Caitlyn the Sexy Secretary

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I was at my desk, growling in frustration at the paperwork in front of me. Even for a Monday, today had already been terrible. One aggravating thing after another. The warm spell we’d been having was gone, replaced once again by a layer of ice over my car that I hadn’t expected having to clear off before heading to work. I got in the car to start it, thinking the defroster might make things a little easier. Of course the engine didn’t want to start, loudly whining at me because of the cold. I nearly flooded the damn thing before finally getting it to turn over.

Growling I got out of the car and scraped off the windows. By the time I was done I was running late. If traffic was as bad as usual I was bound to be late. I cursed the whole way to the freeway, which actually seemed less busy than usual. I managed to get to work with a minute to spare before remembering that it was a holiday that most people recognized, even though the owners of my company felt that we did not need to. “That explains the lack of traffic,” I thought with an optimistic sigh of relief. “Maybe it will be somewhat slow today.”

The optimism left as soon as I entered my office and found the pile of paperwork on my desk. A note on top said that the cases now assigned to me and my team and that we needed to get them resolved as quickly as possible and that our clients were already getting impatient. Looking through them I realized that they had all belonged to Steven, a bumbling idiot who worked down the hall. The only reason he even had the office was that his father owned the company. From the look of the papers he hadn’t even touched these in weeks!

Grinding my teeth in annoyance I picked them up and headed down the hall. “If that punk thinks he can just pawn off his work on me, he’s mistaken!” I told myself furiously. “I have enough to do keeping my own cases up to date without doing his job too.” Reaching his office I shoved the door open and began to give him a piece of my mind. The shouts died in my throat though as I was greeted with a bare and empty office. The desk was clear, as were his drawers and shelves. The fucker had been fired!

I returned to my office and stared down at the pile of work I had inherited. “I guess I’m stuck with it,” I thought bitterly and started to read through the first. I was still reading it, getting even more frustrated when my secretary antalya escort walked through the door. “What is it!?” I barked at her, my frustration obvious through my tone. Caitlyn was startled so badly that she dropped the file she had been holding. It opened and papers slid across the floor. I watched as she hurriedly bent down and started scooping them up. As she reached across the floor for one that had slid the farthest I saw that her grey pencil skirt had somehow hiked up tightly around her thighs, revealing that her dark pantyhose were actually thigh high stockings, complete with a black garter strap attached which climbed that milky white thigh and disappeared under the skirt.

Immediately every ounce of anger and frustration I had been feeling was sent straight to my cock which swelled to full and throbbing erection in the space of half a second. She stood up, clutching the file tightly in her hands, her face flush with embarrassment. My eyes followed that flush down her long slender neck and down her chest creamy chest. Her petite breasts, maybe a large B cup, still managed to push out her blouse enough to provide me with a mouthwatering amount of cleavage to stare at. The tight red fabric clung to her flat stomach, showing off her figure until it disappeared into the gray skirt.

She hurried to my desk and held out the file. She could see that I was staring at her body but did not comment. “This was left on my desk for you Mr. Stone.” she said timidly before turning to leave. My eyes were now fastened to her ass which looked succulent in that tight skirt. All I could think was that I didn’t want her to leave. I needed to keep looking at her, seeing her sexy little body. “What is in it Caitlyn?” I asked, my voice now less like a bark, but still had a growl in it. She turned around, seeing my eyes still devouring her. Closing the door firmly and locking it, she slowly walked back to my desk.

Once she reached my desk she reached down and opened the file. “It looks like something that can be done later,” she said after a moment’s hesitation. I definitely agreed, and I could think of something else I would much rather do.

“Come around the desk.” I said, scooting my chair back and turning it to the side as she approached. I could see my lust mirrored in her eyes as I finally tore my gaze away from her body. As she drew lara escort near her hands found the bottom of her skirt and began pulling it once again up her thighs. Once it was high enough she straddled me in my chair, one leg to either side of mine. My hands were clenched as her perfume invaded my nostrils, the scent arousing me even further. Unable to hold back the tidal wave of frustration and lust that had been building I grabbed the front of her blouse in both hands and ripped it open, buttons flying across the room. Caitlyn gasped but I stifled it as I pulled her face to mine, kissing her deeply.

