Britney and Jessica

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At the tender age of 16, I lived in a subtle neighborhood where the hottest girls of my
high school lived. Britney and Jessica being the two preppiest, hottest, and cock hardening
of them all. I masturbated many of times to Britney and Jessica’s school pictures. I had a
girlfriend at this time, but I didn’t let her interfere with my extremely sexual fantasies.

My girlfriend and I were very sexual together, but she did little to fulfill my fantasies.She
loved to have sex, but that was all. No foreplay, oral, or anal involved. I had begged her
many times to try anal, but she was reluctant.

I was in the shower one summer morning, masturbating with Briteny and Jessica on my mind. I tugged at my cock violently, anticipating the orgasm that awaited me. As far as I knew, I was home alone so I left the bathroom and bedroom doors wide open. I was close to shooting my cum all over the shower wall when i heard my front door slam. My heart skipped a beat. My first thought was that it was my brother home early. I was so close to cumming that i didn’t care if he saw me tugging at my cock. The footsteps got closer and closer until I heard my
bedroom door creak open further than it already was. Through my open bathroom door stood Britney. She was more hot now than she ever was. She was in the hottest denim mini skirt I had ever seen. A white tank top and a very sexy lace black bra, which showed through
the tank top. My cock lept and was harder than it ever was before.

She looked me up and down. Her beautiful blue eyes didn’t miss one crevace of my football
trained body. She gave me that look that i knew so well from my girlfriend. The I want to
fuck you look. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to interupt anything.” She said softly. I
shut off the shower, stepped out and wrapped the small towel around my torso, letting my
hard cock show through the towel. She walked over to me and grabbed my manhood very tightly. thought I was going to cum again just by her grabbing me. She got down on her knees and started to suck on my cock. At first it was soft, only taking about 3 inches, but then she started harder and harder, taking all 7 inches, gagging every once in a while. She looked up at me with her bright blue eyes. I felt the orgasm coming already. She stopped, stood up and kissed me violently. The casino oyna towel fell off of my torso and she started to slip off her
denim mini skirt, which exposed a severly hot, black g-string.

She pulled the g-string down, as she did, I caught a glimpse of how wet her panties were. My fingers found their way into the soaked cunt that I had dreamed of. She moaned softly and said “I want your big cock inside my wet pussy.” Who was I to disappoint her? She sat up on the bathroom counter and spread her muscular legs wide open. “Be gentle, I’m still a virgin though,” it was the statement that took me by surprise. I couldn’t beleive that one of the
hottest girls at My High School was a virgin. I slipped my hard cock into her tight
pussy. I easily found what i was waiting for. I slid my cock in and out only about 3 inches
in like her mouth. I then thrusted forward hard and she screamed as I popped her sweet
cherry. A trickle of blood oozed out, but we both didn’t seem to mind it. I started to fuck
her harder now and she experienced her first orgasm with the most pleasurable scream. She was screaming for me to fill her pussy with my warm cum.

I picked her up and with my cock still inside her sat her down on my bed. I started to fuck
her missionary and she seemed to like that a lot. She didn’t tell me, but her moans let me
know. She yelled that she was about to cum, but i kept fucking her hard. Every muscle in her
pussy convulsed at the same time, and made me cum. Her juices dripped from her pussy and my cum filled her. She wanted to go again. Again, who was I to disappoint her?

She started sucking my cock violently again. She stopped and looked up at me again with her sexy blue eyes. I heard the door slam again. Our hearts skipped a beat at the same time. If it was my brother he would definately be able to tell what were doing even though she hadn’t even taken off her shirt. We both froze. The figure that stood in my doorway wasn’t my brother, but it was Jessica. My cock hardend up again, still in Britney’s mouth. She looked around our room and eyed us both. She smiled and said “why didn’t you wait for me?” My jaw dropped and Jessica shoved her tongue in my mouth. Britney stood up from my dripping cock and started to kiss Jessica. They both undressed each other. I didn’t know what to say. canlı casino The two hottest girls in my world were kissing naked in the middle of my bedroom.

