Cammie at Work Ch.05

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{The end of the story. Cammie agrees to the bet to pick out Ron’s cock from 4 other guys. }

The days passed. Ron finally told her of his plans. Saturday night, she’d meet him at a local motel. He said there would be four other guys there but she won’t know who. He’ll blindfold her before she enters. She’ll suck them all off, I’ll be there to referee. If she chooses right, she’s done. If not, she’s in for a long time of hard use, no doubt. Ron also added the stipulation that she can’t use her hands. It might be too easy with touch to feel their cocks, their stomachs, their legs, anything which might give it away.

For my own benefit, I had her wear some sexy underwear, which I knew would enhance the voyeurism. I knew the bra wouldn’t be on long, but at least there would be excitement watching it peeled from her. She wore jeans and a white, flowy top, for easy access. I also persuaded her to overdo the red lipstick. The thought of watching those lips slide over some cocks had my own cock stir.

We met him in the parking lot of a seedy motel. This wasn’t one of those family, heated pool types, no, this was one for secret trysts like this. A pay by the hour kind. He had a smug smirk on his face when he met me. I could almost hear the voice in his head saying, “so this is the limp dick ex boyfriend who is going to watch his former girlfriend please me and my friends?”

Cammie wasn’t here for the small talk, she was nervous, but focused. “Let’s just do this,” she said gruffly. He took her by the arm and led her to the door. Just before she reached it he took out a blindfold. It was one of those BDSM types, it covered the top of her head, all the way down over her nose. It looked like leather. If it had had ears on it it would’ve looked like a catwoman mask. No way was she going to see anything with that on. She only mildly protested as he slipped it on her. He led her in. I heard catcalls and hooting before I even was in the room. There was a bed, a couch, and recliner and a chair. A man sat in each. It was positioned around a semi circle. She was led to the middle.

“Gentlemen,” Don smiled lewdly. “This is my slut, Cammie. Say hi, Cammie.”

I could almost feel the blush under her mask. “Hi…” she managed to squeak.

Ron held her arms over her head with one hand. With the other he felt up her tits in front of the group. Cammie wriggled and protested but Ron told her to hush. His hand went to her crotch and he used his fingers on the material of her jeans, just outside her pussy. It made her squirm. The guys all voiced their appreciation. The lust in the air was growing. He spun her around and allowed the men to enjoy every part of her. With her hands still above her head, Don took the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. I had expected this. She hadn’t. Her bra clad tits were now on display. I heard more murmurs from the group.

“Let’s see those tits!” One of them called out.

Ron laughed. “You will, you’ll see all of it. Just relax and enjoy this slut. We have plenty of time.”

I should mention that all five other men were black. That thought was an exquisite torture for me. It was a fantasy, sure, but now with these other four, Don, and from before, it made5 black guys who will have had her mouth lately, with none for me. I was embarrassingly hard as steel thinking of that. I had to shift in my seat to hide it. I needn’t have bothered, all their focus was on her. Ron mauled her tits with his free hand while the crowd ooh’d and aah’d. Finally, the moment I knew was coming, he unclipped the bra from the back and let it fall. Her tits fell out. The guys groaned their appreciation.

“Those white titties are FINE,” one said admiringly. “I’m going to wrap those things around my big ‘ol dick.”

Don nudged her to the floor, to her knees. She was topless, blindfolded and the guys were ready. Ron looked at me, “Did you bring something?”

“Oh, right,” I said. I fished out the cuffs from my pocket. They were the frilly soft kind, more for show than bondage, still, they would do the job here. I tossed them to him. He made her get on her hands and knees first.

“Thanks man,” Ron grinned lewdly. “Oh, and dudes, this here is Daniel, the one whose idea all of this was.”

They all grinned and thanked me, clearly derisively.

“Yeah, thanks for letting us all pop in your girl’s mouth,” one kidded. She hadn’t been mine, not for a long time.

I could only blush and avoid eye contact. The guys all got up and circled her. I hadn’t expected this. Still, I didn’t stop them, I wanted to see what they were planning. It was a group grope. 8 hands were all over her body, massaging her fabulous tits, feeling up her ass, rubbing their fingers over her pussy through the fabric. Ron just sat back and watched with glee. One of the men got tired of feeling denim so he unbuttoned her jeans and looked back at me and since I didn’t stop him he and another guy pulled her jeans down over her ass. She protested softly, but clearly had canlı bahis anticipated this. She was left in her panties. They didn’t last long, first they were rudely shoved to her ankles like her pants, but soon they were ripped from her completely. The ripper presented the panties to Cammie’s nose and taunted her for them being so wet.

