Care Giving Lovers Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

I sat in my train seat, watching out the window at a tired five foot five-inch, fifty-year old, 140 pound beauty struggle to get a very overweight wheelchair bound man to the door of the car in front of ours. There she could get help in getting him onto the Amtrak train to LA. I was sensitive to her plight but luckier than she. My wife and her chair are so much smaller and I am much stronger.

Carole, my wife of thirty years, loved to go on cruises. Amtrak was the best way to get all her support equipment from Seattle to LA. She was sleeping now. I snuck away to the dinning car for coffee. I had made coffee drinking into a vice over the last twelve years of very early retirement and full-time care giving.

The cute little wheelchair pusher was already there, staring out the window sadly as the telephone poles whizzed by.

“We have something in common. Can I sit and have coffee with you?”

“Sure. Company would be nice. What do we have in common?”

“We’re both pushing someone around in a wheelchair. I’m pushing my wife. We’re going to LA to catch a cruise. Where are you pushing your guy?”

“To catch a cruise. Which one are you going on?”

“Celebrity through the Panama Canal to Fort Lauderdale. How about you?”

“The same one. We have even more in common than we thought.”

We talked longer than we should have. Her name was Hope. Her husband had diabetes, could barely walk and weighed about three hundred pounds. Like me she wanted to give this cruise to her spouse and thought it would probably be his last. We promised to meet the next day for early breakfast because both our counter parts slept late.

We waved to each other several times as we crossed paths in the boarding process, welcoming brunch and at the abbreviated evening buffet.

We talked and really enjoyed each other’s company the next morning. We both obviously missed healthy, un-drugged, playful conversation with someone of the opposite sex. I confessed to Hope, “I have to start forcing myself to get more cardio exercise. I’m going to try the morning fast walk on the deck that goes all the way around the ship. You have such a beautiful body, you probably don’t need it, but why don’t you meet me at six each morning for a walk and then a coffee before our regular days start?”

“Well thank you for noticing my body. I cannot commit to every day but let’s try it at least for tomorrow. Your body doesn’t look like it needs any toning either.”

I smiled and decided to tease, “Parts of me have been neglected and need to be exercised. I get strength exercises but never seem to get my heart pumping anymore. I need to test my endurance and see just how old I’ve become.”

Hope caught all my innuendos as well as the real truth of my words, “I know what you mean. Sometimes my muscles ache in the evenings and need a massage but not once during the day did I even breathe hard.”

“All right, then it is agreed. Tomorrow morning we try to make each other breathe hard.”

I really enjoyed watching her divert her eyes and her skin blush at my words. I helped her up and walked her to the elevators. I went up and she went down. Don’t I wish?

About half way around the first lap the next morning, Hope commented, “I need a sports bra to do this.”

“I definitely have noticed.”

She looked down at the front of my sweat pants. “I haven’t seen one of those in a while.”

“Well this one hasn’t seen anything to appreciate as much as you in a while either.”

Another quarter of a lap, Hope pulled up. “I promise to get a proper bra, but that’s all for me today. The bouncing is starting to hurt.”

I grinned at her and then looked serious, “I understand maybe we can jog again tomorrow.”

“What? What was it you started to say?”

“Don’t make me say it. I’m a naughty man and often have to control my thoughts. I don’t want to run you off. I love your company, talking to you and it’s going to be great fun starting my day exercising with a beautiful woman a few times during this trip.”

“I might be naughty too. What were you going to say?”

“I just had a crude little bratty boy thought of asking you if I could kiss them to help them feel better.”

“This little girl brat likes that idea but wouldn’t do it in the middle of the jogging track.”

“Come with me, little girl.”

I led Hope through the next set of doors and into the first small lockable restroom. I locked the door and took her into my arms and kissed her tentatively. Her lips were warm, soft and yielding. We tried again with karşıyaka escort bayan mouths slightly open and ventured into our first French kiss. The kiss matured and our bodies pressed together cheering our lips and tongues. We kissed again and she sighed into me, her breath flowing into my lungs and urging my cock to fill half way for her.

“Damn, Hope I felt that one.”

Her hand went between my legs and her fingers grasped my shaft. “Kiss me again and see if you feel it again.”

My right hand slipped under her sweatshirt and cupped her breast. As our lips touched, my fingers closed around her nipple, rolling and tugging at it. We rolled our heads and sucked each other’s tongues until we both pulled back for air.

She said, “We both felt that one.”

“How do I know you felt that one? You could be just putting me on.”

She squeezed my now hard cock, “Do I have to show you everything, little boy? Well maybe not so little.” She squeezed me again and I throbbed in her hand. She added, “O God, I like that.”

I unhooked her bra and slipped it and her shirt up before allowing my hand to run tightly down her body under the waistband of her panties to her trimmed wet pussy. She opened her legs welcoming my fingers to her wetness and her clit. First I pushed one finger into her, retreated and then pushed in two. My thumb played over her clit and I began to finger fuck her. Something she had not shown me.

