Brick Walling – The Start Ch. 02

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Brickwalling – Part 2 Rachel.

I had been thinking about Daisy’s encounter at the weekend ever since she had excitedly told me about it. We had been texting since then and on Tuesday we met up for coffee. Of course the first thing I wanted to talk to her about was her rampant public shagging and how she felt about it a couple of days later.

We settled down with coffees and Daisy smiled at me and said so I guess you need more details? Laughing I replied not sure about need but I really found the whole idea incredibly erotic. The idea of just taking a handsome rugged rugby player by the hand and leading outside with him not knowing if he is getting a snog, a hand job, a BJ or nothing and then just the sheer frantic nature of it Daisy it turns me on soooooo much thinking about it. I leaned forward I’m getting wet now just thinking about it and talking to you – you have no idea how many times I have masturbated since Saturday night, my vibrator needs a break I laughed.

Daisy looked serious for a moment then she said well at first my mind was blown it was so unexpected, so fuckin hot and when he ripped my tights god I thought I was going to explode that was so hot, so fuckin hot I almost came from that alone. The day after I wasn’t sure about it but I reckon that’s cause I had let him come in me and I’m not on the pill (which is sorted by the way stupid situation to get in). I was glad to hear that but wanted her to continue. Yesterday I woke up and all I could think about was how much I had loved it when he pushed me up against the wall. How I had never experienced but absolutely loved the hard feeling of the wall and his body making me the filling in the sandwich. It’s hard to explain but it just worked for me it really was what made me decide (If I really thought about it at all) to fuck him there and then. I needed to know how it would feel to be pinned against that wall and have him fuck me. Though I don’t think at that time I had really thought it through and it really was him that lifted me up and fucked me against the wall but god thinking back I know, just know that’s what I wanted even if I couldn’t say it or ask for it at the time.

She sat back for a second and took a drink of her coffee. Do you know what turned me on the most though? I shook my head. It wasn’t the wall or even his cock but when he pinned me against the wall put his hand into my hair pulled it hard and then lightly constricted my throat. It was so erotic, I’ve never thought about having my breathing restricted but since Saturday I’ve looked up a lot of internet sites about breath play and thinking about it turns me on more and more. I think Saturday opened up a whole new sexual Daisy.

I was so turned on hearing her talk about what she experienced that I almost missed her say, I want to do it again. I smiled at her and said I thought you might and she looked at me and said do you want to try it? I took a sip of coffee and leaned forward, that’s why I wanted to talk to you if you were regretting it I might have gone away and thought about it again but I know I want to, I need to try it. Daisy looked at me and said that alleyway could be busy Saturday night then. We laughed and then I told her that I had some thoughts about outfit. Go on she said!

Right I said OK so a skirts essential and it either needs to be lycra so it will easily stretch and move out the way or something that’s not too tight for the same reason right I’m gonna want to spread my legs wide and wrap them round the bloke. Daisy nodded and said oh yes you’ll want to open up wide and get as much cock as possible. My eyes widened to hear her admit to that. Next I said the top doesn’t need to matter so much but I am thinking that a cami top with a built in bra under something sheer allows him to get to my tits without me having to undress. At this Daisy interrupted and said oh good idea I missed having my tits massaged on Saturday my bra was just in the way and top too complicated. Lastly I said it has to be holdups and lingerie that easily pulls to one side or something with a tie side that is easy to remove. I don’t really want to be getting too undressed in the alleyway right?

While me and daisy swapped ideas on outfits I was definitely starting to get more and more excited about going out on Saturday night but first I had to do some shopping as I had few of the items I wanted to wear in my wardrobe currently. I think it took me about an hour to pick out a pair of knickers that I thought were just perfect in the end I went for a black antalya escort satin thong which I thought would simply push out of the way easily and which I thought might mean my bare arse was right up against a wall if I got lucky.

Over the next few days as usual when Thursday comes around the girls started to swap texts on the where & when we were meeting on Saturday. Funnily enough even the girls who didn’t know quite as much of Daisy’s story as I did wanted to go back to the club we had been in this week which is a common spot but last week we all did seem to find some particularly hot guys there last week so I think they were all hopping for a repeat this weekend.

So Saturday comes around and I am getting ready, stepping into my thong and checking to see how easy it will be for a boy to slide it to the side, easy enough I reckon. I have a grey with black lace satin cami top on which has hidden support I don’t need much being a 36B but I really didn’t want to wear a bra at all. I have a little leather jacket on top with an A-line black skirt which also has buttons down the front in case undoing those helps. It sits mid-thigh and I have black hold up stockings on and what we call “Come fuck me boots” or knee high black leather boots with a spike heel.

