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After my first two counseling sessions, I rested up for a couple of days. On Tuesday morning I went to my office and put in a few hours of work. My phone rang about 2:00 PM and it was Jean, she and Amy had been talking with some friends about forming a support group for wives with sexual problems in their lives and wanted me facilitate them.

They had made reservations at a local restaurant for a private meeting room for 6:00PM Wednesday and asked me to come and meet with them. I quickly checked my calendar and said “I’ll be there”.

I arrived at the restaurant at 7:00 on the dot and was led to the meeting room in the back. I didn’t know exactly what to expect but I was met by fourteen ladies of various ages and descriptions and I was thinking, “ What have I gotten myself into?”

Amy called the meeting to order and introduced me. I talked to them for a few minutes and asked them to introduce themselves. Each of them were nervous (so was I), but I wasn’t sure how much Jean and Amy had told them about our sessions.

I knew I didn’t have the stamina for deep counseling with this many in one session!

Jean and Amy introduced themselves last, together.

Jean went on to tell about her problems at home, and then described her session with me in graphic detail (see chapter 1). She went on to tell of going home and telling her husband that she could no longer be complacent in their marriage without a lot of changes. He had cried and apologized and said that the changes would begin immediately. antalya escort They missed church that night!

Amy spoke next and told about listening to Jeans session, then making an appointment of her own. She didn’t go into detail as much as Jean had, but did assure the others that she had not felt so completely satisfied in years.

I returned to the front of the room and opened the discussion.

A lady in her early forties, a little extra padding but not obese stood and said that something like this had been needed for a long time and that she for one would make good use of it.

I found out later that her husband was pastor of a fundamental church in our city.

Each lady confirmed their desire to begin therapy of their own. The pastor’s wife said she would like to begin hers tonight!

The meeting had taken an hour and a half, and then everyone went home except the pastor’s wife Mildred.

Mildred followed me to my office and we went inside. I had not planned on a session there tonight so I hadn’t cleaned up. My desk was covered with a clutter of engineering calculations, reference books and my laptop computer. The couch was empty so we sat down.

I took her hand in mine and asked her to relate her problems to me.

She began with how she and her husband had married as teens and were promiscuous drug users until they had been saved. Her husband had felt an immediate call to preach and she had been the dutiful wife, helping him with his ministry from that point on. Lately fethiye escort she had felt that life was passing her by and memories of her former life had been on her mind continuously. She didn’t miss the drugs or wild parties but the sex another matter.

She said that she felt she had lost her sex appeal with the fifteen pounds she had put on in middle age. I told her “I want to see more of you”.

Mildred began to sway her hips and unbutton her dress, it slid to the floor revealing a beautiful rubinesque figure clad in a black garter belt, black stockings and sheer black bra. The pink of her areolas with long hard nipples showed her excitement.

I stood and pulled her to me, our lips met as our bodies molded to each other. Her hands were removing my clothes as our kiss continued. As she lowered my pants she lowered herself with them she took my cock into her mouth with the hunger of one deprived for too long.

It was evident that she was in charge of getting her satisfaction. Pulling me by the hips to the carpet and guiding me into her cunt on the way down I was as deep as I could get when we settled to the floor. Her moans of pleasure made me glad there was no one else in the building. On the third stroke she screamed as she came for the first time in years. The way her body shuddered I felt I was riding a bronc and her pussy contractions sucked my cock like the most experienced cocksucker.

Her orgasms continued to happen with unbelievable speed, I lost count. kaş escort I do know that I came twice without getting soft until my strength gave out and I had to roll off to catch my breath.

We both lay panting until she rallied a bit and took my cock back into her mouth to clean off our love juices. Despite having shot two loads so recently my cock got blue steel hard one more time as she licked and deep throated me, taking time to lick my balls and ass. When she felt my body tense she put her finger in my ass and massaged my prostate. As I shot my come into her mouth the waves of pleasure continued to roll over me until I felt myself tremble and thought I might pass out.

My whole body had experienced an orgasm like I don’t remember ever having. It took a few minutes to recover and when I looked up I saw her grinning at me. She said, “ Didn’t think a fat old lady could do that huh?”

“Fat and old huh” I said “Lets see how you take this”.

I raised up pushing her onto her back, buried my face into her cunt and began licking and sucking for all I was worth, tasting the mingled flavor of her sweet nectar and my own cum. I sucked on her clit until it felt like a hard nub throbbing with her heartbeat. My tongue showed my appreciation for this lovely woman and sought out her G spot deep within her vagina.

As she shuddered time after time she released more of her sweet fluid, which I greedily swallowed.

Mildred and I were both completely spent and so satisfied that we were incapable of another round of passion. This wonderful woman was maybe the best lay of my life and it was hard to see her leave and return to her lackluster life. We agreed that this wouldn’t be our last session, but she emphasized the importance of continuing this with the other ladies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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