Caught by Arielle Ch. 02

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Thank-you for reading this story. I would appreciate it if you leave me a comment.

I would like to thank my editor Nchlada for reading my story and suggesting better wordings when necessary.

I owe a special thanks to Dr_Dick of this Lit site for the erotic conversations and role play we have had. 😉


It was 4am when Zach parked his car on the curb of “Le Petit Nicholas” (The little Nicholas) pastry shop.

Before knocking on the door of the small establishment Zach texted Erick:

I had the best night EVER; I hope it hasn’t made things too weird between you and Arielle. She is a beautiful woman, I really hope both of you can withstand all of this now that it is out in the open.

He wanted to end the text with an ‘I love you man’, but decided to erase the digital characters instead and replaced it with an Erick in brackets signifying a virtual hug:


“Salut Zacharie, tu tombes bien,” Said Nicholas (Hello Zacharie, you have great timing)

“Tu as ce visage que tu fais d’habitude quand…,” (You have the face you make when…) OK, talk to me,” Said Nicholas.

“Why would you think something is wrong with me, Nick?”

“Well, it’s 4am, you show up in my quaint, yet delicious, pastry shop,” Nick said while throwing himself flowers.

“Usually, you are either drunk, not the case this time… Heartbroken?”

Scrutinizing his face Nick adds, “I don’t think so. Bored with the screw you had last night perhaps?” Nick said inquisitively, “is that why you left her or him for me? Ah… my baby came home!” Nick said while winking at his friend and proudly slapping his buddy’s arse as Zach was rolling his eyes.

Their friendship and closeness allowed him to add this reflection, “But, in all seriousness, and, judging from the frown you have, that you should totally Botox, by the way, on your forehead,” Nicholas said softly except for the snarky Botox comment, “I don’t think so. You have a new game face on; I have not quite ever seen that one.”

“Before continuing any further Zach, you know the rule!”

“Yes Nick,” Zach answered mechanically, “I know the rule, if I show up I can talk all I want but I need to work at the same time!”

“Good boy Zacharias, here is an apron for you,” Zach laughed at his friend as he slapped on the tool of the trade. Zach knew exactly what to do in Nicholas’s kitchen. He and Nick had been friends for more than 30 years.

Zach first stumbled into his pastry shop one early morning after a rave in the 80s. He had not slept yet and was completely hung over and dehydrated from the night’s lascivious dancing he just had. At the time, in his early 20s, and, from Nicholas’s flaming gay’s standpoint, he just looked like a delicious cookie who needed a little bit of attention, but mostly, lots and lots of coffee. He was so cute with his jet black curly hair and blue green eyes, Nick took pity on him immediately and offered him some of his magical black elixir and croissant.

That day, this kid ended up being Nick’s savior as his waitress never bothered showing up to what turned out to be a very busy day. Zach volunteered his services, even if he knew nothing of what he was doing. Luckily for Nick, Zach was a quick learner. He had the cash figured out in no time and was able to punch in the orders quickly enough so that there would be almost no line up. Nick hired him at the end of the day, a job he would keep throughout his studies. In Zach’s mind, he never really left as Nick would still call him to help out once or twice a week. Zach thought this was strange as Nick always had everything figured out and under control. Eventually, Zach figured out he was there because Nick hated being alone or needed someone close to talk to.

Together, they had navigated each other thru the many one night stands, their dating, their breakups, the marriages of friends and even the deaths of family members. In fact, Zach was often the stand-in date for Nick’s at family functions. This never bothered Zach, he just played the game.

The preparation for these family functions was always hilarious. An hour or so before the event Nick would sit Zach down and remind him who was getting married to whom, who had kids, who got divorced and any big family event that could come up in casual conversation like when little Micha got accepted to law school. Nick was a gossip queen, a title he actually enjoyed. To most people, they were just, Nick and Zach.

Nick was a master pastry chef who learned his craft in Paris at the school “École Lenôtre” and later earned his stripes in that same city and in New York. At 30, it was time for him to come home where he opened “Le Petit Nicholas”.

Spending so much time in the kitchen baking had tainted his vocabulary. When someone was nuts according to him, he would say, “This guy’s recipe is missing an egg.” When a girl was pretty he would tell Zach, “Look at that little apricot.” Apricot, casino oyna because according to Nick’s limited experience with the female genitals, dried apricots looked like vaginas. He was not entirely wrong on that one, Zach always thought.