I head out to the bar and on the way meet Daisy who it turns out has also switched to hold-ups but apart from that is her usual slightly hippy chick style. Hey it worked last week and she is cute as a button if I was a guy I’d fuck her, actually maybe I should see how she feels about a bit of girl action! But that’s for another time. The girls are all there and of course they are looking for details from Daisy. Sarah in particular is pressing for more and more details and she looks really excited when Daisy describes how she told her man last week to “cum in my pussy” You didn’t she squeals! I certainly did Daisy replies and it felt so good to feel his spunk hit against my cervix he came that hard. I can tell this is having an effect on all the girls tonight could be interesting. Emma seems a bit more reserved than the others but I think that’s probably because she has been casually seeing a guy on and off and has been getting some regular action. The rest of us not so much.

I hate standing in the Q but what’s a girl to do we used to try and flirt our way to the front but it seldom works so we just use the opportunity to have a laugh and check out the guys. I might have mentioned I like the beefy rugby player type most of the time, yeah it’s a cliché, but sometimes I like a skinny geek boy. Tonight I need someone that can fuck me against a wall Geek or beefcake he has to be able to do that tonight or I am moving onto the next guy.

There was no-one we knew in the Q and it moved pretty fast allowing us to get in and get to the bar. A quick round of shots and we all ordered our favourite drink and headed onto the dance floor. There were some great tunes blasting out and we were having a great time dancing and I had spotted a group of lads and one in particular that I had my eye on. I was trying to make eye contact and it seemed to be working as my target and his mate started to dance closer. I moved toward him and started to dance between them, he smiled and his mate looked around to see if any of the girls were interested. To my surprise Emma was straight in there he was totally not her type she likes em sensitive and geeky and this guy had the typical broken nose and ripped torso of a long time rugger bugger. I couldn’t worry about her good luck to her I had to concentrate on my chap. We danced to a couple of tunes and he leaned forward and asked me if I wanted a drink? Sure I replied and we headed to the bar. It’s not like you can talk at the bar but it’s a bit easier to get some info so I quickly found out he was called Daniel(Dan) and he was a couple of years older than me. Of course I introduced myself and asked him if he wanted to head back onto the dance floor?

You can tell if a guy can fuck by how he can dance and Dan, Dan was quite a mover as we danced together I started to dance closer allowing him to put an arm round my waist and a knee in-between my legs. I wasn’t grinding on him yet but was thinking about it. The club doesn’t play slow songs so there is no possibility of a sudden slow dance so as I turned around while dancing I allowed him to pull me back so that my arse was against his groin and I was pleased to feel he had a nice hard cock already. I was grinding into him with his hands round my waist when alanya escort his mouth came down on my neck and started to send chills down my spine as he sucked in my earlobe and nibbled along my neckline. His hand had left my waist and was travelling upwards towards my tits and I arched my head back and he moved his mouth towards mine. As we kissed there was no hesitation no tentative shy kisses this was a full on tongue battle and just as his tongue forced its way into my mouth his hand captured my left tit. I’m not sure if he heard or felt my moan but either way he knew I was enjoying it as his other hand pulled me back harder against his cock which was harder than it had been.

Things were really heating up now as we kissed his hand was pulling on my nipple pinch it through my cami top which I was absolutely loving and thinking about how nice it would feel if he was biting on it later. Before things went too far, the bouncers have a tendency to notice things getting to saucy on the dance floor we moved to a quiet area behind the bar. I moved us into a corner and for the first time was able to press myself against his front crushing my tits against his chest as we snogged. I could feel his hard on up against my belly and knew it was probably a bit bigger than I was used to, I’m no size queen but I must admit the idea of being split open and filled by a big cock was getting me quite wet. We were in a corner and he quickly manoeuvred me until I was against the wall, not quite the wall I wanted but a nice start. The pressure of it against me as he pressed into me was goooooodddddd.

I moved my hands up around his back and ran my fingers through his hair as his mouthed moved down to my neck. I could feel his left hand moving down from my hip to the hem of my skirt and knew this was heading in the right direction. As he kissed around my throat and down towards a breasts small moans were starting to escape from my mouth and I moved his head down giving him permission to capture my nipple. This guy wasn’t shy but I wanted him to know I was totally into it. I moved my other hand down to cup his buttock and pull him hard against me as his hand started the slow journey up my thigh. I think he was waiting for me to stop him as he ran his hand up under my skirt and up the outside of my thigh but instead I raised my head nibbled his ear lobe and whispered keep going, keep going just as he discovered I was wearing stocking as I said it I opened my legs. I honestly thought my moan when his fingers found my slit through my thong would have been heard by everyone in the club. But hey it’s louder in there than I am but god it felt so good. He rubbed me through my knickers for a bit and I could tell was about to move my thong to one side and finger me but I wanted more than that.

