgie

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I never knew that my straight-laced life could take such a turn. Until that day I thought my hidden life of masturbation would remain undiscovered forever.

You see, I have an unusual way of masturbating. When my wife and kids are out of the house, I often head to the bedroom and strip to my underwear. I prop up a couple of pillows in the middle of the bed, and then, carefully, pull my underwear up into the crack of my ass like a thong. I usually wear black or grey briefs, and as I lift the waistband high on my hips, I mount the pillows so that my ass is arched into the air. Positioned like this I begin to hump my hand. It sounds so twisted writing it, but it is actually quite enjoyable.

I have a big, football player type of body. I am over 6 feet 2 inches tall and 250 pounds, with powerful shoulders, a bit of a beer belly, but a nicely rounded and slightly chubby butt. With my light complexion, I’ve often thought my butt looks like a woman’s behind when I’ve seen myself in the mirror. When I pull my underwear up my crack it feels so sexy, and I love the sensation of the material rubbing against the ridges of my anus as I hump my hand. I can’t explain why I masturbate this way, and I never really considered the implications of it.

Well, this week started like a normal week. I am a teacher, and I have a relaxed schedule during the summer. My wife and kids were out for the day, and I decided to strip down again. I soon had my 6 inch cock gliding up and down my palm, and my balls were tight and full of cum as my ass arched high on the pillows. The idea that I was perched like a slut in heat never seemed to enter my brain.

Suddenly, and with a lurch of fright, I heard a light tapping on the bedroom window! With cat-like quickness I rolled under the covers and pretended to be napping. My heart was pounding and my mind racing. Could anyone see in? Was my family home? I am always extra careful to pull the blinds shut. Perhaps the noise was a tree branch. But then, again, I heard the tapping on the glass- urgently, yet not angrily. A muffled male voice whispered, “I know you are there” and a gentle tap followed for the third time.

After waiting what seemed like minutes I pulled the underwear out of my ass, wrapped the blanket around my waist, and peered partially through blinds, still pretending to be napping. I rubbed my eyes and muttered, “What is it?”

I was shocked to see my neighbor, Alejandro, grinning at me from the window facing his side yard. Still holding to the charade, I feigned anger, “Dude, I’m totally napping, what do you want?”

Alejandro was not the type to tap on my window. He and his wife Latisha were a polite couple who kept to casino siteleri themselves. We shared a side yard that was covered with vines and trees, and we got along fine. Latisha was around 5 feet tall, with a pleasingly chubby body that had curves in the right places. Her Latina booty filled out her jeans in a sexy-housewife way. Alejandro was a former marine and current soccer coach. He was shorter than me at 5′ 5″ or so, but fit. I could only wonder what he wanted.

He kept grinning, and he spoke in a forced whisper, “Let me watch.” I was stunned. I stared blankly back at him. I stalled for time to think, muttering “What?” and holding to the napping charade, which was quickly eroding. “Let me watch” he whispered again, this time pointing towards my door. My mind was a blur, searching his face, pretending to be drowsy, but then something clicked. Something deep inside me took over my brain, and I mouthed a sleepy “Go to the door,” while returning his same gesture of pointing to my door.

I couldn’t believe it. I was in a zombie state as I walked through my house to the front door, opened it a crack, and quickly walked back to my room, not wanting to wait for him to come in. Perhaps I was ashamed, or perhaps I was still wrestling with what I was doing. Yeah, what was I doing? How did Alejandro know? I kept mulling this over but automatically returned to my darkened room and mounted the pillows, my underwear once again wedged up into my ass.

I heard the front door close, and then his footsteps came across the hardwood floor to my room. I could only imagine the view I was providing him, and my cock immediately strained against my hand. My erection was so strong it almost hurt. I couldn’t muster the courage to look back to see if he was there, but I could sense his presence.

I started humping, arching my back and showing him my ass. It was so sexy. I just started to wonder what would happen next and then I felt pressure on the bed. My heart was racing. Part of his body was resting on the bed.

We were both silent. As far as I knew, we were both straight guys with nice-looking wives. And yet here I was, letting him watch me masturbate with my ass in the air and my undies wedged in my crack.

“Dude,” he said as his hands gently ran across my ass. I twitched with his touch, and he became more deliberate, this time reaching for my wedgie thong and pulling it farther into my ass. “So hot,” he muttered. His words were few as we grappled with the boundaries we were crossing.

He pulled the wedgie deeper in my ass and I moaned! What was wrong with me? He started to massage my ass, and then I felt him stand up beside the bed and move near the head board. canlı casino I turned my head to the side, and there he was, shorts at his ankles, and his erect cock pointing right at my face.

