Camping with Michelle

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“Hurry up Michelle,” I yelled from the car. An entire weekend of camping lay ahead of us, and she’s busy making sure she looks cute. My moment of frustration ended the second she stepped outside in her halter top and cut off jean shorts. I glared through my sunglasses at her sexy, tan legs as she turned and locked the door.

Within minutes we were flying down the highway to our weekend of relaxation and outdoor recreation. Michelle looked great, her brown hair blowing in the breeze and a smile that could melt your heart. I’ve never felt so comfortable around someone before, she had an essence for life that was generally contagious as hell. It was impossible not to have a good time with her.

We passed the time talking about a wide range of topics, she was a great communicator and knew more about human behavior than most people would learn in a lifetime. She was so easy going and understanding, we held a great mutual respect for each other, part of the reason we got along so well.

I think she knew that I lusted after her, but never gave me any indication that our relationship would be anything more than good friends. We both dated other people in the past, and most of the time shared our thoughts, stories and gave each other advice. The plunge from friendship to intimate relationship, would be a big change should it ever occur, but one that I would welcome.

We arrived in the parking lot at the base of Mount Farren, our destination. Getting out of the car to stretch, the breathtaking scenery engulfed us. The entire countryside was covered with a plush, green carpet of vegetation, with several rolling hills leading up to the mountain. The weather that day was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and the warm sun rays pierced through the clean air. Gathering our belongings and strapping on our gear, we locked the car and began down the trail.

The lower portion of the hike was uneventful, we didn’t talk a lot instead opting to save our breath for the physical workout we were in the midst of. There was something wonderful about being alone with Michelle in the woods, maybe the glimmer of hope that she would see me for more than a friend.

After a couple of hours, we came across a roaring waterfall, dropping from a tree covered ridge above. Quickly agreeing this was a good place to rest, I slid off my pack and helped Michelle out of hers. A semi flat rock nearby offered a make shift bench, and soon we were discussing the beauty of the place over chicken salad sandwiches.

After we finished lunch, it was back on the trail for several more hours. The afternoon sun was beating down, forcing me to constantly wipe the sweat from my brow. We were making good time, and by the early evening we were well into the back woods. We continued hiking until the sun began to slowly sink, at which point we decided to set up camp for the night.

Michelle scurried the area for firewood while I set up the tent. By the time darkness fell, the tent was set up and orange flames licked up from the firepit. The quiet serenity of the wilderness was overpowering, aside from the crackling of wood burning and a few birds chirping, it was completely silent and calm.

Taking out the cast iron skillet, we had our beef stew dinner cooking in no time. Sitting by the fire, I watched the soft orange flow light up her skin, while the flames sparkled in her eyes. Another moment of near surrender to her beauty, I imagined pressing my lips to hers, tasting her soft skin.

We joked and laughed our way through dinner, and on more than one occasion I marveled to myself how everything seemed so perfect. It was like a defining moment in life, the thick cover of trees and wilderness, the uncertainty the darkness brought, the hope, the perfect girl.

After dinner we talked for a while longer and I played my harmonica softly for a few minutes. As the fire died down we decided it was time to turn in for the night. Following Michelle into the small tent, we threw our sleeping bags out and crawled inside.

Lying down next to hear I could hear my heart beating and never did I feel so close and so full of lust. Despite being in our own sleeping bags, we still snuggled close to keep warm. She put her legs on top of mine, instantly sending me into a state of arousal. It seems so ridiculous for such a simple gesture to have that affect, but just feeling her only drove the stake of lust deeper into me.

Feeling her roll over to face me, I could feel her warm breath just inches away. In the complete darkness I felt her lips softly press against mine. My heart nearly jumped through my chest, but it all seemed like destiny. In seconds our mouths were parted and our tongues entwined. That first kiss was exactly how I’d imagined it would be, she set me on fire.

Feeling her pull back from me, I quickly realized her intentions when she began sliding inside of my sleeping bag. Her body felt so good next to mine, our feet playfully rubbed against each others as we embraced canlı bahis closely and she slowly brought her lips to mine again. The moment was so erotic, not being able to see her, yet I could feel and taste her. Not being able to hear her, yet no words were necessary.

