Cabin Fun

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It was a crisp autumn morning, camping is so great this time of year all the summer holiday makers have gone back home and school has started so it’s quiet around our little cabin now. A group of us had come up for the week Bart and Sherri, Mike and Paige and then of course Bill and me.

Mike was heading into town with Sherri and Paige to get some mid-week supplies, which mostly consisted of more booze. Bill and Bart were already on the lake fishing, they had been out there since 5 am and I stayed behind at the cabin, I was feeling tired and just wanted to have a shower and then have a bit of a nap.

It was nice having the cabin alone to myself. I undress in my room I look at my large breasts and think they always were by my best feature. I play with my nipples, lightly pulling and twisting them. I slide my other hand to my pussy parting my lips slightly teasing myself a bit, I slide my finger in my pussy then taste my juices. I looked out the window at the lake thinking it would be nice if Bill was here now. Bill is my boyfriend of a few years now and one thing with us is that we have great sex. Bill treats me uniquely, and sometimes I like it rough. Bill likes making me into his sex slave , we have weekends where I wear nothing at all and I am either tied up to the bed or strapped to a table and I stay like that for hours while Bill fucks me like a slut, Bill will pretty much take me anyway he wants on those days. I love it when he does too I feel so sexy.

Now that I was very wet and horny I snap out of it and head to the shower. While in the shower, lathering my body in soap, I quickly start fingering myself. I can bring myself to orgasm quiet quickly when I want to, and this time it was just enough to curb my appetite till later. But as I was in a bit of an orgasm daze a crashing knock on the door and Bill’s voice.

“Sami is that you in there?”

“Yes it is, Mike and the gals went to town to get more shit, and I’ll be out in a sec”

I grab a towel and quickly dry myself then wrap it around me. I poke my head out to see if Bart was around anywhere, then ran into the bedroom. I close the door behind me and Bill rips the towel off me and throws me on the bed.

“Look at that nice pussy” he says licking his lips and next thing I knew Bill was licking at my clit, it felt so good I just started grinding casino oyna my hips on his face. Then I feel his fingers inside me, he was slowly letting 2 of his fingers probe and out of me. Bill makes me start cumming, I grab the bed bucking my hips on his face, and he is licking all my juices forcefully and then I hear

“Well Bill looks like you are having a good time there”

I look over and Bart is standing in the door with his hard cock in his hand stroking it.

“Yes Bart my Sami has a great tasting pussy and I’m sure she let you have a try, won’t you my little sex slave?”

As soon as Bill said sex slave I knew something was up. Next thing I knew Bill and Bart had picked me up and quickly threw a robe around me then put a pair of shoes on my feet as they took me outside. They blindfolded me and took me into the woods. I heard them whispering but couldn’t make out any of it except for Bill saying she’s my sex slave she will do anything I tell her too. I was scared, anxious and nervous. I had a feeling and I knew what was going to happen to me and it made my pussy unbelievably wet.

We were walking for what seemed like a while then stopped. My legs were getting scratched up as we walked through the wooded area. The blindfold came off and I seen that the guys took me to a secluded area and it looks like they had this planned, as there was a blanket spread out over this clearing. Bill took my hand and walked me over and we sat down. I never had a threesome before so I was feeling very tense and excited at the same time. It was a fantasy I had and Bill knew about it.

” Now Sami” Bill starts talking “While Bart and I were out fishing he was telling me about how hot you are sweetie, and what a great set of tits you have” as he smacks my breasts around .

“Bart was also telling me that Sherri won’t suck his cock, isn’t that a shame? So I decided that I’m going to let Bart have a little fun us, that’s ok right Sami? I mean you did want to try this right”

I looked to Bart then back to my Bill and just nodded my head yes.” I do want this”

“Good slave I knew you wouldn’t say no, you are a dirty slut aren’t you? “

Bill then got me to lie down and the next thing I knew he had my hands tied together then tied to a stake. Bill then starts pulling and twisting at my nipples.

