Brotherly Love Ch. 01

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I had been working my ass off lately and desperately in need of a vacation. We had planned a trip to the Carolina islands twice before but both times things came up and we had to postpone it. As they say, the third time is a charm, so I was certain this was going to be the vacation we so desperately needed! We headed out early and spent the next two days driving to our destination arriving around 5pm on Saturday. We unpacked the car, threw our clothes in the dresser, food in the frig, grabbed a couple of towels and headed out to the beach. It was absolutely beautiful and I soaked up every minute of the sun, sand, and salty air. We grabbed some drinks and food at beach side and watched the sun go down together before heading back to our room for the evening.

When we arrived, both of our phones went off in unison. I gave my wife a puzzling look before looking at my phone and then let out a “mother fucker, you’ve got to be kidding!” to which she replied, “don’t worry about it Marti, this will probably blow over. Let’s just make the most of it ok?” I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

We were receiving messages warning all residents to prepare for a hurricane – son of a bitch! I was pissed for a bit but then realized that there really wasn’t much I could do expect live in the moment and enjoy so that’s exactly what I did until we got a call from the front desk two days later informing us that the islands were being evacuated and we needed to leave as quickly as possible. Fuck me! We thought about ignoring the message but then realized that if we didn’t get a move on it, we’d be stuck in traffic forever and things would go from bad to worse. So, we packed up our bags, got in the car and headed off the island with a million other people.

Traffic absolutely sucked, moving an inch a minute and gas lines were even worse. We managed to get off the island a couple hours after we started but traffic was still a cluster fuck. All of those north of us had to evacuate as well so we were basically driving into several hundred miles of bumper to bumper traffic. On top of that, it was raining making the driving even worse! As I was bitching about the traffic my phone rang and I took the call on my speaker phone. If was my brother Benny who had heard the news and wanted to make sure we were safe.

Benny had just lost his wife less than a year ago and was taking a solo vacation northwest of us. I shared all the gory details of our shitty vacation and the traffic we were stuck in and he said “why don’t you swing west a bit and join me here? I’ve got an extra bedroom and I’d love to spend some time with you”.

I looked at my wife and she shrugged her shoulders before I responded, “Are you sure we won’t be imposing Benny?” to which he said “Hell no! I’d love the company, it’s too damn quiet here!”

We agreed to swing his way which was a brilliant decision because it got us out of the traffic and out of the rain. We arrived at his place around 9pm and he greeted us with drinks and food, both of which were greatly appreciated. My wife isn’t much of a drinker so after the long drive and a couple of drinks, she was ready to hit the sack. I told her I was still wound up a bit and wanted to have a couple more drinks with Benny if she didn’t mind. She could barely keep her eyes open and gave me a salute before heading off to bed.

“You ready for another one Marti?” asked Benny.

“You bet” I said.

Benny went off to get us both another drink and when he returned, I looked over and noticed his junk swinging free in his silky gym shorts. I’m not the most endowed man on the planet but Benny has quite the package. How do I know? Well, a little background is probably in order here. I grew up in a rather large family and got my first taste of sex at an early age. I was house-sitting my next door neighbor’s place and I invited my BFF to check casino siteleri the place out with me one night. There were all kinds of goodies in the house but the thing I was most interested in sharing was the liquor cabinet. I grabbed a couple of bottles of Coke, a bottle of rum, and poured my friend and I a nice stiff drink. We clinked glasses like the grown-ups do and then began guzzling our drinks. Before long, our glasses were empty so I made us each another drink.

Nearing the bottom of our second drink, we were both very giddy and feeling the effects of the alcohol. I told my BFF to follow me and I proceeded to take him up to my neighbor’s daughter’s room which was directly opposite my bedroom next door. I showed him how I could see her from my bedroom window and told him all the things I saw. Like the time she walked into her room with nothing but a bath towel rapped around her and then dropped it and stood completely naked for me to see. She had no idea of course but I drank it all up! I opened her panty drawer up and showed her where he kept her panties and bra and I pulled out a pair of silky bikinis and told him to feel them.

He said they were really soft and I said “I’ll bet they feel good against your dick” and then I immediately dropped my pants and started to rub them against my little dick.

