Cat 01

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When my date Joney arrived to pick me up I quickly inspected myself in the mirror for a last time. I looked in my early thirties with a pale skin and short black hair that actually looked grey because of the white highlight. I had added a touch of pale lipstick. My eyes had been done with a black eyeliner and grey makeup. I wore a short jacket that ended just below my ribcage. It was actually meant for a girl, but I liked it. Underneath I wore a dark grey shirt, black jeans, with flared ends and colorful sneakers.

“Merit, hop in.” Joney greeted me when I stepped in his car. It was one of those fast racing cars. It might have been a ferrari, but I didn’t ask him about it. He looked like in his picture in his thirties, slightly muscled with a tanned skin and curly brown hair. I had seen several pictures of him in sports attire that revealed much of his souple slender body. He wore shades, which gave him a bit sporty mysterious look. He smelled pleasant, and not too much to repulse me.

The car sped off and this gave me a thrill. I was excited for this was the first time I had a date with a man.

“I know a good place to go.” He said. His voice had a timbre that I know made woman pay attention. It also worked for me.

He steered the car expertly through the traffic and parked the car to the side of a gallery.

“You wrote you liked art?”

I nodded, “I spent a lot of time making art actually. Most of the time.”

“They say art replaces sex.” Joney laughed, “Although some art leads to sex when it creates the right mood.”

The art gallery consisted of a series rooms all painted white. Most rooms had glass walls at one side to provide natural light. The floor were dark oak and there were benches of the same wood in most of the room. The exhibition were pictures of mostly men either undressed or naked. Some were alone, some were with two. They were all beautiful healthy men. Some were holding each other closely. The nudes were pictured in such a way that shades or other objects obscured their sex. Normally I don’t like nude art, but in these circumstance the art wasn’t frustrating, but enticing.

There were few other people around, because it was in the afternoon on a working day. We walked around a bit looked at the pictures. We managed to bump into each other at various times and I felt myself getting excited, especially when I saw he was getting excited to. When we entered a smaller room he suddenly was close to me. My heart jumped. He slide a hand down my back and lifted me a little. My heart was racing.

His other hand now was under my jacket and he stroke my nipples, which had become hard. He made me moan when he pinched one and then his mouth came close to my ear, “Undo your belt and trousers. I want to feel you.”

I hurriedly did what he asked: undoing my belt hurriedly and I felt his hand slid down my pants. We were close to each other. His hand folded around my hardon and he rubbed slowly through the fabric of my shorts. I was sure I was wet down there when my precum was dripping out and wetting my trousers. I started to rub his hard on through his jeans and managed to get a hand under his shirt to caress his skin, which felt warm and pleasant.

I was quivering with desire now and his lips found mine. We kissed. Then I almost froze as I saw from the corner of my eye that another man was watching us from another room. Our eyes connected, but I didn’t see any disgust. Instead he had a twinkle in his eye. He was older than Joney and less pretty, but he did wore a shining expensive looking suit that I associated with brands like Armani. ‘Money’ it said.

I felt flustered and pulled away from Joney. He looked at me, “Something wrong, babe?”

“I need to go to the toilet.” I said, giving him a smiled that was both nervous and excited. Joney nodded and I closed my pants and started to look for the toilet. I found it a few rooms further on.

I stepped inside it looked for some toilet paper. I got a few an undid my pants to start cleaning.

The toilet door opened again and I looked who entered.

It was the guy in the Armani suit. He smiled at me and I smiled back and then he moved his hands to his pants and undid his zipper.. He brought out his manhood. I was beautifully hard and ready. And I felt myself overwhelmed.I knew what I was expected to do and I knelt before him and started to kiss the top then running my tongue along it. Kissing and nibbling the warm flesh of the shaft at the same time. He tasted a bit salty. He put his hands on my hair and when I put his dick into my mouth he held my head and fucked my mouth. I felt my own hardon grow and when casino oyna his had swollen in my mouth he ejaculated hard and I climaxed in my hand. He then pulled his still spurting manhood free from my mouth and rubbed my lips with it. Then I licked him clean very quickly and when I was done he pushed his dick back into his trousers zipped up. Then he got out a business card and put it in my jacket, “More later.” Is the only thing he said and he left the room.

