Carrie’s Game

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“Lie back Bob, this is for you.”

Carrie stood naked at the foot of the bed where I was lying, propped up on the pillows. I too was naked.

She picked up the bottle of oil from the dresser behind her and, pouring some into her hand, began slowly, sensuously, to rub it into her beautiful breasts. Around and around she went, taking time to tweak and fondle each nipple until each stood rigidly at attention.

Then she began to smooth the oil across her belly and down into her pubic bush. She remained there a time, allowing her fingers to work the oil into her pussy. She masturbated a little, hips rocking, and spread her lips so that I could see the pink folds glistening with oil.

My cock rose in anticipation.

Stepping forward, Carrie knelt on the bed and slowly leaned forward, sliding her smooth slick body my entire length. I could feel her oil-cooled breasts stroking my legs, my cock, my belly my chest and my face. I licked and nibbled each nipple as it touched my mouth. She then slid back a little, pressed against me and slowly, deliberately, kissed my mouth. Her tongue slid gently around my lips, causing them to tingle. Her pubic mound rubbed around my cock in a circular motion.

I kissed back and wrapped my arms around her, sliding my hands down to her ass and clasped her buttocks firmly against me, enjoying the sensations of her body against mine. I was very aroused and began tracing the crack of her ass with my fingertips, probing slightly. I moved to turn us over.

“Wait a minute Lover, I’m not through with you.” Carrie said.

She rose to her knees and slowly, lasciviously, began sliding her cunt against my belly and chest, spreading her scent across my body. Slowly she progressed upwards until, hands pressed against the bed’s headboard for support, she göztepe genç escort placed herself directly above my face. Her scent was overpowering and I was blind with desire.

I raised my head and began to lick, beginning with her clit, probing under its hood and drawing tight little circlets around the little nub which grew firmer with every touch. Carrie squirmed with each circle and pressed herself harder against my mouth. I probed her entrance and she began to slide up and down so that my tongue slid along the sacred trench between clit and opening. Her breathing increased and little humming moans escaped her lips. I increased my speed and she moved faster in response to my rhythm, rocking back and forth in ever quickening spasms.

She jerked suddenly away from my avid mouth, breathing heavily, and gasped, “Not yet!”

Carrie began to slide back down my torso, moving back and forth, grinding her now very wet cunt against me. I virtually glistened with the mixture of the oil and her moisture.

Straddling my hips, she poised over my cock which sprang up of its own volition in little jerks, trying desperately to reach her cunt. She gently lowered herself over my shaft and kissed it with her now open labia. It was as if she had kissed it with her other mouth. My hips thrust upwards urgently but she lifted herself and laid a restraining hand on my stomach and pushed me down. “No,” she said, “I want to take my time.”

She lowered herself on my shaft again and slowly, with great deliberation, slid her cunt up and down the length, with my cock centred between her labia. My glans just touched her clit with each forward thrust, and when it did, she gave a little extra push for emphasis. With each motion she bore down heavily against me, and grew heavier göztepe olgun escort with every thrust.

I could feel my orgasm building but Carrie’s control was such that I would not come until she was ready. Being familiar lovers, she knew just how far to take me, how much I could stand before my control broke down utterly.

Her breathing became unsteady and her moaning increased in intensity and I knew that she was building towards her climax as well.

Her thrusting became spasmodic, jerky, and she reached down between her legs and pulled my cock upright until it was poised to enter her open cunt. Slowly, almost maliciously, she lowered herself so that the tip just touched her entrance. She paused, grinning at me wickedly, and slowly rotated her hips around my glans, painful with the desire to plunge into her. I gasped.

Very slowly, millimetre by millimetre, she began to lower herself upon me. Her labia brushed my foreskin and pulled it back as her descent continued, adding extra sensation to the exquisite contact between cunt and cock. The walls were hot, wet and smooth, totally engulfing me with her love and passion. I was held in a clasp of wet, hot desire.

“Oh my God!” I moaned, trying hard to remain still, trying to prolong this moment of ecstasy. To move would have lessened the intense suspense.

Carrie then, at the same slow pace, raised herself until the tip of my cock was again poised just at her entrance. She rotated her hips and sent electric shocks to the space behind my balls where orgasms begin. I quivered and groaned, barely able to control my body which was screaming to let go. But this was Carrie’s game and I was determined to let her play it.

After what seemed like eons she lowered herself on me again, more göztepe şişman escort firmly now, and this time I thrust upwards and into her with explosive energy. Our pubes slammed to together frantically and Carrie reached down and began to rub her clit with her fingers in time with my lunges. We were both crying out blindly, inarticulate with passion, animal cries with no meaning except the ancient sounds of male and female coupling. We were both beyond reason.

I could no longer control myself. My orgasm was immanent. I raised myself on my arms and kissed the space between Carrie’s breasts. This kiss triggered a release in her and her cunt bore down on my shaft with almost painful pressure. Frantically she rode up and down my cock, rubbing her clit directly against my shaft. She was screaming and came suddenly with sufficient intensity to throw me back against the bed as she rocked back and forth in pure blind ecstasy. At this, I too lost control and was ripped apart by white hot, tearing spasms that verged on agony. I thrust into her deep and hard, beyond caring whether I hurt her or not, so great was the power of my coming. I bucked and thrashed like a mindless animal in a trap, crying out, speaking in tongues. Carrie was with me and we were savage in our mutual coming.

When reason returned, Carrie was lying on top of me, legs spread open over my cock, head nestled in my shoulder. We were both laughing and crying simultaneously, kissing wetly at whatever was in front of our mouths. Her blonde hair was tangled in my beard and she brought her hand to my mouth so that I could both smell and taste our lovemaking.

I kissed her eyes, her ears, her shoulders, whatever my mouth could reach and held her tightly against me.

Our breathing finally returned to normal, and she rolled off me. I turned to my side and enfolded her in my arms and clasped her body with my legs. We lay on the bed for an eternity, listening to the profound silence after our loud passion, broken only by the sounds of our breathing.

We fell asleep locked in our tender embrace, hoping that this moment would never end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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