Camping Trip Day 02

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Day 2: Monday

This is the second chapter of the story.

“Come on, somebody take the boat out with me,” whined Samantha, the athletic college coed of my friend Henry’s daughter..

Kathleen, his eighteen year old daughter, Doug, his twenty-one year old son, and Justin, a friend of Doug’s had already left and gone fishing up at the creek. Justin had practically begged Annie, Henry’s wife Susan’s friend, to come along, but she decided she wanted more time to sleep, and had returned to her tent for a nap. Henry and his wife were cleaning up breakfast.

“Sorry, it looks like you’re on your own Sammy,” said Henry, “unless Josh wants to go.”

“Josh! Come on, pleeeese,” moaned Samantha. Josh looked up from the book he was reading and thought about it.

“Sure, I’ll go, let me finish this chapter and then I’ll change into my swim suit,” replied Josh.

“Alright, I’m going to change now, and get the boat ready,” Samantha said excitedly.

Samantha went into the girls’ tent while Josh finished the last page of the chapter. Finished, he got up and went into his tent to change, putting on his swim suit. When Josh walked out he saw Samantha bending over. She was wearing board shorts over her bathing suit, but her athletic body and tight ass were still on display. She turned around and smiled at Josh. She had a white tank top on over what had to be a bikini because it showed off her bare midriff.

“Okay let’s go. Pick up the other side,” she ordered.

Samantha grabbed the front and Josh the back of the inflatable raft. They picked it up over their heads and started walking towards the lake. One of the advantages of coming to the lake during the week is that there we fewer people camping and thus you often had the lake to yourself. As they got near the shore, they noticed nobody else was out on the lake. They put the boat in the water, took off their sandals and threw them into the boat.

“Go ahead and get in, I’ll push us off,” offered Josh.

Samantha got in the front of the boat. Josh pushed it off the bank and jumped in the back. Samantha kneeled down in the front and started rowing. Again Josh had a great view of her hind quarters. Josh and Samantha talked as they rowed out towards the center of the lake. Josh learned Samantha was now in her third year of college, studying social work.

“Its getting hot, I think I’m going to jump in,” Josh said suddenly. He took off his shirt proud that he had lost about 20lbs of fat over the past two years and now had a pretty good physic. He jumped off the boat and tried to make a big splash to get Samantha wet. As he surfaced Josh saw he had succeeded in getting her wet and now knew for sure she was wearing a bikini, and also that it was black.

“Come on get in,” Josh said as he splashed water into the raft.

Samantha peeled off her wet tank top, but left on the board shorts. She jumped in right next to Josh. As she swam to the top, she grabbed on to Josh and tried to pull him under. Josh fought back and pushed her away. He then tried to climb into the boat, thinking he could row away and make Samantha chase him. As he was climbing up, Sam pulled one of his muscular arms, and when she saw she wasn’t going to be able to pull him back in she pulled on the waist band on his swim suit. Josh’s shorts fell down around his knees. Embarrassed and surprised, he let go of the raft and fell into the water holding onto his shorts and trying to pull them up.

He got his shorts up and tied them a little tighter and saw Samantha was still trying to get in the raft. He swam over and grabbed one of her ankles. She kicked at him and Josh lost his grip and went to grab onto it again. He could not get a grip and ended up holding onto one of her thighs. Samantha kicked him in the chest with her other leg.

“Come on, can’t you even pull a girl in the water?” taunted Samantha.

“I could cheat like you did,” replied Josh.

He reached up and pulled on her board shorts and was surprised when they slid down. Sam kicked them off, giving Josh a view of her bikini clad ass which looked marvelous. She pulled herself into the boat, turned around and looked at Josh.

“I win!” she shouted.

Josh swam over still holding onto her shorts. He threw them into the boat and climbed in. Josh noticed Samantha’s towel by him and realized he forgot to bring a towel. No problem he thought and started to dry off himself with hers.

“Hey, use your own,” Samantha complained when she noticed Josh had her towel.

“I forgot mine; you can have this back when I’m done.”

“No way,” said Samantha.

She crawled over and tried to grab the towel. Josh pulled it away and Sam fell on top of Josh. She continued to try and grab the towel and Josh held it as far away from her as he could. She was squirming around on his lap, when she suddenly stopped.

“Do you have a boner, Josh?” As she asked it she wiggled a little bit. “Am I making you hard lying on top of you?” Samantha had a devious illegal bahis smile on her face.