Jessica was extremely hot. She was blonde and also had beautiful blue eyes. Her tits were perfectly round and perky for a 17 year old at an impressive 36c. She was bending down so that she could kiss and lightly bite on britney’s nipples. My cock lept up when i saw her perfect ass. I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her so that I could grab her perfect tits. She leaned back and whispered “fuck me in the ass.” She bent down again to
suck on Britney’s nipples, I stuck my cock into her pussy just enough to get it wet. I took
it out of her cunt and shoved it violently into her ass. She moaned and started to use her
fingers to fondle her clit. Britney got back onto her knees and licked my balls and her
pussy. Jessica screamed with pleasure and started to scream dirty things that made me wanna fuck harder. “oohh, fuck my ass with your big cock.” Britney started to get a little jealous that I was giving Jessica all of my cock. She pulled it out of Jessica’s ass and started sucking on it furiously. Jessica got down on her knees and started sucking on it with

Both of their tongues swirled around the head of my cock. The head of my cock swelled and I unloaded a big enough amount of cum for the both of them to enjoy. Britney stood up after swallowing her portion of cum and said the she would be right back. Jessica looked at me with her bright blue eyes, shoved me back onto my bed and straddled me. She was not a virgin like Britney was just an hour or so before. Her wet pussy swallowed my cock with one big thrust. She was facing me with her perfect tits right in my face. I licked at her nipples and grabbed her tits very hard, but hoping that I wouldn’t hurt her.

Britney entered the room again with a long bright pink dildo. She put some kind of lubricant
on it and told jessica to lean forward. She slowly worked the dildo into Jessica’s ass. I
felt the dildo through the thin wall between her ass and pussy. Jessica began to scream with wild pleasure. Again started yelling some very dirty things. She worked my cock with her
hips and with the added sensation from the dildo, I filled her more of my hot cum. By this
time my dick kaçak casino was throbbing. I wanted to fuck them both still, but I am only one guy and I
can only take so much without a break. I wanted to pleasure them still. Britney crawled on
top of Jessica and they started to make out. I took the huge pink dildo and put some more of
the lubricant on it. I rubbed it all over and some extra on the head. I slowly worked it
into Britney’s virgin asshole. At first she didn’t want it there, but Jessica assured her
that once it lossend up it be incredible. After a while, she began to want more and more of
the dildo. Her ex-virgin asshole took the entire 9 inch dildo.

My cock was now hard as a rock again and I was ready for one more round. Jessica and Britney got into the 69 position and Britney kept the dildo in her ass. I put some of the lubricant on my cock just so that i could slide in and out with ease. I took Britney by the hips and thrusted my cock into her pussy while the dildo fucked her ass. I could feel Jessica licking her clit at the same time. Britney let go of the dildo because of the pure ecstacy that she was trapped in. Wanting to pleasure her more, I grabbed the dildo and thrusted it in and
out. Britney was screaming and moaning and was in pure heaven. I felt her cum at least twice in about 5 minutes. I was almost all cummed out and so it felt like I could go on forever in this extreme pleasure. But like every guy, after about another 15 minutes of pounding her
pussy, I cummed for the last time that day.

All three of our bodies layed on my bed. We each started to put our clothes back on. My cock
got hard again seeing them in their bras and panties. They both kissed each other as they
put all of their clothes back on. My cock limped back to it’s tired and cummed-out state.
Before they left they each gave me a minute long makeout and nice grab of my manhood. They left my house, and I watched them walk back next door to Brinteys house, through my window.

We did not talk about our extremely sexual encounter at school. But every once in a while I
would get a look from them. You know, THE LOOK. We only did it one time after that during
school. But once summer got there, it was at least once a week.
I couldn’t even masturbate during the summer because everytime we had our threesome, they would take every bit of cum from me. If I masturbated at all, I wouldn’t have enough cum
left for the next hot weekend.

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