Campfire Secret

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“What do you mean you have to leave? We’ve been planning this for months.” I asked Jonathan while he rolled his sleeping bag and tossed it on the truck. Chris and I watch as he lets up the tail gate of the truck.

“I have to get home Joseph. Diane is having the baby.” He said. Walking around to the driver side of his pickup truck. He opens the door. “I’m sure you and Chris will have a good time without me. Anyway its not like we won’t have another chance to go camping.”

“What makes you think you’ll have any time to hang out with us again after Diane has your baby. You’re going to be even more busy.” I said as Jonathan gets into the truck.

“Look man don’t worry about it. We understand that you have someone that depends on you. Don’t we Joseph?” Chris said looking at me. I didn’t understand why Chris was being so cool about this. We’ve put a lot of time and money into this camping trip.

“Yeah sure, whatever.” Unpleased about what was happening. Chris looked back at Jonathan as he starts the truck.

“Good luck man and take care of your family.” Chris said to Jonathan. We wave goodbye as he drove away leaving a trail of dust behind him.

“Now what?” I asked Chris.

“I guess we can go fishing.” He replied. Not wanting to just end the trip just yet.

“No. Lets just get drunk.” I said. I went to the cooler and took out two beers and gave one to Chris. We both sat around the campfire across from one another. “I can’t believe that Jonathan had to leave.”

“Yeah I know. But on the up side more beer for us.” He said.

“Damn right.” I replied. The both of us banging cans and drinking beer after beer. I’m not a big drinker. So after a while I was a little tipsy.

“I got an idea. Lets play I’ve never.” He said.

“Okay. But I go first.” I told him. He nodded. “Okay, Um… I’ve never shit in the woods. We both took a drink.

“Uh, I never went skinny dipping.” He said. He didn’t take a drink but I did. We both laughed. We continued like this for a while when things started to get sexual.

“I’ve never fucked someone I’ve worked with.” I said. He took a drink and laughed.

“I’ve never had a blow job. I asked. We both drink.

“I’ve never had a blow job…” I looked at him.”

“I just said that.” I laughed at him. “You have really be drunk.” I told him. Chris smiled at me shaking his head.

“You didn’t let me finish.” He said.

“Oh, my fault. Go head.” I replied.

“I’ve never had a blow job from another man.” Chris said. I watched him as he put the casino siteleri bottle to his lips and took a sip. I paused for a second.

“You’ve gotten a blow job from another guy.” Chris nodded. Needless to say I didn’t expect that. “Dude are you gay?” Not knowing what else to say to him. Chris came and sat next to me.

“Does that bother you?” He said looking me in my eyes.

“No, what you do is your bussiness.” At least thats what I told him. I’ve always wanted to know what it would be like to be with another guy. I just wasn’t sure about acting on it.

“Can I tell you something?” He asked.

“I don’t see why not.” I told him.

“I’ve had a thing for you for years. And I dreamed about you sucking my cock.” I looked up at him and then looked away quickly. Not knowing what to say to him. “Do you want to try it?”

“What?” I asked?

“Do you want to blow me?” He said boldly. Suddenly I felt his hand through my jeans on my cock. I gasped. “I know you want me to.” I guess me not moving his hand away from my cock gave me away.

“Dude, I can’t do that.” I said, quickly pulling his hand away from my cock. Before I knew it my cock getting hard. “Well I can do you.” Putting his hand on my cock again and gently squeezing it.

“Oh shit.” I gasped as he gently squeezed me again. My breath quickens. After a while of massaging me through my jeans he kneels between my legs. I help him and pull my pants and underware down to my thighs. I look down up at Chris who never took his eyes off me. Flashing me a smile he takes my cock in his hand and begins to stroke it slowly. “Mmm.” I moaned as I looked up at the night sky.

“That feels good right?” He asked me. I just nodded not able to speak. “I can make it feel better.” Letting go if my hard 6″ cock he kneeled in front of me and pulled my pants and boxers all the way off. He tosses them aside leaving my socks and shoes on. He push my knees apart and I look down at him. He smiles back at me before taking my 6″ in his mouth. Never taking his eyes off me he sucks me deep into his throat. My breathing becomes rapid. He takes me in deep again. He does this while teasing me with his warm wet tongue. My hips automatically lifted to fuck his mouth when he stops. Letting my cock fall out of his warm mouth into the cold night air.

“Why did you stop?” I asked him.

“Because I want to fuck you? And if you want to cum you have to let me.” He answered. Now I always wondered what it would be like to be with a guy, but I didn’t want to be the one to canlı casino get fucked.

“I don’t think I can do that.” I said to him.

