Cathy and Chris Ch. 08

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It had been almost a week since they’d had sex. They had slept together of course but both confessed themselves too tired to make love. The last two nights she had gone to bed early and had been sound asleep when the late film had finished.

She’d been in the bath and he’d had to use the next bathroom up as the door was locked. Tonight he felt randy and the thought of her glowing pink, soft and wet from the bath was more than he could stand.

He didn’t push his luck though; slipping the connecting door silently open he peaked into her dressing table mirror watching her as she pulled on black stockings and attached them to her suspender belt. As she rolled to one side he noticed tiny black string panties. Thank fuck, she was horny too.

As he started to undress in the wardrobe he sat shocked as he saw her stand up and walk to the foot of the bed. She seemed to be laying some of his neckties out on the bed. As he watched, he saw that she tied one to each of the legs at the foot of the bed and to the headboard supports. His erection got harder as he guessed at what she was planning, and the site of her fantastic arse as she bent over the bed did nothing to lessen it.

Sure enough, once she fixed the ties she sat back in the centre of the bed and got comfortable.

First she tied one of the ties around her right ankle; wriggling her bottom slightly she moved so she could reach the tie and attach that to her left ankle.

He couldn’t think how she would tie BOTH of her hands, but was stopped short as she pulled her vibrator from under her pillow. She laid back and gently played long fingers under the elastic of her panties down to her wetness, using her wrist to push back the material as she fed the plastic toy gently into her.

She gasped and sighed as it made its way into her and she moved it slightly to

get it comfortable in her. Grabbing it by the base, she played the rabbit ears across her clit writhing with the pleasure, still unable to move her legs. After a moment she pushed the toy into her and pulled her panties over the top to hold it in her and in place. Then she took a small towel from the pillow that she tied around her face, locking a large wad of material into her mouth as a gag.

She tied her left wrist into the tie laying flat over her head, and after some awkward shuffling he heard a faint click – obviously some kind of mechanical restraint, not handcuffs surely.

But they were; Robert’s policeman kit was missing an important bit tonight.

She was really going for it again! What should he do though? Should he walk straight in and tease her? Go in and untie her and give her one. Shit, no. She had gone to a hell of a lot of trouble over this and he wanted her to enjoy the moment. So he just sat and watched.

After a few moments it was obvious she was waiting for him illegal bahis to come in. She looked at the door, at the wardrobe while casting nervous glances at the clock on the bedside table. She started to wriggle, her bottom writhing from side to side as if trying to free itself of the vibrator firmly wedged into her vagina.

Her face started to flush with the exertion and he guessed that this wasn’t an altogether bad experience. Her hips pumped into the air and he guessed that she must really have been feeling it.

Still he wanted her to experience the full thing. Raising himself to one knee he moved back into his side of the wardrobe.

“Cathy,” he whispered, and watched as she turned her face to the noise, “Cathy,” he whispered again.

She struggled to mouth some words though her gag, which was working very well.

“Night night honey,” he said as if her lack of reaction meant she must have been asleep.

She struggled against her bonds and her gag again trying to make him hear. He sat back down again and continued watching her as she struggled against her own restraints. She was now seriously trying to open the cuffs on her right hand.

He figured that she had placed them so she could use the quick release in each of the bracelets. But the extreme stretch in her arm meant that her hand could not reach back down to flick it. He watched as she strained up the bed to give herself more room to bend her wrist but it was to no avail.

She subsided down the bed, after the effort, and jumped as if suffering a shock in her groin. He guessed that her sliding back down, had pulled the string tighter into her buttock crease embedding the carefully aligned rabbit ears into her labia and the rotating dick further into her already swollen pussy.

“Aaarggh!” she gasped pushing her pelvis against the intruder. Her hips began a circular belly dance as the uncontrolled plastic worried at her clitoris while the base of the toy carried out much the same rotation at the sensitive flesh around the mouth of her cunt. She came, her groin lifting from the bed, pumping the air in short spurts, as she cried in pained joy. The trouble was the joy didn’t stop.

Instead of the gentle cool down she was used to as she slipped the toy from her, the thing stayed were it was continuing its assigned task, and Cathy suffered her very first multiple orgasm without Chris in the room.

She moaned out load, thinking how she could get out of this. Her only hope, she thought was for the batteries to run down and for her to break out of her bonds before the morning. The morning!

What would happen when the kids wanted to come in the kids came in; she wasn’t even covered with a sheet or duvet, her daughter would see Mum strapped to the bed in black stockings with a slowly buzzing toy up her. Cathy cried out as her hips illegal bahis siteleri left the bed for the third time in as many minutes. Her groan had more of grief about it than sexual pleasure and Chris decided it was time to move.

