Caught During my First Orgasm

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I enter my dorm and shut the door behind me. I sigh as I set my bag on a table—it had been a long day, and I need to wind down. I sit down on a chair and turn on the TV, looking for something good to put on. I switch through the channels, bored, until I hit one called “Extasy”. Curious, I let the image load, and I’m met with the scene of a young couple fucking, moaning loudly. I scramble to hit mute, not wanting my neighbors to hear, but my mind immediately started wandering.

I’ve never had a serious relationship, and I’ve never been into masturbation—I’ve tried it a few times, but every time, I got bored and just stopped. But I can’t ignore all of the praise my friends gave it, and for some reason, it feels right to try it again after such a long day. So, hesitantly, I pull off my jeans and set the TV to a low volume.

On-screen is a guy and a girl, probably in their early twenties—a couple of years above me. The girl is sucking his dick while moaning as if it were the best thing in the world. I frown and cross my arms, waiting for it to get good. The girl turns around and gets down onto her hands and knees and the guy steps forward, dick in hand. He finds her vagina and sticks it in, grunting. The girl gasps and arches her back.

I laugh. There’s no passion, no affection, just two actors trying to make some cash. I turn off the TV and pick up my phone, recalling something my friend Bianca said about a certain app—was it Red-Dit? After some searching, I find what I think she was referencing and download it. After making an account, I try to think of what to search for.

Real porn, I type in the search bar. The second result is a community called “Real Home Porn”. I click on it. The first post is from a guy’s point of view, fucking a girl from behind. He grabs her ass and fucks her hard, and her ass güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri is sort of bouncing around as he does it. It was clearly recorded with a smartphone in imperfect lighting—meaning it was actual sex.

Grinning, I scroll down, and I see a video from above of a girl being fucked as she’s holding the camera—I spend longer on this one, watching how her vagina takes the entire dick as she rubs her clit. The next video down is from a guy’s point of view again—he’s lying down, and two girls are licking and sucking his dick. Unlike on TV, the girls genuinely seem to be enjoying themselves.

I tap the back button and take a look at the other search results. There’s one that seems to be centered around lesbians. Curious, I tap on it, and I’m looking at a girl with neon green hair sitting on a chair, being fingered by another girl. I take in a quick breath. I didn’t think I was into girls, but I couldn’t help but be turned on by this sight. The scene cuts to the green-haired girl letting out soft moans as her friend fucks her with a dildo, kissing her at the same time.

Holding my phone with one hand, I bring my fingers to the outside of my panties and begin to rub gently up and down as I scroll on my phone. I let out a soft breath as I push down harder with my fingers. Feeling hotter than before, I pull my shirt off and set it aside, I slide my hand under my panties and down to my vulva. I feel wet. I gingerly bring my fingers up to my mouth and give them a small lick—salty. I smile and reach down below again.

With my free hand, I pull off my panties, exposing my pussy. I rub my clit slowly, my eyes fixed on the view of a girl going down on another. I push a finger into my vagina and gasp—damn, I’m tight. I gently fuck myself with my finger, biting my lip and breathing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hard. I slide in a second finger and moan out loud. Something about today is special—this has never felt so good before. I set my phone on the armrest so I can rub my clit at the same time. I lean my head back, eyes closed, breath quickening as pleasure shoots through my spine. My walls hug my fingers tight, begging for more friction.

I stand up, looking around with haste, until my eyes fix on my hairbrush on a countertop. I grab it and sit back down, this time with one leg over an armrest. I put the handle of the brush in my mouth, covering it with my saliva before taking it out and slowly lower it down my body. I rub the tip of the handle against my clit, giggling at the strange feeling. My giggles turn into moans as my body shakes a little bit. I squeeze my breast with one hand as I lower the hairbrush to my vagina and push it into myself.

Another shiver courses through my body as my walls grip the new surface. I slide it in and out, the ribbed material filling me up. I imagine what Bianca would say if she saw me here. Being a lesbian, she might actually enjoy watching me…

I shove the thought aside—she’s my roommate and my friend, it isn’t right for me to feel those things. But as I rub my clit and fuck myself with my hairbrush, I can’t deny the feeling of wishing it was her doing it to me instead, and the image turns me on even more. I close my eyes and imagine her holding me down, fucking me with a strap-on, and I moan loudly.

My body convulses and my breaths become short and fast. The friction inside of me is like magic. I picture Bianca leaning over to kiss me as she fucks me and squeezes my tits, and I moan her name aloud. My torso moves up and down as I push the hairbrush deep güvenilir bahis şirketleri into my pussy as I reach my peak. I feel a thousand waves of bliss crash over me as I reach my first-ever orgasm. I squeal in delight and imagine Bianca slapping my ass.

The orgasm dies down and my pussy becomes sensitive, so I take my hands away and sit there, the hairbrush still sticking out of me. I taste my fingers I was rubbing my clit with, and the juices taste sweeter than before. I pull the hairbrush out of my and suck the juices off of the handle.

“Hey, Julie, do we have any—ah!”

I nearly jump out of my skin as I hasten to cover myself. “Bianca! I thought you had class!”

Bianca stands outside her room, rubbing her eyes, her short blonde hair messy. “Was cancelled, I took a nap. I didn’t know—I didn’t mean to—were you saying my name earlier? And why are you naked?”

I feel my face grow hot. “L-laundry?”

Bianca stares at me, then laughs. “You were getting off!”

“I was not!”

“I wondered why you were making those noises, thought you were just eating something good.”

I put on my shirt and cover my under-region with my jeans. “I was just experimenting, okay?”

Bianca puts up her hands. “No judgement here, just wondering. But then… were you saying my name?”

My face feels like a tomato. “I didn’t!”

“It’s okay, Julie, I’m not mad or anything. I get it—I’m pretty hot.”

I laugh, half out of nervousness. “Y-yeah, you kinda are…”

She raises an eyebrow with a smirk. “You are too, y’know.”

“I—you think that?”

“‘Course I do. Especially since you’re half-naked.”

“I guess I am, huh?” I giggle.

Biana walks toward me. My heart quickens as she approaches and leans down.

“Y’know, there are some perks to being a girl,” she whispers into my ear. “For example, we can have multiple orgasms in one session.”

I turn my head to face her, my eyes wide and my mouth slightly open. The sight of looking at me with that smirk lights my flame again, and I grin when I hear what she says next:

“Mind if I show you what I mean?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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