Cable Is the Coolest

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Looking through the peephole, my eyes were blessed with a beautiful and unexpected sight.

When I signed up for cable service, I expected the stereotypical large sweaty cable guy to do the installation, not the lovely feminine creature standing on my doorstep. She was tall and slender with dark brown hair tied back in a 1940’s style chignon at the base of her neck. It was demure yet amazingly sultry at the same time. She was wearing a button down white shirt, her name stitched on it, right under the name of the cable company. The heavy leather tool belt accentuated her waist and shapely buttocks. I opened the door and trying not to act flustered, stumble out a quick, “Hello, come on in.”

“Thank you, I’m with National Cable, you signed up for service?”

“Uh, yes, I did.”

I could now see that her shirt was sort of see-through, allowing me to make out the white lacy bra underneath it and beneath that the barest outline of large, erect nipples. My breath caught in my throat and I felt myself starting to get wet.

I invited her in and she walked into my living room, looking me over. I was fresh out of the shower, wearing only a short bathrobe, my wet hair wrapped in a towel. I could feel her gaze as I directed her over to where the television was.

“Here you go”, I said and quickly walked into the kitchen. “Would you like some coffee?”

“Company policy doesn’t allow me to accept anything from customers, but for you, casino şirketleri I’ll make an exception”, was her reply from the other room, her voice giving the hint that maybe, (Oh please, please, please), she wasn’t just talking about the coffee.

“How do you take it?”

“Strong and sweet”.

I filled two mugs, and carried them into the living room. She took one steaming mug in her hand while coming up close to me, barely brushing up against my robe. The movement loosened the sash, allowing the front to gape open a bit, letting her get a peek of my still damp breasts. She took a long look before making eye contact with me, mischievous delight in her eyes.

“Thank you” she said.

As I stood there awkwardly sipping my coffee, I could feel her gaze on my body like a physical touch, a warm hand going up and down my body and then slowly over my buttocks and down my legs. Watching her looking at me was getting me wetter and wetter by the second.

She took my coffee mug from my hand and set it down on the coffee table along with hers. She then wrapped the end of the sash from my robe around one finger and pulled it undone. Biting her lower lip and looking into my eyes, as if asking for permission, I let her slide her hands under the silky fabric and onto my shoulders. With a quick flick of her fingers, my robe was slipping down my body and onto the floor. Trembling, I stood in front of her, naked, except for the towel casino firmalari around my head. She continued to drink me up with her eyes.

Boldly, I wrapped my arms around her neck and kissed her, softly, at first, then with more and more force as I heard her moan into my lips. Her hands moved over my body, her fingers leaving lines of fire, from my shoulders, down my back and finally my buttocks. She left her fingers there, kneading at the soft curves. Cupping her left breast, I thumbed her nipple, feeling it grow even harder. Pulling on her shirt, she whipped it off and onto the floor. Unclasping her bra, she let me slip it off as I began kissing and sucking on her plump, succulent nipples. They felt soft and puckered against my tongue. Licking and nibbling her warm skin, I worked my way down her smooth stomach to the top of her pants.

Undoing the heavy leather tool belt, I let it fall to the floor. Taking her pants in my hands, I pulled them down with me as I slid onto my knees in front of her. Her panties were white and lacy; I could see where her juices had started to soak the delicate fabric. I nuzzled her pussy, kissing and teasing her with my tongue through the thin fabric.

Breathing heavy, she pulled the towel out of my hair, sinking her fingers into my damp tangles. She pulled me up and kissed me roughly. We fell onto the couch together and she kicked off her damp panties. Our naked bodies rubbed against each other as güvenilir casino we kissed and caressed each other. Her skin was so soft. She felt and smelled like a ripe peach, fresh from the tree, still warm from the summer sun.

“Lick me” I moan, “Give me your tongue!”

She kissed and licked down my neck, my breasts and finally to my wet pussy. She flicked my damp curls with her tongue as I jerked and writhed underneath her. Flipping around so, we were sixty nined, she leaned forward and slipped her hot, moist tongue in between my quivering lips. Hers spread open before my mouth and gripping her ass cheeks with my hands, I began to nibble and suck at her clit and as she did to same to me.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard” she begged.

Slipping two fingers into her wet, slippery pussy, I began to stroke and thrust against her G-spot as I continued to lick and suck on her clit, all the while feeling my own cunt burn and throb as she returned the favor. Her hips grinded against my face, her moans mingling with her hot breath as her orgasm built, her inner muscles rippling against my fingers. A gasp escaped her as I gently rolled her clit between my teeth and lips. Crying out, we came together, warm waves of sensation pounding through our bodies, our cries mingling into one voice of wild ecstasy.

We fell away from each other, panting and sighing, covered in each others fragrant juices. She pulled me to her, kissing; we taste ourselves on the others’ lips.

“That was amazing, you were amazing.” I murmured into her full lips.

“Well, Ma’am, at National Cable, we strive for superior customer service.”

“Whew, I only asked for basic cable, what do I get with the Premier Package?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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