Catherine Ch. 33

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I live for the moment when I hear the catch in her throat with our first kiss. Her breathing getting heavier with each caress, touch, or stroke, of her sensitive places, I wait for those words she will say…, but not yet. Catherine

Catherine Chapter 33

C – Her First Weekend Across The River…

Sitting across the table from C who seems to be in thought, probably over what I just teased her about; I wasn’t teasing, I was totally serious. People watching is one of my best skills at picking out those who may have nefarious intentions. The things I’ve told Catherine about like, what should be there, but isn’t. Or the reverse of that, what’s not there that should be.

But it’s the sound of people talking that breaks the moment because of the hostess who’s guiding another couple to a booth on the opposite side of the room; which has attracted my attention as it has Catherine’s who looked to see the same thing I do. Where a brief conversation ensued before the hostess left them to their menus.

With that too, the server who brought our meal is back questioning us about dessert; where Catherine can’t get a word out before I jump in, “I’ll be having the one sitting across the table from me; thank you!”

The server, a very shocked look on her face, looking from me, to Catherine with her come back, “YOU WISH!” Followed immediately with; “Have I called you a pig tonight?”

That banter between the two of us has the serve howling with laughter while trying to get out, “I’ll come back later!” Who walks away still laughing.

Catherine, the hard stare I’m getting from the remark I made is picking up her wine glass, taking a long sip from it, “Bobby…,” Catherine, setting her glass down, “Their names are Sandy and Richard.”

“Sandy and Richard!?” I repeat, a bit above normal conversation level, because of how it caught me off guard due to what just happened about dessert.

“Yes!” Catherine’s simple reply. “So now this Bob, she says, “I have to ask you, how explicit do you want me to get with what you’ve been so curious about me and those you’ve been referring to as, ‘my friends across the river,’ where you now this minute you know, as Sandy and Richard,” she says, repeating their names.

“What I’m getting at, she says, is how comfortable would you feel Bob, about what I could tell you,” she asks. “With that, she says, should I talk generally about them and the things that have and still take place when we’re together; like this past weekend,” she reminds me. “Or…, like down, dirty, and explicit; because Bobby, it’s knowing how you feel about me and I definitely know how I feel about you,” she follows. “So, should it be like with Nancy and what you told me you did on hearing her and me together; which was a total accident on my part. But Neil, Bobby, was deliberate and again what you told me about when hearing it all.” She reminds me.

“Catherine I…, “Wait a minute Bobby,” Catherine interrupts. “On that note too, what I told you about James…, it wasn’t exactly…, truthful,” she tells me this now. “I ah…, had my…, reason for what I was telling you about.., about his very, thick, penis, and that I couldn’t take him like…, I can…, I can take him,” she’s admitting this to me now? “His size I told you…, the thickness, the circumstance of it takes some patients and…, some extra lubrication to accomplish it — it’s the closest I think I’ll ever come to knowing what it’s like to give birth; she laughs — I’m joking Bobby,” her immediately clarifying that last part. “But it is a stretch, but a very pleasurable stretch too; probably the most I’ll ever be filled and when it’s finally in, she says…, it’s eye rolling!”

Her emphasis on those words bringing my thought processes screeching to a stop, replaced by this one; how big, is…, this guy?

“Bobby I’m…,” Her suddenly halting, realizing what she said or how she said it, I ah…,”

“I thought it was funny Catherine; okay?” Interrupting, letting her know what I thought and I did. “But on that note Catherine, I know a guy; a very close friend, who’s maybe not as thick as you’ve described your friend James, telling her. His name is TeeJay McMaster; nicknamed, ‘The Hose!” Who, has not only substantial length, but also substantial girth. But also he hates that…,” fucking name,” quietly telling her. But he’s not above proving it to any woman who’s curious enough to ask how he got that nickname; along with making her a believer if she wants to take him on! And I’ll tell you too, Catherine, there’re many female believers in the McMaster church! With their, OH, MY, GOD! Exclamations!” Telling her.

“But yours is one hell of an admission in itself; Catherine, the extra lubrication, stretched, and filled?”