I cleaned myself as quickly as possible. Using the toilet paper to clean myself and then I washed my faced. I tasted the cum in my mouth, which excited me at first.

Then a feeling of revulsion came over me. I always felt like that afterwards. I felt ashamed for liking these things I guess. I also felt I had been cheating on my date before it even got started.

“Are you okay?” Joney said. He politely knocked on the toilet door. I gave myself a quick look to make sure there were no visible traces left, “Yes. Sorry I took so long.”

Joney drove the car with speed to our next destination. Which I thought was a dinner place. He smiled at me and I smiled back. We didn’t go to a dinner place though, we were going to a hotel instead.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and I ordered myself to be nice to him. After a while I did not have to pretend. He picked up a key and then we went a penthouse at the top of the hotel. I must have gaped for the penthouse was something I had never seen before. It had several rooms and even a small pool. The balcony, which was actually the roof, gave a view of the city.

“The view is even more beautiful later when the sun settles. And with you on the balcony. ” He said and he wrapped his arms around me.

“Could you do me a favor?” He asked.


“Could you go to the other room, undress but for your shirt and lay on the bed?”

I smiled. The request excited me and I walked to the other room. It had a huge bed with black silk sheets in the middle and one side was only windows and showed another part of the sky. The black of the sheets was repeated in the curtains, and the lamp coverings and the carpet. The other color of the room was a deep dark red. And there was also some yellow.

I undressed, fumbling a bit because of my nervous hands.

When I was naked but for my shirt I stepped in the bed and waited for him. He came in completely naked. I had a great view of his naked body. It was muscled at the right places, and tanned. He was perfectly built. He also had a kind of tattoo on his underbelly, which ran towards his penis. I looked at his manhood. It was hard and went harder when he saw me looking.. He walked towards me, then sat down sideways on the bed. He ran his hands over my body stroking me carefully. His hands then went towards my legs which he grab, firmly but softly. Then he pulled me towards him, moved my legs apart by folding them so my ass was exposed. I moved with him to make sure he was able to access me well. Pushed my butt cheeks apart, massaging them then pushed a finger in my ass. I sucked in air.. He then started to smear my ass with something cold. I saw he had a tube of lubrication in his hand. He put it on his finger, then pushed the finger in my anus and so lubricated me. Then he got on the bed, moving between my legs. I placed my legs to each side of him. He moved on top of me. I felt his body.. He then sat upright, smeared his hard cock in with the lubricator. He took his dick and slammed in a bid next to mine and then he moved suddenly. He pushed me so my ass spread even more, placed the crown of his dick against my ass. And then he thrust inside with a sound of satisfaction.

I had expected it to hurt. It might have, but I was so excited I didn’t feel pain at all, instead I came at once. My cock spraying cum over my underbelly. He smiled at me. Grabbing me firmer and thrusting with more drive. I groaned and moaned as he thrust into me with long deep thrusts.. I felt his balls slam my but. He would pause a few seconds when he was all the way in and then pull out suddenly, thrust in deep and firm. Then he increased speed and he went harder and rougher and wilder.

I cried out, grasped at the sheets and bit my lips..

I heard his breathing speed up and then he came. I felt how he swell inside me and shot his load. He groaned next to me ear and I wrapped my arms around him. He then pulled out. He then did something I thought was impossible.. He took a deep breath and he rubbed his hand very fast and he came again over my cock and semen, mixing his sperm with mine.

He then crept next beside me. We laid like that for a while. Sometimes caressing each other.

After canlı casino some time I rose. I said I want to take a shower. He pointed where I had to go. I removed my shirt and stepped in the shower.

