car session

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car session
After my wife gave birth her pussy was hotter and tighter than ever and her sex drive was higher than it had ever been. I was working lots and her dirty texts that she’s send me all day would make me massively hard and super horny. It became ritual for her to time our newborn’s naps so that she’d be ready for my dick the moment I got home. Often times I’d find her toying her pussy in front of our bedroom mirror, or on all fours fingering herself, expecting me to walk in and dive into her cunt with my mouth or shove my throbbing dick straight into her deeply.

I loved it, of course. Except for the fact that because her cunt was so tight and literally burning hot, it would make me cum very quickly. Like less than 5 minutes… and over the years I had conditioned her to take a dick pounding for 40-50 minutes before I jizzed in/on her. My 5 minute sessions weren’t enough to get her to cum a 2nd time (usually is eat her or finger her to orgasm before fucking her)

so I took to jerking off before I came home.

Sometimes i would masturbate in my office, sometimes I would masturbate in the bathroom (having people come and go from the bathroom while I made myself jizz on the floor made me SUPER horny, as you can probably tell from my videos). But sometimes canlı bahis siteleri I would also leave my office and park in a n industrial area, watch one of my 1000s of faved xhamster videos and make myself cum right there in the driver’s seat before shoving my dick back into my underwear and driving home…where I would peel off the sticky boxers and get hard again, this time lasting any normal length and giving that horny little sex fiend the multiple deep squirting orgasms she demanded from me.

my go to was masturbation videos, I loved watching girls pound their vaginas and assholes with their own fingers and toys. I would prop my phone up behind the steering wheel, unzip, spit on my dick and stroke it… only slightly concerned if someone saw me.

the one time I was caught, it couldn’t have worked out better. I had been edging ALL DAY, my dick was throbbing, and I was about 2 minutes into an 8 minute video I had never seen the end of, normally I glance in my mirror every few seconds, but this time a haggard younger girl had saddled her way up to my passenger rear window and was watching me. When she saw that I had noticed her, her body got tense and she walked around to the back of my SUV and lingered for a sec. I thought about driving mobilbahis away but I wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed, and I wasn’t horny as fuck for al sorts of thoughts were running through my mind. I guess she was waiting for me to drive away… because when I didn’t she yelled “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE OR (inaudible).” I paused for a sec… then rolled down my window a crack and said “or what???” And she said “I’ll finish you off”

i pressed the “unlock” button on my door. She stood still. I turned the engine off. She leaned back on the rear hatch, her head gently tapping the window as it landed. Then she rolled off to her left and came around the passenger side, up to the door and hopped in.

”do you want me to finish you right here?… look what you did to me?”

and then ahe she put her finger up to my lip and pushed it into my mouth. It was a fragrant sweaty scent straight from a very wet cunt.

she said “spit in it” and then held her hand out.

I did as she asked and she then used her left hand to stroke my dick. She looked out the window as she jerked me off exactly how I’d been doing it to myself, her right hand gripping the door handle. She was doing an amazing job. As her hand dries up, she stopped lifted it up just below my chin mobilbahis giriş and said nothing, still looking out the window. I spat in her hand again and she kept going… it was a delicious hand job from this young girl. She was wearing an oversized sweatshirt and baggy jeans, her flip flops showed her feet which looked a little dirty. As I tensed, she focused her Rythym and squeezed harder, I groaned a little bit and pushed my back into the seat and my legs into the foot well, I reached for a towel in the backseat and she said “I’ll clean you up”… she went rapid fire in her stroke on my throbbing cock, squeezing so hard… she moaned a couple times, and said in a super sultry voice “come on baby, come on” and then dove her head down into my lap and took 2/3 of my dick into her mouth about 3 strokes before I began to ejaculate. Her right hand finally let go of the door handle and shoved into her baggy pants. She vibrated her hand on her pussy for about 3-5 seconds as I was still shooting loads of cum into her throat… with my dick still deep in her mouth she let out a “mmmmmmmmmm” and pulled her hand out, right into my mouth. her fingers were salty and more acidic than the first time, the Taste of her cum make my cock twitch.

she pulled her fingers out of my mouth at the same time she lifted her head from my lap. She swallows my cum… whipped her hand on her sweatshirt and said “can I have $5 for food?”

I was about to say “of course” when she said “or $50 and I’ll meet you here every day”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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