Josh was really turned on having this hot coed flirt with him, and his cock had been hard since he pulled down her shorts. What the hell, he thought you don’t have too many shots at this. He put his hand on the side of her face, pulled her close and kissed her. Samantha quickly inserted her tongue into Josh’s mouth and they passionately made-out in the back of the raft. They stopped kissing and Samantha looked into Josh’s eyes. “Let’s go to the other shore, its more private.”

They rowed to the other shore, pulled the boat out of the water and walked into the woods about 30 feet. Then Josh grabbed Samantha and they started making out again.

Josh’s hands worked down to Samantha’s big firm ass. He ran his hands over her swim suit a couple of times, finding no complaints from her, he grabbed hold of her ass and squeezed her cheeks.

“Do you like my ass?” asked Samantha between kisses.

“Oh god, it’s great!” replied Josh.

He pulled the back of her bikini up causing it to pull up inside her ass crack. Then he started to kiss her neck, causing her to moan softly. He kissed her shoulders, while moving his hand up to fondle her breasts, and pull aside her top. He lowered his mouth onto her nipple and sucked hard, then did the same to the other. The whole time Josh was waiting for her to pull away or ask him to stop, but she seemed to be as into this if not more than he was. Josh thought he might as well find out if she is serious, so Josh slipped his hand down the front of her bikini and rubbed her pussy. He didn’t feel any hair.

Right before he was going to insert a finger Josh paused, “Samantha, you’re not a virgin are you?”

“Sorry, somebody else got that honor, so don’t worry about me. You don’t need to be gentle.”

Samantha untied her top and let if fall to the ground and then started making out with Josh again. Josh quickly put his hand down the bottoms and slowly inserted a finger into her pussy. She was tight and already wet. He moved the finger in and out causing Samantha to moan some more. Josh then inserted a second finger into her. He was kissing her and pinching her nipple with his free hand as be banged her with his hand. He started to go faster and faster.

“Oh shit! That feels good. Keep doing it, I’m gonna cum soon”

Samantha used her hands to untie the knots on the side of her bikini causing it to fall on the ground. This gave Josh more room and he was able to push his fingers in a little farther. He felt her pussy tighten and then some pressure. He pulled his fingers out and watched a steam of cum shoot out of Sam’s pussy.

Sam was out of breath and covered in a gleam of sweat. Josh was speechless having never been with a girl who squirted before. “Does that always happen?”

“No, that was the first time with somebody.” Samantha said the last word with a little distinction. “Now it’s your turn, take off those shorts and let’s see if I can make you sweat.”

Josh pulled his shorts down as Samantha got onto her knees. She took hold of his penis which was already pretty hard and stroked it a couple of times.

“Very impressive,” said Samantha. “I think this is the biggest I’ve been with, definitely the thickest.”

Josh’s cock was about eight inches when hard, and very thick. Samantha took it into her mouth slowly at first. Getting it wet. She would lick around the sides and then put it as deep into her mouth as she could, about half way, then close her lips and suck. It was one of the best blow jobs Josh had ever gotten. Samantha kept sucking on Josh’s dick, sometimes trying to put all of it down her throat, but always coming up short. After about five minutes Josh felt he was getting close.

“Samantha, can I fuck you?”

“I sure hope so,” was Samantha’s reply. “Lay down, I want to ride this monster.”

Josh found a spot on the ground with no huge rocks and lay down. Samantha stood over Josh and began to lower herself.

“Do we need protection?” Josh couldn’t believe this was coming up. He had no condoms with him, never thinking he would be having sex with a twenty year old in the woods.

“Don’t worry I’m on the pill, but just to be safe when you’re close pull out okay”.

Samantha sat down on Josh’s cock slowly putting it in inch by inch. About half way down she paised, gathering herself.

“Oh god, your cock is so thick.”

Samantha worked Josh’s cock all the way inside her eventually. She started to build up a rhythm, and soon found herself bouncing on top of Josh. Samantha loved being on top with guys, and having this huge cock inside her was driving her crazy. Her legs started to tire so she sat all the way down and started to grind on top. Watching her gyrate on his cock, Josh couldn’t believe this was the same girl that was only concerned with making varsity softball last time he saw her. Now she was riding him in a way that would make any pornstar proud. Josh decided illegal bahis siteleri to help out some. He pulled Samantha down, put his hands on her ass and started to push up with his hips. Samantha got the message and started to meet his thrusts. Before long Josh was pistoning into her. Samantha started moaning again.