I moved his hand down and at the same time whispered lets go outside. I could tell he wasn’t sure what was going on but he followed me outside he had to I had his hand and I’m pretty certain by now his cock was firmly in charge. I moved us round the corner into the alleyway and there were a couple of those big industrial bins you get outside clubs hiding us slightly from the street which seemed perfect. I like the idea of being outside and potentially seen but didn’t want anyone interfering and stopping my fun. I pulled him towards me and we started kissing again. This time I quickly reached down between us and rub my hand against his cock, I heard him moan into my mouth as I measured his length, he must have been a solid 8 inches and it felt as wide as my wrist. I’m a slim girl this monster was going to split me wide open. If I hadn’t been in such a state of lust I might have been slightly apprehensive. I moved my hands to the buckle of his belt and quickly undid it as I did this he moved his right hand up under my top and gripped my tit god it felt like his palm was burning against my skin as he nipped and pulled my little pleasure nub, I gasped as he moved his other hand up under my skirt and thrust it straight between my legs fingering me roughly through my thong.

Things were picking up speed now and I could feel an orgasm building as he moved one finger under the elastic of my thong and ran it the full length of my sopping wet gash. I moaned loudly anyone nearby could definitely hear that one. As I undid his trousers I got my hand into his boxers and wrapped it around his cock it really was the biggest cock I’d ever had I could hardly close my fingers around it. He started to mutter oh god alanya rus escort yeah just like that as I moved my hand up and down his length. His muttering was a total turn on to know he was feeling a need an urgency just like I was.

Quickly he changed position moving his hand from my tit he lifted my left leg and moved 2 fingers into my cunt by now my orgasm was building and as his thumb flicked against my clit and he moved 2 fat fingers in and out of my dripping pussy I was leaning back against the wall pushing towards him and moaning and moaning and moaning until WOW the hardest orgasm of my life hit me. I was thrashing on his fingers as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through my body. It was so good that I was beyond screaming it was too much to scream. As I came down from the orgasm I pulled him towards me, his cock was still only half free from his boxers and we kissed, big wet urgent kisses as I used one hand to push his boxers down and to free his cock. As it came free I moved back against the wall and he surged towards me. He pushed me back against the wall and dipping his hips he lined the tip of his cock up against my pussy he lifted my left leg up and thrust into me. I moaned as he got the first couple of inches into me and was glad I was really wet. Go slow babe go slow I said that’s a big cock you have there I need to get used to it. He smiled and said thanks and our lips met as he slowly moved another couple of inches into me.

I was desperate for him to pick me up and fuck me hard against the wall so whispered in his ear pick me up as I lifted my other leg towards his hand and wrapped my arms around his neck. He was a strong lad and quickly picked me up and shoved me hard against the wall burying his cock another inch or 2 into me OH GOD I screamed that feels so fuckin good, soooooooo good. He stopped and asked if I was OK and I said oh god yes, yes I can take your whole cock now bury it in me and fuck me. As I said it he thrust his head and shoulder backwards and his hips forward and I screamed as I felt the head of his cock bury itself against my cervix. Fuck you’re splitting me open and it feels sooo good I said. Dropping my head onto his shoulder I bite him and moaned fuck mmmeeeeeeeee fuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee hard.

As he held me up he slide his cock out a good couple of inches and then buried deeply inside of me. I was moaning and groaning now completely oblivious to the fact I was outside, that anyone could hear me all I could think about was how good his cock felt in my cunt as he pounded me and how good that wall felt against my back. The cold night air on my exposed arse and tit was a great sensation that made me feel totally exposed and naughty as hell. I think he must have become worried about the noise as he moved to kiss me and muffle my moans, groans and screams into his own mouth where I am sure he felt every piece of the intense pleasure I was feeling. His movements were getting faster and I could feel my orgasm building again as he rushed towards his I moved my head to his ear and whispered almost there fuck me fuck me which spurred him on as I moaned and groaned my pleasure into his mouth just as I felt him thrust a powerful deep thrust I felt him cum hard in my pussy bathing my cervix in his cum, wave after wave of it dumping into my warm moist pussy which pushed me over the edge and I came harder than I ever have before. Stroking the back of his head moaning oh god oh yes that’s itttttttt that’s fuckinnnnnnnn it.

A couple of minutes passed and we stayed locked like that both panting and recovering from what had been an absolutely unbelievable fuck. I put my legs down and I must admit I wobbled a bit on my heels as I brushed my skirt down and moved my thong back over my well fucked pussy. I licked the sperm off my fingers and could feel it starting to dribble down my thighs, I was going to need to go clean up but I have never felt less bothered by anything in my life.

Dan was putting his cock away and sorting himself out we had made quite a mess of each other’s clothes in our rush to fuck. I leaned on him while I sorted out a boot and kissed on the cheek and said Thanks that hit the spot. He looked pleased with himself and we walked back into the club. Once I’d sorted myself out and had a quiet drink with Dan, would have been rude not to I couldn’t wait to find the girls and in particular Daisy and tell her all about it. I swapped numbers with Dan. No promises I said but you never know when you might want a good hard shag with someone you know is good at it not everyone is.

When I found Daisy she said hoi if you go off like that again you need to tell me about it, I told you last week. Fair point I said which is how we came up with that rule its common sense.

Ok she said tell me all about it and I did.

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