Carol’s Pleasure

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Days of marshmallow and Carol.

Taking in a movie with Carol was a real treat. It was only our second date but the outcome was to be that I would be making my first commitment with a girl.

The first time we dated was at the local bowl and she beat me to the quick as they say. I guess when we’d done and I drove her home neither of us was in a fit state to partake in anything more than a hurried peck, each of us wanting to get ourselves showered and fresh.

So I drove back home thinking that was it. A peck on the forehead signified nothing and I wrote her off as just another maybe girl who never tool to me.

I’d had a few of those and puzzled why they dropped me after the first date, having got a date was something. I chatted with my pals who said not to worry about it, my best pal, John said all girls are fickle and not to beat myself up about it. As it was with him, I would come up trumps and before I knew it I would be well and truly ram shackled in the clutch of a new woman. The chance would be a fine thing but that chance was just around the corner, because the next day, Carol suggested that we take in the new James Bond movie at the Apollo and of course I was all of a shudder.

But when she said that she craved for the new actor Daniel Craig who played Bond I thought her concentration would be wholly on the movie and not me seated beside her hoping for some inspiration.

Carol was slim, gorgeous and blonde, had a figure of an angel and blue, deep blue eyes that glowed with her smile; especially when I picked her up at the movie house and presented her with a large box of Thornton’s chocolates.

“Mm! I love Thornton’s” she gushed and immediately I felt a real kiss full on my lips.

Now ataşehir sarışın escort I know what follows could be described in the modern phase as being of too much information but such was Carol’s effect on me I just want to share it with all who enjoy life and most of all, the joy of deep passion with someone you absolutely adore.

Aged just eighteen I was about to discover the true pleasure and magic of sharing that pent up passion with a girl two years older than I, in the back seat of a cinema. Whether it was Daniel Craig who flared Carol’s passion I shall never know but I was grateful for it.

That first so warm and penetrating kiss into the mouth cemented my need for the love of a woman. The first was fairly short. I took in her delicious perfume. She turned her head and faced the screen and them after a few moments, another kiss, longer this time and more exploring. It was divine and when I felt her finger tips undoing my shirt and teasing underneath I felt so very warm and needed. This was the time to return the gesture, I felt myself as if by instinct brush her hair back and kiss the hollow of her neck,

“Divine” she responded. He hand slipping down to my tummy and stroking there, like she was hinting she’d like to go further so it was easy for me to grasp her hand and move it down to the part of me which was already swollen after the depth of her deep French kiss.

Immediately she squeezed me there, over my jeans. I was in virtual heaven. That deep kiss again, but now accompanied by that fluid and very deep meaningful kiss.

“That is so lovely Babe?” she whispered her busy fingers exploring there, rubbing me up all over and between, prompting ataşehir şişman escort me to part my legs as she felt may balls.

For a time we both enjoyed the joy and thrill of touching each other, she over my jeans and me feeling up her skirt, the delicious feel of warm thighs, the feel of her stocking tops with my fingers, kissing more, deeper and deeper as she murmured for me to touch her. My very first touch of a woman was this, it was warm and soft, teasing with my fingertips so gently I felt her rise up with the movement of her buttocks and entice me to go inside, showing me how with the movement of her fingers there, so soft and warm and lovely inside.

Still the kissing continued, now the best, she was unzipping me and finding me properly. The murmuring again sounding her approval: “So big and warm, so lovely” she said and I felt the delicious movement of her hand exploring every crook and cranny as I gently dipped two fingers deep inside her. She worked me beautifully, that touch so divine and perfect. Her mouth was touching me there now, so good and so wonderful. ” You smell so good babe” she murmured as she worked my length like she was so enjoying.

The film was getting loud now, Craig was fighting, almost being gagged by another, I felt her squeeze as she turned to watch the screen, for a moment it hurt, her fingers closing hard around my girth.

She knew it though, realised she was being too rough.

“I didn’t mind rough! I said, “But it will be nicer in your bed.”

“Then to bed we shall go later” she responded, “but for now I want to make amends for hurting you”

Her hand cupped me, lifted my length up for the pleasure of her mouth. ataşehir sınırsız escort Soon it was buried deep inside enjoying the gentle suck and tease of her tongue.

I just enjoyed the feeling so much, to have a new girl sucking you like that, like she was really hungry for it. It was a real thrill and joy and there she was all ready for me, I sucked my finger to taste where it had just been, it tasted of sweet things like honey. My cock throbbed inside her and I felt her ball me as she compactly sucked. After a while she came uo for air, out of breath but whispering that she so loved the taste of ripe cock.

Those words made it all the more enticing and I wanted more until I knew I’d cum in her mouth if she didn’t stop.

But she opted to continue and then I knew she wanted to go all the way. She was lovely and my girl forever more, the way she cocked and balled me in that cinema seat was out of this world. I could not wait to fuck her and she was even willing to leave the film saying, that could always wait for another time, but she couldn’t, so it was the first place we could be private, in the back seat of my car and I shall never ever forget that so wonderful warm and tight fuck, she bent over the seat raising her bottom for my perusal, and wow! Did I peruse! Then she wanted more, another sucking, she introduced me to her secret parts too, If aver I wondered how it would be to oral a girl I soon found out, feeling my tongue slip inside her and suck her out was heaven, her ass too, anything goes – she was delicious and she was all mine to the hilt, and wow! Did I fuck her to the hilt after that once more, she on top this time bobbing up and down like a steam hammer. She really enjoyed it.

Soon we would enjoy the pleasure that was exclusively Carol’s – not just merely oral sex, but with a difference, with the garnish of marshmallow and butter sauce which was a real treat. But that must come later because writing this account of my passion with Carol has set me off again.

So if you will excuse me, I will be back soon. Promise!

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