“You are quiet again Zach. What’s the matter, lost in your thoughts?”

“No, just listening to Madonna in the background.”

“Don’t you find it ironic that song in particular is playing? So, tell me Zach, what has you pushing over the Borderline?”

Zach went on explaining in great detail, the only way to tell a story according to Nick, the events that transpired the night before. When he got to the part where Arielle showed up, Nick just screamed, “Holy Macaron! Did she bitch slap you silly?”

“Eh…no Nick, she did not bitch slap me,” Zach replied, then comically added, “I probably would have enjoyed that!” and stuck his tongue out at Nick.

“And then, go on, don’t keep me hanging!”

One thing about Zach, he knew how to tell a story to Nick in a way that would have him yearning for the next line. He spoke softly at the tender parts of the story and build up the crescendo until he reached the climax when all 3 of them collapse on the bed. He even recounted the small bedside pillow talk all 3 of them had.

“And you just left?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, I just left, you know how it is with couples after intense moments, they need to reconnect and either savour the night or hate each other for it in the morning.”

“I don’t know Zach, it seems to me that you may be overplaying this. Your fuck buddy Erick, he is a doctor right?”

“Oh God, Nick, stop calling him a fuck buddy,”

“What would you like me to call him? Your special friend?”

“That is like worst, dude”

“Friend with benefits?”

“Get to the point Nick!”

With a coy smile at Zach, Nick said, “Ok, your friend Erick, with the big dick.” Zach was moving his head left and right that had Nick laughing again like a jolly queen with her hands in the air. After a few minutes Nick recomposed himself and reprised with a more serious tone this time, “Erick is a doctor right?”


“Don’t you think he would have the brains to pick a smart girl?”

That last line had Zach thinking. What his friend was saying was absolutely correct. Erick was a smart, intelligent person, naturally, he would assemble himself with someone that would resemble him. Someone with shared his values, and perhaps someone who found pleasure in a threesome or a swinging kind of relationship. After all, she didn’t just bolt out last night, she stayed and she seemed to really have enjoyed herself.

At that moment, Zach’s phone beeped and a text appeared.

Hey you

“Who could be texting you at 6am?” Nick asked Zach

“I really don’t know, that number is not in my contacts” Before Zach had time to say anything else, another text appeared.

It’s Arielle

“No fucking way,” Nick said reading Zach’s text’s over his shoulder.

Arielle: R u up?

“Do you think she wants to know if you are awake or if you have a hard on?” Nick asked.

“It’s early, she wants to know if I am awake you dumb ass,”

“Just saying,” Nick said feigning to have been hurt by Zach’s comment then added, “what are you going to reply?”

Biting his lips, Zach started texting.

Zach: GM Arielle, yes I am up.

Arielle: Ah great, I got you awake.

Zach: didn’t get much sleep last night.

Arielle: 2 Xcited?

Zach: Yes, kinda, have been baking.

Arielle: Yum!

Arielle: Need to talk to you

Nick was tugging on Zach’s shoulders and jumping while screaming, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, invite her for breakfast here!”

Zach made an OK sign with his head at his overbearingly excited friend, and resumed his typing.

Zach: Breakfast?

Arielle: gr8, where?

Zach: Le petit Nicholas on St-Dennis Street corner of Marrie-Anne.

Arielle: sweet, I ? that trendy street.

Zach: Erick knows the place.

Arielle: Gr8, will ask him to drop me off b4 his shift @8.

Amused by her way of typing great, Zach simply types back.

Zach: gr8

“Well, well, well, looks like Nicholas is going to have front row seats. Come on, clients are going to start pouring in.” Nick said out loud.

The morning continued as Nicholas and Zach did their best at feeding the morning crowd. At 7:30 Zach got another text from Arielle saying they would be there in 5. Zach poured a fresh cup of coffee and 2 milks, just the way Erick liked it and placed a fresh croissant and a chocolatine in a paper bag for Erick. He saw Erick’s black 4×4 turn the corner and stop in front of the Pastry shop. In the passenger seat Arielle was very chirpy her blond hair reflecting the golden morning rays.

“Hey stranger,” Arielle said to Zach through the open passenger window.

“Good morning Arielle,” smiled in Erick’s canlı casino direction and said “Hey Erick.”

