Britney loses her Sissy virginity

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Britney loses her Sissy virginityBritney loses her Sissy VirginityWe had chatted online and I agreed to meet him at his place, I was ready to take the step to live action and he was very hot and hung. I arrived and he led me to the bathroom to get dressed and made up, “See you in a few,Sweety” he said, I was already feeling gurly just by the sweety remark. I put on my cutest pnk plaid school gurl skirt, white stockings and pink satin panties, made up my face with some very hot red cocksucker lipstick, eyeliner and blush. I was so nervous, yet so horny. I took a quick gurl pee, pulled up my panties, slipped on my pink pumps and went into the living room. We had discussed me being a virgin and him having to seduce me to fuck. I sat on the couch beside him and he pulled me close and told me how pretty I was, then kissed me full on the mouth. His kisses were actually getting me hard, especially when he put his tongue in my mouth and reached under my skirt and fondled my ass. He began to finger my virgin love hole and I was getting canlı kaçak bahis so horny now, and I could see his jeans bulging in front. He then slipped two fingers in my pussy and I was in heaven, he was getting me ready and I offered no resistance now. My clitty was trobbing and I wanted cock bad…..He asked me if I was ready for my first big cock and I nodded and demurely told him yesss please. He told me “lie on your back and grab your heels sweety” He was going to fuck me missionary. He took off his jeans and pulled out a huge thick trobbing cock, rubbed some lube on it and mounted me, putting his cock head at my virgin sissy hole he pushed the head against it and slowly it slid in. I moaned when it pushed inside and it felt so good but also painful. He kissed me on the mouth as he pushed it further inside, stretching my gurl hole and making me squirm. “Almost all in sweety” he said. It felt so fucking dirty and good at the same time as he slipped that monster cock in up to his balls, “How does it feel makrobet sweety to get a mans cock? he teased. “UMM, I really luv it baby, Fuck me slow though baby that cock is really big for a virgin sissy” I cooed. He then started ramming that cock in me faster and faster and I really luved the feeling of pain and pleasure, but mostly of being made to feel so gurly, while a real man pounded my pussy….mmmmmm.As he pounded away I whipspered shlyy in his ear, “I have a dirty fantasy, if you woulndt mind”, I asked. “Sure, tell me more”, he said. “I want to be treated like a paid for whore and you can use me any way you like, I really luv being submissive and humiliated a little”, I told him. He immediately pulled out of my sissy pussy and bent me over the arm of the couch,pushing me face first into the cushion and spreading my legs, ass straight up in the air for cock. “I know how to use a slut” he said and I my clitty was hard as a rock, my mind wondering what was next. He then began spanking my ass with his makrobet giriş hand as hard as he could and I was sure I would not be sitting for quite some time. He then rammed his entire big cock balls deep in my sissy cunt and fucked me as hard as he could, his hips slamming my ass against the couch as he filled me. “This is how whores get fucked” he told me. My pussy was so sore, i was sure i wouldnt walk for a week, but I so loved being a slut for him. I asked him not to cum in my pussy and he said sluts “dont get cum there, Ill show you where the cum goes now”. With that he pushed me down on my knees and slammed the entire lenght of his cock in my mouth and held my head with both hands. “You are going to swallow every drop cunt, understand”, I felt so helpless, controlled and humilated and I loved every second of it. “Here comes my little slut” he said as he came load after hot creamy load in my sissy mouth. Still holding my head he held firm as I gagged but hemade me swallow every drop of love juice, just as he said i would. After he came I knew I was a sissy for life, made to serve real men with big cocks, I knew I wanted to be used, humilated, fucked, spanked and filled with boy cum from this very first time and I would luv being a total sissy whore.

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