Carnal Pleasures Alone

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Callie was a happily married woman, and a stay at home mother. She loved both rolls dearly, but often felt a sexual restlessness that drove at her both day and night. Her husband was a good and generous lover. He always made sure she had multiple orgasms before she fucked her and came inside her. He enjoyed foreplay very much and took his time pleasing her and being pleased himself. One of the things Callie loved most about sex with her husband was the freedom of him coming inside her. She loved the sensation of her husband’s cum filling her cunt, and she especially loved feeling it flow from her quivering pussy afterward.

Sometimes when her husband was getting ready for work early in the mornings, he would wake her just to fuck her quickly before he dashed out the door. These quickies were almost dream-like for her. He would leave her right after depositing his large load into her needy cunt. Sometimes after he left she would simply curl up like a cat with a belly full of cream and drift back into her erotic dreams. Other times Callie would crave more pleasure. So, she would reach into her bedside table and pull out one of her treasured vibrators. It was thrilling for her to use both her own juices and her husband’s to fuck herself deeply with the large rubber cock. She would often cum quickly, and then lick and the sweet mixture of creams off the vibrator.

Much to Callie’s disappointment she and husband often only had sex twice a week. He worked long hours and was often too tired too offer her more than that. Callie needed more, but could never go to another man to get it. She had, however, considered going to another woman to satisfy both her needs and curiosity. She often fantasized about being with another woman. What would it feel like to have another woman’s head between her legs? What would it feel like to place her mouth against another woman’s wet snatch? What would another woman taste like? Could she make another woman cum? She particularly liked the idea of wearing a strap-on dildo and fucking another woman, or having the other woman wear it and fuck her! This very thought often pushed her over the edge while she masturbated.

Callie was a woman who loved to make herself cum. Sex with a partner was thrilling, but to her there was something intimately special about making herself cum hard. Quite often, at night, Callie would lay awake on her back next to her husband, and wait for his breathing to even out or for him to begin to snore softly. She would then try to stay as still as possible, but allow her right hand to quietly wander under her cotton panties and to her hairless snatch. She would use two fingers to spread her cunt lips and expose her throbbing clit. Then placing a finger on either side of her swollen clit, she would massage it gently but vigorously. It was exciting for her, because she would purposely try to keep her breathing soft and easy as if she was sleeping. This was just in case her husband wasn’t. She wouldn’t have minded being caught, but at the same time this was her ritual and it was blissful to keep it private.

Callie would rub and rub the clit. All the while she would play out sexy and often taboo fantasies in her head. Her favourite fantasises were often of being with another woman, taking two men at one time, taking a terrifyingly large cock, gang-bangs, and even virgins fucking for the first time. Sometimes she would drift beautifully to the brink of sleep for brief moments and then back, but all the while she continued to manipulate her clit with her fingers. This method of masturbation took longer to reach climax, but Callie knew the resulting orgasm would be well worth it. Sometimes it only took an hour to climax, and sometimes it took over an hour. When she could feel her pussy preparing to cum she often could not slow her breathing any longer, so she would simply try to keep it quiet. In her panties her fingers would work feverishly on her clit. Her lips would part as she held back moans and grunts of satisfaction. Her legs would spread ever so slightly. She would feel her wetness on the outer part of her cunt lips. Her back would arch from the mattress. Sometimes her husband would grow restless in his sleep, as if he could sense her climax even in his sleep.

Finally when it was time her eyes would roll back, her toes would curl and a pulsing, convulsing orgasm would spread from the very centre of her core all the way up and down her body. Her fingers would still as soon as the sensations became too strong and she could not stand to touch her clit any longer. Her juices would flow freely and her panties would become drenched with them. Pulling her hand free she would bring her wet fingers to her mouth for a taste of herself. She would smell her tuzla ukraynalı escort cum on them and taste it. She would savour it. And then finally satiated for the night she would roll to her stomach and happily fall asleep. Her husband would often roll over at the same time. Sometimes Callie would wonder for the briefest of seconds if her knew what she had been doing? If he could tell what she had just done to her self? Was he awake? She doubted it and so she would just drift off to sleep with a smug smile on her lips.

Some days her cravings for release were almost all consuming! Her husband was not available nearly often enough on these days. This would be a great source of frustration for Callie, but not being shy to pleasure her self, helped her cope. As soon as she had her young son safely tucked away in his bed for a nap or for the night, her body would demand release. Callie considered vibrators and dildo’s to be a girl’s best friend. She loved her collection. Some she had purchased before even meeting her husband. Others they had bought together or he had given them to her as gifts. She had a wide variety of adult toys. She treated them lovingly. While washing them often, she would become extraordinarily turned on by rubbing her dildos with warm soapy water.

Callie would then retreat to her bedroom. More often then not Callie used only her naughty imagination or memories to get herself off, but sometimes she would watch a porno so she didn’t feel quite so alone. She would strip naked and lay spread wide on the bed with no covers. She and her husband had quite a collection of naughty movies as they both enjoyed indulging in adult movies before and during lovemaking. It was exciting for Callie to suck her husband’s thick rod while the naked woman on the large TV screen did the same to her partner.