Her hand ran up the inside of my shirt, sending a warm feeling throughout my body. My arousal only grew when her fingers began rubbing lightly across my nipple, pinching and squeezing it. My entire body was in a heightened frenzy, anticipating her next move.

Her lips kissed down along my neck, and within seconds I could feel her tongue teasing along my stomach. My cock was hard with desire, a moment that I’d waited so long for, longer than most would. I felt her fingers untying the string in my waistband, causing me to breath heavy for a moment. Her soft fingers tugged at my pants, which quickly slid off.

I felt her hand take hold of my hard cock and lightly stroke it up and down several times. I could feel her warm breath nearby, and the second she licked some of the precum from me, a jolt of feelings ran through me. Her lips slid over the top of me as she took me into her mouth, causing a loud moan that echoed deeply in the tent.

Within seconds her lips were working up and down the length of my shaft, which was thick with desire. Her head moved the blanket up and down as she continued her oral assault on my cock. I could feel the pressure building and knew that there was no way I could hold out for much longer, not after waiting this long.

Placing my hand on the blanket over her head, I urged her on. My muscles started to tighten and a shot of heat ran the length of my body. “Oh fuck I’m going to cum,” was all the warning I could muster, as I held her head tightly against me. My cock exploded inside of her mouth, painting her tongue with several burst of my warm, thick seed, Keeping her lips tightly around me, she quickly devoured any potential mess. With her hand she stroked my cock back and forth, tasting the last drops. Emerging from under my sleeping bag, she kissed me softly on the cheek and said, “goodnight.”

Laying there completely out of breath, my heart was rocketing in my chest and my lust for the girl went off the charts. She nuzzled her head against my chest, and we slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to the smell of bacon cooking and the sounds of firewood crackling. Michelle was not inside of the tent, instantly guessing she was outside cooking. Stepping out from under the canvas ceiling, I was greeted by the warm rays of the sun, striking through a partly cloudy sky. Michelle was knelt down beside the fire, flipping several pieces of bacon over on the skillet. Making eye contact and exchanging smiles, I approached her with the night before still hanging heavy on my mind.

“Did you sleep well…?” she asked, grabbing for her cup of coffee.

“I slept very well,” I answered, adding, “You walked me through a fantasy land last night you know…?”

Smiling, she rose to her feet and began walking back to the tent. I watched her walking off and without turning around, she replied back, “I’m hardly done with you Christian.”

I felt a surge of energy and anticipation the moment her words rung through my ears. “I’m hardly done with you Christian,” six words that spurned a flood of arousal in me and left me on the verge of begging. Following breakfast, we broke down our camp and strapped on our packs. A six hour hike waited ahead, with a good percentage of it moving uphill. By ten o’clock, we were an hour down the trail and the morning clouds were beginning to burn off. I kept a handkerchief grasped in my hand, suitable to wipe the moisture from my brow and forehead.

Michelle was in very good shape, and keeping up with her wasn’t the easiest task. Often lingering twenty or thirty feet behind her, it was impossible to look ahead and not focus my attentions on her sleek, tan legs emerging from her cutoff jean shorts. Her backside was already a solid source for my fantasies, and having it tucked snugly into a tight pair of shorts a few feet in front of me, wasn’t making things any easier.

Stepping through the broken rocks and loose gravel, I began thinking about the study that says men think about sex 260 times in a day. After wondering who did the research on that project, I quickly resigned myself to the fact that with me it was more like 260 times in the last hour. Or maybe it only counts as once if you think about sex for the entire hour consecutively…?

My mind played out every possible dirty scenario it could think of with her. The one where she invites me into a hot, steamy shower and kneels before me on the floor of the tub, beckoning for me to cover her in my sex. The one where I catch her masturbating, but she doesn’t see me. The vision of being in a 69 with her is another strong one, feeling her soft lips and tasting her.

“Are you ready to take a break…?” Michelle suddenly asked in the midst of bahis siteleri one of my day dreams.

