Candi Ch. 01

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Their relationship so far had been passionate, fun, and sexy, but Maria knew that much of that had been driven by Alan’s fantasies, with which she gladly participated. Recently, Maria had decided that she wanted to take a more active role in shaping their love life, and had found her inspiration in a most… unusual place. A few weeks back, in a humorous but surprisingly sexy attempt to get her comfortable with switching from her previous, female, doctor to a male one that was covered by her HMO, Alan had dressed himself up for a fantasy where he “examined” her with a latex glove in all her intimate places. Something about the feel of that latex glove sliding around and in her body had sparked something hot inside her, something different. After a quick consult with one of her kinkier friends, she had dreamed up a scenario sure to spice things up and assert her own sexual flavor to their lovemaking.

While shopping online for the perfect outfit, she came across a set of pink latex opera gloves and thigh high stockings; a pink almost alive in it’s electric vibrancy, one which brought all sorts of naughty thoughts to mind regarding things sweet and virginal with a dirty twist. Given that her petite 5’3″ frame, heart shaped face, big eyes, full, pouted lips, and high, cute voice had made her seem years younger even late into her twenties, she felt that it matched nicely and was sure to show Alan that despite her looks, she was an experienced lover with dark passions. To compliment the gloves and stockings she chose an outfit she was sure he’d never expect: a pink latex corset top with optional, inflatable breasts and an indecently high matching mini-skirt complete with petticoat ruffles. Topped (or bottomed, she giggled) with a barely-there pink thong she was *sure* she’d shock her beaux and gain some respect for her own fantasy ingenuity.

She’d chosen a night to wear it when she knew he’d be home late, and when he called one Friday to cancel dinner because his boss had requested that his whole team stay late to finish out a deal, she knew her time had come. Telling him not to worry, that she’d cook up something nice at her place and that he should come over whenever he was done, she left work early and headed to pick up some special lubricant that her kinky friend had suggested she use to ease her donning. At the drug store, she grabbed the big bottle of water-based lube and ran to the checkout line to have as much time as possible to get ready. Waiting in line she saw all the Christmas decorations out and right there, on the counter next to the register was a display of those old-fashioned, huge peppermint sticks. Like a miniature barber pole, almost a foot long and easily an inch wide, she smiled evilly as she realized how to complete her image tonight. The clerk eyed her oddly as she paid for her lube and the trio of large confections, but she was beyond caring, already thinking ahead to her perfect fantasy.

At home, with everything ready for a late (very late, if she had anything to say about it) dinner, she took a shower, and took an hour to put her long, silky black hair up into ringlets. She applied a thick cover of blush, bright red smudge-proof lipstick, and enough mascara to make her eyes seem overlarge in her now almost cherubic face. Maria laid out all her garments on the bed with the lube and recalled her friend’s instructions. Suddenly a little nervous, and slightly aroused by the thought of what she was about to put on, she pushed thought the butterflies canlı bahis bouncing around in her tummy and poured a generous amount of lube into one hand. Liberally, she applied it all up and down her other arm until it was slick to the touch. Drying her hand on a nearby towel she’d laid out to clean up the excess lube she grabbed the first glove and slowly slid it up her arm.

The sensation of the wet latex slipping up and across her arm was delicious, and her eyes half-lidded in appreciation, but it was when her fingers finally slipped in the hand of the glove that she felt this incredible, warm, wet, grasping sensation all the way up her arm starting with the tips of her fingers working it’s way through her palm and across the back of her hand. She marveled at this sweet, wet, tightness and the way the dusky pink looked on her lightly tanned skin. There seemed to be little pulses of electricity flowing out her arm and down her body straight between her legs and she felt her body clench sensually. All this from one glove, she thought?

As Maria began pouring lube into her now gloved hand in order to similarly moisten her other arm she noticed a curious glistening in her hand which she made a mental not of as the lube slid across the fabric. Rubbing down her ungloved hand and arm with lube was an experience as well as she felt as sense of intimacy mixed with detachment from touching herself, as though she were inside someone else’s body while still feeling it touching her own. With a little shaking and considerable anticipation she eased the other glove up her now-slicked arm. Once again that wonderful slippery sensation caressed her arm followed by that same soft/tight wet heat grasping her arm as though it were her most intimate of intimates.

Somewhat overwhelmed by the feelings this latex was sending through her, Maria decided to sit to apply her stockings rather than stand, as she’d originally intended. Grabbing the bottle of lube with a gloved hand reminded her of how shiny her hand had become once covered in wetness. Teasingly, she poured the lube directly on her latex-clad arm and shivered as she felt the stream fall on, but not on, her skin. Rubbing in the lube produced a deep shine on the latex that she found herself marveling at, reminding her of other pink, wet places, and causing her to realize just how aroused this whole process was making her. She then rubbed more of the contents of the bottle all over her legs, wanting both to feel these sensations here, too, but also knowing that if she allowed herself time to pause after one leg was finished, she might never make it to the other.

She intended to don her stockings in quick succession, but she was unprepared for just how much the feel of wrapping her first leg in latex would get to her. Immediately, she noticed the wetness between her thighs grow as the liquid heat seemed to push up from her foot all the way up to edge of her lips and underside of her ass. With ragged breaths she tried to forge ahead and slide on the other stocking, but halfway through she couldn’t control her arms as her eyes slid shut and she simply sat there and *felt* how wrapped and warm and slick she was and with an effort of will tugged the final stocking into place. Grabbing the bottle of lube, she headed to the bathroom to check herself out in the wall to wall mirror above the double sink.