Callie enjoyed these movies alone just as much. Keeping her eye on the screen she would often use her tiny clit vibrator to gently massage slow languid circles over her erect clit and then down her moist slit. She would be gentle and slow. Callie would stop abruptly if she felt a climax coming on. She craved more. Needed more. While teasing her clit and cunt hole, she would use her other hand to squeeze her large tits and pinch her pretty pink nipples into tight points on her full alabaster white tits. Sometimes she even missed breastfeeding. Her breasts were super sensitive then, and would leak milk when played with. There was something pleasurable to Callie to be able to make her tits leak milk and then watch the creamy milk run down the sides of her tits.

When she was fully aroused and very wet she would often put the clit massager aside and lift her knees to she could plunge her fingers deeply into her sucking wet snatch. She loved feeling the inside of her cunt, but found her fingers much too short for the pleasure she wanted. During these self-love sessions often one of her large vibrators would be enough to ease her sexual frustration. Other times she needed to feel seriously stuffed and fucked. She wanted to feel the results of her pleasure later in the day while she did mundane things around the house. Callie could always sense when she would not be satisfied by fucking herself in the cunt with a vibrator alone, and she would need more to get the job done.

Callie would reach into her bedside table and lovingly take-out her pink rubber vibrator and her smooth blue rubber dildo, as well as a bottle of cherry flavoured lubricant. She would then push herself onto her left side. She would rub lube all over the smooth 7-inch blue dildo, and then using her delicate fingers she would reach behind, spread the cheeks of her ass and place lube on her tight little asshole. A pang of need would wash over her so deeply it would almost hurt. She needed to do this. She needed that dildo shoved up into her tight ass.

Her ass was no virgin. Her husband, and he alone, had fucked it many times before. When they had first tried anal sex it had actually been her idea. This was before they were married. They were young and new lovers. It had been the first time they were able to have sex and not use a condom. A little to Callie’s surprise she had loved having her ass reamed by his cock. They did it often after the first time, and she would even request anal sex instead of having her pussy fucked. He had always happily obliged Callie. As time went on they did this less and less, but Callie wasn’t sure why. In fact the last time Callie could remember her husband fucking her ass was while she had been eight months pregnant with their now almost two-year-old son.

Callie had been heavy with pregnancy. She had felt uncomfortable and awkward. She and her husband had maintained tuzla rus escort a decently active sex life during the entire pregnancy, but it had become tough at this late stage. One Sunday afternoon they had gone out for a lazy drive in the country. While her husband drove they had talked about everything, but eventually the conversation turned to sex. By the time they had turned down a remote dirt country road her cunt had grown very moist and the ruts in the road were making her clit buzz with need. Her husband had kept driving for a long while and everything began to feel more and more remote. They had kept talking about sex and fucking. It had become pretty dirty. They talked about past sexual encounters with each other. Callie even asked him about sex with partners before her. She had become particularly aroused when he talked about the sexual encounters with women he had fucked in the past. They both told the stories of losing their virginity, as neither had lost it to the other.

Finally, they had come upon the entrance to a heavily forested conservation area, and her husband had pulled into the quiet parking area. It had been remote. No homes near and no other cars to be seen. No people to be seen either. It was so quiet that it almost felt forgotten. Without a word they had both climbed out of the car. Joining hands they headed down a path that likely lead to trails and maybe a picnic area. They were both almost blind with the desire to fuck the other. They stopped several times to lean against a tree and kiss and make-out like teenagers. It had been awkward with her rounded belly, but they had both become accustom to working around it. Rejoining hands they had continued on at as fast a clip as Callie’s pregnancy waddle would allow.

When they finally came into a slight opening they saw several picnic tables, and for this Callie’s feet were thankful. There still hadn’t been any signs of other people. They enjoyed the tranquility of gentle birdsong and a slight breeze rustling the leaves of the massive trees around them. They both looked around for a spot to get busy. Desire was burning between them. Sex on the ground would be out of the question with Callie’s condition.

It was Callie who had suggested using one of the picnic tables. With her husband’s help Callie had climbed up onto the picnic table and lay flat on her back. She had removed her light sweater to place under her head, but she left on her maternity dress. It was a long pink frock that made her feel frumpy at best, but it fit and that scored big in her books at that point in her pregnancy.

Her husband had wanted to see more of his wife. While he knelt on the bench and kissed her passionately, he quickly used one hand to unbutton the large buttons running from her cleavage to her navel. Shoving the gown open with both hands he revealed her less than sexy bra and her smooth pregnant belly. Callie following her husband’s gentle instructions lifted herself onto her elbows so he could shove his hands to her back and unlatch the bra. Once undone, he shoved it up over her swollen tits and plunged forward to suck and nibble her already painfully hard nipples. Callie had squealed with delight, as his mouth had done it’s best to devour her large tits.

Feeling slightly exposed, Callie had insisted her husband also undress. She loved to watch him remove his clothes. And very much took delight when he unzipped his jeans and his very erect cock popped forth eager to play. If it had been possible, she would have jumped off the picnic table to get on her knees and suck the pre-cum from her husband’s beautiful tool. Unfortunately at that time, she just couldn’t move like that. Soon, she had reminded herself.