This woman really does get wet when she’s turned on; that…, I know very well! Those wet spots left on my sheets at ground zero and James, mixed with Astroglide too? Plus what Catherine told me before of her with James, sounded kinky enough; cihangir escort ‘Mister Fire Plug,’ her nickname for James fat cock, during her phone call to me that night when back in her hotel room. Which now has me wondering, how was her walk back to her room like after hearing what she just told me?

“I’m sorry I told you.., what I told you before,” her breaking into those thoughts, “But…, the rest of what I told you was true; it’s just I wasn’t sure about how you…, how you,…, you would…”

“Wait a minute Catherine…,” Interrupting her.

“Catherine I thought it was funny; okay? But if you were going to say; ego, don’t even think about it,” heading her off on that one. “I’ve told you, it’s not a part of me or my vocabulary because I don’t have one; okay?” Reminding her. “And Catherine if you’re going to remind me again of the many men who’s ego’s you’ve bruised; I’m sure they deserved it,” telling her.

“Alright Bobby, she says, no more egos; but…, your sensitivity. I know you to be that way with people you’re close too; me for sure. I’ve told you I felt it the first time you touched me and every single time since then. I heard it in your voice when you were talking to Erin and Sally and again tonight here with you telling me; how you think…, how much I’m in love with you and Sally still does too, you said.” She tosses back at me. “And wipe that smirk off your face too Swaggart, you, you bastard,” she calls me. “Oh and have I told you lately how much I hate you?” Catherine tosses that out at me too.

“No Catherine, because I never hear any of it anyway; it just flies right over my head, a total miss.” Swiping my hand over my head like it never touched it. “So then, how about you, begin telling me, about Sandy and Richard,” asking her.

Funny, thinking about what I just said; their names, Sandy and Richard…, why not Rich? Like me with Bob, instead of Robert. I sign my name using Robert, not Bob Swaggart.

“Bobby…,” Catherine pulling me back. “It was less than a week after Diane’s weekend beach house party that I got a call from Sandy. Yes, I’ll be using their real names from now on,” she’s telling me..

Sandy…, her name…, rolling off Catherine’s tongue so casual now.

“What?” She asks, at seeing something in me this time. “You were expecting…” She leaves hanging..

“I’m not sure, Catherine,” replying. “Maybe just the way you so easily let it roll out now and thank you, it’s a nice name. In fact, telling her, a girl who lived two houses up from where I lived, her name was Sandy — she was the oldest of the three kids in the family.”

“Well I’m pretty sure this, Sandy, didn’t live near you, she says, because Sandy’s a native New Yorker; sorry.” Catherine told me.

“Back at Diane’s beach house,” Catherine picks up. “Sandy and I had exchanged phone numbers and emails, like I did with Diane, so we could stay in touch, both acknowledging we would want to get together again; I thought; just her and me.”

“That call from Sandy was to invite me to her house for a weekend. When I told her I would be out of town on a short business trip but I would be back in less than a week to, maybe a couple of extra days, “I told her. “So I would be free after that if she had a date in mind somewhere after. And seeing her would be a great way to unwind from that trip, I told her that too, where we both laughed about the unwind.”

“Sandy went off the phone to check her calendar and came back with that weekend after you’re back would be perfect,” she was telling me. “So we made plans for me to come to their house on Friday. But then she tells me Richard would be home too in case I wanted to change my mind about accepting so fast about that weekend; I of course asked what it was I might change my mind,” asking then.

“Where Sandy asked if I had time to talk, which I did, but being as how I was at work, I could get interrupted at any time. So she goes into some history of her and Richard and how they had been involved with some couples over some years, but decided it was not what they wanted to continue,” She tells me. “Sandy had told me just a little about that when we were at Diane’s,” Catherine’s follow up.

“But, both of them know Sandy’s very strong attraction for other women and how Richard loves watching her with women. So maybe, just having a like minded girlfriend to, kind of…, they would share together…, a mutual agreeing playmate. It would be both of them, ‘sharing me, together,’ Sandy emphasized. Which, of course, I understood right then, I could be having sex with Richard.” Catherine is looking at me from over the rim of her wine glass as she’s taking another sip from it; looking for some reaction from me I’m thinking.

“Also I may as well toss this in, Catherine says, and not less than a year later, I would meet Richard…, alone on this side of the river.” She tells me now.