A few moments later he joined me there. He grabbed my hips, pulled them slightly backwards, made me lean against the wall and with the hot water running over us he fucked me under the shower. I could feel him again and i shudder and shook under his thrusting. I had to spread my legs a bit to keep from falling so that I ended up standing under a ninety degrees angle. He didn’t have his orgams when he was in me, instead he pulled out in time and came on my back. He had used a hand to stimulate me. And I climaxed when I felt him do the same.

We then showered and dried ourself. Then we got dressed.

“Let’s have dinner.” He said and he laid an arm around my waist, pulled me close to him and we went to the restaurant to have dinner.

We chatted during dinner. Mostly about the art we had seen or more innocent subject.. Perhaps he knew I rather avoided to talk about the sex. He seemed to have experience with people like me.

“I have to go now, babe.” he said, “but you can use the penthouse till morning and have breakfast. Or swim in the pool. Enjoy it while it last. He smiled, stood up and kissed me.

After he had left I looked at the clock. It was half past nine. I had mixed feelings. I felt excited because of the exciting sex I had, satisfied because I liked it(and the dinner), ashamed (because I didn’t want to be seen as ‘gay’ and disgusted because I felt like I had had so much sex that I must be disgusted.

And strangely; I wanted more.

Then I remembered the card in my jacket and the words..”More later.”

My hand shook when I pulled out the card. It had a phone number. I walked over to the servant and asked if I could make a call. He dialed the number and when someone answered I took over the phone.

“Hello.”, I said.

“Who is this?”

“Did you give me a card at the gallery?”

“Ah. You’re the cute boy with the grey hair..”

“You said, more later.. “

“Ah. You want more. Tell me where you are. I come and get you.” He said,

He picked me up fifteen minutes later. He gazed at me several times when he drove me back to what I thought was his house. He seemed to enjoy me.

“My name is Eric. Eric Hasfield. How can I call you?” He said.

“Merit.” I said and he nodded and said, “Hello Merit.”

His house was a typical suburban house with a driveway, lawn and porch. Everything neatly kept and somehow soulless. We entered the house.

“Glance.” He shouted.


“I have a guest. Merit, this is Glance, Glance this is Merit.”

Glance rose from the couch. He had been watching a football game. He was a tall heavily muscled afro american that was dressed like someone from ‘the hood’. The clothes were probably designer-made, for they fitted him perfectly.

“Hi Merit.’ He shook my hand.

“Merit wants more.” Eric said.

“Merit wants More.” Glance said and then he smiled broadly, “Then we give Merit more.”

It turned out Eric liked to be sucked and cum in my mouth. Glance liked to fuck and he was very well equipped. Eric didn’t seem to like to fuck me, but he seemd to like Glance pounding me.

Glance was strong. He lifted me up and carried me over to the couch. I could see the bulge in his sports pant grow. He then dropped me on the couch carefully. I was amazed how gently this otherwise brutish looking man was. We helped each other undress. They stripped me naked.

I watched Glance undress. Enjoying the sight of his black muscled body. He was almost hairless. He then slide over to the couch and started to kiss me, tease and nibble me.

“Merit. I am sorry I am hung well. I wish I wasn’t because it isn’t always pleasant for the receiver. If it hurts, please let me know. I will stop.”

“I will try to enjoy it.” I said.

He made sure his dick was well lubricated and my ass was too. When he gently pushed into me I had to grab the the couch. He pulled back when I heard me moan, but I urged him on. Eventually after a few more tries he could go into me all the way. By that time I already had cum, but I enjoyed him while he enjoyed me.

Eric never undressed. While Glance was having me, I he placed his penis in my mouth and I sucked, licked and teased it until he climaxed. Then he moved over to a chair watching Glance doing me. Glance was heavy and big and I felt myself being pushed into the couch. I climaxed again. I so much loved being done like that. When Glance came kaçak casino he groaned into my ear and I wrapped my arms and legs around him, feeling his muscles move and his contractions.