“Oh my god, right there, faster!” screamed Samantha. She stood up a little causing Josh’s cock to slide out and squirted all over Josh’s stomach. Samantha was shaking from the orgasm and fell on top of Josh trembling. Josh was rock hard and wanted to get off in the worst way.

“Stand up Samantha,” ordered Josh. Slowly Samantha got up. “Turn around and face that tree”. Samantha did as she was told.

Josh walked up to Samantha and seeing her great ass gave a little slap across her right cheek. Samantha jumped a little, but said nothing. Josh walked up behind, pushed her legs apart a little and thrust his cock into her wet pussy. Her pussy was so wet at the moment she had no trouble taking his cock into her. Samantha leaned forward trying to get comfortable. Josh just wanted to be deeper inside. His hands were gripping her ass cheeks. He would give her a little spank every couple of thrusts, causing her ass cheeks to turn red. Josh was getting close. Then he felt Samantha’s pussy tighten again. He pulled out and saw more of her cum squirt out and drip down her legs.

“My pussy can’t take any more,” Samantha said. She was out of breath and Josh thought her legs were shaking. She got down on her knees and started to suck on his cock. Josh felt his balls begin to tighten. He took his cock from Samantha and started to cum. The first rope of cum landed about an inch up on her hair line and went all the way down over her eye and onto her nose. The next shot landed higher almost all in her hair. The rest of his cum came out with less force and landed around Samantha’s mouth.

Samantha started to lick around her mouth with her tongue. She wiped Josh’s cum off her face with her fingers and put them into her mouth with a big smile. Samantha held her hands out to Josh and he grabbed them and helped her to her feet. She wrapped her arms around him and went in to give him a kiss, but Josh shied away.

“Maybe after you’ve got all the cum cleaned up.” Josh leaned down and put Sammy’s nipple into his mouth, then switched to the other one. How about I kiss these, I barely had any time to enjoy them.”

“Well, then we’ll have to find an excuse to wonder off alone later,” said Samantha. “But I don’t want anybody worrying about us so we should head back. Samantha pushed Josh away and went to pick up her swim suit, and put it on. Josh grabbed his shorts and put them on and the two of them walked back to the bank of the lake, the whole time Josh resting his hand on Samantha’s ass.

They got the boat in the water and again Sam was in front on her knees leaning forward as she rowed.

“Are you sitting like that on purpose?” asked Josh.

“Huh, what are you talking about?”

“You’re sticking your ass out as you row.”

“Well should I stop,” said Samantha as she wiggled her ass a little bit and backed up so it was closer to Josh. Josh gave her a slap on the ass and ran his hands up her muscular thighs, stopping it on her pussy as he squeezed. “You gave that quite a workout earlier, can it have a break.”

“I guess I’ll be nice,” said Josh. Then more to himself, but he said it out loud, “This is the craziest trip I’ve ever been on”.

Hearing him, Samantha sat back against him lying between Josh’s legs in the back of the raft, then shyly replied back, “So it was crazy for me to fuck you?”

Josh ran his hands down the length of Samantha’s arms then over her stomach and up to her breasts, grabbing them and lightly squeezing them. “Yeah, I guess it is, but this plus other stuff really has made it a crazy trip, and it’s only the second day.”

“What other stuff?” asked Samantha.

Josh went on to tell Samantha about his oral sexcapades with Annie while looking at stars and the two kisses from Kathleen.

“Well now I know you’re full of shit.” Samantha said very matter of factly.

“You think I’m making it up, you can think that, but I know what happened,” Josh said defensively.

“I know you’re making some of it up. Annie seems like she can be a little wild, but Kathleen kissing you, twice no less, well I know that’s now true.”

“And how would you know that?”

“Because Kathleen…” Samantha paused, “doesn’t like boys.” She quickly added, “Don’t tell her parents, she would kill me and you, then they would kill her, but I know for a fact she is only into girls.”

“Well I know what I know, so you can say and think whatever you want.”

“Are you confident enough to make a bet?” Samantha said with a smile. She pulled Josh’s hands off her breasts and pulled them down to her crotch.

“What sort of bet do you have in mind?” Josh slip one hand into her shorts and very gently rubbed her pussy which canlı bahis siteleri was wet.