“Look at this canlı casino little slut Bart” Bill saying as he walks around to my feet, he separated my legs my pussy slick with my own juices. “Look at that pussy Bart she’s already so fucking wet”

“Bill I can’t believe you have found a woman like this” Both men pawing at my wet pussy “But first Bill she has to suck my cock it’s been way too long”

Bart walks around to me. He sticks his fingers in my mouth so I can taste myself on him. I’m looking at his big hard cock now. He wasn’t too thick which was nice, and I thought to myself Bart’s cock would be perfect in my ass. Then he grabs a hold of my hair and shoved his cock deep in my mouth, I gag a bit as I was not ready bit then I relax and let him slide down my throat with ease. Bart is fucking my face now I hear him grunting as he pushes down my throat.

“Oh Bill she sucks cock really well this one”

“Bart she loves sucking cock, she is such a dirty bitch she loves this now, her pussy is so wet wanting me to play with her”

Bill lets his fingers slide over my shaved wet pussy, not parting me yet and touching my clit that is just ready to burst. He keeps teasing me just lightly brushing my thighs and pussy with his hands, my hips squirming trying to get him to push his fingers deep in me, I want him to let me cum.

I think Bart was close to cumming as he slowed his tempo, I was licking up and down his shaft then I took his balls in my mouth, Bart grabs my hair moaning about how good it felt, but Bill had then started eating my pussy, I came almost instantly. My hips grinding on Bills face, felling his tongue work my clit and his fingers fucking my pussy. Bart sensing my orgasm grabs my tits pinching and squeezing my nipples.

“Watch this Bart I can get her squirting”

Bill starts really working my pussy now I knew what he was doing I could feel it building, Bart was happy watching while playing with my tits. Bill was rubbing my clit good and hard, he also had his fingers deep in my pussy Bill was a pro at this he knew what he was doing next thing I start moaning loudly Bill removes his fingers and rubs my clit and I explode. My back arches and I start cumming hard Bart sees the stream of cum dripping from my pussy and down my legs.

“WOW Bill that is impressive”

Bill is now sticking his kaçak casino fingers in my mouth as I suck my own juices off them.

“Go ahead Bart, and play with that pussy.”

And that was all it took. Bart was more than ready. Bart slides his erect member in me and Bill sticks his dick in my mouth. Bill and Bart were fucking me good, both pawing at my breasts and rubbing my clit. I felt wave after wave of pleasure.

Bill and Bart then untied me from the stake in the ground, and Bill told me to get on top of him. I straddle him and slowly let his entire shaft fill me. Bill starts smacking my ass as I ride his cock; Bart pulls my hair and gets me sucking him again.

“Now” Bill grunts as he was thrusting his cock deep in me.

He grabs my ass and spreads my ass checks, I knew what was about to happen as Bart took his dick and slowly glides it up my ass. I could do nothing more than let out a moan, the pain and pleasure of Bart in my ass and Bill fucking my pussy. I was cumming hard and I could tell by Bart’s thrusts he was on the verge of cumming himself both of them fucking me perfect unison. Bart then grabbed my hips and the plunged deep in my ass and filled it with his cum letting out a massive groan.

Bill Slowed downed but stayed deep in my pussy. Bart slowly withdrew his already soften cock.

“Bill Thank you man, that was the best fuck I’ve had in a while”

“She is a good girl, glad you had fun. Never know we could do this again I know she enjoyed today her pussy is so wet she has cum so much today.” and Bill touched my clit at that point sending shivers down my spine.

Bart turns to me by this point he is already dressed, and I’m still on Bill’s cock.

“Sami, I really wish more women were like you” And Bart smacked my ass and was heading back to the cabin.

“I figured the two of you weren’t finished yet, so I’ll make up something with the others. Have Fun Bill”

And Bart was gone.

Bill takes his cock out of my pussy, I slump on the blanket.

“Don’t get lazy, get up on all fours. I haven’t cum yet” Bills says as he walks around behind me.

“You sure did enjoy yourself today didn’t you” as he smacks my ass

“You knew I always wanted that” I was panting heavily

“Yes I did, now spread those ass cheeks, I want to fuck your ass”

Bill rubbed the head of his cock on my pussy getting himself lubed, before he pushes his cock in my ass. It didn’t take long for Bill to cum in my ass, but it was powerful. I loved it that morning, it was great have 2 men at once.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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