She was totally unprepared for the image that confronted her, however, the slim, waifish woman replaced by bahis siteleri a shiny, wet, sexual being, clad brazenly in nothing but long gloves and stockings, declaring her femininity to the world by leaving her most sensitive parts free. Maria quickly applied the lube to her stockings to complete the shine, and was struck by how *different* she looked. The latex slimmed but also defined her arms and legs, eliminating details, but accenting curves in the most erotic way possible. As she spun in front of the mirror, she also noticed that the high stockings were pushing her already perky ass up in a delightfully slutty way.

As she watched this woman who could not possibly be her, place those slick/shiny wet hands on various parts of her body to assess her look, she became incredibly aroused. She no longer felt like Maria, but *possessed* somehow, enchanted by this material, this feeling, this *woman* in the mirror staring back at her. The evil grin she sported in the drug store crept back upon her face and she watched this woman pour lube directly onto her body in thick, watery streams that cascaded down her body only to be caught by a glove and rubbed all over her aching skin. Caressing her breasts was giving her fits, but when she moved on to rub the lube into her ass her hands clenched reflexively as a fresh wave of sexual heat enveloped her body. She felt like she was breathing fire, she was so hot and the need burning inside her threatened to consume her if she touched herself any more.

Through clenched teeth she uttered a desperate moan and moved her hands away from her body to pick up the corset top and start sliding it over her frame. The awkwardness of this action seemed to quell her inner fires for a moment until the bulk of the garment slid past the wideness of her shoulders and cleavage and slipped into place like it had been made specifically for her. The feel of her breasts sliding into the inflatable cups and the thick, warm latex grasping her belly like a lover was enough to send her to her knees on the thick faux-fur rug in front of the sink. It was some moments before she had mastered her breathing and the sensations running amok through her body enough to stand and walk back over to the bed. The petticoat mini skirt was a gorgeous touch, but donning it did little to stoke her flames. The tiny latex thong that covered almost nothing, however, she knew was going to be a problem. Deciding to leave it until later, she simply lubed up the fabric and set it aside.

The final step, as it were, was to don a pair of matching, pink PVC fuck-me pumps she’d bought to complete the outfit. 3.5″ heels thrust her ass out like an advertisement, and added a welcome tightness to her calves and feet. Prepping herself in front of the mirror she realized she’d yet to lube her top and skirt, and see what inflating her breasts looked like. With no little trepidation she began rubbing her top with lube and felt the flames explode beneath her skin, not at all cooled by the watery slickness she shined into her tummy, breasts, and skirt. Instinct and desperation taking over, the woman in the mirrors hands became a frenzied blur, rubbing themselves faster and faster over her body, grasping, grabbing, gasping, and moaning in nigh-orgasmic frustration. Dammit, she’d wanted to wait for Alan, but this woman, this other her wasn’t going to wait.

Giving herself over to her darker side in a long moan of release, one hand continued its frenetic stroking and groping of bahis şirketleri her chest and tummy while the other dove for her cleft, cupping her heat and driving it back inside of her. Her eyes lidded and her breath panted as she felt her gloved fingers penetrate her nether lips and find that glorious nub of pleasure. It only took a moment for her body to come in quick, crashing waves, but as her shaking frame rested against the countertop, she realized that she’d only just stoked the flames as she felt her darkness beg for something to fill her burning void. Inside, she was nearly screaming with frustration as small mewlings came from between the red, shiny lips of the woman in the mirror, as she cast about desperately for anything to plunge inside her depths and abate the ache in her loins.

Unfortunately, Alan kept all of their sex toys at his place, and Maria had only ever used a hand vibrator, never having wanted a penis without a man attached before. But this other woman *needed* something, and her eyes lighted on a prop she hadn’t planned to use until much later. Oh, NO, she thought embarrassedly, but this other woman had her legs already in motion, clicking heels striding desperately across the floor towards one of the peppermint sticks she recently purchased. Unwrapping it clumsily, her gloved, wet hands peeling back the wrapper with difficulty, she released her impromptu dildo from its wrappings and with no time for second thoughts, slid it authoritatively into her molten cleft.

Almost instantly, she locked her muscles around it, unable to stifle a load moan of relief as she felt some small measure of sanity return as the need abated. Still, this other woman worked the stick in and out of her with a vengeance, darkly elating in the debauched usage of the treat, which Maria could no longer deny was exactly what she wanted at the moment. As her body neared a second stronger orgasm, she felt her sense of propriety being overwhelmed by the joy and pleasure emanating throughout her body. As one, she and the woman in the mirror came again in a triumphant shout, as a languid warmth slid over her perceptions, coloring her world pink at the edges and driving her burning hunger deeper into her body, her lust slaked only momentarily.

With a lustful grin, she slid the red and white pole out of her moistness with a sticky pop and examining it for a moment gave it a thoughtful lick. Lips wrapped around it, tasting the sweet mixture of sugar and her juices, she realized that this freedom, this perspective was more than just Maria, that it needed a name, to suit its darker, sensual personality. Mind churning, and keeping the confection with her, she quickly slid into her thong, reveling in the slick warmth it reflected back into her and the way it slipped enticingly between her ass cheeks and nether lips when she walked.

Deciding to treat Alan to the full show, she grabbed the pump for her inflatable breasts and slipped the needle into the valve on each side, increasing her bust size from a modest B to something closer to a D. Grabbing the lube, she perched on the edge of the bed, still working the pole through her lips in wanton anticipation, waiting for Alan’s arrival. She didn’t have to wait long, hearing his keys in her lock only minutes later. She heard him call out and set down his work things and coat before coming to investigate the bedroom. Legs crossed, foot kicking, she sucked slowly up and down the treat as he walked in the bedroom door and froze. As his eyes tracked lustfully across her form, her gaze locked onto his and she popped the stick out of her mouth, her lips forming a perfect ‘O’ for a moment before she smiled that evil grin and purred, “Hi, I’m Candi! Wanna fuck?”

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