My hands wandered her body roughly, crossing over her breasts, squeezing through the lace of her bra. She moaned into my mouth as my tongue pushed past her lips and found hers, caressing it briefly. Both of us were breathing heavy, gasping for air as we continued to make out. She was grinding herself down against me, my swollen member like an Iron staff that she was pushing against desperately.

I slid my hands down her back to her ass, squeezing and grabbing at her skirt which I pulled at until I had succeeded in raising it past her ass and around her waist. I stood, her ass in my hands as I held her up, still kissing as I turned and lowered her to my desk. Her eyes followed my hands as I undid my belt and opened my slacks. “Please,” she moaned, still breathing hard, unable to finish her plea.

My turgid member forced its way out of my slacks as soon as I opened them, erect and curving upward slightly as it pointed lewdly toward her. Caitlyn moaned again as her eyes found it, watching it bob up and down slightly with my pulse. Stepping forward I grasped her legs and yanked her to the edge of the desk. Once again that cute little gasp reached my ears and I looked at her face, seeing the mixed look of desire and apprehension as she watched my thick hard tool approaching her tight slit.

I pulled aside her panties and gave a growl of approval as I saw her shaved pussy slick with desire and more than ready for me. Without another word I shoved forward, impaling her on my shaft as I drove balls deep inside her. Her scream must have been heard by the other secretaries but I was beyond caring. All I could think about was pounding my frustration out on the tight wet cunt that was so deliciously squeezing my cock.

I side escort fucked her hard as she lay obscenely on my desk, one breast spilling out of her bra, her clothing still on but pushed aside. Her eyes closed as I thrust into her time and again, our breathe coming in even harder gasps. “Yes,” she managed to say between thrusts. “Yes… please… harder… Oh fuck yes… fuck me… yes…”

I did as she asked, lifting her legs above my shoulders and leaning down over her until they approached her chest. I hammered down into her, bending her in half as I fucked her. It didn’t take long for the scream to arrive. Each moan was louder than the last, each plea more urgent, until finally she screamed that she was cumming and her cunt clamped down around me. “That’s my little slutty secretary.” I growled in her ear. “Cum for me, keep cumming for me.”

She responded with a wail of pleasure as my cock and balls were drenched with another gush of her cum. The heat of her cream and the pressure of her cunt pulled me over the edge and I buried myself inside her as I came, each blast of my cum feeling like an eruption as I filled her already overflowing pussy. When I pulled out my cock was followed by a stream of our cum that flowed down her slit and ass to the desk beneath. I eagerly lowered my face and licked that sweet sticky cum off of her slit, sucking more out her sodden cunt. Our juices mixed together to form a delicious cocktail that I shared with her, kissing her with my mouth full of it.

I sent another secretary to the store to purchase a new blouse for Caitlyn to replace the one I had ruined. While waiting I made her cum again, this time with my tongue and fingers, and she reciprocated by swallowing another load of my cum, just as a knock on the door announced the arrival of her new shirt. She gave my shaft another kiss before standing and striding over to the door, boldly opening it despite her half nakedness. The look on the face of the young blonde girl holding her shopping back was priceless as Caitlyn took it from her and thanked her. I caught a glimpse of her wide eyes as she looked from Caitlyn to me, my now somewhat spent member still protruding from my open pants. Her longue red tongue flashed over her lips before Caitlyn shut the door in her face and turned to pull off the remnants of her red silk chemise. “I think she might want to come with me next time I have to deliver something to you Mr. Stone,” she said with wink.

She dressed, straightened her hair and left my office, and I returned to my paperwork, now finding it much easier to focus on organizing the new work we all had to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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