Burlesque and Black

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“Classy ass place,” I said to myself (Joanne if you must know, but for the love of god call me Jojo), stepping into the club where the burlesque show was to be held.

I was supposed to be going with a friend, and I’d had plans to get fucked tonight.. But at the last minute she had to bail. Something about her mother and a hospital.

In any case, I had planned on getting fucked and I intended to keep it that way. So I went alone, hoping to snare a cute little white boy or girl and drag them back to my web for a night of nastiness.

“Its too bad too,” I said to myself, hands running down my sides to smooth the form fitting blue dress along my very feminine hips. “She would have gotten the ride of her life.”

I licked my thick lips as I caught a glance of myself in the mirror. My soft black curls hung in a way that just begged to be pulled. My sparkly blue dress clinging dark skin in all the right places, holding my huge tits up in a way that almost defied gravity, and just barely covering the bottom of of my ridiculously plump ass. And if it rode up, someone was going to be treated to a show, because I almost never wear panties, and tonight was no exception.

I snapped out of it quickly, toying with a coaster on the table just as a waiter came to get my drink order.

“What will you have miss?” The waiter asked, and without looking up I could feel his eyes all over my massive bust.

And when I looked up to order he almost fainted. “Scotch on the rocks darling” I said, so softly he could only barely hear. I licked her lips and looked him right in the eye as I spoke, subtly pushing my arms together to push out my cleavage “and please hurry. My mouth is soo dry.”

I laughed to myself as I saw him awkwardly walk away, clearly hiding a stiff fat one under his slacks.

“Oh yes. Mama is getting something from someone tonight.” I thought.

The lights dimmed just as the waiter arrived, but I caught a glimpse of the still raging bulge in his pants and winked at him before he left.

The first girl came on stage and began her dance. I’ve always enjoyed burlesque. Something about it made the women seem so much larger than life. The tiniest girl could get up on that stage and seem 8 feet tall. They oozed sexuality in the classiest way possible and it was thrilling to watch them move.

The first girl was off stage before I knew it and I silently cursed myself for not paying more attention. I sipped my scotch as the next girl stepped up, and my heart skipped a bit. This blonde goddess of a woman, barely five feet tall stopped on stage. Her soft hair shone under the spotlights like a star. Her tight red and black outfit hugging her perky chest and showing her curvy hips off in a way that made my knees tremble and my pussy moisten.

I had to have this girl. She moved with such power, such confidence. I could only imagine what she would be like in bed. The look on her face was one of a woman who not only embraced her sexuality, but used it. She almost seemed inaccessible, and I was almost scared that it would be impossible to get this woman. Almost.

I spent the woman’s entire set trying to catch her eyes, and when I finally did it was like floodgates had opened between my legs. The look the girl gave me was clearly not supposed to happen. It was part of her act to make eye contact, to arouse and intrigue. But this was a look of real lust. Real wanting. She was supposed to seem like sexuality bursa escort personified. A goddess of beauty. But she couldn’t help it, I had been watching her so intensely, and my sparkly blue dress gave off just the right shimmer when I shifted in my seat to catch her attention.

A smirk formed on my juicy lips and I blew the dancer a kiss. I knew the girl saw it, even if she averted her eyes and went back to the show like nothing happened.

That was it, I’d found tonights toy. I got up from her seat and was able to charm my way past security to get to the dancers room. where I waited for her to finish her show, finding out that her name was Alexis in the process.

When I was comfortably alone in the girls dressing room Itried it out, giving my clit a quick rub and moaning “Alexis” under my breath. I fucking loved it.

The girl walked in and was shocked, but quietly closed the door and managed to stammer out.

“W-what are you doing in here.”

I stood up and approached the pretty blonde, leaving nothing to chance as she said “Hopefully you,” Before planting a kiss on her lips.

Alexis jumped but didn’t pull away, instead choosing to melt against me and return the kiss, adding tongue to the mix and moaning softly.

“Girl does have a nasty side,” I thought to myself happily, returning the favor by using my experienced tongue to dominate hers.

