Carmen’s date pt 4

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Carmen’s date pt 4
Darren and I headed into the bedroom to call it a night and after we settled down in bed, I turned towards him,
“This Kathy” I began
“Does she always come over when you call?” I asked,
Darren smiled and laughed a little,
“She’s one of three women I call whenever I want sex” he then answered
“Two are single, Kathy and Donna and one, Grace, is married” he finished.
I looked at him a little confused,
“You have a married woman come over at your beck and call?” I said to him.
“Her husband knows about us” he began
“He comes over now and then to have one of my other girls” he added,
“So it all works out just fine” he finished saying
Laying there thinking to myself,
“Wouldn’t It be great if Joe would agree to something like that too” I thought.
I came back to reality and looking at Darren, rolled over a bit more and dr****g my arm over his chest, leaned upward and kissed him. We kissed for several minutes, the softness of his kisses sending waves of pleasure through me as I recalled in my mind his hard cock. I finally turned back and we both drifted off to sleep.

I was still asleep and yet I could feel something on my lips and opening them a bit to breath in some air, an object was put into my mouth and before I could fully awake and become aware of what was going on, Darren had his hard cock in my mouth and was slowly fucking my mouth. I began to stir and wake up now realizing that I was being mouth fucked by Darren and when I opened my eyes, sure enough there he was. He now started to fuck my mouth harder and faster as I became more alert and I now felt his hand squeezing my tit. I was fully awake now and just in time bostancı escort as Darren shot a load of cum into my mouth. I swallowed all I could and taking hold of his cock. started licking it clean,
“Good morning” Darren said to me
Looking up at him and smiling,
“Good morning to you too” I replied.
“I thought you might like breakfast in bed” he then said as I finished licking his cock.
“I loooove breakfast in bed” I answered back,
“Especially the warm, sticky tasty type” I added.
Darren leaned down and kissed me for a few minutes and then moved back as I rose up and got out of bed.
I was still in the nude when Darren showed me where to find things in the kitchen for breakfast, I was preparing it when he came up behind me, wrapped his arms around me, began to kiss the back and sides of my neck while he moved his hands over my tits and started to caress and squeeze them.
“Oh baby please” I said as the sensuous feelings flowed through my body at his loving kisses and caresses,
“Oh fuck” I added as I raised my hands over his and helped him caress and squeeze my tits harder, pulling hard and twisting my nipples as he drove me into a frenzy of lust. After a few minutes,
“Fuck me baby” I said softly
“Fuck me hard” I added as I took one of his hands and moved it down to my already wet cunt. He fingered my cunt for a bit, putting his fingers into my cunt and fucking me until I felt like I was going to explode.
“FUCK ME” I yelled out
“FUCK MY FUCKIN’ CUNT” I pleaded as the sensation rose to a fever pitch in me.
Darren bent me over the counter, took hold of his cock and rammed it hard into my cunt and proceeded to pound me hard and fast ataşehir escort bayan as I cried out in sheer pleasure of his cock fucking me. It seemed like an eternity as Darren pounded away at my cunt, the pleasure turning to a more pleasurable pain as he drilled my cunt deep. I helped by placing my hand on my cunt lips and vigorously played with them, feeling his hard cock thrusting in and out when he suddenly grabbed my hair, pulled me up straight, turned me around and shoved me down on my knees, all in one rapid movement,
“Suck that fuckin’ cock whore” he demanded as he shoved his cock deep into my mouth and in a few minutes exploded with another load of cum for me to savor. I couldn’t believe him. Getting so fuckin’ hard and coming again so soon…. What a fuckin’ man I thought to myself.
Darren lifted me up, kissed me tenderly and patted my cheek softly,
“You are one fuckin’ whore” he softly said.
Breakfast over, we both showered together, he washing my tits and cunt; me cleaning off his cock and them drying each other off. I had been thinking about the other women he had and decided to take a chance and ask him,
“Baby” I said
“If I can get Joe’s permission”
“Do you think you might like to add me to your little group?” I asked.
Looking at me and smiling,
“If he wouldn’t mind, I’d like to have you be my whore” he replied.
“If Joe wanted one of your girls” I then said,
“Would that be okay too?” I was hoping he would agree to another arrangement like he already had,
“No problem” he finally answered and I knew when I talked with Joe he would surely go along with that kind of agreement. (HE DID ).
We had to leave soon and göztepe escort bayan I just couldn’t help of thinking how much I wanted his cock one more time, especially in my bunt hole. Looking at him while he got ready to get dressed back in the bedroom,
“Baby” I said as I moved up behind him and wrapped my arms around him.
“Please fuck me in my ass” I begged as I moved my hands down to his cock.
‘I want to feel your hard cock fucking me deep in my ass” I added.
Turning around and smiling, he bent down and kissed me long and hard before he moved me over to the bed.
He slapped my face hard several times,
“So you want to be a fuckin’ dirty whore” he said
I was only dressed in my bra and sheer top so my cunt and ass were readily available and I was already turned on at the thought of him fucking my ass.
“Get on your hands and knees you fuckin’ piece of shit” he ordered and I moved quickly to do so, the anticipation building to a frenzy in me. When I was in position I felt his hands on my ass and then felt as he spread my hole open a little and soon his tongue began to lick at me, driving me wild. The pain was abrupt and searing as he rammed his hard cock into my hole and stayed painful as he now fucked me hard and fast again. The pleasure was so wonderful as he also slapped at my ass hard, turning it a nice shade of red. How long it went on I didn’t know or care. All I knew was the pleasurable sensation of his cock buried deep in my ass until I felt him stiffen and I knew he was filling me with more of his cum. When he finally relaxed and pulled hid cock out of me, I quickly turned around, took hold of his cock and licked and sucked it clean, savoring the taste as I did.
We finally got dressed and he drove me back home, my hand resting on his crotch the whole way.
“Well honey” Joe said as he greeted us,
“Did you have a good time?” he added.
“Did I fuckin’ ever” I answered back.

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