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Lately I’ve been shopping for a new vehicle. One of my favourite salesman is a 40 year old stud, I’ll call him Cam. He is 5’9”, 200 hundred pounds, muscular, heavily tattooed and a real cutie. I’ve seen him half a dozen times and he’s never questioned my impatience. Some sales people would get tired of me returning time after time. We were getting down to the short strokes of negotiating the dollar difference. 
I figured he had no more wiggle room but what the hay, I blurted out anyway, “Who do I have to jerk off to get the price lower.”
He laughed so loud that people in the showroom turned to look at us through the glass windows. The tears were rolling down his cheeks from laughing. 
“I’m serious. If you can keep it a secret.” 
He looked at me and uttered, “Really?”
“You bet!”
He picked up the car keys and said, “Let’s go for another ride in the blue SUV.” 
Once outside he gave me the keys and I got in the driver’s seat and he sat beside me in the passenger seat. 
He provided directions and in 10 minutes we were at his illegal bahis house. I parked in the driveway and we got out and entered the house. 
“My wife and k**s are out of town.”
“This is highly irregular. I wouldn’t normally even consider this but I am so fucking horny with the wife away. I very rarely jerk off as I find it so unsatisfying. Nobody can find out about this right?”
“They won’t find out from me!”
“I haven’t been jerked off by another guy since high school.”
“Where do you want to do this Cam?”
“Let’s go in the bedroom.”
In the bedroom he went into the en-suite and came back with a towel. 
He stood by the bed.
“Let’s get you totally naked, I want to see all your tattoos.”
He started to undress and with my eager hands helping him, he was soon naked. 
I gazed and admired his chest, shoulders, arms and legs. I placed the palms of both hands on him and felt around at will, running my hands all over his front. Eagerly I fondled his cock and balls, even though they were not tattooed. Then I turned him around tipobet and duplicated my actions on his backside. My hands explored and rubbed and stroked his colourful markings. Turning him around to face me, I noticed with glee that  he was erect. I think he likes this, I thought to myself. 
I latched onto his cock with my right hand and started to pump gently while my left hand fondled his nuts. He had a low hanging sack and it was a pleasure to caress them, rolling them around his nut sack. His cock was about 6 inches long, cut, with a beautiful broad head. 
I pushed him backwards to lie down on the bed.
I got on my knees. His cock was too tasty looking to not give him a proper wet sloppy blow job. 
He gasped when my tongue started licking his glans. I licked and kissed all around his knob. Then up and down his shaft. Then my mouth took him totally inside. I proceeded to possess him entirely. I sucked and licked and my head bobbed up and down with reckless abandon. Up and down, sucking, licking, slobbering all over tipobet giriş his manhood. I grabbed his nuts and gave them a thorough tongue bath too. They were no longer hanging loosely in his nut sack. They were tight up under his cock.
He was moaning and gasping and his hips thrashing on the bed. I bobbed on his cock, exerted more pressure and sucking deeply as his hips moved up and down of their own free will. I quickened my movements and he gave a mighty gasp and cum spurted into my mouth and down my throat, I was ready for his essence and gulped and swallowed all he had.
As he quieted, I continued to lick and suck his cock. Gently and softly in case his glans was too sensitive for me to continue. He didn’t stop me, I think he liked it. Gradually his cock softened and became limp.
He sputtered, “That was some hand job my friend!”
“I got a little carried away. Your cock and body got me so hot and excited. I just couldn’t resist. Thank you, I enjoyed that.” 
I smacked my lips and he chuckled and replied, “I did too. Thank you.”
“Now, Cam about that SUV?”
He gave me a shit eating grin and said, “I can go down $500 more but that is all my boss gave me in wiggle room.”
“Sounds good to me Cam. Now, can I coax another load out of you. I am so dam thirsty today!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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