He laughed at me and said, “your dick is so tiny” to which I said, “oh yeah, let me see your big dick mister” and he immediately dropped his pants and his limp dick was hanging just inches from mine.

I raised my cock to his and he clearly was much bigger than me. I had to save face so I said “mine gets really big when it’s hard. Let’s get hard and compare sizes again.”

I reached over and started to stroke his cock and it began to swell up instantly. I was so turned on by this experience that my little cock grew too without even being touched. He did reach over and stroke mine and then placed both of our cocks side by side. Honestly, it wasn’t even close. He had a man-sized cock and I still had a little boys dick.

He looked at me and laughed and said, “you lose, you have to wear the panties girlfriend!”

I had tried my older sister’s panties on before while in the bathroom raiding the laundry basket and I loved the feeling of the silk tightness pressing against my ass and cock so I didn’t hesitate to slip my legs into the panties I was holding. My little cock stayed hard and poke out the top of the satin panties. I rubbed my pantied-cock against my friend’s big hard cock and moaned as I did.

I’m sure the alcohol was in full control at this time and the two of us wound up laying head to two on my neighbor’s bed with our cocks between each other’s lips. I sucked his dick as he sucked mine and it was my introduction to sex with another person. It felt SO good that I shot my load down his throat without warning and he gagged and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

He ran into the bathroom to rinse his mouth out and I laid there waiting for his cock to return. He said he had enough and had to go home and I laid there listening to him leave. Even though I had just cum with someone else for the very first time, I felt completely incomplete. I really wanted to taste his cum and feel him explode in my mouth. We never talked about the incident ever again but the urge to suck and swallow never left me.

As I mentioned above, I grew up in a large family so it should cum as no surprise that that I turned inward to finish what I had started with my BFF. That’s where Benny comes into play. He is my younger brother by one year and shared a room with one of our other brothers. Benny had the bottom bunk and another brother had the top bunk. I really don’t know why I chose Benny, but I remember sneaking down from my bedroom and into his bedroom a few days after my BFF denied me the pleasure of finishing canlı casino him.

Our parents were sleeping in the room next to his and I felt like my heart was pounding loud enough for them to hear as I approached his bed. He was sound asleep flat on his back with a sheet pulled up to his chest. I gently pulled the sheet down and lightly began massaging his crotch. To my surprise and pleasure, I felt his cock grow and slowly rise towards his waistband. I softly ran my fingers up and down his shaft before slowly pulling his underpants down enough to expose his hard-on. My cock swelled at the sight of his meaty cock which laid flat against his stomach.

I reached up and gently pulled it away from his belly and was amazed at how soft the outer skin was but how firm the inside was. He wasn’t quite as big as my BFF but definitely bigger than me. I leaned forward, opened my mouth and gently closed my lips around his cock. I started to suck his cock just like I had sucked my BFF’s cock less than a week ago while stroking it up and down. Benny never moved a muscle and it wasn’t long before he shot his load down my throat. I swallowed every drop of it and kept sucking until his cock started to go limp. I pulled his underpants back up over his cock, pulled his sheet up, and then quietly returned to my bedroom with a tent in my pants.

I had finally gotten what I really wanted and this wasn’t going to be the last time either. In fact, I repeated this process over and over without ever getting caught or without Benny ever “waking up”. He never mentioned a thing to me but I know he’s also never forgotten it because he has a mind like a steel trap even today. I never had another cock after Benny’s but I’ve never lost my desire or taste for cock either.

That brings us back to the current moment where Benny’s junk swinging in his shorts caught my attention. I must have stared a little too long because when I looked up, Benny smiled and said, “it’s been a while hasn’t it Bro?” and then handed me my drink.

I pretended like I didn’t hear what he said but I knew damn well what he meant and he knew I knew. I finished my drink and had another before finally saying good night to my brother. My wife was sound asleep facing away from me so I slipped off my shorts and slid in next to her butt to butt. Visions of Benny’s junk danced in my head and followed by flashbacks of my visits to his room when we were just kids. I eventually fell asleep thanks to the multiple drinks I had but found myself dreaming about Benny’s cock again.