She squeaked when I pulled away and could only whisper “L-let me change and we can go somewhere else..”

I only nodded and watched the little dancers ass bounce as she swayed to the bathroom, drunk on lust just as much as I was.

Alexis emerged wearing a cute little yellow tanky and black sweatpants that hung off of her significant behind.

I grabbed her hand and led her to my car, opening the door for her and letting her in. I made a show of walking to my side of the car, letting my dress bounce up my ass to show at least half of it as i walked in front.

The ride to my place was quiet, with Alexis constantly shooting me adorable little looks, and the only words spoken being “I’m Joanne, by the way. But for the love of god call me Jojo.”

And alexis responding with “Jojo..” as if testing my name out for herself.

We pulled up to my house and I tossed my hair to sneak a glance at Alexis again. She was so fucking pretty. Her soft blond hair swished as she undid her seat belt and put her long, pale hand on the door handle. She paused and looked back at me.

“Sorry, um, I’m nervous..”

I leaned over and kissed her again, hard, with lots of tongue, just like we’d done at the club. But this time it was less rushed. I slowed it down and stroked the back of her neck as I entangled my fingers into her hair. There was no product in it, it was just long and gently straightened, it was silky and shiny and smelled faintly like shampoo. It just made me want her more. I pressed harder again, biting her bottom lip and pulling her in tight.

“Don’t be, baby. C’mon. I’ll take care of you.”

I got out of the car and swooped around the car to open her door for her. She blushed and I took her hand and put it around my own waist. If she was going to be shy, I’d have to make up for it. We walked to my door and I quickly unlocked it and led her inside. I turned on a lamp and slipped off my heels. I sat on the couch and pulled her down next to me. My tight sparkly blue dress contrasted with her light yellow tank top and black sweatpants. bursa escort bayan She’d changed quickly after her show. On stage she was so flirty, sexy and fiery. Off stage, she was so.. tiny. But I could still feel her personality when we kissed. I decided I wanted to bring that back out.

“Are you cold sweetheart? Let me get a blanket.”

“Um.. okay”

I smiled at her and went back to my room to grab the big quilt off my bed. I quickly slipped off my dress, pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a tight t-shirt. I knew my big tits were pressed so tightly against the thin white fabric, she wouldn’t be able to keep her eyes off them. And as I caught sight of my big round ass holding my warm sweatpants up like a shower curtain, I giggled as I thought of that shy little girl on my couch trying to contain herself. Before I left, I reached under my bed and grabbed my thick double sided dildo, wrapping it in a corner of the blanket I’d picked up and hiding it in the bundle as I walked back to my living room.

“You could’ve turned on the TV, cutie!”

“Oh, um, I wasn’t sure how to um, work it..”

I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, looking back to her and cuddling in as I pulled the quilt up over both of us.

“Hey babe…”


“Mmm you remember when we were in the club… and you were dancing up on stage… and we made eye contact and you paused for a second, and you had to play it off like it was part of your routine…”

“Oh.. um.. you knew I messed up?”

I kissed her again and nodded.

“But it’s okay baby… I just know exactly what you were thinking about. And now I want to let you live that. And you don’t have to play this off. We can drag it out as long as you want.”

Her eyes widened and I smiled and leaned in to kiss her, hard and slow. I placed a cool hand on her waist and another on the armrest behind her head as I climbed on top of her, slowly grinding as I guided her hands onto my ass. I pulled back and my soft curls fell around her face. I smiled as I looked at her and watched that fire from the stage slowly come back. Her little hands slowly dug into my thick booty, holding on for the ride as my big hips ground circles into hers.

“Mmm baby… I mean, um.. uh..”

I pressed a finger to her lip and giggled.

“Shh baby. I know what you want.” I pulled the blanket back and pulled her knees apart as I knelt between them. She bit her lip and looked at me expectantly as I slowly pulled her waistband down to her knees. Her perfect little pussy looked up at me, with just a few soft, wavy blond hairs near her slit. I smiled and got comfy between her thighs.