“Sure you can I promise to take everything slow. All you have to do is lay there and I’ll do the rest.” I’ve never had the desire to be fucked up the ass but I wanted to cum.

“Okay, but take a easy. I’ve never been fucked before.” I told him.

“No problem. I’ll make sure to do that. Now, take off your shirt and lie on your stomach.” I do as he tells me. I hear him behind me getting undressed. When ever he took something off he would toss it in front of me. So I knew he was naked when his boxers dropped in front of my face. He kneeled between my legs and gently pulled my cheeks apart. Suddenly I felt something warm and wet touch my anus. It was Chris’s licking my virgin hole. Snaking his tongue in and out my hole. My body starts to shake with pleasure.

“Oh fuck Chris. What are you doing to me?” The strokes if his tongue became stronger and stronger. “Shit, shit, don’t stop. That feels so good.? Fuck me with you tongue. I felt my sack becoming tighter and tighter. Before I knew it my cock exploded onto the grass under me. I came and came until my sack was empty. I was overcome by the orgasm I just had. I couldn’t move a muscle in my body. I was spent. I laid my head on the ground until Chris came up and kissed my sholder.

“Are you ready?” That was all he asked before pressing his cock against my virgin hole. I have no idea how big he was but it felt huge next to my untouched anus. At first he tried to gently tried to push the large mushroom head of his cock into my tight hole. I would clench each time so he was getting nowhere. After about five minutes of trying my ass was tender and he was a little winded. He lean in to my ear.

“Try to relax.” He whispered. I did as he said, but everytime he would try to push into me my ass would automaticaly clench tight. Then he put all his weight on his cock which was still at my hole. I knew what he was about to do.

“Wait!” He stopped. “You said you would take an easy.” I reminded him.

“I will but, I have to get into you first. It will only hurt for a minute.” He told me.

“No, you can’t just shove it in. You’ll rip my ass in open.” I said to him.

Everything went quiet for a second. Chris leaned down and tenderly licked my ear.

“Try not to think about it.” He whispered. “Try about something else.”

“What?” I asked. But suddenly I felt his teeth shut down on my ear hard. “Oww, fuck Chris! What kaçak casino the hell are you doing!” I yelled. At that moment he shoved into my hole and his cock plunged half way into me. It hurt but not as much as it would have without his distraction. Letting go of my ear, Chris paused giving me a time to adjust to the new feeling. I watched the light from the campfire dancing around over our the grass as the pain in my ass faded.

“I’m sorry. But I just had to get inside you. I’ve wanted this for so long.” I laid under him getting use to the feeling. I reach behind me placing my hand on his hip. Still not moving Chris places his hand on mine. “Are you okay?”

I exhale heavily. “Yeah, keep going. But slowly.” Putting his chest aginst my back he slowly pushed the rest of his hot cock up my ass. It still hurt but it was a good pain there too. I didn’t know what it was. Chris pulled out again leaving only the head and pushed back inside me. This time he hit something inside me. My cock jumped back to life. I was hard as stone in seconds. His cock did this to me over and over again. My body shiver in pleasure.

“Your ass is so hot and tight. I could fuck you all night.” Chris slapped my ass and began fucking my ass harder and deeper. “I can tell you love it. Your ass is squeezing my cock. Fuck it feels good.” He takes the same ear as before and carresses it with his tongue and slames deep into me.

“Oh God, that feels so fucking good!” I yelled. Chris smiled.

“That’s it just let go. It gets better. Just let go.” And that’s what I did. I looked back at him and pulled his lips to mine. Kissing him deeply. I braced myself and began fucking myself on his cock. His hips meeting my ass with a slap the bounced off the trees. “Oh fuck thats it you hot little fuck! I’m gonna cum in your tight ass!” He yelled. “You like my cock Joseph? Tell me you like my cock.”

” I love your cock. Make me cum.” I begged him. He violently fucked my hole. I could feel my balls tighten. “I’m about to cum.” I told him. After a few more thrust my cock exploded onto the grass under me. My orgasm made my ass tighten and that caused Chris to shoot his load into me flooding my ass. He falls onto my back and kissed my neck winded and spent. After catching his breath he slowly pulls his meat out of my ass with a pop. His cum leaked out of my now open ass.

“That was great.” He said trying to catch his breath. We were spent so we stayed in that position.

“I can’t belive this to happen.” I whispered to myself. Not knowing he heard me Chris laughs.

“Me neither.” He told me kissing my sholder once more before he rolled to the side of me. We spent the rest of the trip screwing each others brains out. We never told Jonathan. We decided that this would be our little campfire secret.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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