“You LIKE this shit,” he laughed.

“I TOLD you,” Ron said smugly. “I told you this bitch dug this.”

“How are we going to do this?” One of them urged, his lust apparent.

“We’ll all pick a number, and remember, we’re all going to be QUIET, during it, we don’t want to give her any clues. You understand the game, right? If she guesses my cock out of all of them I no longer get to use that pretty white slut. If she guesses wrong then she’s with me for a LONG time,” he said ominously. “So that means I don’t want any of you guys fucking this up for me. QUIET, no talking, no giving her any indication who is who, including the ones she ISN’T servicing at the time. For the record, I want you to tell everyone this is totally ok with you, you agreed to do this,” he said to Cammie.

I knew that him using the word “servicing” would make her pussy squirm a little, it had to.

“Yes, I agreed to this,” she said softly, unconvincingly.

“You have to do better than that,” Ron growled. “Seriously, none of us want to get charged with something, TELL us.”

“I agreed to suck you guys off,” she said impertinently, she was showing her protest in the only way she could think of.

“Sounds like your bitch has an attitude,” laughed one.

“Fine,” Ron huffed. He got behind her and smacked her bare ass hard. “You’d rather do it this way?” He whispered. She didn’t answer. He smacked her hard again. This time she yelped. It only encouraged him, and inflamed the crowd, they urged him on. He started spanking her, alternating the cheeks. He’d only stop to taunt her.

“Tell us, tell us that you are here for this.”

She stayed surprisingly silent. I found out later what I suspected, that she had craved the spanking, she said it helped “put her in the mood” for doing something that dirty. He pulled her up over his lap. He was going to give it to her like she was a bad little girl. He wasn’t gentle, he reddened that cute, white ass and didn’t stop until it was nearly crimson, she was whimpering. He stood up, he let her collapse into the floor.

“Now, are you going to behave?” He asked, looking down at her in a pool of her own pain and lust. She told me later that she was soaked, that her juices were starting to drip down her inner thighs.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, now tell us what we need to hear.”

“I came here to suck your cocks. I agreed to it as part of a bet, but I really WANT to suck your cocks.”

“That’s better,” he said before starting the game.

The guys all picked a number quietly and sat down accordingly. She was going to have to work her way down the line from left to right. She felt a hand guide her head towards the chair. She crawled to him, her ass swayed as she did so, causing the guys to nod to each other with sly grins. Ron put the cuffs on her, her hands behind her, so she couldn’t “cheat” that way.

She was guided onto the first cock. He was an older guy, some white in his beard. He was thin, wiry. His cock was nice sized though, compared to the rest of him. All she could feel was his cock in her mouth. She was “allowed” to lick the shaft, even the balls, and did so, I guessed in an effort to gather as much information as she could. This guy hadn’t been sucked by such a sexy woman or talented mouth for awhile, I guessed. He was enjoying it. I couldn’t help but think of her mouth, THAT mouth on me as well. I remembered the softness, the sheer pleasure. I remembered how she flicked her tongue over the head. It was fantastic. He was getting that now, not me, and the thought of that made me have to adjust myself. The other guys ogled her bare ass and tits freely, occasionally slipping over to play with her body while she fellated him, until Ron silently shooed them away, not wanting to give away any information. I could smell her excitement. I knew the others could too, it just added to the fire they were feeling. Finally, he came in her mouth. She let some of it spill out, only to lap it up, after. I knew she was trying her best to get that “taste” in her head, for comparison.

She crawled to the second one. I remembered my phone. I started recording, the others didn’t even notice, or care at this point. The second guy was a big guy, fat, but also muscular, like a former football player. He stifled a moan when she took his fat cock in her mouth. I guessed she could tell right away this wasn’t Don, not that I’d seen his cock, but from her description of it. Still, she gave him the best head he’s probably ever had and he soon added his cum to the other’s. She again licked his shaft clean. I could almost see the wheels spinning in her head. I wondered if she had any clues yet.

