Burning the Candle at Both Ends

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After your requests, this is the sequel for the story a head over the clouds Ch.2. I just changed the title as it doesn’t represent the events anymore. Enjoy!

-All characters are over 18 years old.


I can’t recall for how long I was just looking up at my boss, dumbfounded. Before he reached his hand to me, to help me get up. My first master stood with a crooked smile, his dick still hard and wet with lube and pre-cum. Still horny, waiting to get back to ravish my used ass.

My boss smiled at me. What a warm gentle man. He greeted me. I smiled at him with embarrassment. Not knowing how to respond. But he knew what to do. He pulled me at that moment towards him. Pressing his lips against mine. They were wet and warm.

His manly, muskey perfume seduced my senses. It was the first time my lips touches a man’s lips. Powerful desire blazed through me. As we exchanged saliva, passion, and heat. His tongue met mine. And swirled in harmony. Wet flesh caressing wet flesh. My sinful yearn for him just kept elevating. I already lost my virginity. And have been used and fucked in every hole. So I could do whatever I want with my body now. With an extreme lack of inhibition, I unbuttoned his shirt. Kissing his neck down to his chest. Before he stopped me.

“No, Not too soon. The night still young. Let’s go outside.”

My boss said with a playful smile. He gestured at me to follow him outside.

“Yeah lets go outside, even a toilet cabinet cannot take two men fucking in it, but this harlot can.”

My first master said looking at me. And continued.

“From now on save on showering, you will be getting a lot of golden shower from me.”

I wore my pants back, and adjusted my disheveled appearance, and cleaned my face. We walked out of the Toilet, followed by my first master.

He steered us through the dim lit bar. Three tall handsome men in tuxedos. Whomever lay an eye on us would think we are heading to an important meeting. Well, At least it was important to me.

We canlı bahis passed through the dark lane outside the bar. The darkness devoured us, along with our burning lusts.

Suddenly my boss stopped. And turned to me. He forced me towards a building’s wall and kissed me again. Shoving his tongue into my mouth. I licked around his lips. Descending down to his jaw. I sucked, licked, and kissed his neck. With an insatiate appetence.

My first master started to undress me. Passing his hands over my naked body, over my exposed flesh. My boss inserted his hand in my pants, and started to stroke my dick. My body was theirs. My flesh was there to please them. They can do whatever they want with it. I passed my hands over my boss’s broad chest. And sucked on his hard nipples.

My boss held my chin firmly. With his strong fingers.

“Tell me what do you want?” He whispered to me promptly.

“I want you, I want your dick penetrating my holes!” With an animalistic grunt I answered him.

He immediately turned my face to the wall, and gave it to me. I met his thrusts, before my first master forced me on my knees. Meanwhile, pushing my head towards my boss’s crotch.

It was the first time I see my boss’s cock, he was uncut unlike my first master. Yet bigger.

Thick engorged veins ascending from his lower abdomen, down to his pubic bone. And over his swollen aching rod. Aching to be pleased by my lips. I took a moment to worship every detail of his magnificent cock. Every vein, bulge, and crease. I passed my tongue over his abs. Down over his pubic’s trimmed hair. Then I wrapped my lips on his cock. His cock responded by a throb, I started to suck, and lick his shaft.

Holy shit I was in the street, with a dick in my mouth. If anybody walked out of the bar, through this dark lane they will catch us. Yet that didn’t stop me from continuing fellating my boss. His cock moved in and out of my throat. I sucked him as if he was going to give me a promotion for it. Yet the only promotion bahis siteleri I needed was his cum. I explored his foreskin with my tongue. Licking the layer of the soft skin from the inside. And teasing it with my tongue. My other master sighed impatiently, pulling me off the floor.He slides inside me and

“BEND OVER TART.” He commanded me .I bent over, still sucking on my boss’s dick. Wrapping my lips around the delicious meat. While I felt my first master penetrating my ass again. He started to thrust violently. The rough touch of my first master was so prominent now compare to my boss’s gentle touches. As he forced me to bend over more.

“Someone is burning the candle at both ends! Your ass is loose like a whore now, you airtight slut! I really need to do something about it.” My first master scoffed.

Being deeply-dicked at both ends, I was in pain and pleasure, breathing heavily.

“What do you say bitch?” my first master yelled, digging his fingers roughly into my flesh.

“Thank… you, thank you… master.” I responded breathlessly.

“Are we going to do it or what?” My fist master asked my boss. As he forced my head over my boss’s cock until I choked and gaged on it. My boss let a moan of pleasure.

I thought to myself, What on earth my first master was planning to do?

“It might hurt him a lot.” My boss said with a concerned tone.

“He is a hooker, I dont care!” My first master replied. As he shoved three fingers up my ass, I let a guttural sound.

My boss took his cock out of my mouth. And laid down on his back over the concrete. While I rode his dick. The lube and pre-cum from my ass dripped over his fingers. He then pushed his fingers into my mouth. I licked his fingers hungrily.

“Fuck yeah, that’s just the entrée.” My boss commented.

“Bring on the main course then.” I replied with a deep exhale. I felt my ass stretching wide. As a strong wave of pain hit me from behind. I didn’t know what was happening.

“You like being double teamed bahis şirketleri skank?” My first master chuckled.

Goodness! I was getting double penetrated. Two big hard cocks were inside me at the same time. My cock was fully erected, dripping over my boss’s belly. He applied some of my pre-cum over my nipples and suckled on them, tasting my desire.

As he caressed the nape of my neck. Trying to console me during the painful penetration. I couldn’t believe I was able to take two dicks there. Damn, it felt good, yet painful at the same time. I couldn’t believe the amount of pleasure and fullness I felt having their two big meats sliding in and out of me.

I kissed my boss passionately.

“My ass is yours, my body is yours. Give it to me.” I whispered to my boss, who responded by increasing his thrusts. Our sweaty flesh entwined. Slapping against each other. My boss defiantly penetrated more than just my flesh.

“YES, yes rip that fucking rectum!” I yelled begging for more.

My first master removed his tie, and wrapped it around my neck like a leash. He pulled it as he went up a gear with his thrusts.

“Fucking dog! take it. Worthless piece of meat. You like being impaled raw on two hard cocks?” My first master said. Before he pulled out his cock and fed it to me, forcing it into my mouth. He fucked my face for a while. Before he pulled it out again, yanking my hair as he came on my face. Marking it with his warm thick cream.

I licked the droplets over my lips, then sucked him dry. The warmth of his pulsating meat got enveloped by my hungry lips. My boss didn’t pull out though. He kept thrusting. Until he came inside me.

It was the first time I knew how it feels when a man comes inside you. I came just feeling the warmth of his pleasure exploding within me. He left my ass well fucked, Sore with a delicious pain. My sphincter pulsated loose and used. I fell on the floor over my face, panting. I came, fuck I came so hard.

My boss held my head, and planted a kiss on my lips. Before he left along with my first master, zipping their pants. Leaving me on the street’s floor. Cum streaming out of my ass with droplets of blood. I watched them leaving. Disappearing within the folds of the night.

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