Catherine admitted to what I already thought çapa escort was the case. Again, that text message during our first lunch date. And that’s why the hick-up at the Regency Parkside Hotel, because that’s where they meet; my assumption confirmed.

“But I have to tell you this too Bobby, Catherine going on, Sandy would know. And Bobby, it would happen often and still continues too! Sometimes Sandy would be along, where it was just like being at their house; I thought you should know. No secrets or lies.” She says.

So with my already assuming what she just admitted it’s my simple nod of understanding.

“Then Sandy came right out asking how I felt about being that other woman is where I reminded Sandy of my many relationships with women. Some I see on a, somewhat, frequent basis; plus on my business travels too; Nancy, Bob, Catherine says, I met her on one of those business trips that included her city.”

“San Antonio, is where you were Catherine, when you, accidentally…, forgot…, to drop the call before I heard Nancy’s voice asking you a question.”

“It was an accident; smart ass!” She throws back at me.

“Whatever you say, Catherine but, fortuitous as it’s turned out; right?”

“I am…, going to seriously smack you…, one of these days,” she threatens me with that often. But her face cheeks can’t hide what she’s trying to suppress.

“It’s then, I asked Sandy if I could think about that, which of course she said yes. But at the same time I felt I should tell Sandy about Diego, that he’s the older man I’ve been involved with, off and on, since the time I met him while Jon was designing and building his new house in Rhode Island. I didn’t go into who Diego was Bob,” Catherine says, “Just enough background that meeting him was infrequent to who and what he does. So, it only leaves those times he’s near enough for us to get together; some of those times have been just a hurried, passionate fuck; is exactly what I told Sandy, Bob.”

“Hurried, but passionate fuck,” she said? With me trying to keep an unsteady straight face; the woman kills me!

But hurried and where?

Lets see Swaggart; thinking about that now, he’s a very famous concert pianist and womanizer — concerts all over the world, many here. He must have to stay in hotels, lots of coming and going of adoring fans and admirers would be risky for a married woman leaving his hotel room late at night; but still not out of the question. So where else could they meet for a, hurried passionate fuck; a quickie, huh Catherine? Dressing rooms — locked dressing room doors; why you daring, hot, sexy bitch! Also…, a crowded commuter train car, you Catherine, needing to take the edge off before meeting Richard at the hotel that very night; the Regency Park Hotel. His text message the following day thanking you…, again! How could I not…, love a woman as exciting and daring as Catherine!

“After filling Sandy in with that…,” Catherine pulled me out of all those ‘quickie’ thoughts.

“So with telling Sandy that, which had given me some time before getting back to what Sandy was telling me; “You do mean me, having sex with Richard too; I asked her?”

“Sandy answered by telling me yes; but.., only if I felt comfortable with that possibility. But.., it was me she wanted to see most of all,” she told me.

“But it was right after what she told me is when I went into telling Sandy about those earlier experiences of mine — my first; the disappointing minuteman boyfriend, I called him. Then in college and what happened there. And then my sex life with Jon and how very different that is; as you already know too, Bob.” Catherine reaffirms.

“I also included the time where I had met this man on a business trip where I ah…, where I felt at the time; why not. So I replied in a way he would know my answer was yes. But I stopped before it went…, I didn’t fuck him, I told Sandy. Along with telling Sandy how horrible I felt about doing that because I felt…, I deceived a perfect gentle man. Where I told Sandy in more explicit details of what had transpired up to the point where I had stopped — I apologized and left his room. Feeling how I must have hurt this beautiful man; I was telling her.”

“Sandy understood because she had a similar experience the first time with the husband of a couple she agreed to meet alone; part of some, game playing they were into, where Richard wouldn’t know it ahead of time,” Sandy told me.

“Would you like to know what that was; Swaggart?” Catherine surprised me by asking it.

“I guess…, yeah, why not,” telling her.

“It’s a bit kinky,” Catherine’s replying.

“Is it as kinky as what you were telling me about, the real thing, with James,” asking in return.

“Okay, she says, I apologize again; I’m sorry. And now lets see what you think, she came back. “Sandy after having sex with a man, not telling Richard who, would come home to tell erenköy escort Richard, in very explicit detail, everything she did with that man she had just left; including…, ” Catherine’s suddenly stopping.

“Including what; Catherine?” Prompting her.