Kneeling on the bench again, her husband proceeded to make love to her with his mouth and hands. He kissed her mouth deeply, drinking from her. Tasting her. Then he kissed his was down her throat to her neck, then tits, and then finally her belly. She was blind with desire and her maternity panties were soaking wet with her sex juices. She was beyond ready and needed to cum in the worst way.

Just the memory of that afternoon, even years later, would have Callie’s asshole loosening enough for her to wedge the lubricated dildo up and in with ease. Ever so gently she shoved the dildo into her ass and savoured the sensation of the smooth rubber spreading her tight hole and stretching it, filling her ass to the brim. It felt so naughty and so dirty she felt as if she could cum from this act alone. But she wanted more.

Callie would slip back into her memories, while she gently fucked her asshole with her dildo. She would remember her husband going to the end of the picnic table, and gently helping escort bayan her move her bum closer to the edge. How he shoved her dress far up her hips to expose her dewy panties. Then he had not entirely gently pulled the panties passed her hips and down her long slender legs. They were both fully exposed at that point and the fresh air on their sensitive skin had felt delicious.

Bending forward her husband had dove into her soppy cunt like a starving man. He licked and sucked her sensitive clit. It had been pure ecstasy for Callie. Pulling her legs up onto his shoulders he delved deep into her pussy. Licking her. Tasting her. Sucking and teasing her. He would bring her dangerously close to the brink and then he would cruelly slow his pace so she wouldn’t explode with orgasm. It was sheer torture. He pushed her legs further apart so his tongue could roam lower. Once he had exposed the pert little pucker of her tight little asshole he tongued it and ate it out much the same way he had eaten out her cunt hole. This time he had let her cum, and she came hard! Like a good husband he had lapped up her fresh juices as they flowed from her convulsing snatch.

Callie had strained to see her husband’s cum covered face, but her swollen belly he been too large a block. Finally when he stood, she knew from the look in his eyes that he needed his release. Callie had known what she wanted, right from the moment he had eaten her ass out. She wanted her husband to bury his thick rod deep into her ass and fuck her as hard as he pleased. She wanted it and needed it. The picnic table had been a perfect height to make fucking her sweet ass hole fully possible. She told him in no uncertain terms what she needed and he delivered with a smile.

He used her still flowing juices to lubricate booth her asshole as well as his rock hard shaft. Callie had felt a quiver of pure pleasure rocket up her body as he pressed the fat head of his cock against the clenched entrance to her tight hole. As he pressed forward with determination she had felt a fine mixture of both pleasure and pain. It had been exhilarating. Finally her sphincter had unclenched and his cock head slipped in quickly. Almost too quickly, and he was buried to the point that is balls touched her ass cheeks. Callie breathed deeply through the sensation to push his cock out. She had known from experience that that sensation would pass quickly and would soon be replaced by only pleasure.

Floating in and out of her fantasy Callie pumped the smooth dildo in and out of her ass. Just as her husband had pumped his tool in and out of her ass that sunny afternoon on the picnic table. Just as he had done then, she started off slow and built up her pace, until finally she knew she had to fill her cunt with the vibrator before she came from ass play alone. Wedging the dildo deeply into her ass, she lifted one leg enough to shove the thicker vibrator up into her waiting wet hole. Once it was buried to the hilt she practically purred with her delight. Resting her leg again she simply left the dildo in her cunt to give her the pressure and fullness she craved in there. She did not need to pump it in and out, so instead she could reach behind her and concentrate on creating the sensations she craved by pumping the dildo in and out of her ass as fast and as hard as she dared. The satisfaction she felt was mind numbing.

Her heart pounded.

Sheen of perspiration glazed her soft skin.

Her eyes clouded with erotic desires.

She pumped the fake cock in and out.

In and out.



She kept her eyes closed and went back to her sweet memory on the picnic table. Her husband hadn’t lasted long that afternoon, but before he blew his load deep into her bowels she had cum once more. Her ass had clenched tight onto her husband’s cock when her sudden orgasm surprised them both. The pulsing orgasm had finished him off and he spilled his seed deep into her ass, filling it. She had smiled coyly at her husband. There was very little Callie loved more than a pussy or ass full of her man’s cum.

With the vibrator in her cunt and the dildo pumping her ass, her orgasm could only be described as violent. It shook her whole body and left her breathless. She felt it roll like thunder though her whole body making her blood boil and her skin burn. Her toes curled as she coated the dildo in her cunt with cum. Her juices leaked from her love box and covered her pussy lips and thighs. It took her a long time to recover. She lay calmly breathing deeply, still remembering her husband’s big dick plugging her asshole. She toyed with the idea of going for a round two, but glancing at the clock she realized regretfully she had no time. As gently as possible she pulled the dildo first from her ass and then the vibrator from her cunt. She sucked the one from her cunt clean. Then leaving her bed, she slipped into the bathroom for a steamy shower. Soon enough she would revisit her fantasies and sex toys. Soon enough.

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