When Glance was done Eric disappeared. I stayed a while until we both wanted to have sex again. I pleasured Glance by sucking and licking him. Then I mounted his hardon and rode him until we both came. Again I didn’t feel hardly any pain or maybe the excitement was such that I ignored it.

Glance brought me back to the hotel. We didn’t say much. He dropped me off and drove away.

I went into the hotel and sat in the lobby. I had an ice tea.

“I saw you earlier with Joney.” A voice said.

I look at a boy about half a becade younger than me. He was slender and had a pale skin, like me. And hair that was cut in a emo style. It was long enough to cover his neck, close cut to the head and a long part of hair covered his right eye. He had however no make-up, like I had.

“Yes.” I said.

“Joney likes boys.” He said, “I am Cat.”

“You want something to drink, Cat?” I asked after introducing myself.

“An ice tea, like you have, Merit.” Cat said and continued, “Did you have fun?”

“Yes. He handled me.. like I wanted to be handled..”

“You’re bottom?”

“Yes. And I like a bit of the rough and the wild.”

“You are new at this.” Cat concluded.

“How can you tell?”

“I just guessed, because you like rough and wild. Most who are new can imagine the sex, but not the intimacy. Some never get beyond the sex.”

“Is it that obvious?”

“You are like I was a few years ago. I also met Joney. Joney likes boys and like to introduce them to the gay life, but he keeps lose relations. It is the way he is.”

“He gave me the access to his penthouse.” I said.


“Want to come?”

“Is that an invitation?” Cat laughed.

“I didn’t mean anything with it. I thought….”

Cat smiled.

“Well I thought that I have this big penthouse with an amazing view and a pool, but nobody to enjoy it with.I didn’t mean to seduced you. In fact I have had enough sex for today.. for this week even.”

“Tell me about it.” Cat laughed.

“If you accept my invitation.” I smiled.

“Okay. Lets go up.”

We went to the penthouse and he looked at the rooms and the views. We found that the closets did not only contain clothes for men, but half of it were women clothes.

“Joney is married.” Cat said.

“Do you know or are you guessing?” I said

“I know. Joney and me, we go way back. He uses this penthouse to explore his gay side. She seems not to be bothered with it as long as he doesn’t take it home. She is a well-known artist or fashion designer, I don’t know which actually.”

The sun had already settled, but a moon was rising into a star littered sky and the skyline of the city was magnificent.

“The pool.” Cat shouted. We undressed and swam in the pool. Then we found the sauna and after that we watched a movie on a huge screen that appeared from the roof when we activated the television.

And then we had sex.

Sex with Cat was new for me. We were both bottom as they say in the Gay world, but we switched roles. I had watched a few ‘sex’ movies with emo twinks once, but I had found them boring mostly. However, doing it, was different. I enjoyed cats lithe and supple body. When it was my turn to be on top I set to work with enthusiasm. I liked to touch his body, trace the shapes of his muscles and tease his nipples until they were very hard.

We both rose very early that morning. We had not closed the curtains so the sun woke us with a red dawn. I had breakfast brought up for the two of us. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes.

I said I had to go to the bathroom and told him to wait until I got back.

I didn’t go to the bathroom, but to the bedroom and dressed. Then I returned to Cat sitting in his undies on the balcony eating buttered toast.

“I am going.” I said when he gave me a questioning look.

“I see.”

“Wait.” I said.


I gave him the card Eric had given me.

“What is that?”

“It is a card for more..There is a beautiful negro male who is well built, gentle and and a lover of boys like you. Perhaps you might like it. I won’t be needing it. At least not for a while” I

“Why not?” He said.

I gave him a mysterious smile and waved goodbye, leaving him with unanswered questions.

I wondered if I would ever see any of the men I had met again. It was very unlikely it would be any time soon. I already had ten new ideas for art projects and I was sure it would keep me occupied for at least a year figuring them out.. And as everyone knows: art is a sublimation of sex, so I won’t be needing the latter when I am doing the first.

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