“Sure, let’s hike up to that little ridge,” I replied pointing uphill a few hundred yards. We continued for a couple more minutes before the ground leveled out. A small grassy plateau greeted us, and we were both happy to be on level ground. The view was breathtaking, with an ocean of green covering the countryside below. The sun beat down, lighting up several of the lakes below in a sparkling orchestra.

“Wow,” she said quietly, smiling and breathing in the clean air. A soft breeze swept across the hillside, scattering her locks across her face. She was beautiful, she was real and she was driving me crazy. I had been helplessly horny the entire day, and decided without shame that this was a good time to do something about it.

Informing Michelle I had to take a bathroom break, I turned towards a small wooded grove a short distance away. Knowing that in moments I would be jerking myself off, my cock hardened slightly. Reaching the cover of the trees, I quickly worked the buttons free on my jeans. Wasting no time, my hand disappeared inside of the waistband on my boxer briefs and emerged seconds later with my semi-erect cock.

Closing my eyes, my hand began softly stroking up and down the length of my shaft, which was thickening as the seconds passed. My thoughts began racing, envisioning her kneeling before me, with her mouth slightly parted. Her tongue sliding across her lips, and begging to taste me.

Those thoughts alone brought my cock to full thickness, hard with anticipation and grinding away in my hand. I began a long and systematic stroking, working the entire length up and down. I could tell this would be quick, my level of arousal was determined to ensure that.

I could feel my body twitch slightly, and a warm rush the length of my spine. My muscles clinches in anticipation, my hand continuing to stroke up and down, faster and faster. The second I reached the point of no turning back, a soft moan escaped from my lips and I opened my eyes.

I looked down just as the first burst of my sticky seed exploded from my cock onto the ground. Pulling back and then thrusting forward through my closed hand, another burst of cum shot out and hit the ground. Repeating this several times, my body began to breakdown as I panted heavily. Squeezing the last bits of my juice onto the ground, I returned my cock to its cotton prison and buttoned my pants.

Emerging from the woods I could see Michelle sitting on a log and eating a light snack. Joining her, we seemed to spot the approaching rain clouds at the same time. The veil of cloudy blackness was quickly approaching, and the last thing either of us wanted was to be caught in the rain without shelter.

In just a few moments we had the tent staked out and our packs put away inside. Not more than twenty minutes later, the storm hit and we scurried inside of the tent, zipping it closed. Sitting inside, we could hear the pellets of rain begin to beat against the side of the canvas.

We spent the first few minutes laughing and making casual talk. With no sign of the rain letting up, we both drifted off to sleep. Late in the afternoon I was awoken by a calm, quietness. Seeing Michelle was still sleeping, I scurried to the door of the tent, and unzipped it. Peaking out I noticed the rain was gone, though some of the dark clouds still hung in the area.

Returning to my sleeping bag, I stretched out on my side facing Michelle. With my head resting on my arm, I stared at her sleeping a few feet away with admiration. Her soft skin was so desirable, forcing a previously unknown amount of restraint to keep from touching her. Her lips were thin and delicate, reminding me how bad I wanted to taste them in a kiss. Her silky hair hung like a curtain, partially concealing her face and flowing down onto her shoulders. Rolling over onto my back, a short sigh escaped from my chest. After a few minutes, I rolled back over and faced Michelle once again. “Hey,” I said in her direction, hoping to wake her quietly.

Her eyes popped open and she grinned in my direction. “It’s not raining anymore,” anticipating the news would bring a smile to her face.

“I don’t want to hike anymore today,” she said pulling her covers up to her neck. Agreeing that we could use the rest and the weather might not cooperate, we both quickly resigned to the fact we would just camp here for the night. We agreed that a firewood gathering was necessary and we both slid back into our boots for the short venture. We walked along the backside of one of the nearby hills until we found a grove of dead birch trees. Our mission was quickly cut short when the rain began lightly misting down. Knowing it could turn to a heavy rain with no warning, we filled our arms with the wood available and began a hasteful march back to the tent.

Halfway there the rain began falling harder and our boots were soon struggling through bahis şirketleri mud. With our trip hampered by the loads we were carrying, we agreed to dump the firewood and get back to the tent. After a few minutes of a slow jog, we reached the tent and were quickly zipped inside.