I lowered my lips to her nipples and began to lick and suck in time with my steady fingers. She was very wet and my fingers squished loudly in and out of her. When she groaned, I pulled my hand away and licked my fingers in front of her eyes.

“Damn, I wanted to cum.”

“You will. You will this time, Pretty Lady.” I knelt before her, pulled off her sneakers, grabbed both her sweatpants and panties and stripped them off her left leg.

We were leaning against the sink and she lifted her bare leg onto the counter, opening herself to me. She expected me to stand and fuck her. Instead, I leaned forward, pushed my two fingers back into her and used them to pull her clit to my lips. She moaned and thrust into me as I began to lick, suck and press into her g-spot.

It had been a long time for her. She started cuming very quickly from having her clit sucked. Just as her orgasm was subsiding she started to spasm inside and rose back to the top again. Her little button raced to claim another turn. Her cunt juiced and flowed down my fingers, onto my chin and into my hand. She grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled just when she screamed, “Yes” and curled her body over my head. I slowed my attack to match her regaining her breath. Three times I felt her body jerk complaining that my touch was too intense for her condition.

Hope expected me to let her go but as soon as her body could take it I increased the pressure inside, worked my fingers in and out of her and sucked at her pussy’s lips.

I could feel her body starting to climb again. She had not gone all the way down and was quickly thrusting into my hand and moaning.

I pulled my hand away and stood. Before she could complain, I turned her and pushed her head down. I could see her beautiful breasts flatten against the cold granite counter. I wanted to remember to make them rub back and forth when I started to thrust into her.

My cock was made for her. The height was perfect. He found his own way. The slippery helmet teased around her clit. Hope wanted no more messing around. She reached down, grabbed my cock and pulled it between her cunt lips and pushed back against me. She was very wet but so tight from lack of use that we had to work for a while to get me all the way to the mouth of her womb. When I started my slow thrusts, I could feel her fingers working her clit as they bumped steadily against my shaft.

I felt her tense a moment, “I’m not on the pill. I don’t think I can still get pregnant.”

“Either way, I am going to fill you up and let my cum drip out of you all day.”

She groaned, surrendered, pushed back at me and her fingers speeded up.

“I’m going to cum, Hope. Let her suck me. Let her pull all the cum out of my balls.”

She slammed back in time with my thrusts. Her ass slapped into my belly. From deep within me a low growl started. When it burst from my mouth, cum burst from my cock. My dick was painfully jerking and my balls kept trying to pump into her long after I was empty. It was then that I realized that she had cum again, this time exactly in time escort karşıyaka with me.

When I turned her around I dipped a finger into her sopping cunt and pushed it into her mouth. She sucked away our combined juices and when I leaned in for a kiss I could taste them on her tongue and smell my cum on her breath. We kissed each other down through most of our after glow. Our legs were objecting. Our ages were better suited for making love in a bed or on a chair.

“Thank you Hope. You and you body are magnificent and drove me crazy. I would love to spend our entire cruise making love with you and drinking from your body.”

“It was that good for me also. I hope we can do this often during this trip. I have never had climaxes like that in my entire life. It has been a long time since I have had sex. I hope you’re not just saying all this and that I was really good for you.”

“If you were any better we would have to send for help to get me out of this bathroom. All day I will look for another place for us to hide and make love, if you want to. I’m going to jog each morning like I said. I’ll be hoping to see you each morning but I know that is expecting too much. Still I would like at least to visit with you, with or without a sports bra. Even just for coffee. You are a delight.”

We unlocked the door. The hall was empty and we slipped out trying to look innocent with sheepish, satisfied grins covering our faces and our bodies glowing from the gifts of satisfaction that we had exchanged.

When I pushed her into her elevator, I whispered, “Can you feel my cum in you?”

She smiled at me and said, “Yes, in me and flowing down my leg.”

The next morning was an early port call. My wife was sleeping soundly. This Mexican stop did not hold any interests for me. Mexico and I are great, long-time friends – fishing friends, partying friends, chichita friends, shopping friends and exploring friends. My plan was to meet Hope for the morning jog, stay aboard and work today.

I was disappointed right off. Hope didn’t show. After only two laps around the ship, I lost interest and just wandered around exploring and day dreaming about possible sites to hide in and have sex with Hope. My travels took me by two widely open glass doors, an enormous almost empty cardboard box and a young woman struggling with a heavy exercise bench. I asked if I could help. I’m sure there are rules against such things; she smiled and told me she had it covered.

As she kept struggling, I enjoyed the view. She was about twenty-five, wearing light blue spandex boxer length, shinny shorts and a matching bikini top. She definitely was a toned body builder. That usually was a turn off for me. She was short, with very short brown hair, well tanned, broad and thick in her body yet well proportioned and sexy. Her breasts were almost flat but her nipples stood very erect. Her body glistened with a light sheen of sweat from her struggles. I walked in and helped her anyway.