“Do you want me to lick you, baby?”

“Oh god yes..”

“Turn over.”

I saw her big blue eyes pop open as she looked down at me. I smirked as she got onto her knees, bewildered but willing, and laid her head down on the armrest. I stroked her big, round white ass. God I loved white booty. Hers was so thick, soft and perfect. I held on tight with my left hand and reached between her thick thighs with my right, stroking her soft blond pussy and dipping the tip of my finger in just enough to feel her slippery pussy juice. I giggled and spread her perfect ass apart, pressing my face into the almond shaped window that her position gave me into her wet little cunt. I slid my long, skilled tongue into her wet little pussy, loving the little moan I heard from further up the couch escort bursa and feeling her tight puss tighten around my tongue. I twirled my tongue around in her slippery hole, pulling it out and dragging it across her throbbing clit before pulling back, replacing my tongue with a single finger curled up into her G spot.

“Fuck baby you taste good.”

“More baby, please, I want your tongue..”

“You’ll get plenty of my tongue sweetheart.”

I pressed my face into her thick ass, dragging my pussy juice-covered tongue across her tight asshole and smirking as I heard a surprised yelp from the other end of the couch.

“Oh my god I love getting my ass eaten I mean FUCK um.. uh…”

“I could tell baby. Shh.”

I slid my tongue into her tight asshole, feeling it loosen already as she relaxed and gave herself to me. I thrusted it in and out of her tight ass, loving her moans and whimpers, and circling her tight little starfish with my skilled tongue.

“Mmm do you like getting spanked, bad girl? Do you like it rough?”

“Oh GOD yes please spank me oh fuck!”

I laughed and spanked her big round ass, leaving a big pink hand print and feeling it get hot under my hand, giggling, still thrusting my wet tongue in and out of her ass, spanking her again and digging my fingertips into her juicy booty as I tonguefucked her and dragged my tongue across her tight hole.

“You like that, dirty girl? You like it when I spank you?”


I reached down into the bundle of blankets that had been shoved into the corner of the couch and grabbed my thick dildo. I licked her dripping pussy while I grabbed it to distract her, before I slid the better half of it into her tight hole.

“OH MY GOD baby what oh god oh fuck fuck me”

“I thought you’d like that, dirty girl. Do you want it in your ass baby? Do you want me to fuck your ass?”

“Oh fuck baby please yes oh god”

I laughed and grabbed her tiny waist, turning her perfect thick body over and nearly moaning at the sight of her blushing, tantalized face as I slid the dry half of my toy into my own soaking pussy, biting my lip and grabbing her perfect, pert tits as I pushed the wettest end into her tight ass. I moaned in ecstasy as it gave against the pressure of her tiny ass, then gasped as it pushed in and the rhythm of me fucking her ass as it fucked my pussy and us fucking each other slowly took shape. I pushed against her and moaned as my throbbing clit ground against her wet pussy, our two holes swallowing the whole toy, as I leaned back and our wet pussies ground against each other and we fucked hard and slow.

“Oh my god Jojo!”

“Baby oh my god, harder…”

I slammed the toy into her tight cunt and circled my hips to tease her clit, loving the look of pleasure on her face and biting my lip as I felt an orgasm begin to swell inside me.

“Oh Lexi, I’m close… Oh baby… Cum for me first…”

“Oh my GOD JOJO!”

Alexis’ threw her head back, her shiny blond hair whipping back and her whole thick body rocking as I slammed her with the hardest orgasm she’d ever had in her life. She screamed over and over, and her moans coupled with mine as I came along with her. Our copious pussy juice made the slipping and sliding even faster as our bodies curled up to grasp each other while we rocked and shook. I held her perfect body and moaned softly in her ear as each of our orgasms ended. I reached down and slowly pulled out the toy with a soft snick and laughed as she whimpered.

“Feeling less shy now baby?”

“Mmm yeah…”

“Good. Because now it’s my turn.”

To be possibly (but probably not) continued.

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