“Including the sticky wetness that was still leaking out of her soaking the crotch of her panties she was wearing as proof she fucked him.” Is what Catherine let’s go with.

“I know, she says, following up, the phrase that’s used to describe a man having sex with a woman who’s just had sex with another man, leaving behind what you, Swggart, so copiously leave in me.”

Which has me laughing really hard at her attempt to be delicate by not saying; sloppy seconds. To suddenly thinking; I like the idea of the kinkiness in Sandy and Richards sex life? Where, I’m not usually surprised when it comes to people and their sexual activities; me specifically and Sally with our relationship with Alex and Jennifer. That time I was sitting in a chair next to our bed watching my beautiful wife getting doggy fucked by the husband whose wife is on her knees between mine; doing an exquisite job of trying to suck the life out of me through my cock in her mouth. So it’s not that surprising what Catherine just told me.

“Did that happen often,” asking Catherine. “I thought…,” raising my hand slightly to hold off whatever Catherine was about to say. “What you told me about you and James was a hell of a lot more kinky,” telling her.

“Whatever you say, Swaggart,” I get back.

“But that kind of, “game playing,” Sandy told me, didn’t last but a few times.”

“After that when they met with a couple it stayed, as she called it, with the kinkiness of her taking control of the woman by telling her what to do where Richard would be fucking the woman in front of her husband. It was Sandy describing herself as a bit of a controller and a exhibitionist. So for almost a year, she said, they played different games of ‘what if, they called it, before the couple got transferred; he was in the military,” Sandy told me.

“And they missed them, they were fun,” Sandy also told me.

“But then it was their thought, what about just a girlfriend? It was what they both liked; Richard, Sandy, sharing another woman; him joining them if the other woman was agreeable to it,” Catherine’s telling me.

Now my thought, Richard and Sandy, have had quite a varied and kinky sex life. But it was Catherine bringing up Sarah again; Catherine’s unknowing reminding me about Sarah’s friend from Atlanta; his leaving Sarah weak kneed, wiped out from her frisky extended lunch meetings with him, or evenings, Sarah being very late getting home too; Catherine was told. But Catherine too, her telling me some time ago the same thing; only stopping without the details Where I’m sure what Catherine was telling Sandy about her almost, except with Sandy, Catherine was more descriptive as to who he was and that he…, wasn’t that one, from Atlanta.

“And that’s Sandy and Richard, Bob.” Catherine picks up her wine glass and finishes what little remained in it. Then setting it back down, looking at me, “Any questions, she asks. “I may not answer what you may want to know about them, ” she says this. “Because Bob, Sandy asked, if I accepted, everything would always be kept very confidential. Because,…, of what he does and what she does could become problematic if their lifestyle they lived before and what they do now, would make for some difficult explaining. ” Is what Sandy told me.

“I understand perfectly, Catherine. I have less than four years to go to close out my twenty. My and Sally’s relationship with Alex and Jennifer probably wouldn’t be a big issue. But, I have a very high security clearance, so other things..could be an issue, but like I told you one time too Catherine, if you remember where, I don’t go telling tails around the playground.

Those other things, I’ve kept very close and very personal; something only me and the individuals…, in my mid teen years and much later too, Alex and Jennifer, Sally mouthing silently asking one time we were together with them, “Are you okay with that?” Where later we talked, with Sally telling me after, “I knew there was more to you under the strong exterior; you are human Bob Swaggart,” is what she told me.

“Thank you, Bobby,” Catherine replies, drags me back in “You mean so very much to me and that’s why I tell the things I do…, because I trust you and more!” Catherine’s telling me; where she’s reaching across the table to grasp my hand that just set the empty glass that contained what was left of my watery drink of vodka and bitter lemon, with that twist of lime — squeezed out limp, laying in the bottom of the glass. But feeling her hand squeezing mine has me looking back into her beautiful face and into those eyes that see right through to my soul, she knows, she knows how much in love I am with her.

“Catherine…, my breaking moment, “Tell me, in very explicit detail, what the three of you did that first time you were together with them?”

Squeezing my hand much harder than she needed, “Have I called you a pig tonight,” she throws at me now.

“I’m not sure,” replying, if you did, it went right over my head, never landing anywhere near me either.”

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