Erick put the car in Parking and stepped out of his car and joined Zach on the curb with Arielle.

Always being careful at public displays of affection Zach kept a respectable distance while giving Erick his coffee and treats.

“Thank you for the coffee and pastries, I am really cutting it short, could you thank Nicholas for me please Zach.”

“Of course,” Zach replied.

He then gave Zach a big very tight hug and kissed him on his right temple and whispered in his ear, “You are really special, my little dynamo. Thank you for last night, your words really put Arielle and I at ease.”

Zach looked into Erick’s eyes who understood everything without the need of other superfluous words. There would be a time for the two of them to reflect on all of this, now was not the time nor the place.

“I am so late, I need to get to the hospital.”

“I’ll go inside and make something to eat for Arielle. See you later Erick.”

While stepping in Zach saw Erick kissing Arielle and talking to her in her ears; they were both giggling like mischievous children up to no good.

Back in the coffee shop, Nicholas was too busy to notice that Zach stepped out for a few minutes. Behind the counter they both saw Arielle walk her 5’7 inch frame inside the shop. It was the first time Zach was laying his eyes on her in the broad daylight. She was a curvaceous blond around 120 pounds or so. She had blond curly hair, bright blue eyes and at least a D cup.

As usual, Nicholas was the first one to talk.

“Of all the little apricots, she is a sweet biscuit. Girls are not my thing but, put a strapon on her and I would seriously let her do me.” Looking at Zach he asked, “Does she give good head?”

“Better than yours, Nicholas Morin,” Zach replied teasing Nick where it hurt, in the bedroom.

“La tu es simplement méchant Zacharie!” (“Now you are simply being mean Zacharie!”)

“Come in Arielle, sit down. Do you put sugar in your café au lait?”

“No, thank you.”

Zach brought 2 French bowls and a basket containing an assortments of mini pastries for them to share.

“These are so cute, mini croissant and chocolate rolls, what are those?”

“That is a regular croissant but stuffed with marzipan, and showered with powdered white sugar and almond flakes.”

“Oooooh,” said an excited Arielle her big eyes already devouring the pastries.


Arielle first took the bowl with both hands and gulped some coffee.

“Ah, sanity! I really needed this coffee,” she said out loud

Smiling at the young lady in front on him, Zach realized he did not really personally know her. He only knew of her through many Erick’s stories about her. This was a great opportunity to talk and get to know the lovely ‘stranger’.

“So, Arielle…” Zach said and was immediately interrupted by her.

“I should first tell you that my friends call me Arie, and since we went from 0 to fucking in a few seconds, I think you can call me by my nickname.”

Laughing at the sexual comment, Zach replied, “So, Arie,” pausing a few seconds, “Are you ok?”

“More than Ok, I am in such a high I feel I am going to burst!” Arielle said with the energy of a bopping teenager.

“Oh please don’t burst,” Zach replied joining her in her in a laugh. “So you two are ok? Did you talk it over with Erick?”

“Yes we did, mostly this morning. We promised ourselves we would have a serious conversation, all 3 of us.” Arielle shyly said.

“That’s only fair, Arie. Are you wearing my Reebok track suite?”

“Very perceptive, I was wondering how long it would take you to notice. Erick’s stuff is massive on me and your just an inch or so taller than me so, it fits me fine!”

“Rather well I might add.”

“How did you meet Erick?” Arielle asked.

“We met at the gym, we started by spotting each other and as we got to know each other we started training together. Eventually, we would have a bite after our workouts. Ha ha ha, thinking back, I guess we were dating!”

“That’s so funny!” Arielle said.

“Erick tells me you have only known each other for about a year.”

“That’s about right, yes.”

“When did you start having sex?” Arielle asked bluntly.

“Wow, hell of a question!”

“I hope I am not prying?”

“Not at all, he is your boyfriend and, after last night, you are entitled to some explanations. Like I said, we met at the gym and started hanging out. One evening, after our workout, we showered like usual, but he caught me staring at his butt. He asked me if I saw something I liked. I nodded a yes, and he spread his butt cheeks showing me his ass hole.”

“Shut up!” Arielle said.

“Wait, there’s more!”

Visibly excited Arielle leaned in exposing her deliciously big 34D breasts cleavage to Zach. When she kaçak casino caught Zach peeking, she coyly smiled and unzipped her top a little more.