Don bahis siteleri was third. It was his turn. She crawled to him and he had the biggest, dirtiest, lewdest grin on his face. He was enjoying this immensely. It was like he was the king. This was all under his control. She took him in her mouth. I don’t know if I expected to see instant recognition on her face, I hoped I would, for her sake. But she went on like she did with the others. She took her time bathing his shaft with her tongue, probably gauging the size of it in her head by doing so. Her mouth engulfed the head and she started suckling on it slowly, savoring it. It was quite the sight of her, ass out, red from the beating, his hand prints now clearly visible. They marveled at her tits, swinging from movement, her hands bound behind her as she sucked his large black cock. Just from seeing the first three, I think she’d have a pretty good idea whose cock was Ron’s. He had a trick up his sleeve though, which would come (cum) later. He fought his hardest not to make a sound as he blasted into her mouth for what probably was his…what…25th time? It was hard to keep count. I could tell it was one of his best times, though, by the intense way he came.

was the trick. I swore the guy looked like him and in fact, it turned out to be Ron’s first cousin. They had the same build, they were the same size, and could’ve been brothers. Sure enough, when Cammie started on his cock, it looked damn near identical to Ron’s. It seemed he’d picked all guys with larger cocks, like his, so as to not make it easy, but this was just damned dirty, to bring in someone related. He enjoyed her mouth and lasted longer than the others. I could see her working his cock with her tongue. I’d see her cheek puff out and just a hint of her tongue at times, slide around the head when she would take long strokes on it. It almost made me shudder, thinking of that mouth, that tongue on me. The pain of jealousy and desire really mix for me. Torment often equals pleasure and in this case it truly was tormenting. She was right there, her mouth eager and wanting, and I couldn’t have it. It was something I’ve never had to face. But, here I had to, in the most vivid way, and multiple times. He pumped his cum into her and she choked on it a bit, causing the other guys to laugh until Ron quickly shushed them.

There was one more. There was something familiar about him. I didn’t know all her friends or work colleagues, but I swore I’d seen him before. He had a big grin on his face as she crawled to him, mouth open. She licked his balls, tongued his shaft, and really worked over the head with her tongue before taking him all the way in. The others were eyeing her ass and tits the whole time. I wondered if she’d make it out of there, after, I’m only one guy. I hoped that being satisfied would at least lower their lust level. He took her face in his hands. He looked at her like he was amazed by her, and well he should’ve been. He had a beauty, right there on her knees in front of him, his cock in her mouth, while she gently sucked on him. It seemed he must’ve thought about this for a long time. It must’ve been something he’s wanted from her. He looked almost reluctant when he started to spurt in her. She took it all. I wondered what was going on in her head, if she even had a clue whose cock was whose and what it felt like to have sucked off five guys, four she had not even seen. Then there was being spanked, fingered, played with, all while a group watched. I couldn’t wait to hear the story later.

Finally, Ron stood her up in front of the men. He made her kick her jeans completely off. He wanted her naked for this. He made everyone shift positions. He took off her blindfold. Her face reddened as her eyes adjusted as she looked at the men until her eyes met . It was Irvin, her boss, one of those who’d gone with her when they’d passed out pamphlets. She’d sucked off her boss! The scarlet in her face now nearly matched identically with the color of her ass cheeks.

“Oh my god,” she said with a gasp.

Irvin just had a big smile. “That was awesome, girl. Who knew?”

Ron had a smile of his own, pleased in his own deviousness. I think he felt getting the boss in on the action might somehow force her to continue her wicked ways. Still, there was something she had to do first.

“Ok, which one was it?” Ron said hopefully.

His main hope was that his cousin, and perhaps Irvin, would throw her off because they were similar in build. All the cocks were about the same size, too. She stood there, naked, her tits heaving from all of it. It had to be overwhelming, more than she could’ve ever imagined. All eyes were on her, her face was slick still. Cum was everywhere, not just her lips and chin, but on her chest and dripping down her stomach. I wondered how much cum she’d actually swallowed, it sent a pang through me again, knowing it was theirs, not mine, still it made my cock twitch.

“I…don’t know…” she said haltingly.

Ron bahis şirketleri beamed. “I thought you were such a good cocksucker and sucked me so many times you knew my taste,” he goaded. “I mean, even after more than twenty times?”

“Whoa,” said Irvin, startled by the number. “She’s blown you that many times?”

“Tell him,” he urged gruffly.