The room was the ships gym. The bench was one of the last parts to be added to a new piece of equipment. She obviously had been working for a long time wanting to be finished by nine when the gym had to open. With two of us, the bench moved into place easily. We bolted it in place. I retrieved the last parts — the leg press attachment — locked the curtained doors, knelt and began attaching the press to the bench. She continued working at the top of the bench attaching cables to weights. I was kneeling tightening the last bolts when she straddled the bench, laid back and reached up to test the height of the handles. Her legs were splayed toward my eyes and I noticeably gasped.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing at all. It is just that you have the most beautiful puffy camel-toe I have ever seen.”

She sat up and covered her crotch with her hands.

“I’m sorry. I did not mean to embarrass you. I was surprised by the beauty. I should not have made any sound.”

“I’m really not embarrassed. I enjoy being looked at. Thank you for the compliment and the help. I could not have finished this without you.” She reclined back again leaving herself open to my gaze.

She pulled at the handles lifting the weights, testing the machine. She also glanced at me several times making sure I was still admiring her body, especially between her legs. I lightly stroked her calves and used her knees to open her legs wider so I could see her body strain against the weights. When I leaned forward and kissed the inside of her thighs, she released the karşıyaka escort weights and lay still.

“May I kiss her?”

“My girlfriend would not like that.”

“May I kiss her anyway?”

After a long silence, she responded, “Just through the material.”

I pressed my lips and nose into her pussy. She pressed up into me and moaned. Her scent was intoxicating. Her pants were damp. I stroked her thighs, her ass cheeks and across her ovaries as I licked, rubbed my nose into her clit and let my hot breath flow through her protecting cloth and onto her cunt.

I could not believe my luck when she swung her leg over my head, stood, pushed her shorts off and went back to her original position. Her hands came down to the sides of her completely shaved pussy and opened the lips for me, inviting me to continue.

I licked, kissed and sucked with all the talents, I ever learned. She appreciated my efforts almost immediately and pressed into my mouth. When I slowly, slipped a finger into her and pressed into her spongy spot she rewarded me by cuming sweetly into my mouth. I licked away and swallowed her offering. I just held her hips then caressed her stomach and pussy lightly as she recovered.

She finally sat up looking into my eyes. “I never saw a man cum except in videos. Make yourself cum and let me watch.”

I stood in front of her and pushed my sweats down, rubbed the pre-cum over the head of my dick and began to jack myself off just inches from her face. I knew she could smell my lust and almost taste my dick. Her eyes never wandered. They were locked on my every stroke. I would not last long in front of my new fan.

“I’m getting very excited, doing this for you. I’m going to cum quickly. Hold my balls so you can feel them tighten right before I cum.”

Her tentative hand told me this was the first time she had touched a man. Her fingers closed firmly but gently cupping my entire sack. At her first touches, I could feel her roll my loose balls around but I began to tighten quickly. When I groaned she instinctively squeezed. I reached down and covered the head of my cock and came into my palm. When I could open my eyes and look, I was pleased with the puddle I had made. My lovely still held my balls and leaned forward inhaling deeply smelling cum and sperm for the first time.

She was fixated on the puddle, “That would make a baby.”

“Yes it would.”

She brought her free hand and touched a finger into the white liquid.

“Taste it if you want.” I expected if she did she would touch her finger to her lips. Instead she leaned forward and took my softening cock into her mouth and sucked. I reached below her lips with my dry hand and pulled the last few drops of cum out of my shaft and onto her tongue. She rolled those drops around in her mouth and swallowed, then looked at me with far, far away eyes.

“I would give anything if I could make my girlfriend pregnant.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her tasting my cum in her mouth. “There are many ways you could make that happen. You could go to a hospital for in-vitro or to a clinic for a syringe injection. Or you could find a male friend and pretend his penis was yours. You could kneel behind him, reach around and grab your cock and slip it into your woman. You could thrust forward against his ass but driving your cock into her cunt and keep pumping until you cum and leave your baby growing in her belly.”

The last idea triggered a fantasy in my half nude playmate. Her eyes were closed, her body swayed and she moaned very softly. I stayed still for a few moments and then pulled away from her reaching for a towel to wipe my cum from my hand. Her eyes opened and watched me. Quickly she moved to me and took the towel. “Let me.” She wiped the cum from my hand and then reached down and wiped my cock.

We talked for a few minutes, as we got dressed. She was indeed twenty-five. She and her girlfriend had been together since they were both fourteen. They had met at an orphanage and not been apart since. They ran several of the sports and exercise events on the ship. Mostly aerobics, swim classes and sporting events on shore. The crew respected them and accepted their relationship.

I was very sincere, mature, knowledgeable and she knew it. I told her, “I really enjoyed your company and spending time with you this morning. I’m not just referring to just your wonderful tasty body.” I wrote my room number on the back of my card and gave it to her. “If you and your girlfriend want to talk, call me.”

I was surprised by the tender, almost loving, hug she gave me. Like a teenage daughter would give her father. It was close to opening time. I teased her, “You are lovely, desirable and perfect for me just the way you are. But your customers will be arriving soon and you do smell like pussy.” She blushed, unlocked the doors and pushed me out.

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