I felt the silkiness of the gym shorts rub up against my face and the weight of his junk laying heavy my mouth and chin. It made me smile until I realized I wasn’t dreaming – Benny was standing alongside of the bed I was in rubbing his junk on my face. I started to sit up but he quickly placed his hand on my shoulder and pressed down to hold me in place. I was very aware that my wife lay next to me sound asleep so I didn’t want to do anything that might give us away. I settled in thinking it was better to comply than to wake a sleeping wife and Benny must have noticed because he lightened the pressure on my shoulder and slid his hand up to the back of my head.

He continued to rub his silk-covered junk in my face and the more he rubbed the bigger his package got. It felt much bigger than the last time I was this close to it but I certainly wasn’t complaining.

Benny reached down with his free hand and pulled the leg of his shorts up towards his waistband which allowed his cock to spring free. It landed across my face with his balls laying on my cheek. I took a deep breath and inhaled the scent of his big cock. He leaned back a bit which caused his cock to follow and slip down to my lips where I instinctively opened my mouth and let it fall in. He paused with the head his cock firmly between my lips to see kaçak casino if I was going to do anything or if he had to continue being the assertive one. I ran my tongue on the underside of his cock and slowly moved my head down his cock until I thought I had enough. Then I just relaxed and sucked on his cock as if it were a long tit.

I dare not cause a lot of commotion in bed for fear of waking my wife. I looked up at Benny as if to tell him and he looked over at her and just smiled. He held my head in place and proceeded to slowly fuck my lips. I tried my hardest not to move and not to make a sound but his cock was so delicious that it caused me to salivate like a starving man sitting in front of a steak dinner. Benny continued fucking my lips for what seemed like an eternity before I felt that all too familiar swelling that happens right before a man is ready to explode and explode he did! I had everything I could do to keep from choking on his load but I managed to swallow it all without waking my wife. Benny kept pumping my lips until his cock started to deflate and then he pulled it out and rubbed it against my lips. He patted me on the head, smiled, and then quietly left the room. I lay there in both disbelief and shear ecstasy for what just happened.

It took me a while to fall asleep but eventually I did and I was awakened in the morning by a kiss from my wife. I instantly wondered if she could taste Benny’s cum on my lips but she gave no indication that she could so I knew I was safe. The smell of coffee and bacon filled the house which meant that Benny was up and at it already. He asked if we slept well last night to which my wife said, “like a baby”.

“How about you bro – did you sleep well too?” he asked.

“Like a baby” I replied which caused Benny to smile knowing what the two of us knew.

I was hoping that Benny wouldn’t say anything else out of fear of my wife asking questions and discovering my secret. To his credit, he played it cool and never let on that anything had happened between the two of us the entire time we were there. He did however take advantage of every minute the two of us were along and made sure I got a mouthful of his dick when we were. If my wife stepped into the shower, Benny hunted me down and fed me his cock and balls until he heard the shower turn off. If my wife went to sleep before we did, Benny’s cock was sure to be between my lips.

Once Benny asked me to ride along to pick up some more liquor and as you might guess, I was sucking his dick all the way to the liquor store. I think he purposed drove along a semi at one point just to show the trucker what he was doing. By the time our vacation was up and we had to head home, I think I probably swallowed a dozen or more loads of Benny’s delicious cream. We thanked him for being so hospitable and he did something he never did before – he hugged me and say goodbye of just shaking my hand. I realized afterwards it was because he wanted to press his semi-hard cock against my little manhood as a way of re-enforcing his dominance.

The ride home was a pleasant one, often with me getting lost in thought about just how much I loved sucking Benny’s cock. My wife mentioned that she really liked how well the two of us got along especially since others in the family weren’t as nice. She also said that Benny told her that he’d love to do a fishing trip with me but he didn’t want to rob her of time with me. She told me that she said “Nonsense Benny! The two of you should spend quality time together. Just name the week and I’ll plan something to keep myself busy while you guys fish”.

I got a little twitch in my dick thinking how wonderful it would be to spend an entire week sucking Benny’s cock. I also thought it would be a good time to let him in on my crossdressing secrets and even allow him to pop my man cunt cherry if he so desired. I think I smiled the rest of the way home with a slight tent in my pants. Thankfully my wife didn’t notice either and hopefully she also won’t find out about the panties, stockings, and bra I bought to wear on my fishing trip with brother Benny!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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