“Yes,” she said softly.

“Tell him why.”

“Oh god,” she moaned.

“TELL him or I will.”

“I had to,” she started with hesitation. “I had this fantasy of having to suck someone off frequently, like being on call for it. He caught me saying it out loud and as part of our agreement not to tell he made me do it to HIM.”

“Wow, that’s…incredible,” said Irvin, taking it all in. “When you told me about her and had this set up for her I had no idea she was already doing so much,” he said in shock. “I mean it’s cool. Do what makes you feel good. I don’t really need to stay for this.” He walked past her with a smile.

He whispered something in her ear and walked out. Ron was stroking her ass the whole time. He slid in a finger in it, just to hear her squeal.

“Ron! Take it out!” she urged.

“Not until you choose. Remember, if you are wrong I OWN you, I fucking absolutely own you for more than six more months.” The other three guys couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Ron continued. “Yes, she has agreed to be my fucking sex slave for more than six more months if she’s wrong. That means ANY time ANYwhere I want her I can have her. I’ve had her ass, too and I can tell you that thing is fucking TIGHT, it’s amazing. I have SO many plans for you.”

She wavered. She looked at all three again, up and down, they’d put their cocks away. She looked at me, almost with a tear in her eye. I shrugged. Not much I could do to help her at this point. My head was screaming, “number THREE, he was number THREE!”

“Would you like another go ’round? ” He asked rudely. “Want another round of sucking, maybe that’ll help you, there’s only four of us now,” he taunted.

“Ron, I did all this, isn’t this enough, can’t I just quit? Haven’t I done what you wanted? Haven’t I been good to my word?”

“You’ve been good all right, that’s why I’m looking forward to the next six months,” he goaded.

“Fine,” she hissed, suddenly lucid. “I’m guessing it was number 3.”

Ron’s jaw dropped. “What the fuck? Did your boyfriend tip you off?”

I just shrugged. “I’ve been over here the whole time.”

“I’m right! Oh my god, I was right!” She said, dancing, which made her tits bounce gleefully, delighting the rest of us.

Ron was heartbroken, it was all being taken away from him. Cammie quickly put on her clothes. She shook each guy’s hand in kind of an uncomfortable, “thank you but goodbye,” gesture.

They all filed out, but not before each and every one of them begged her for another turn “someday.” She just politely shook her head. That left her, Ron, and me. I put away my phone.

“I can’t believe this,” he moaned. “How did you not pick four, or five? Four is my cousin, for god sakes, his cock was just like mine, and Irvin, we could’ve been porn cock stand ins for each other!”

“I don’t know, really,” she admitted. “It just tasted like you,” she said softly. She looked at me and said, to my shock. “Now you have to go. There’s one more thing I have to do.”

“What? Why? Are you sure?”

“Yes she’s sure,” Ron snipped.

“Go, I’ll be fiiiine,” she said with a shy smile. “I had to promise him one more fuck, or he wouldn’t have done it.”

“One more fuck, ANY way I want to,” he snarled, still surly from his loss.

“Oh god,” she moaned. “Yes, but not anything that hurts me.”

“You said not anything that hurts you PERMANENTLY,” he corrected.

I knew she was in for a rough fucking. I had to go. I stood outside the door just long enough to hear him make her beg him to spank the shit out of her. I heard the smacks all the way to my car. It was going to be a long night for her.

I didn’t hear from her until Monday evening. She said that Irvin had called her into his office first thing in the morning.

“He said he doesn’t know what to do with me,” she said nervously.

I pointed out that he’d also participated, it wasn’t like he was unsullied.

“I know, but he doesn’t want to fire me, that part he made clear. Oh, and get this, Ron didn’t show up for work, I think he’s going to get himself fired. Probably doesn’t want it getting back to his wife.”

“What does Irvin want, then, exactly.”

I heard a hesitation on the line before I heard her say, “he wants my mouth.”


“He heard all about the video and my promises and he wants the same thing.”

“Fuck, no way we’re going through that again,” I said. “So you are going to quit, then?”

“Not…exactly,” she said cryptically. “He wants something else, too. I promised it to him.”

“What? What else does he want?”

“He wants the video I made. You still have it, right? Send it to him, I’ll give you his number.”

“But then he’ll always have that over you!” I protested.

“He already saw me blow four other guys and him. There’s nothing I can hide.”

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