Cabana Boy: Beach Days

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Let me introduce myself, I am Frederico. And yes, I am a Cabana Boy. It is not a very well paying glamorous job but I am grateful to have one considering the place where I come from is very poor. And there are some benefits to being on a beach all day with many lovely ladies to serve. Unfortunately, there are also men and plenty of kids running around to pester me, but hey, you can’t have everything.

I just finished getting ready for what looks to be a very busy day. I had to set up and wipe down all the chairs and make sure the beach is very clean before all the people get here. My boss is a very mean man, he also made me stock the bars and carry buckets of ice to all of them. There are only a few of us to do all this work and he sure gets his moneys worth out of us.

Once the people arrive I have to attend to their needs and make sure they have everything they need to have a great day. I really do like making the people happy and sometimes I get some tips for my efforts, so I always try to be the best Cabana Boy I can be no matter what.

As I look across the beach and it begins to fill in, I spot my favorite lady that I have seen here. She is so beautiful and so nice to me all the time. I always make sure she has everything she needs and her smile tells me she appreciates my attentions to her. She often catches me looking at her body and smiles at my nervousness as I glance away, pretending that I wasn’t staring at her. I really wish that I could know her better, but alas, I am just a lowly Cabana Boy who could never get such a wonderful woman like antalya escort that. I guess I will just have to dream about her. Her lovely red hair, gorgeous smile and heavenly body…Oh my, I better get to work before my boss yells at me again.

I purposely work my way over to her and greet her with my usual eagerness. “Good day, May I get anything for you today?” I almost fainted when she looked up from her book and peered at me over the top of her glasses with the most incredible brown eyes I have seen. She said, “It is so hot out today, I could sure use an ice cold water and could you also please bring me a napkin to clean my glasses, I left mine in the car.” “It would be my pleasure,” I replied.

I turned to set out on my task and looked back over my shoulder for a second and to my surprise, she was looking at ME as I was walking away. An electric pulse ran through my body when I realized what was happening. Maybe I wasn’t so crazy to think of us together, yeah right…get a life Rico…I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high.

I soon returned with what she wanted and asked if that would be all. With a smirk on her face she told me she was set for now but not to go too far. I assured her that all she would need to do is raise her hand and I would be at her service. “Excellent,” she replied, with a big sexy smile. Something was definitely happening here.

I was very busy for a while and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the pretty red haired lady raise her arm to call me over. The crowd had thinned out a bit and I hadn’t taken my alanya escort break yet so I gave my boss the 15 minute signal and made my way over to her. She always sits close to the edge of the beach near some trees so when the sun is too hot, I can move her chair into the shade for her. I was prepared to do this but she had other ideas. She turned over onto her stomach and asked if I would put lotion on her back. I was again exhilarated by her and had to pull myself together to fulfill her request. I had never touched a woman at work before and my cock started to harden as I applied the oil to her skin.

I think she enjoyed seeing my difficulty and started to tell me how nice I was to her and that most guys don’t know how to treat a lady. It was very difficult to keep my thoughts together and I just stammered about it being my job and that if she was my lady I would treat her like a queen. She just moaned her approval as my hands worked over her shoulders, pressing the oil into her hot skin. She reached back and unfastened the clasp on her top to make it easier for me. My head swooned with delight as I moved down the center of her back moving outwards and I “accidentally” rubbed the side of her breasts. “Now I’m in trouble,” I thought, but she moaned again and actually exposed more of her tits to my caressing hands.

By now, I was fully aroused and could feel the wetness in my shorts from my pre-cum leaking from my rigid tool. I could barely stand it and the noises from her kept urging me on to continue down her body. I moved down belek escort to her feet and rubbed them with my greasy hands, she was trembling and softly panting as I moved up to her calves and thighs. She parted her legs a bit to allow my hands to reach between. It only took a couple seconds for her to come as I pulled aside her bikini bottom to rub her clit with my thumb and push two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. She convulsed in waves of orgasm and after it subsided, I withdrew my hands and reached for a towel to wipe off the mixture of lotion and her juices.

After a couple seconds she looked at me wild eyed and told me to open my shorts, I wasn’t sure if I should but she grabbed the towel and placed it over my lap telling me she needed me to cum for her. I did as I was told and she oiled her own hand from what was on her body and started to jerk me off. It took only a minute or so and she had me. She used the oiled hand to glide up and down and the other cupped to catch the sticky jizz that spurted from the head of my pulsing cock. Being completely drained, I fell back into the sand recovering from the most intense orgasm I have ever had and watched as she licked my cum from her hand and then rubbed the rest onto her already oiled skin.

She looked deep into my eyes and said, “Thank you for your awesome service and I hope you liked your tip, my lovely boy.” I was fixing my shorts dumbstruck and nodded yes to her question. Right about then I heard my stinking boss ruining the moment by screaming my name across the beach. Panicking, I turned to run to see what the hell was wrong now, but I stopped and turned back to my tanned goddess and said, ” My beautiful lady, I don’t even know your name.” She gazed up at me and told me not to worry, I would find out soon enough. God, I sure hoped so.

To Be Continued…

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