“If you can fuck Kathleen on this trip then you win.”

“Fuck her?” Josh stammered, “What are the odds that a girl, who may or may not be gay, that is, like, nineteen years old, will go off and fuck a guy in the woods on a camping trip with her parents. It has to be something less, enough to prove she is not gay or at least that she fooled around with me.”

“Okay how about you bring me a pair of her panties, and I will take you it on your honor that you won’t cheat. To win you have to remove her panties from her.”

“Sounds fair, so what are we wagering?” As Josh finished his sentence he wiggled his finger inside her pussy a little causing her to squirm and moan.

Samantha was quiet for a minute, either enjoying Josh’s pussy massage or thinking about what she wanted, or both. “Okay if I win, I want you to take me on a dream date. I want you to dress up and then we will go to a really nice restaurant, of my choice of course, then maybe somewhere to go dancing, and lastly I want to end up in a penthouse hotel room where if you have been a good boy you can make love to me. Now what do you want if you win?”

“That sounds expensive, but pretty good when you throw in the last part” replied Josh “How about this, I will throw in the nice restaurant, my choice of course, but the dancing is out, the hotel can stay, but when it comes to the making love part, I want to try something else.”

“What do you have in mind?” Samantha said between gasps as Josh’s finger keep rubbing against her clip..

“I want to fuck you in the ass.” Josh whispered this last line into her ear then sucked on her earlobe. Samantha let out a long sigh and Josh felt wetness enveloped his fingers. He pulled them out and placed them in front of Samantha’s mouth. She took them into her mouth and cleaned each one.

“So do we have a bet?” asked Josh.

Again Samantha was quiet for a minute or so. “Well there is no way I am letting anybody fuck me in the ass,,,but since I know my friend is a lesbian and am tired of poor college boys taking me to Chili’s and thinking that deserves a fuck you have yourself a deal.”

Samantha and Josh paddled back, dragged the boat up onto the shore and walked back to camp. On the short walk Josh took advantage to playfully grab Samantha’s ass. When they walked into camp everybody was back. Justin was sitting next to Annie talking to her. She looked bored. Doug and Kathleen were arguing about some minor point. Henry was laying down on a cot he must have dragged out of his tent working on a Sudoku, and Susan was reading a novel.

The rest of the day everybody sat around and enjoyed the leisure. After dinner everybody ended up playing a board game which was fun for the first hour or so but then dragged on until Henry ended up winning and gloating. The whole game Josh had sat next to Kathleen and tried to make contact with her as often as possible. As people got up, Josh asked Kathleen if she wanted him to walk her to the restroom again. She immediately said yes with a big smile.

Josh went to his tent to get a flashlight and when he turned around Kathleen was waiting for him. She looked lovely with tight jeans on, showing just how long and slim her legs were, and a oversized sweatshirt from the college she was attending. Her hair was pulled back and up, probably because without showers it was easier to put it up then let it hang loose. They started walking towards the bathrooms, and once they were under the cover of the forest Josh slipped his arm around Kathleen and puller her close to him. She giggled.

She giggled more when he pulled her around by her hip so she was facing him. She could not have weighed more than ninety pounds. Josh leaned in and slowly kissed her. Her lips were a little bit cold from the night air and he could taste her cherry lip gloss. Their tongues played with each others for a bit. Josh had his hands on Kathleen’s hips still and slowly moved them around so he could grab her ass. Her ass was firm and bony.

“Wait,” Kathleen suddenly said. Josh pulled away thinking he had offended her when he grabbed her ass. “I actually have to pee really badly”. Kathleen grabbed Josh hand and pulled him towards the bathrooms. She stopped outside, turned and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “I’ll be right out.”

When Kathleen came out she and Josh started to make out again. Josh continued to explore her ass with his hands. After about ten minutes Kathleen pulled away again.

“Do you have to pee again?” Josh asked jokingly.

“No, but we should get back to camp.” They walked holding each other close. They heard some noise and quickly separated a little. It was Justin and Doug walking to the bathroom. As they neared camp they saw that Henry and Susan were also getting ready to walk to the facilities.

“Goodnight Josh thanks for being a gentleman,” Kathleen said as she unzipped the tent and climbed in. “See you in the morning.

Josh turned around, ready to call it a night when Annie called his name. “You think you can walk one more girl to the bathroom tonight?”

“Yeah sure,” Josh said, wondering if this would lead to anything also.

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