Cat – College Cowgirl Ch. 03

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“They’re back in from the field, you ready, Cat?”

You weren’t really. You’d never even shown another girl your tits, excluding Keira. Then again it was your first time being brought to all fours and milked in a straw-lined stall too, so it was really a day of firsts. Sensing your nervousness as he opened the stall’s door, Aaron reassuringly said “Don’t worry, they’ll love you.” He waited by the door for you. “Come on out, Cat” he goaded.

Still a little bit light headed from the intense milking, you took your first few steps forward and out the door. You almost needed to focus on your crawling. Each ‘step’ on all fours elicited a ‘tock’ noise from the cowbell hanging from the collar fixed firmly around your neck which rang out throughout the barn. All the way Aaron walked beside you at your speed. You found comfort in that presence.

Looking up from the straw and your bell you saw two women. Like you they were on all fours. Unlike you, neither were wearing anything at all, not even a cowbell collar. Stopping, Aaron crouched down. “Eliza, Sarah, meet Cat. Cat, this is Eliza and Sarah, two of my best producers”

Sarah, to your right, was obviously quite a bit shorter than you, making her a good deal closer to the ground. Aaron moved to your hips and helped you to stand up, and the two girls in front of you followed suit. Sarah was quite obviously of some Irish descent with her fiery red hair and freckles. Standing, you’d say she was 5’1″, a good 6 or 7 inches shorter than you. You couldn’t help but unsubtly sneak a long peek at her boobs. Lightly freckled on pure white skin, they proudly splayed outward and to the sides, their size easily a respectable D or DD.

You glanced quickly at Eliza. Her perfectly round breasts – easily DD or E’s – were especially casino oyna remarkable given her tiny frame. They hung tightly to her chest, jutting directly out as she faced you. You couldn’t help but feel a bit envious.

“Hi Cat!” they exclaimed. Sarah continued: “Aaron told us a new girl might be coming in for the first time. We just wanted to make your first time as fun as ours and say hi. Hopefully the ambience was ok, normally we only moo if Lorelei’s in.”

“Thanks” you said blushing, “So are you hucows?” you blurted.

“I tend to just like a simple milking” said Eliza. “I’m more into the nurturing and adult nursing side than hucow per se, but this is a great place to be even if you’re not on all fours. If you’re coming to a farm day I’ll probably be your farmhand rather than your stall neighbor, but you never know” she said, beaming with a warm smile.

You talked for a while getting to know the girls and asking all about their experiences on the farm. Eventually both they and you had to leave. You thanked Aaron and walked up the path to your car, energized by your experience. When you got home you masturbated, cumming again and again to the memory of how the machine had worked your nipples, the feeling of your milk letting down and the tightness and heat in your milk-filled breasts. You had to stop when your abused clit became too sensitive to take any more. You fell nearly instantly into a deep, blissful slumber.

You couldn’t stop thinking about the barn. Three days later you returned to the farm once more, and this became routine for whenever you find the time to escape.

Without a word, Aaron would meet you at the front gate. You would go to the change room and switch into the cowprint bikini set and bell you loved. Exiting the canlı casino change room you had already gotten on all fours to be taken into the barn. He would guide you stall and your milking machine. The barn was often quiet, leaving you alone with the rhythm of the machine and the feeling of its tugs.

You tried to get down to the barn as often as possible, and you began to feel your own breast pump at home to was… inadequate. You yearned for the barn and its pumps. “Can I come here every day?” you had asked in one post-milking reverie.

He simply kissed your forehead and replied “you never even have to leave.”

That was the dream wasn’t it? Simply to be no longer worried with being ‘Cat, studious college girl’ and just being a good cow, producing lots of milk, and making her farmer happy.

“What do you do with it all?” you asked idly after one milking.

He replied: “well Cat, this is a working dairy.” He furrowed his brow as he unhooked the machine from your breasts. “I take your milk from here” he gestured towards the small chrome jug attached to the goat milker – “and I put it into freezable plastic bags, kinda like the ones you’ve probably seen at a hospital or on medical shows.” I write the date and your number on it.

“My number? you asked, intrigued.

“Yes, your number. I sell to fetishists and to mothers who can’t produce enough. I give the mothers a big discount though if they need it. Both the babies and the kinksters are often creatures of habit though – they often become attached to one particular girl’s milk.”

Hearing this made you feel so wonderful and tingly.

“What’s my number?” you pressed.

“Your number is 11, Cat” he said simply as he prepared some lotion in his hands.

You had so many kaçak casino more questions for him! He patiently listened and answered many questions. He finally put a finger over your mouth causing you to go crosseyed and take a small step back. He made sure to ask you to come back this weekend for ‘farm day.’ He explained that farm day was a pre-arranged day for all the barn’s denizens to come together for a proper farm experience. Most of his cows, he said, lived busy lives, just like you. Farm day was an opportunity for all his girls to be there at once. Your questions would be answered then.

“You still haven’t met Lorelei yet have you? he mused. I think you’ve just missed her a couple of times. These past two weeks her work schedule has been very busy. You absolutely must meet her. Please come this Saturday. I know your college workload is ramping up but I think you’ll agree when you come that it’s worth it.” You had, of course, agreed to come.

As you showered that night you thought about what you were doing. The hot water soothed your neck and upper back which had ached from your repeated extended time on all fours. You had noticed that, after each session in the stall, it ached a little bit less when you got home. Stepping out and toweling off you probed and observed your breasts. They were easily a DD now, a far cry from the dainty 36B’s they were just a short two months ago. They might even be an E – you’d taken to wearing a few loose fitting maternity bras and stretchy sports bras. You couldn’t really see the point of getting new ones when the growth in your mammaries showed no signs of stopping. Your nipples had grown from small pencil nubs to be longer and thicker, your areolas also expanding somewhat and darkening from a light pink to a darker shade of pink-brown.

Absentmindedly you had begun massaging your breasts, some milk dribbling out. You were very much looking forward to the weekend. You grabbed your phone and texted Aaron: “Number 11 can’t wait for farm day.”

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