Caroline’s Bright Idea

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Caroline lay there with her legs spread open as far as they could go. Eating her shaven pussy was the best way for Jake to wake up in the morning. His erection had gotten to the point where he felt like it would burst if he didn’t do something. He crawled up to her face and pinned her arms down with his legs. He stuck his rock hard dick into her mouth and began fucking her mouth for all his worth. After sliding it in and out for a few seconds, he pulled it out and started jerking it as fast as he could.

“Come on baby, cum on my face,” Caroline said.

Jake always had a problem saying no to Caroline and started shooting his load onto her face. A few streams hit her eyes, a couple hit her hair, and Jake finished it off by stuffing his dick back into her mouth. She sucked him clean and started wiping the cum off her face with her finger. She started licking her fingers and giggled up at Jake.

“Damn, baby, you’ve gotten insatiable,” he said in disbelief. “It’s hard to believe that you were a virgin before we got married.”

“I know, I can’t believe that this is what I was missing. Jake, can I be honest with you?”

“Of course.”

“You have a great dick, but I need more.”

“How much more?”

“What would you think about me pulling a train?”

“How many guys?”

“I don’t know, a bunch. You can go first.”

“Fuck that, I want to go last.”

“Oooh, don’t talk like that. You have to leave for work soon.”

“I’ll tell you what, you find the guys, and I’ll set up the rest.”

“Consider it done,” she said. With that, she opened her mouth and showed him some of the cum still sliding around on her tongue. She gulped it down with a loud noise and smiled up at him. He was proud to call her his wife.

Caroline was beautiful. She wasn’t very tall, but was perfectly proportionate. casino siteleri Her 36C breasts fit her size perfectly as did her chubby ass. She had a little meat on the bones but most guys still stared at her when she walked down the street. To be honest, she was quite a tease. She hardly ever wore a bra and her thong was always showing on her backside. Except when she didn’t wear one. Her and Jake had been married for about 3 years and owned a nice house in a small town. They loved to experiment and Caroline loved to tease. She would tease anyone, from the mailman to the teenage paperboy. She had fucked him once, but he didn’t last more than 20 seconds. Needless to say, he was a let down. She loved her husband, but needed more sexually. And she would take it any way she could get it.

One week after their breakfast fuck, everything had been set up. Using a few websites, Caroline had found 15 guys that would be willing to participate. She had considered finding twenty, but had faith that these 15 guys would show. After all, the pictures she had sent them were more than a tease. They were a promise.

The big night came and Jake had rented a cabin down by the beach. He had decided to hire a small camera crew and record the whole thing. Caroline was up for anything, including making money off of her pussy. The best part, however, was that Jake didn’t have to pay the crew. They were gonna work for pussy. Most of the guys had shown up by 7 and were busy mingling and having drinks. Two girls had also shown up with duffel bags. Jake had a good idea about what was in them, but decided to leave it as a surprise to Caroline.

Caroline was upstairs, fixing her hair and make up. Jake decided it was time and went up to get her. The second he saw her, he could feel the erection straining against his pants. She wore canlı casino nothing but a tiny black G-String and big black stilettos. Everything looked perfect. Jake could see juices starting to run down her leg.

“You ready?” Jake asked.

“How do I look?”


Jake led her down the stairs by a leash and the whole room stared in silence. Jake had her model a little bit on the stairs. She looked around and noticed all the men there, waiting to please her. She got a big grin on her face and ripped her thong off. The sides had been held together by Velcro.

“Who wants to fuck me first?” Caroline yelled.

All the guys started cheering and formed a line by the stairs. Caroline lay down on the bed Jake had set up and beckoned to her first stud. He came over and started taking off his clothes. All the other men in the room took this as their sign to strip naked and get warmed up. The first guy climbed up on top of her and stuck his dick right in. She was soaked. The sheets were already starting to get a big spot on them. The guy pummeled her as hard as he could and she started screaming in delight. Jake had the crew start recording and the four cameramen all approached her from different angles. Two other guys had gotten tired of waiting and walked up next to her head. She grabbed one and started sucking on the other. Soon as she got the dick in her mouth, the guy in her pussy blew his load. He pulled out and the cameraman got a great shot of the cum seeping from her pussy.

“Make sure you get the cum pooling on the sheets,” she said.

The guy she was jerking off started to moan and shot a load onto her face. The guy who was getting his dick sucked freaked a bit at first, but Caroline started rubbing his balls and he quickly calmed down. She stuck a finger up his ass and he too added kaçak casino a load to her face. Two more guys started working on Caroline, she gripped one with her left hand and the other started fucking her pussy. After another few minutes of moaning and screaming, the guy pulled out and shot his load onto her stomach. The guy in her mouth shot off, as did the guy in her hand. The next wave came up and the guy at her pussy stuck a few fingers into it first. He could fit three in there without pushing.

“Fuck this,” he said. “I want her ass.”

“Ok baby,” Caroline replied. “Use the cum to lube me up.”

Caroline dropped the cock from her hand and pulled both of her legs back as far as she could. She gripped her ankles as tight as possible. The guy crawled up onto the bed and started forcing his cock in. She began moaning and screaming. The second she did, two guys each blew a load on her face.

“OH YEAH,” she screamed. “FUCK MY ASS!”

With that, the guy inside of her blew his load and pulled out. He moved up to her face and stuck his dick into her mouth.

“Now clean it, bitch.”

Caroline did it with pride and looked over to Jake. She noticed the tent in his pants and smiled at him as the next guy took over in her ass. Jake got a bright idea and started to undress. He had Caroline and the guy roll over and he climbed up on top of her.

“You like two dicks in you baby?” Jake asked.

“Why only two?” she asked.

With that, she grabbed another cock and stuck it in her mouth just as it started to fire. The guy pulled it out and shot the rest of the load on her face. Jake and the guy in her ass both came and pulled out. Caroline sat up with the cum starting to dry on her face, looked around the room and smiled. She had fucked all the men and they had either cum in her or on her. Her pussy was dripping, as was her ass. The next thing she realized was that there were two naked women in front of her, each wearing a strap on. Caroline wiped some of the cum out of her pussy and sucked it down off of her finger.

“Who’s next?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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