“Erick loves it when I play with his ass, sometimes even with a butt plug. After last night, I am buying a strap-on to do his ass like you did last night.”

“Now that sounds hot!” Zach said

“Don’t worry, I will also be doing your ass also! So, what happened next?” Arielle asked, wanting the rest of the story.

“Well,” continued Zach, “he spread his ass lasciviously in front of me made which made my dick grow hard and stiff.”

“He is usually so shy, he really was that bold?” Enquired Arielle

“Indeed he was, he turned around and was hungrily staring at my dick. That’s when I noticed his erect penis. I told him we should go to my place. That night we were all over each other sucking each other penises. He fucked my mouth and I fucked his tight ass for the first time. It was wonderful.”

“I bet it was! There are a lot of people here, is there a place we could talk more privately, Zach?”

“Sure, Nicholas’s office is in the back.”

Zach signaled to Nicholas that he was taking Arielle to his office.

“Sweet,” Nicholas thought, “I have a camera system in my office.” This was a detail that had totally slipped Zach’s mind.

“May I have another croissant Zach?”

“Certainement” (of course)

Walking in the office Arielle spoke to Zach about what she and Erick did when they stepped out of the shower the night before. They noticed he had left and the both of them went back to bed, this time to sleep. She recounted to him the story in every little detail.

This morning, she explained, the two of them stayed in bed talking about the night before and it made them so horny that Erick fucked her again in the morning missionary style kissing her like a mad man. Arielle was telling Zach that she had a great time with Erick’s big dick sweeping her inside but he was too excited and came in her after just a few minutes. It was getting late and Erick was going to miss his shift, so he said, “Text Zach, he will go down on you with my load still in you. He loves my spunk, almost as much as you do sweetheart.”

Hearing that story increased the sexual attraction Zach already felt for that 27 year old girl. She looked at Zach eye to eye and told him in the same sultry way she spoke to him the night before when she was sitting on Erick’s face.

“So, would you like Arielle’s thighs on each side of your ears with my cum drenched pussy anchored on your mouth?” Then she playfully added “Zackie, Arie needs to cum, and fast.”

She did not wait for his answer as she unzipped her top exposing her 2 big breasts. Zach plunged and licked her hardened nipples. Ariel was moaning and lowered the sweat pants she was wearing. She then did something that caught Zach by surprise. She tore a piece of the flaky croissant. With her juices brewing in her loins it was more than her pussy could handle. Pearls of Erick’s Arielle laced cum were rolling down the inside of her legs. She used the sweet roll to catch cum and brought it to the entrance of her vagina and let out a big sigh of relief.

“You know, even though I do my kegel exercises every day, it was a challenge holding that much cum inside me this long.” Arielle said to Zach. She then brought the pastry to her mouth and nibbled on it. “Mmm, delicious”. She teased Zach’s mouth with it who like a glutton took a huge bite of it stuffing all of it in his mouth.

“Erick knows you well, you are like me, a lover of his cum”. Leaning back on the office table she managed to free one of her legs and pushed Zach head down until he was on his knees facing her pussy. Zach recognized Erick’s musky scent on her and could also decipher her more delicate fragrant juices all mixed together. She took a small step to the side, grabbed his head and completely engulfed his mouth with her butterfly shaped pussy. His nose was resting on her clitoris. Zach started eating up her pussy that was continually flowing with rejuvenated cum. He slipped his tongue inside her vagina emptying out any remnants of Erick’s presence. Arielle was completely lost in the moment, she held on to Zach’s head as she rocked back and forth on his face. Zach had stuck his tongue out giving her a smooth surface to ride. A few seconds later Arielle was coming inside his mouth, trembling from the moment she just had. Zach stayed there immobile until her waves of passion subsided.

“That was fucking amazing, thank you for the orgasm” the lovely blond told Zach.

Still on his knees with his face buttered up from the juices he just gulped. Zach answered, “Yes, that was so hot, you have a delicious pussy Arie.”

Arielle smiled at him as he stood up reaching her height to give her a peck on her lips.

“I can feel your hard dick protruding on my belly.”

“I can’t help myself, you are gorgeous and licking Erick’s cum out your delicious pussy has got to be the most erotic thing I have done in a very long time”

“You seem to really care about him.”

Smiling at Arielle Zach answered simply, “I do.”

“So do I,” she answered

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