When she opened her eyes it was to see Chris placing a chair on the floor at the foot of the bed and sitting down to watch her.

“Well, well, Catherine. What on earth do we have going on here?” She groaned and rolled her eyes, “Oh and I had a wonderful view of everything you were doing. Didn’t realise you were into all of this.”

She groaned and writhed straining to look down.

“Bit worried were you? Don’t worry honey, I’ll untie once you’ve come a few more times. Might take that nasty gag out of your mouth so you can give me a blowjob.” Her eyes rolled. “That or I just fuck you where you lay.”

Her body gave a bit of a tremor.

“I see that idea seems OK with you,” she nodded. “I’ll have to untie your feet first.”

He did so, gently rubbing the marks around her ankles where the ties had dug into the flesh. He rubbed up her nylon sheathed thighs enjoying himself as she writhed, the vibrator still doing its thing inside her.

He held her by her thighs now; he didn’t want her to slide back up the bed and release herself from the cuffs, not yet anyway.

Bending her legs up and over her body, he could see the end of the vibrator protruding and pushing against the black silk gusset of the string. She lay and waited for him to pull down the string and remove the vibe.

Instead he gently pulled the string from the crease of her bottom, and pushing her knees to her boobs with his left arm he proceeded to manipulate his penis, she could not see where.

She felt it though; gently she felt his already lubricated prick push against the taut muscle of her anus and she groaned into the gag as he gently but insistently forced his way into her slowly yielding back passage. There was that faint burn as she felt herself give way to thrust and he was inside her.

After what seemed like hours his pubic hair was finally tickling her thigh and he was all the way in. He started a very easy fucking motion, occasionally pushing on the vibrator in her and causing her a jolt.

With her legs now over his shoulders he reached a spare hand up to undo the gag around her mouth and she gasped in fresh air.

“Aw shit,” she gasped writhing as much as her bonds would allow, “that is tight.”

“You’re telling me it is,” he said slowly screwing her arse.

“Chris,” she looked plaintively into his face, “Make me come again.”

“Again? What for the seventh time?”

“Something like that,” she grinned, pulling on her restraints, “Fuck me Chris,” she sighed, knowing full well it turned him on, “come up my arse and make me come.” He was pleased to oblige canlı bahis siteleri and humped reasonably hard, mindful of the vibrator in her.

She came at the same time that he did, the spasming of her climax intensifying the feelings in his penis and his squirts of come and increased size giving her equal pleasure.

Staying inside her he reached up and released the tiny clip on the handcuffs and the hand came free. He leaned across and pulled the tie knot loose releasing her other hand. She put both arms around his neck.

“You were watching me the whole time weren’t you, you shit.”

“I cannot tell a lie,” he said, “saw it all, stripped off, lubed up, the whole thing.”

“I thought I was going to be there until morning, Christ knows what would have happened if the kids had come in.” She kissed him, “but you wouldn’t have left me there all night would you?” she pouted kissing his cheek.

“Hmm,” he said non-commitally, “Probably not.”

He kissed her full on and lay to one side, sliding the string from her thighs and easing the already slowing vibrator from her swollen pussy, stopping to pump it in and out for a time. Figuring she’d had enough, he withdrew it completely and lay it on the bed next to her.

Next he reached under her and unclipped the suspender belt, and rolled the nylon stockings down each leg in turn, taking great care to rub her inner thighs into the bargain. At last he pushed her black heels off of her feet, removing the two black hoops of silk and pulled the folded duvet from the bed up and over them. They lay together giggling for a while and he went to his room for the opened bottle of wine he’d brought up.

After a couple of glasses he was ready again, and pushing her to her side made use of her back passage again. This continued only until he decided he wanted her on her elbows and knees and she changed places at his instruction, wriggling her pert bottom until she felt him grab her by the hips and felt his hardness at her anus.

She relaxed automatically now and felt him slide deep into her stretched anal passage so smoothly, giving her a full feeling she had grown to love so quickly. She didn’t mind the transfer of power either – because she knew he understood. He could, and occasionally did, grab her, throw her across his knee, pull down her panties and spank her and then fuck her, but then he would cover her with kisses and caresses and make her feel all woman again. This final vision was enough to bring those feelings to a crescendo and she came to his fucking off her to her last orgasm of the night, both of them falling into a blissful sleep, broken only by the alarm by the bed going off and 5:30 and his departure for his room.

Both rooms had similar alarms that were left programmed to that time. They would go off most mornings, even the rare occasions when the pair hadn’t slept together. Occasionally one would wake sufficiently to go through ‘the secret hole in the wall’ to the others bed for a ‘quickie’ – once they had even met in the middle choosing to fuck on the floor of the wardrobe just to be fair!

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