Michelle’s clothes were soaked, her sopping hair hanging straight down. Her cheeks were slightly red, and my eyes chased a few raindrops that escaped down her neck. Caring little about inhibitions, I was quickly struggling out of my wet clothes. Once my soaked boxers hit the floor, my naked body slid inside the warm comfort of the sleeping bag.

Laying on my back with the covers pulled up to my chin, my eyes focused on Michelle. Her fingers worked the buttons on her shirt free, and within seconds she slid out of it and began unsnapping her bra. I watched as her breasts fell out of the cups, exposing themselves to my sight for the first time. They were perfect handful, nice tan aereolas and her nipples poked outward. Her fingers grabbed ahold of the waistband on her pants, and she worked them down off her hips. I carefully watched her sexy legs step free from her jeans, kicking the wet garments away from the bedding. After tearing her wet socks off, she grabbed her panties and tugged them off. I could see the small strip of brown pubic hair between her legs, a sight that brought instant thoughts of sin.

She tore the sleeping bag off my chest, and slipped gracefully inside of it next to me. We faced each other for a second, studying the reaction and trying to read each others thoughts. Leaning forward towards her, our lips met softly and then parted. Her tongue ran across mine, licking and nibbling on my lip and forcing my tongue to dance with hers. I could feel my cock hardening against the skin of her lower stomach, something she undoubtedly felt as well. Still kissing her, I felt her hand take hold of my cock and begin stroking up and down the length of it.

I slid my hand along the curve of her hip, cutting across her stomach to settle in between her legs. Feeling her part them slightly, my fingers began parting the outer lips of her pussy. She was warm and within seconds my finger began softly rubbing in a circular motion on her clit. She shoved her tongue deep into my mouth the second I hit her clit, and moaned softly in delight.

Kissing along her cheek, my lips traced a trail of desire along her neck and down onto her collarbone. Following a few soft kisses there, I quickly had her nipple between my lips, nibbling and flicking it lightly with my tongue. I alternated between kissing around on her flesh and teasing her nipples, which were hardening by the second.

Confident she was aroused, my tongue launched a bold invasion down her stomach, feeling her squirm the lower I went. Tucked deep inside of the sleeping bag, I grasped ahold of the inside of each thigh with my hands. She parted her legs wide open, inviting me into her temple to taste her pleasures. My tongue began licking up and down the length of her pussy, taking extra precautions not to press to far into her folds…I had to tease this kitty first. My tongue would mix in an occasionally light flick across her clit, usually enough to send her body into a small seizure.

Her hands ran through my hair, telling her story of arousal in powerful motions. She pulled on my hair, beckoning me to taste her closer and deeper. Pulling the outer lips of her pussy apart, my lips took her hardened clit into my mouth. Mixing a soft sucking motion and running my tongue across it in my mouth, she moaned heavily and wiggled around for a couple seconds.

I sucked on my finger for a second, covering it with a coat of lubricating saliva. With my tongue returning to her clit, my fingers slid down along her pussy and past her opening. After sliding over another inch of very sensitive skin, my finger pressed softly against her asshole. Seconds later she was moaning loudly, grinding her clit against my face and clinched her ass around my finger.

After a few seconds of fucking her in the ass with my finger, I emerged from under the sleeping bag with the fresh taste of her filling my mouth. Tearing the sleeping bag away, I looked down at her swollen lips and the hard little button peaking out. Taking hold of my cock, I guided the head to her sopping entrance and pressed inside. Inch by inch I watched as my cock disappeared inside of her. Her warmth was overwhelming, and soon I was coated with her sex.

For a few minutes I fucked her slowly and deliberately, pressing in as deep as possible and grinding together with her. After I established a steady rhythm of penetration, she brought her hand to her clit and sent her fingers diving in. Moans from both of us filled the tent, ringing out over the soft rain hitting the side.

“Oh God, keep that up and I’m gonna cum,” she blurted out in a slutty voice. She felt so good, this was everything I had dreamed and hoped for, and it was far exceeding the expectations or the fantasy. Continuing to thrust in and out of her, I could see her lips stretched tightly around me, grabbing ahold of my girth each time I withdrew. “Oh fuck,” she began hollering as her body twitched and shook.

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