I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t make eye contact. I just stared at his straining cock. He was uncut, but his purple head had pushed through to reveal its glistening mushroom shape. His cock was shorter but thicker than mine, about 5 inches long. His veiny shaft was a light mocha. I studied his balls, noting the deep color of his black pubic hair, which seemed neatly arranged around his crotch. I just stared.

Perhaps subconsciously I had wanted this all along. Without thinking, I scooted lower on the bed, silently signaling him. He kicked a leg over my body, his back against the headboard, and his legs in a v-shape as he sat with his cock right in front of my face. His cock was so close I could smell his skin and fragrance of his balls.

Alejandro gripped his cock and pointed it at me, moving it to my face, and then rubbing it on my cheek. I turned my face to take the tip into my mouth.

He was a bit salty, and the tip was spongy like a big eraser. I had a man’s cock in my mouth, my ass was propped up on pillows, and my underwear remained wedged into my ass. Alejandro’s bare legs straddled my body, his sneakers and socks still on.

But then, I panicked. I was married. I seemed to snap out of my trance. I pulled up, letting his cock out of my mouth. “I can’t” I started to say, but quickly, and firmly, Alejandro grabbed the back of my head, growling, “Oh yes you can, bitch. I’ve been in the Marines, and I know what you can do. Now suck it, slut.”

He pulled the back of my head with one hand while leaning forward and reaching for my wedgie with the other. He pulled my underwear deep into my ass, forcing me closer to his cock. My forehead was pressed against his belly. I gasped, but he just pulled harder, forcing my head deeper into his lap.

My resistance faded, and I let his cock enter my mouth. He fed me all of the length while pulling my underwear and forcing my head down until I was afraid of gagging. “Relax, dude, relaaaax” he whispered. “You can do this, and you can take a much bigger cock than mine. You know you’ve wanted to do this, just take it, and relax.”

He moved his right hand from the back of my head to my throat, opening my mouth to take his cock. I relaxed as I realized I was in no danger of choking. Still, my spit dripped down onto his balls and the bed, and I could smell his crotch, the heat rising in my face.

Alejandro began to thrust. I responded and started to slurp his shaft as it slipped along my mouth. He worked my wedgie like kaçak casino a handle and hissed out his encouragement, “Yeah, slut, take that cock. Oh yeah bitch, that is so hot. Look at your round ass, so creamy, so hot. Take it, yeah, be my bitch. I’ve seen you humping like a bitch in heat. You know you need it, yeah, that’s it slut.”

My pre-cum greased my palm and I continued to rock against the pillow. I was still in a daze over my new position. For some reason I couldn’t explain I wanted to please this man. I wanted him to enjoy me. I loved the pain of my wedgie, so tight against my sphincter, so sexy to be slurping his cock dressed like a slut. I worked my lips a bit but really had no idea what to do. I simply tried to make my mouth tight like a pussy for him while my tongue swabbed all around his tip.

I could taste his salty pre-cum, and I was afraid. I didn’t know how to swallow, but I knew that my neighbor would soon shoot his seed in my throat, and by the feel of his grip, I could tell he expected me to swallow every drop.

His thrusts became almost scary–his deep penetration hitting the back of my mouth. My jaw ached, my slobber continued to drip onto his balls, which started slapping against my chin. “Oh yeah, slut, take it, take my cock, that’s it,” he began speaking in staccato, and I knew he was close. I was excited. I needed to make Alejandro cum. I wanted him to like me. What was wrong with me? I’m not gay!

And just like that, he erupted into my mouth. His warm seed filled my mouth and I did my best to swallow him. The tangy flavor of his cum clung to my throat. He held me tight as he slowed down, his hands still firmly gripping me.

We stayed motionless for a few minutes, our panting and heaving chests making the only noise in the room. I still had a raging boner. I was petrified to move. I wanted to cum so badly, but now that he had finished I was coming to my senses. My marriage could be over if we were discovered. What would my neighbor do now?

In a few moments, Alejandro released me. He silently got up, and as I laid motionless, he dressed and left the room. He didn’t say a word. I heard the front door shut behind him, and I was left alone on the bed.

For some reason I still can’t explain, I went to my wife’s dresser and dug into the back, finding a lacy set of her stretchy panties. I pulled them over my ass and then lifted them into a wedgie. I mounted the pillow, now with her rough lace against my anus. I replayed the image of Alejandro’s cock, and after a few motions on the pillow I tensed up and shot three spurts of thick cum–a huge orgasm that left me totally exhausted.

Three weeks have since passed, and even though I see Alejandro as he gets in his car in the morning, we haven’t spoken, nor have we even glanced at each other. I still wonder what happened to me, and I wonder why I keep looking at my wife’s high heels in the closet.

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